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Chapter 119: Bone Melting Sect

Chapter 119: Bone Melting Sect

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Fang Yun shook his head. "I don't want to ambush Qinghe County's support, but rather, the Bone Melting Sect's Sect Master!"

The three sects, Spirit Returning, Bone Melting and Yellow Brothers Sect all had Wu Zongs at the helm controlling a cony each. Collectively, they gave strength to Lu Renjia's betrayal.

Furthermore, Lu Renjia was from the Bone Melting Sect!

"This way, we can remove the leader! If Prefecture Master would join us, we can cause great damage to the opposing alliance, disrupting their atmosphere!"

Fang Yuan said confidently.

Even though Liu Yan had three other counties under his name, these three counties were weak, especially Lieyang County. After the chaos, they could not recover and therefore could not give support.

Lu Renjia was an alchemy master and was therefore influential. Not only they were evenly matched, he still had the upper hand.

However, now that it was easy to take control over Qinghe County, the situation turned around.

"Mmm... Lu Renjia would surely send reinforcements to Qinghe County. This is a good opportunity for us to strike!"

Liu Yan nodded his head but did not say a word.

"Of course... If you feel that this plan is too dangerous, we can still head towards Qinghe County to deal with those who are assisting them. We can similarly gain control over the whole situation!"

Fang Yuan knew Liu Yan's considerations and added a line.

"No need!"

Liu Yan's red eyebrows twitched, and after a short while, he came to a decision. He stood up and walked forward. "If I don't decide now, trouble will ensue! Right now, the enemy is weak while I am strong. If I don't take this opportunity, wouldn't I be letting them have the opportunity to regroup?"

He knew how impressive an alchemy master's networking was. If he gave Lu Renjia any chance to regroup, he would be on the losing end.

"Pass down my orders. Get all the capital leaders and spiritual knights... To the main hall!"

Liu Yan exclaimed, as his voice travelled far.

"Let's not delay, now is the best time to move!"

Fang Yuan immediately agreed.

After making a decision, this Secluded Mountain Prefecture Master was rather decisive and did not think twice.

"Prefecture Master, Niu Dingtian, Leng Ning and Xiang Zilong reporting!"

"Keke... Brother Liu, I wonder where did the spiritual bird outside come from? It is majestic!"


After a short while, a number of martial artists entered the hall; they all harnessed elemental force.

Three of them wore the Chilled Metal Armour and had a sinister look. Every movement of theirs resembled a killer. They were all the Wu Zong capital leaders of the Secluded Mountain Prefecture armed forces.

Another old man was clad in white robes. Although he seemed a little crazy, he had a big build, slightly larger than Niu Dingtian.

"Spiritual knight?"

Fang Yuan looked at the person with a serious look.

From this old man, he felt a totally different Wood-type inner breath. He had the feeling of spring and life.

"Brother Mu, don't be rude!"

Liu Yan jokingly chided him and continued. "The spiritual bird outside belongs to Fang Yuan, Brother Fang. Don't you dare have any ideas on it!"

He turned and faced Fang Yuan. "This is my good friend, Daoist Mu Li. He had lived in seclusion and only offered his help when I wrote him a letter... He loves spiritual birds, and once he caught a 'Pure Yang Bird', which once guarded the Heaven Facing Peak for one year and one month, but sadly, he did not get anything in return..."

"Liu Yan, stop exposing me!"

Daoist Mu Li blew at his moustache before looking in Fang Yuan's direction. His expression changed to one of suspicion. "Wu Zong? Mmm? No, not right... Spiritual knight! Cultivating both martial arts and spiritual techniques at the same time, and still of such a young age! Monster!"

"Cough cough!"

Liu Yan almost choked on his saliva, and coughed repeatedly, afraid that there would be an internal conflict.

"Oh, it's Sect Master Fang!"

As for the other two capital leaders who heard that this young man could cultivate martial arts and spiritual techniques at the same time, and furthermore having both aspects entering the realm of elemental force, both of them became polite and greeted him.

"You're welcome!"

Fang Yuan waved his hand. "Daoist Mu Li is interested in my spiritual bird? Unfortunately, that black eagle of mine is rather proud and will not recognise any outsiders..."

"Ah... Then there's no choice!"

Daoist Mu Li sighed. "I have tried to, with much effort, catch a spiritual eagle. As I tried to tame it, it starved itself to death and did not succumb to me….. Ah..."

At this point, he sounded as regretful as he could possibly be.

"Young man, did you use any secret technique to tame this black eagle? Teach it to me! I'll teach you a wood-type spiritual spell in exchange for it, what do you think?!"

He looked at Fang Yuan in anticipation and almost went up to tug his sleeve to beg him.

"Mu Li..."

Liu Yan could not hold back. "Don't you already have a Wind Chasing Falcon? Isn't that enough?"

"Little Green is good, but the more the merrier... Brother Liu, you do not know what I am wishing for. I want to form an army of spiritual birds and change my Wood Elemental Temple to Five Birds Temple!"

Mu Li exclaimed with a straight face, which made Liu Yan almost burst into tears.

"Alright, I have gathered all of you to round up our strength and collectively attack the Bone Melting Sect's Sect Master, clean up the place and destroy Lu Renjia!"

With the wave of his hand, a feeling of death spread throughout the hall.

Hearing this, the seemingly joking Daoist Mu Li became serious.

"... This is what happened. Based on what Brother Fang has told us, Lu Renjie must have just received news and have sent out reinforcements to assist Qinghe County. His own base is therefore weaker and is a good opportunity for us to strike. What do you guys think?"

Liu Yan explained the entire happening and looked at the capital leaders.

"We will follow your orders!"

Niu Dingtian, Xiang Zilong and Leng Ning were all his subordinates and therefore replied while kneeling down.

"Mmm... Although I want to attack the weaknesses of Lu Renjia, the earlier the war would end, the better it would be for the prefecture. I agree with what Master Fang had said, which is just to strike the Bone Melting Sect... Hehe, anyway we now have two spiritual birds at our disposal. If we use them properly, we can strike them by surprise!"

Daoist Mu Li shared his own view.

"I am for the same idea! Let's not delay any further, and leave now! Mu Li, call for your Wind Chasing Falcon too!"

Liu Yan changed to a long robe which glittered with a spiritual glow and arrived at a school behind the hall.

"Hehe... Good!"

Daoist Mu Li smiled, took out a bamboo whistle and blew hard into it. A sharp whistle travelled far and wide.


A large green bird shot down from the clouds like an arrow.

"Chirp! Chirp!"

Seeing this, the Iron-tailed Black Eagle who was originally eating roasted meat could not hold back anymore. It flapped its wings and as the wind it created blew the Secluded Mountain Prefecture soldiers, it flew up and chased after the Wing Chasing Falcon.

"Hu Hu!"

On the school compound, sand and dust flew everywhere. Landed in the middle were two spiritual birds looking at each other, as though they were challenging each other.

"Good spiritual bird! Good spiritual bird!"

Daoist Mu Li enjoyed it very much, and he almost drooled.

Fang Yuan was examining the Wing Chasing Falcon.

It was aerodynamic and its feathers were a bright green. Its head was slightly smaller as compared to the Iron-tailed Black Eagle, and its breath seemed shorter too.

If the Iron-tailed Eagle was compared to a 4 Heavenly Gate martial artist, then the Wing Chasing Falcon should be an expert in inner force.

Even though it was as such, Fang Yuan could see a hint of unyieldingness in its eyes. It was not afraid of the Iron-tailed Black Eagle.

"I, Niu Dingtian and Master Fang will be together. Xiang Zilong, Leng Ning, you two shall ride the Chasing Wing Falcon and set off immediately!"

Fang Yuan leapt on to the Iron-tailed Black Eagle, comforted it before allowing Liu Yan to ride it as well. He felt a sense of pride as he waved his hands.

"Chirp! Chirp!"


Accompanying two chirps from the eagle, the Chasing Wing Falcon raced the Iron-tailed Black Eagle into the sky, and both of them disappeared into the horizon.


Cangyi County, White Bone Mountain.

This was where the Bone Melting Sect was. The first generation of the Bone Melting Sect's Wu Zong stumbled upon this spiritual land and transformed it into their base. The opening of Bone Melting Sect had been around 500 years.

With such a foundation, there were many Wu Zongs from the Bone Melting Sect, which went on continuously for many years. The Sect Master of Bone Melting Sect shook the Secluded Mountain with the Bone Melting Palm Technique and was even more well known than Shi Yutong.

The Bone Melting Sect now was a mess.

At the foot of the mountain, there were many new soldier camps, and one could hear them shouting orders at the base camp.

Since Lu Renjia's rebellion, the Bone Melting Sect was his most loyal supporter. Therefore, Lu Renjia decided to place his rebellion alliance base camp here, as a challenge to the Secluded Mountain Prefecture.

However, there was peace and tranquillity in the Bone Melting Sect, as spiritual energy filled the entire compound.

Lu Renjia crossed his legs and sat on a futon, and in front of him stood a cauldron as tall as a human. Charcoal flames were burning brilliantly beneath the cauldron, continuously giving off green flames which licked the base of the cauldron.

While looking at the flames, Lu Renjia's expression was one of worry.

"Master Lu, you are worried about your disciple?"

A scribe in white entered the room. He was middle-aged and had white sideburns. He held a foldable fan in his hand and looked suave. Just by his appearance, no one would associate him with the cruel Bone Melting Sect Sect Master as heard in the legends.

"That is right..."

Lu Renjia did not get up. He casually pointed to a futon to welcome the Bone Melting Sect Sect Master to sit down, before sighing. "Who would have predicted for such a big thing to happen to such a protected disciple of mine? I am responsible for the disappearance of Ling Yin and the chaos in Spirit Returning Sect."

"Heh... Shi Yutong is a useless piece of junk. Other than having looks, her martial arts is sh*t, and can even be abducted by a junior Wu Zong. She has brought shame to all of us!"

Bone Melting Sect Sect Master still did not know that Fang Yuan cultivated martial arts and spiritual techniques at the same time, and was full of dissatisfaction with Shi Yutong. He comforted Lu Renjia and said, "Master Lu, you need not worry. Did you not already sent Tiancan and Dique, the two brothers, as well as the Blood Demon to aid them in Qinghe County? With the three of them, what can a Wu Zong do?"