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Chapter 115: Hunting Down

Chapter 115: Hunting Down

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Ling Yin retreated quickly and the weapons on her body were reflecting light.

She didn't expect Fang Yuan to be able to conceal himself that much. His spiritual techniques and martial arts not only had been improved tremendously, he had managed to break through the threshold of the elemental force!

Fang Yuan was not only a Wu Zong but also a spiritual knight. Obviously, he had managed to pass both her and Shi Yutong's checks successfully and even heard the secret conversation between the both of them. He had also decided to attack when both of them were separated.

"Sir, please listen to my explanation first!"

In quick succession, Ling Yin activated many spiritual talismans and equipment to defend herself. With a change in the pitch of her voice, the green bangle emitted a bright emerald glow, which then transformed into a small dagger, ready to fly out of her hands.

Unfortunately, she could only achieve this step.

"Ecstasy spell!"

Fang Yuan executed the spell and the surrounding fog started to get denser like a tsunami. Ling Yin was overwhelmed by the fog.

In the white fog, there was a flash of green light and a female voice.


The emerald green coloured bracelet landed on the ground and rolled to Fang Yuan's feet.


Fang Yuan snapped his fingers and the fog from the spell started to fade away. It then revealed Ling Yin who was unconscious.

Even though she had so many layers of defence, she was not immune to the spell executed by a dream master.

"I am a dream master and it will be strange if I can't even handle a spiritual disciple!"

Fang Yuan picked the bracelet up and shook his head.

He would probably be worried if he was dealing with both Ling Yin and Shi Yutong at the same time. However, he would just be worried that he cannot use his full power in front the both of them.

Since now both of them were separated, it was much easier to ambush one of them.

This spiritual disciple who had managed to suppress the Five Ghosts Sect Sect Master and the Blood Killer was easily defeated and there was barely any resistance.

"My dream master's spiritual techniques tackle one's mind. What's the use of having so many layers of defence?"

Fang Yuan squatted down.

With a flash of light, Ling Yin's defences started to fade and her defences were formed into a few charms and weapons.

"Hehe…..her teacher is indeed an alchemy master. Look at all these charms and weapons….."

Seeing the many spiritual charms and weapons that were on her body, Fang Yuan shamelessly took everything from her without even leaving a bottle of medicine for her.

After he was done, Fang Yuan then sent out a signal.

"Chirp! Chirp!"

Along with the high pitched noise from an eagle and a strong gust of wind, the Iron-tailed Black Eagle landed.

"Bring me to Shi Yutong!"

Fang Yuan got onto the back of the eagle with a serious look.

He was not prepared to let her go and since he had already attacked Ling Yin, he would want to defeat the other one as well!

"However….my actions have offended Lu Renjia. If I don't want to be out there and running for my life in future, I will have to be on Liu Yan's side."

Fang Yuan murmured and was wavered.

The Iron-tailed Black Eagle charged into the sky and disappeared into the layers of cloud.



Beside a spiritual spring.

Lin Leiyue tucked her arms and sat on a green rock. She looked at the flowing spring water and there were a few black fishes swimming in the water. She then recalled the days when she was younger.

Back when Master Wenxin was still alive, her father had much admiration for Master Wenxin and they visited him often.

It was that spring when she first met Fang Yuan and both Lin Leiyue and Fang Yuan were still very young.

Master Wenxin liked Lin Leiyue a lot and proposed a marriage between Lin Leiyue and Fang Yuan. Her father gladly accepted it.

However, no one expected Master Wenxin to pass away so soon as he was highly skilled in medicine. Also, Lin Leiyue was valued by Master Wenxin but now everything had changed since Master Wenxin's passing.

She didn't expect that Fang Yuan, who was previously alone and had no one to depend on, was able to improve tremendously in terms of his cultivation and skills in medicine on his own. His business in the secluded valley was thriving and he had even made a breakthrough for Wu Zong already!

Even though she was talented and spiritual, Master Shi Yutong had only mentioned that there was a chance, and not a guarantee, for her to achieve Wu Zong!

One had the potential while the other had the ability to achieve Wu Zong. The difference between the both of them was very big!

Even her master was generous in her words and had sacrificed Lin Leiyue's looks to pull Fang Yuan to their side.

'This world…..only respects the powerful ones. If one wants to control his or her destiny, he or she will need to have the ability to do so!'

As she was looking at the shadows formed in the water, Lin Leiyue clenched her fists.

Suddenly, a reflection of another person appeared on the surface of the water.

"Leiyue, are you blaming me?"

Shi Yutong was beside Lin Leiyue and she asked with a gentle voice.

"I dare not to blame you!"

Lin Leiyue quickly got up.

"You didn't dare, but that didn't mean that you did not….."

Shi Yutong shook her head and said, "However, this is human nature. I'm not blaming you!"

"Master…...for the greater good of the sect, I'm willing to sacrifice!"

Lin Leiyue bit her teeth and continued, "No matter how Fang Yuan humiliates me, I will seek for his understanding….."

"It's good that you are willing to sacrifice for the sect!"

Shi Yutong's eyes glittered. "However, you don't have to worry this matter anymore!"


Lin Leiyue was very surprised. "He is a Wu Zong!"

"Under normal circumstances, I can understand why you will choose to let this matter go, but now the situation is different. We have many allies and Master Lu, and won't a Wu Zong be just a small issue to us?"

Shi Yutong gave a cold look and said, "Fang Yuan is too powerful and he hates me. He has become the most unstabilised factor and I will have to remove him before the big battle!"


Lin Leiyue was startled and speechless. However, she was feeling relieved at the same time.

"Chirp! Chirp!"

Suddenly, a small green bird appeared and landed on the shoulder of the Shi Yutong. The bird was chirping anxiously.

"Bad news. Ling Yin is in trouble!"

Shi Yutong's expression changed and Lin Leiyue was surprised by her it as it was her first time seeing that expression from her master.

"Before I got separated from Ling Yin, I had the green bird to watch over Ling Yin just in case anything happened to her. Since the bird is so anxious now, something bad must have happened to her…..In this county, the only person who can do this is Fang Yuan!"

Shi Yutong brought Lin Leiyue along and they went into the forest quickly with their lightness skill. "Our secret plans must have been discovered and we are bound to get killed by Fang Yuan! There is no room for Ling Yin to escape!"

Lin Leiyue was sluggish and knew that the secret plans made by Master and Ling Yin must have been discovered by Fang Yuan and Ling Yin was probably killed.

Isn't this an irony when Shi Yutong had asked her not to worry about the matter just now?

"Chirp! Chirp!"

However, it was not a good time to care about these conflicting matters now.

With the loud chirp from an eagle, a giant eagle appeared from the layers of cloud and it spread its wings. A giant black shadow was formed.

"How is this possible?"

Shi Yutong's expression changed completely.

She had purposely chosen a small pathway in the forest which was concealed by the tall trees. However, that giant eagle was still able to locate her wherever she went.

"Hoo! Hoo!"

There was a strong gust of wind and the Iron-tailed Black Eagle took a shot. Its sharp claws had broken an old tree into half.

"This is not good!"

Shi Yutong pushed Lin Leiyue away and said, "Fang Yuan must have done something on us and that's why he is able to locate us. Looks like we will have to split. Leave now!"

Shi Yutong let go of her hand and caused Lin Leiyue to be pushed at a distance away in another direction.


Lin Leiyue was teary and had no choice but to leave the place.

Behind her, she heard a loud voice and a loud eagle's chirp.

The eagle was not giving Shi Yutong any mercy and it went straight towards her.

"Fang Yuan, it's really you!'

Shi Yutong's voice then came. Another clear voice was heard. "Ling Yin has been defeated. Sect Master, you have injuries and you are definitely no match for me. What are you waiting for?"

"I would rather die in the name of justice than to surrender!"

Shi Yutong sighed and continued, "I didn't handle this matter properly and hence I landed myself in this trouble. I admitted that I had lost but I would want to fight to the death for honour!"

"Very well!"

Fang Yuan's voice was projected and an explosion then came.

Lin Leiyue heard what happened and her heart sank. She knew that Fang Yuan had caught up with her master and there was no chance for her to escape already.

Even though she was still confident in her master, her master was previously defeated by Fang Yuan. Hence, how lucky would she be this time?

"Fang Yuan!"

She bit her teeth and escaped with tears in her eyes. She swore in her heart, "I...I will have my revenge one day!"


"Very good! Your courage is commendable!"

Fang Yuan praised Shi Yutong who was standing right in front of him.

Fang Yuan didn't care about Lin Leiyue who had started to run away.

Both of them were now not of similar grade and level.

Also, Shi Yutong had brought quite a few disciples from the Spirit Returning Sect and since they were all separated, it would be very troublesome to kill every one of them.

The current issue he was facing now was pressing and he would think about the rest later after he had defeated Shi Yutong.

"Eagle Claw Palm!"

"Compassionate Seal!"


Releasing their elemental force, the figures clashed, and in the process broke many trees. The entire place was in a mess.

Shi Yutong was of no match for Fang Yuan as she was already injured. Currently, her messy hair and her bloody mouth made her looked like she was in a poor state.

"Don't you think of escaping from me. Wherever you go, I will still be able to find you!"

Fang Yuan said coldly and kept discouraging Shi Yutong with his words.

"I know..."

Shi Yutong took a glance at the Iron-tailed Black Eagle and gave a wicked smile. "I have a question that needs to be answered. If I don't get the answer, I will not die in peace!"

"Are you wondering how I am able to track you down?"

Fang Yuan shook his head and said, "You will know the answer very soon!"


Shi Yutong felt a great sense of danger coming towards her suddenly. She didn't think much and quickly transformed into 9 shadows. The 9 shadows then attacked from all directions.

"Ecstasy spell!"

Fang Yuan lifted his fingers lightly and the surrounding fog started to spread. All her shadows were engulfed in the fog.

"Is this…."

Shi Yutong was confused at first by the fog, but the elemental force inside her Dantian shook her and she was able to recover from the spell. She was very surprised and asked, "Is this…..a spiritual spell?"


With her slight hesitance, she was on her way to her death since her enemy was a Wu Zong.

Fang Yuan suddenly appeared behind her and grabbed!