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Chapter 122: The Formation

Chapter 122: The Formation

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The Yellow Brothers Sect Sect Master let out a cry.

His accurate martial artist intuition had caused his death!

His spiritual heart had been greatly hit.

He had no choice but to hit back by pounding on the Fang Yuan's chest with both of his palms. This method would cause both of them to be injured.

If Fang Yuan was persistent in taking away his life, he would want Fang Yuan to be seriously injured as well!

Of course, the sect master didn't want such outcome to happen ultimately.

'Please stop!'

He made a move while having that thought in his mind.

Unfortunately, God seemed to have forsaken him. Fang Yuan, who was right in front of him, gave him a wicked smile and the force from his hands was very strong. Fang Yuan seemed like he was not afraid to die.

"Even Heaven wants me to die!"

The sect master was sighing in his heart but was putting more force in his hands. "Let's not figure out who is better than the other and we shall perish together!"


Just when the sect master had that idea popped up into his head, his brain was torn by Fang Yuan's hands and the content from his brain started to flow out, which made this move a fatal one!

At the same time, the sect master used both of his palms that were filled with surging elemental force and make a print on Fang Yuan's chest.

From the loud noise, Fang Yuan was pushed back with much force and his clothing was torn into pieces, which revealed his muscular chest and his tanned skin. Fang Yuan was not injured at all.

As a person who had made a breakthrough through the Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique for Wu Zong, this achievement had brought him a benefit now.

Even though his body was in a good condition now, it was not the best!

The Sect Head hastily retaliated without preparation, which prevented him from exerting his full strength. Furthermore, he was already killed by Fang Yuan, hence the force in his palms became even weaker…...


Fang Yuan exhaled a long breath and the colour of his chest turned back to its normal colour. However, he was feeling intense pain in his chest.

"A Wu Zong indeed, this comeback before his death is quite powerful actually!"

Fang Yuan rubbed his chest and thought about it silently. He didn't see the shocking expressions of the people that were watching them.

"What? The Yellow Brothers Sect Sect Master is dead?"

Bone Melting Sect Sect Master saw what happened and couldn't believe his eyes. "Oh my god…..he is also a Wu Zong and he is dead just by being torn through the head like a watermelon….."

Looking at the dead sect master who was as powerful as him, the Bone Melting Sect Sect Master immediately had the intention of retreating.

He was a sect master of the Bone Melting Sect and had control of one of the counties. Everyone was fearful of the Bone Melting Sect in the Secluded Mountain Prefecture and how could he easily fold here?

"Is it still not done yet, Master Lu?"

The Bone Melting Sect Sect Master retreated to where Lu Renjia was.

"You think producing such thing is an easy task? Also, we still have to deal with Liu Yan's Fire-type spiritual spell!"

Even though he was rushing to set up the spiritual array, Lu Renjia did not let go of the small cauldron that was in his hand.

An illusion of a giant cauldron then appeared and it engulfed Lu Renjia in it and he was far from the confrontation with Liu Yan.

Liu Yan was not to be provoked as with his Fire-type spiritual spell, Lu Renjia's cauldron would be easily broken into pieces even if there was restraint.

"You shall die! 9 into 1!"

With the execution of the spiritual spell, the 9 green fire dragons flying in the sky suddenly let out a long roar, before combining to become one green giant dragon. The giant dragon then flew straight down from the sky.

"Aahh….with my broken cauldron and my blood, an emerald green destruction shall ensue!"

Seeing this destructive scene, Lu Renjie bit his tongue and spat out a mouthful of blood on the cauldron.

"Kacha! Kacha!"

There were many crack marks on the cauldron and was expanding. In the end, the small cauldron exploded and there was a small green pill floating in mid-air. It was giving out a shocking amount of spiritual force. The pill suddenly went up into the sky and caused the surrounding to be red in colour.

The green fire dragon who was in that area had started to become calm and the fire in the dragon was extinguished.

"Emerald Blood Heart Pill? Lu Renjia cultivated his whole life together with this pill, and yet he was willing to sacrifice it….."

Liu Yan shouted, "This person is preparing for a stronger move, we need to destroy what he has with him right now!"

"Yes, Master!"

Niu Dingtian, Xiang Zilong and a few others acknowledged and pounced on Lu Renjia.

Unfortunately, they were too late.

"Hehe….puff…..it's finally complete!"

Lu Renjia spat out a mouthful of blood and gave a joyful look as he looked at the array map he was holding.

"The 4 spiritual poles shall combine together. The Grand Rock Spirit, heed my command, form the array in all 8 directions!"

With blood on his mouth, Lu Renjia chanted the curse quickly. Throwing the spiritual array map towards Liu Yan, he shouted, "Go!"


With a flash of a spiritual light, a blurry light started to shine from the sky and it engulfed Fang Yuan, Liu Yan and the others.


The earth shook and a few giant rocks started to break through from the underground and rise to form like a giant maze.

"Is this….a spiritual array?"

Liu Yan's voice could be heard from far and it started to get softer till there it couldn't be heard.

"We are being separated? A spiritual array is indeed powerful. I have not expected this to happen!"

Fang Yuan touched the hard rock that was right in front of him and he could feel a cold texture, which meant that this spiritual array was not fake.

"Eagle Claw Palm!"

He stretched out his hand and all his fingers became like eagle's claws. He then grabbed one big piece of the giant rock and twisted it. The broken pieces became in powder form and got blown away by the wind...

"The foundations are tough. It seems like it will not be easy to break this rock!"

After spending much effort, he managed to break through a wall and came to a conclusion.

He was not familiar with spiritual arrays, but there was one thing he was clear about: it had to either trap, kill, or confuse.

"The stone array formed a maze, but it is not lethal. It is just a trap array and is not dangerous. The only worry is that we might be split and taken down one by one!"

"I remembered that I was not far from the rest when the spiritual array was activated….."

Fang Yuan then put his ear by a rock and listen to the surroundings.


"This is…..the spiritual array?"

Outside of the maze, the Bone Melting Sect Sect Master was staring at the stone maze and was almost speechless. "You have an uncanny workmanship indeed! I heard that a big sect in the Da Gan Empire had invited a spiritual array master to produce an array. If the Bone Melting Sect had done that as well, would there be such things happening now?"

"Master Lu, are you able to make a drive to the array so that all of them will be killed?"

Thinking about the losses he had incurred today, the Bone Melting Sect Sect Master felt disgusted and was looking at Lu Renjia with a hopeful look.

"Dream on! This is just a trap array. Its purpose is to trap people not to kill people! I am not as powerful as the array master, hence how am I able to change the purpose of the array?"

Lu Renjia's face was very pale. "Also, in order to maintain this array, I have to inject my elemental force into it. You can help me and take over for a while!"


As he placed both of his hands on the array map and felt a suction sucking his elemental force away from him, the Bone Melting Sect Sect Master's face also became pale.

With this suction speed, his elemental force would be exhausted in just a short period of time!

Luckily, Lu Renjia was not hurting him. Lu Renjia closed his eyes to rest after swallowing a few spiritual pills. He then passed a medicine bottle to the sect master and said, "This is a bottle of Elemental Recovery Powder, and can aid in the recovery of your elemental force. You will need to hold on for at least another hour!"

"Damn it..."

Lu Renjia felt a little angry as he mentioned that. "If from the start, we had set up the array map and I was not injured, I would have been able to maintain this array on my own and you could have entered the array together with the Yellow Brothers Sect Sect Master and break through the array if you both don't meet Liu Yan!"

"No one expected the other party to be that powerful. The teenager's spiritual spell is powerful that it has killed the Yellow Brothers Sect Sect Master..."

Looking at the corpse, the Bone Melting Sect Sect Master had a lingering fear.

"So long as we are able to maintain this, Blood Demon, Tiancan and Dique will reach here in the end!"

Lu Renjia sighed and cursed. "Damn this Old Liu, he had managed to find a good location. If we were on a flat land, I would have called for an army of soldiers to kill them no matter how many men it would take to kill!"

It was not practical for such an attack in the mountains.

It was very troublesome for the army to transport the heavy equipment up the mountains like the ordinance and the armour.

Even if the elite forces were sent in, they also couldn't gain the upper hand just by pushing people forward to attack. There were more disadvantages than advantages.

Hence, Lu Renjia and the Bone Melting Sect Sect Master could only choose to trap them for a long period of time while waiting for their reinforcements to come.


"The array dao is indeed profound... This stone maze seems to touch the edge of universe dao, which is actually space dao! We're lucky that Lu Renjia is not an actual spiritual array master and is unable to unleash the full potential of this array. Otherwise, we would be in a more dire predicament!"

Inside the maze, Fang Yuan sighed while breaking the stone wall.

In fact, he was overestimating the power of Lu Renjia and the Bone Melting Sect Sect Master.

From the cultivations of the two of them, they could only maintain this array and could not control what was happening inside the array. Hence, this was quite dumb in a sense.

"Who is there?"

The sound from the breaking of the rock shocked everyone that was on the side. In the tunnel, a deep voice was heard.

"Is it Leader Niu? I'm Fang Yuan!"

Fang Yuan recognised Leader Niu's voice.

"Haha…..it is Brother Fang indeed!"

Niu Dingtian came out quickly and said, "This place is so deserted that it has almost suffocated me to death!"

"Hmm, this is a spiritual array and is very mysterious. We better hurry and find the city master or else we would get broken through!"

Fang Yuan then listened to the surroundings for any sound with his ear by the rock.

"I have tried this method myself but it is useless…...or else I would not be scurrying here like a fly..."

Niu Dingtian said a few words and saw Fang Yuan getting up. Fang Yuan went towards a branch road confidently.

'Normal people will not be able to detect such small changes. However, I am a dream master and my magical energy is much higher as compared to the other spiritual knights. Hence, I am different from the rest and able to detect these small changes!'

Fang Yuan had an idea. "Even though this spiritual array is magical, the person who initiated this array is lousy. If I am able to find Liu Yan, we will probably have a chance to force our way out of this array!"

Only a spiritual array master could control the array on the inside and cause endless sufferings.

As for Lu Renjia and this god damn array, they were definitely inferior.

"However, it is commendable that they are able to trap 3 Wu Zongs and 3 spiritual knights for such a long period of time with just an array map..."