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Chapter 121: The Battle

Chapter 121: The Battle

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"Wuwa, my Little Green... I will banish them to hell and wipe their existence off the face of the world!"

Within the forest.

Trees in an entire forest were being cut down, and on the ground, blood was flowing everywhere.

"Chirp! Chirp..."

Chasing Wing Falcon tried its best to lift its head up and weakly chirped. It looked like it was out of breath, which affected the Iron-tailed Black Eagle which was at one side, and it did not have the urge to joke around with it anymore.


Liu Yan twitched his eyebrows. "Instead of wasting time, why not hurry up and heal it, then bring it away from here. Otherwise, it would be too late when this place becomes a Wu Zong and spiritual knight battlefield, and any spiritual beast who is going to get injured because of the battle deserves it."

"Yes of course!"

Daoist Mu Li froze, and slowly became serious. "Little Green, hold on! Spring breeze rain, strike!"

A green flash shot out from his palm, which transformed the fog in the air into water droplets, and it landed on the wound of the Wind Chasing Falcon.


What happened next shocked Fang Yuan.

Under the cover of the raindrops, it was as though there was a layer of cloud over the Wind Chasing Falcon's wound. The bleeding stopped immediately and recovered... After the spiritual technique was over, what was left behind was a scab. Other than the surrounding being bald with no feathers, it was no different than before.

'Wood-type spiritual spells... Healing?'

Seeing such a healing effect, Fang Yuan almost vomited. If there were more spiritual knights around like Daoist Mu Li, then doctors would be rendered useless already.

"Brother Fang, let your Iron-tailed Black Eagle watch the battle with the Wind Chasing Falcon from afar!"

Liu Yan waved his hand and briefed the rest. "Since Lu Renjia is approaching us even after knowing that we have two spiritual birds, he must have some backing or tricks up his sleeves."


Fang Yuan nodded his head. He used his spiritual will to instruct the Iron-tailed Black Eagle to fly high. At the moment, the Iron-tailed Black Eagle shot up into the sky. Even though the Wind Chasing Falcon's wound was recovered, it opened up again after it tried to use force to flap its wings, and the falcon shrieked. It used its claws to run into the forest and disappeared.

"Alright. I would like to see what tricks Lu Renjia has up his sleeves?"

Liu Yan laughed heartily, as though he was very generous.

On the other hand, Fang Yuan was less confident and frowned. With a wave of his hand, a layer of fog appeared but was not obvious since it was in the jungle.


Liu Yan and Daoist Mu Li were both spiritual knights and knew that this was Fang Yuan's doing. However, using their spiritual will, they could not find anything special about it and both of them were surprised.

"They're here!"

Just when Daoist Mu Li was curious and wanted to ask about it, Liu Yan exclaimed.

From the forest came three silhouettes. The one in front was Lu Renjia. The Bone Melting Sect Sect Master and the Yellow Brothers Sect Sect Master were on his left and right respectively, and since they were following him from behind, it was obvious that they were his subordinates.

They did not bring a single martial artist who was below the realm of elemental force because they knew that in such a battle, they would not aid but only burden them.

"Keke... Old fogey Lu, how dare you come to find us with only two Wu Zongs? Do you want me to grant you your death?"

Liu Yan looked at Lu Renjia's expression and could tell that he was on his highest alert, but up front, he appeared as though he was mocking him.


Lu Renjia exclaimed, as he scanned across from the Secluded Mountain capital leaders, to Daoist Mu Li and ended up staring at Fang Yuan.

"You are... the new Wu Zong form Qinghe County?"

He was the only unfamiliar face present and was the youngest of all, and therefore Lu Renjia could not be mistaken.

"That's right. I am also the one who captured your disciple, Ling Yin!"

He was unsettled and took a few steps away from the group, all the while staring at Lu Renjia.

"Good! Very good!"

Lu Renjia unexpectedly laughed. "I have already sent Blood Demon and Tiancan Dique brothers to Qinghe County. Do you think that your servants and useless guards can still survive?"

Although he had already sent the message to recall them back, he did not mind to use this piece of news to worry this young Wu Zong's mind - Since Fang Yuan had kept all his magical energy, Lu Renjia could only see him as a normal Wu Zong.

Liu Yan looked at Mu Li for a while, both suspicious of what Lu Renjia said, but both did not dare to expose the truth.

"Do anything you want to my subordinates..."

Fang Yuan waved his hands. "But if they want to save Ling Yin, they will have to penetrate the defences of the Prefecture Master's Mansion!"

"That's right!"

Liu Yan stood out too. "Ling Yin has been captured and held in my water prison, hehe... Master Lu is a respectable person and will never know where that place is. But that is fine, you will join her there very quickly."

"Very well, it seems that all of you are against me, and deserve to die!"

Lu Renjia's expression changed and seemed even more confident.

"Quickly strike!"

As a spiritual knight, they had the ability to feel their blood gushing and the insecurity in their mind. Liu Yan shouted and made the first move.

"Six royal levels, hear my command... Heavenly fire burn the field!"


Six beams of light shot out from his body and became imageries of their own in mid-air. They lighted up the entire sky, and suddenly fell downwards!

This power shocked Lu Renjia, and he could only retreat.


The Wu Zongs and spiritual knights were all talents, so how could they miss this great opportunity to strike?

While the opponents were busy retreating, Fang Yuan and Niu Dingtian, together with the Secluded Mountain capital leaders rushed forward.

"He! The wood element of the Heaven and Earth, bless! Bind!"

Even though Daoist Mu Li did not advance, both his hands each had a daoist talisman which flew forward. One of it became a layer of green flash, which blessed the few Wu Zongs in front, granting them greater powers.

As for the other daoist talisman, it dug its way into the ground and disappeared.

"Ping! Ping!"

Beside Lu Renjia and company were green vines with thorns appearing from the ground. These vines twisted around and circled inwards, like a cage.

"Spiritual Peak Technique, crush!"

With flames coming from above, Wu Zongs attacking from in front, and thorny vines from the back, Lu Renjie broke into cold sweat. He took out a cauldron pill and threw it forward.


An image of a small cauldron appeared, which grew in size under the crimson flames. It became the cauldron which supported the Heaven and Earth, as it contained the green flames in the sky. It then transformed into many smaller flames which dispersed in all directions.

The vines burst into flames after coming into contact with these smaller flames, and could no longer move.

After this single move, a distinct crack appeared on the small cauldron, which broke Lu Renjia's heart.

"This is likely to be a one-off magical weapon, or has a certain limit! Follow me!"

Fang Yuan squinted his eyes and tilted his head, as a green flame flew across his hair. It landed on an ancient tree behind him, which burst into flames and became a large torch.

"Buy some time for me!"

Lu Renjia looked ferocious, took out the Spiritual Formation Image and exclaimed.


Bone Melting Sect Sect Master looked at Yellow Brothers Sect Sect Master.

They were experienced Wu Zongs. Although they could not take two opponents each, they could still stall time. They took a few steps forward and blocked Fang Yuan and the rest.


No one knew why Fang Yuan suddenly smiled cheekily. "Ecstasy Spell!"


The mild mountain fog surrounding the area thickened and covered Lu Renjia and company.


"This is..."

In reality, the usage of this Ecstasy Spell could only at most put a 4 Heavenly Gate martial artist into a deep sleep. As for Wu Zongs and spiritual knights, they could easily awaken once their elemental force was focused.

However, a fierce battle with no regard for their lives would be the biggest weakness of everyone.




Seeing how both the Bone Melting Sect Sect Master and the Yellow Brothers Sect Sect Master were in shock, Niu Dingtian and the other Wu Zongs did not hesitate to use their strongest skills.

"Demonic Bull Fist!"

Niu Dingtian exclaimed as he became muscular in an instant. As his originally large build increased in size once more, he appeared to be a small giant.

He also broke through Wu Zong using the Rough Breathing Technique and became a crazy demon during battle. As his fists struck out, it was like two large and heavy hammers.


The Bone Melting Sect Sect Master regained his consciousness in a while, but the moment he came to, he already saw Niu Dingtian's fist at his nose.

"Ah! Bone Melting Palm!"

He used all his elemental force in his right palm which seemed invincible.


As the fist and palm met, both of them were left in shock.

"What a strong and brute fellow!"

The Bone Melting Sect Sect Master took a step back. It was obvious that he was at a disadvantage, and thought to himself. "Could it be that I was being ambushed by the fog, and you tried to hurt me?"

His Bone Melting Palm was the unique counter to rough techniques and was the nemesis to Niu Dingtian.

However, since he lost the advantage of taking the first move, every following move was pushing him to an even more disadvantageous situation.

"Dragon Subduing Kick!"

As Niu Dingtian was pushed away, Xiang Zilong followed up from above. Both his legs struck out continuously and were as sharp as a knife. It could even be comparable to magical weapons!

"Go and die!"

The Bone Melting Sect Sect Master retreated continuously, which unknowingly made the Yellow Brothers Sect Sect Master stand out.

"Condensing Frost!"

Leng Ning appeared feminine yet masculine, and it was hard to tell if he was a male or a female. His opening strike was devastating. There was frost on his hands, as they struck out in an unpredictable manner. Suddenly, he leapt in front of Yellow Brothers Sect Sect Master.

The Yellow Brothers Sect Sect Master was skilled in making mechanisms but was still comparatively weaker in martial arts when compared with the Bone Melting Sect Sect Master. Since he was also left in a state of confusion after the ambush from the fog, he could only rush and dodge a sword strike towards his chest, but there was a slit on his body.


With the wound on his body and the possibility of death, he did not hesitate to make his escape.

If he did not run, he would die here!

As a Wu Zong, he fully trusted his spiritual sense.

Unfortunately, his spiritual sense would become his biggest weakness against a dream master skilled in confusion.

Leng Ning was not the only one attacking the Yellow Brothers Sect Sect Master!

As the Yellow Brothers Sect Sect Master tried to escape, Fang Yuan rushed forward like a giant eagle, and clawed at his weak point!