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Chapter 112: Wu Zong

Chapter 112: Wu Zong

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Back in the Green Peak.

A long wail was heard from Fang Yuan's straw cottage. The wail was so loud that it travelled up into the clouds in the sky.

"Chirp! Chirp!"

The Iron-tailed Black Eagle which was flying past was frightened a little by the loud wail and it almost knocked onto the cliff.

"Haha….the pathway to Wu Zong is complete!!"

The wooden door opened and revealed Fang Yuan. He walked out and his essence, spirit and magic were very different now.

"I have spent numerous years spent on the theory of the dream world and this has become the foundation. It will be combined with the experiments conducted in the real word to form the threshold for the Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique to make a breakthrough for Wu Zong!"

He looked at his Dantian.

The originally sky-blue miniature elemental force had slowly settled down into a liquid similar to mercury. It appeared tumultuous and dynamic, like a sleeping dragon. Its power was unthinkable.

"This is the Wu Zong's elemental force!!"

Fang Yuan let out a long breath and look at his stats window.

"Name: Fang Yuan

Essence: 10

Spirit: 10

Magic: 8.5

Profession: Dream Master (Dream-accessing)

Cultivation: [Dream Master (1st Tier) (Fused Elemental Force)], Wu Zong

Technique: [Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique (Grade 13) (???)], Ecstasy Spell, Shadowstep

Skill: [Medicine (Level 3)], [Botany (Level 4)]"

"Dream Master - You are the creator of dream worlds, and a traveller between dream and reality, and a nightmare for all your enemies! You can control you dream world at will, and you are everything in your dream world!"

"[Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique (Grade 13) (???)] - You have achieved the impossible by fusing the Black Sand Palm, the Spirit Returning Heart Manual and Xuan Yin Heart Technique together to raise the peak level of the Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique to the level of Wu Zong. Your martial arts' elemental force would be encapsulated with stronger poison, stronger aura and stronger Yin!"

"Bewildering spell - a spiritual technique of a dream master. Able to release a bewildering fog at will, disrupting an enemy's concentration. Currently able to have a considerable effect on a martial artist at the 4 Heavenly Gates."

"Shadowstep - a physical skill of a dream master. It is illusionary and untraceable."

"[Medicine (Level 3)] - You are an expert in medicine and others see you as a powerful doctor. You will be able to treat any strange and complicated diseases successfully! (Such ability is not limited to humans)"

[Botany (Level 4)] - Your hands are considered holy. With your personal cultivation of the spiritual plants, the chances of plants growing in a good condition are increased tremendously. You will have a small magical power of being awaken."

It seemed like the bigs changes to his stats was due to the previous two breakthroughs.

"My martial arts has improved to the realm of the elemental force!"

Fang Yuan sighed softly and saw that the Iron-tailed Black Eagle was right in front of him. It was looking down and it felt close to him.

Even since his previous failure, he didn't dare to take a peep at the Red-eyed White King Bird. He had shifted his target to the Iron-tailed Black Eagle and the Flower Fox Ferret who are closer to him.

As expected, after a few rounds of dreams access, he not only felt that he had grasped the essentials of becoming a dream-accessing master, he was much closer to the Iron-tailed Black Eagle.

"It has been 5 days already. Let's go!"

He went on the back of the eagle and make a soft noise.

"Chirp! Chirp!"

The Iron-tailed Black Eagle spread its wings and flew very quickly into the sky. It then disappeared into the thick fog…..


The secluded valley was very quiet in the morning.

The thin fog started to fade under the bright sunlight and the mist on the leaves reflected the sunlight to form with a rainbow coloured light.

The Flower Fox Ferret was patrolling the farm in a relaxing mood. It was as if it was an old rich man who was looking at his own precious assets.

Little Pearl had prepared a roasted fish for the Flower Fox Ferret for breakfast. At a distance away, a few old farmers came and finished up the dried food supplies. They then continued their farming.

"Where has Sir gone to? The time for him to consider is already up since it has been 5 days!"

Zhou Wenwu and a few others were in a different situation from the farmers. They were very uneasy now.

"The sect master from the Spirit Returning Sect has reached the Qingye City and she will be here today. How do we deal with her?"

Yu Xinlou's forehead was forming cold sweat as well.

"Sir is very mysterious. Maybe he is caught up in some emergency matters and that's why he is not here yet…."

Zhou Wenwu said with a wry grin. He took a glance at Huang Fu Renhe, who was beside Miss Lanruo and shook his head.

If the situation would reach a point that it couldn't be salvaged, these siblings would be considered lucky if they could still be out there wandering around afterwards.

"I hope Sir will be back soon, or else we don't know what can happen here….."

He was having complicated feelings and didn't seem like he was an outsider.

Zhang Sheng was very silent and was outside sweeping. He seemed to be using a little more force than usual, which made it seemed like he was not really at peace.

"The sect master of the Spirit Returning Sect has arrived. Where is Fang Yuan?"

Suddenly, a clear voice was heard from the valley outside and this shook Zhou Wenwu a little.

"The Spirit Returning Sect…..is here!"

Zhou Wenwu gave a wry grin and look left and right. He then realised he was the most senior here and had no choice but to take the initiative. "Let's go and welcome them!"

Outside the valley, Lin Leiyue looked at the entrance of the valley and was doubtful. "Since master, you are feeling suspicious about him, why do you need us here?"

"I will need you to find out his bottom line! I don't know whether the secluded valley is involved with the matter and we will need to investigate. It will not be good if we alert him at the initial stage!"

Shi Yutong replied while sitting by a soft bridge and she was looking at her fingernails.

"Yes, Master!"

Lin Leiyue felt a little strange but she followed her orders anyway.

Not long after, a few silhouettes appeared in the secluded valley.

"Greetings, Sect Master. We are honoured to have you here but Fang Yuan is caught up with matters and is not in the valley currently….."

Yu Xinlou was a hired master of the business council and therefore had the ability to welcome the guests.

"Zhou Wenwu!!"

Lin Leiyue frowned and saw a person who was hiding. She then said, "You are from my sect but why have you left your position and chose to come here? You better come out right now!"

She was already very unhappy with Zhou Wenwu for helping others secretly from the start and had decided to question him now.


Zhou Wenwu had difficulty answering her.

Technically speaking, even though Fang Yuan was incredible, he was slightly inferior to the Spirit Returning Sect.

However, when he recalled how Fang Yuan had helped him in many ways, that didn't matter to him.

"Hey brat, your name is Wenwu, right?"

Shi Yutong looked at Zhou Wenwu and had a little banter with him. "If I didn't remember wrongly, I gave you your position in the sect as I pitied you when Deacon Zhou was dead. You were then able to continue your father's legacy and you are not grateful for it? Hmm?!"


How scary was the Spirit Returning Sect?

She squinted her eyes. A huge pressure was felt everywhere, and Zhou Wenwu, who was in front, was shivering in fear. He could feel his inner force coming to a halt, as his knees were about to hit the ground uncontrollably.

Shi Yutong seemed to have displayed her might on purpose. Such great pressure not only overwhelmed Zhou Wenwu, it began to spread further. Yu Xinlou, Huang Fu Renhe and a few of the others were overwhelmed by it.

Just when Fang Yuan's men were overwhelmed and about to be defeated totally by Shi Yutong, a loud chirp came from the sky above.


With a strong gust of wind, the Iron-tailed Black Eagle landed in the secluded valley and was looking very proud.

"Your remarks are overboard, Sect Master Shi!"

Fang Yuan got down from the Iron-tailed Black Eagle and his voice could be heard very clearly in the area.


Seeing Fang Yuan's arrival, the people in the secluded valley then recovered from their shock.

"Spiritual bird!"

Lin Leiyue was surprised when she saw the Iron-tailed Black Eagle.

She could feel a great pressure from the eagle and it was comparable to a 4 Heavenly Gates martial artist. With its fast flying speed, even a Wu Zong couldn't catch up with it.

After all, a martial artist cannot fly!

She took a deep breath and knew that Fang Yuan had relied on it.

'Luckily my master is here. The presence of this spiritual bird will not affect the overall situation!'

Lin Leiyue secretly bit her teeth and was surprised to see that her master was also surprised.

"You are Fang Yuan?!"

Shi Yutong got up slowly and gave a serious look.

"Yes, I am…..What advice do you have for me, Sect Master Shi?"

Fang Yuan's elemental force in his Dantian was flowing and surging in his body. He was feeling very excited.

After the breakthrough, he had wanted to duel with another one who was of a similar level as him. Shi Yutong was definitely the most suitable candidate for that.

"You are so young, yet you have already reached the realm of the elemental force. I feel ashamed of myself!"

Shi Yutong sighed while she said. Her words felt like tornadoes as they spread across the whole area.

"What? Elemental Force? Wu Zong?!"

Lin Leiyue retreated a few steps and saw her master had said that with a serious face. She then realised that she had not heard wrongly and her mind was blank all of a sudden.

She didn't expect that Fang Yuan had managed to reach such a level!

What did Wu Zong mean?

It meant that in the Secluded Mountain Prefecture, one could open his or her own sect and own a county. The person would then be the leader of a powerful sect!

This was a dream that many martial artists had wished for but it was very to achieve it.

Even though Lin Leiyue was skilful enough and Shi Yutong had mentioned that there was hope for her to achieve Wu Zong, her probability of having a successful breakthrough was just slightly higher than the rest. On the other hand, Fang Yuan had actually made a breakthrough with solid proof and the difference between the two of them was very big.

"What? Sir, you have broken through Wu Zong?"

"That's great!"

Compared to Lin Leiyue's uneasiness, Zhou Wenwu, Huang Fu Renhe and the rest were very happy. They knew what Wu Zong was and they knew that they would likely be able to pass through the current situation safely. From today onwards, the secluded valley would be a stable and powerful region in Qinghe County.


Fang Yuan seemed to be eager to have a duel with Shi Yutong. Shi Yutong then laughed and asked, "From your breath, I can see that you have only just make the breakthrough. Why? You can't wait to have a duel with me now?"

"If you can give a few bits of advice or so, I will be very grateful!"

Fang Yuan replied.

"Very well!"

Shi Yutong slowly asked, "Right here?"

"Right here it is!"

Fang Yuan had concealed some of his magical energy and Shi Yutong didn't manage to see his bottom line. She only thought that Fang Yuan was just a person who had just achieved Wu Zong and gave him a serious look when she asked about it.


Lin Leiyue and the rest of the Spirit Returning Sect disciples retreated to a distance away and were stretching their necks to watch the duel. Both parties were feeling hopeful of this duel.

It was rare to see a duel between two Wu Zongs!