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Chapter 113: The Challenge

Chapter 113: The Challenge

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A gentle wind blew at the entrance of the secluded valley, stirring up the sand on the ground.

The entire place was silent; a pin drop could be heard.

"Brother Yu, Brother Huang Fu..."

Zhou Wenwu's palms started to sweat as he focused on Fang Yuan and Shi Yutong. "Even though Master is Wu Zong, he had only just attained it, whereas the Sect Master of Spirit Returning Sect is an experienced Wu Zong..."

"Which one of us can actually guess what Master is thinking?"

Yu Xinlou was equally worried but appeared calm. "Maybe Master just wants to show off his Wu Zong capabilities to scare them off. After all... Master is only 20, right? Even if he loses this match who would dare to belittle him?"

Huang Fu Renhe nodded his head in agreement.

Even the weakest Wu Zong would be far stronger than a [Martial Artist (12th Gate)] at his peak.

Taking Fang Yuan's age into consideration, people would think that he was a demon with extreme gifts! His future cannot be fathomed!

Fang Yuan did not know what his followers were thinking.

But if he knew that they had decided in their minds that he was not Shi Yutong's match, he would be speechless.

"I cultivate as both a martial artist and a spiritual knight. Even if I concealed my cultivation as a dream master, my magic is still much higher than that of a normal Wu Zong. This is where my advantage lies. Therefore, I could take on the experienced Wu Zongs without any worry. By taking on Shi Yutong today, I can further set a name for the secluded valley!"

His thoughts ran wild in his mind as he took a quick glance at Shi Yutong.

"Master Fang, I am a lady, so I shall have the first move!"

Shi Yutong felt that he was distracted at the moment and therefore struck first!

Her movements were swift. With continuous footsteps, she appeared in front of Fang Yuan like a ghost. Her delicate hands suddenly transformed into palms and struck down on Fang Yuan.

At where she originally was, there was still a shadow, and her words seemed to come from there as well.

"What a good timing!"

Fang Yuan laughed, raised both of his hands and without retreating or counter-attacking, he countered with brute force!

Seeing this, Shi Yutong's beautiful eyes became suspicious, as she exerted her elemental force. Her hands seemed as though they could melt jade; the green veins were distinct and visible.

"Spirit Returning Strike! White Lotus Palm?"

Lin Leiyue shrieked; she knew that her master had exerted all her force in one move, and even used her secret technique!


A large sound was heard followed by a wave of vibration travelling in all directions. The people of the secluded valley and Spirit Returning Sect all took a few steps back, and there was rumbling in their ears.

In the battlefield, the two silhouettes came into contact and immediately flew apart. Both of them gained their footing shortly.

Fang Yuan appeared emotionless and looked at his own arms.


His clothing was suddenly torn apart and flew into the air like butterflies, revealing his muscular build and smooth skin.

As Shi Yutong witnessed this scene she held her hands behind her back, as she did not gain any advantage from this opening move. Her eyes were full of suspicion. "Using a rough technique to break through to Wu Zong? What technique is this? 13 Golden Bells Concealment Technique? Or the Golden Jade Bone Formula? No... It doesn't seem like any of it!"

Those who used rough techniques to break through Wu Zong were crazy about martial arts and would use brute force in combat with little to no weaknesses. This gave Shi Yutong a headache.

"Whoosh! Whip!

At the same time, Fang Yuan's body produced popping sounds, all the way from his spine every piece of bone. He stretched all five fingers out and swiped, bringing with it a strong gust of wind. "One more time!"


With the end of his sentence, he flew forward and the friction with the air made a high-pitched chirping sound. He stretched his hand above Shi Yutong's head, and the force which popped within his body a few moments ago hardened his body and travelled to his arms and fingers, all the way to his fingertips. His fingernails were sharp as a knife and his fingers went for her head.

His hand had yet to land, but the wind from the fingertips could already stun her scalp.

Shi Yutong retained her composure and with a face of compassion, clasp her hands together in front of her chest. "Compassionate Seal!"

A holy light appeared on her face as her elemental energy formed a ring of protection around her; it was as though the compassionate Buddha had arrived at the mortal world.

"Break... it!"

Fang Yuan disregarded the protection and with his rough technique, struck down hard with his right hand, like a hammer.


The exertion of energies was a different scene in the audience's eyes.

It was as though a ruthless large eagle was shrieking, with its sharp talons striking towards a Buddha in white robes!

After a short moment, Shi Yutong screamed and dodged away from where she stood; what was left there was Fang Yuan, who slowly stood up.

"Master... is actually at the disadvantage!"

Seeing their silhouettes come together once again, and looking Shi Yutong's messy robes, Lin Leiyue's eyeballs almost popped out.

Never would she have imagined that her god-like master would be pressured and put at a disadvantage by Fang Yuan!

"Good technique!"

Shi Yutong looked at Fang Yuan with suspicion in her eyes. "Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique?!"

After exchanging a few hands, she seemed to have understood Fang Yuan's technique but still could not believe her eyes.

When did this ordinary 4 Heavenly Gate martial arts technique gain the ability to break its limits?

"Indeed... What does Sect Master think about it?"

Fang Yuan shrugged his neck, and his laughter struck fear.

Although he had only just attained Wu Zong, Shi Yutong was fighting with him in terms of rough techniques, and by pitting her weakness against his strength, she would obviously lose.

"Great! Indeed, a young warrior! I guess I'll have to deal with you like a real opponent!"

Shi Yutong blushed, and once again placed her palms together.


A white glow appeared from her body, and in mid-air, pieces of white flower petals were floating around. These petals came together to form white lotus flowers which gradually landed on the ground.

"Releasing elemental force! Forming a figure outside the body!!!"

Yu Xinlou exclaimed. "This is a battle between pure elemental forces. Master had just attained Wu Zong, and have yet to explore the uses of magical energy, I'm afraid..."

"Oh? Finally the real deal?"

The white lotus flowers seemed like an illusion, but in fact, every petal was extremely heavy and had the ability to explode.

Fang Yuan witnessed this scene and smiled. "Great, I've just completed my warm-up!"

Elemental force was the force that cultivators harness!

Although he had only just attained Wu Zong, he had previously attained the title of a dream master, and therefore the fight between magical energies was at the same level.

"The releasing of elemental force and forming a figure is merely the control of one's own elemental force... Those with a higher magical energy would therefore have an advantage!"

As he thought to himself, Fang Yuan carefully transferred his elemental force from his Dantian to his arms and released it.

Even though he used his magical energy to assist him in harnessing his elemental energy, the assistance that he had gotten was not to be belittled. As of now, he had fine and delicate control of his elemental force, which was better than that of many Wu Zongs!

"Chirp! Chirp!"

Accompanying the high-pitched chirping, Fang Yuan's claw struck out. A large black eagle claw appeared in mid-air, which reflected light like the finest metal, and every slight detail of the claw was distinctly visible, as the claw struck out.

"Pa! Pa!"

Many white lotus flowers were swiped at by the eagle claw and disappeared in mid-air; what was left was white dots that fell to the ground.

"How is this possible?"

Shi Yutong took a few steps back, and a chill went down her spine.

The releasing of elemental force and the forming of figures was something only experienced Wu Zongs could do. It was obvious that Fang Yuan only just attained Wu Zong, so how did he have this ability?

Needless to say, the lifelike Eagle Claw figure was much stronger than her figure!

This shouldn't be happening!

"This level of gift... Demonic!"


The large eagle claw struck downwards without mercy. Shi Yutong dodged it like how a willow would bend in the wind as she twisted her waist. Her breathing was rapid, and she took a glance at Lin Leiyue who was watching the fight and sighed.

This disciple of hers was already rather gifted, but compared to Fang Yuan, she was nothing.

In the beginning, she missed out on the opportunity and only appreciated the pearl, but gave the uncut jade a miss.

It was too late as everything had already developed to this stage, and there was no turning back.

"Haha! Again!"

Of course, Fang Yuan did not know what Shi Yutong was thinking.

Conversely, he was increasingly excited as the battle ensued.

Shi Yutong was the best teacher he could have, as she selflessly gave out all her Wu Zong combat experience during this fight. Secretly, he wished for her to be able to hold on a little longer, just for the fight to last a little longer.

"Chirp! Chirp!"

Both his claws struck forward with his elemental force in mid-air. One claw came from the left, and the other from the right, trapping Shi Yutong in the middle!

"Bloom and grow!"

Shi Yutong's palms pushed outwards as she exerted her elemental force, destroying the two Eagle Claw figures, as she shook hard.


Within the fog, Fang Yuan appeared and another claw came from above!

The Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique breaking through to Wu Zong meant that his strength was not in releasing his elemental energy, but in using his heavy and brute physical techniques.


A piece of elemental force white flower petal landed on Fang Yuan and exploded, but he was unharmed. Fang Yuan maintained his swiftness and came in front of Shi Yutong, striking his right claw out.

Shi Yutong suddenly felt a cold sense of danger.

It was a feeling that she had not felt in a long while.

Obviously, his young Wu Zong had the ability to kill her! And he had the intention to!


She raised her hands with much effort to block the claw and subsequently retreated. Her expression changed as she spat out a mouthful of blood!


Witnessing this scene, Lin Leiyue rushed forward, but it was all too late.

Fang Yuan seemed to be too engrossed in the fight and there was no way for him to calm down. He chased her and struck his claws continuously to force Shi Yutong to a certain spot.

As the most critical moment, the sound of a flute was heard which, as though an armoured cavalry came to the rescue.

A graceful figure appeared from the woods blowing her flute.

"Indeed there is someone else!"

Fang Yuan laughed and took a step back.

"Cough cough... Master Fang is highly skilled, and I cannot match it!"

Only at this point did Shi Yutong had the breathing space to declare defeat, and her face turned pale, which showed that she had suffered from severe injuries.

"You are... Ling Yin?"

Before the fight even began, Fang Yuan already realised someone spying on them, and purposely fought hard to force the spy out. Only then did he realise that it was the mysterious spiritual disciple which he met at Secluded Mountain Court.

"My greetings to Master Fang!"

Ling Yin chuckled. "The moment we met, I knew that you were not an ordinary person, and who would've known that you are now at the level of a Wu Zong..."