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Chapter 123: Victory

Chapter 123: Victory

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"Master Lu, something's not right!"

After a short while, outside the stone maze, the Bone Melting Sect Sect Master's expression changed. "The array map is sucking in too much of my elemental force, I can only hold on for a while more!"

"How is this possible?"

Lu Renjia shook his head, surprised. "Could it be that they are destroying the array from inside, forcing the spiritual array to start repairs and use up more elemental force?"

Although he was not an array master, he still roughly knew about it and did not use the array blindly; it was an accurate prediction.

"A single Wu Zong or spiritual knight cannot have such destructive power, they are combining forces!"

"What should we do?"

Bone Melting Sect Sect Master shouted. "Master Lu, think of an idea!"

"I am an alchemy master, not a spiritual array master, how would I know?"

Lu Jiaren rolled his eyes. "Even though they might be together, it would still remain difficult to break out of this spiritual array..."


At the end of his sentence, a loud noise came from the top of the stone array.

"Heavenly fire shall burn the field!!!"

Liu Yan exclaimed, and green flames exploded, causing many large rocks to fly into the sky in all directions.


After the large flame at the top of the array, the entire stone maze started to form web-like cracks spreading throughout the entire array. The spiritual array crumbled down with the sound of breaking wood, like a sandcastle.


The Bone Melting Sect Sect Master screamed, and looked at the array map in his hands.

At this moment, a small fire grew from the centre of the map and spreaded across the entire map. In a short while, the entire map burnt into ashes.

This was not the doing of Liu Yan, but the one-off nature of the spiritual array map. After usage, it would be destroyed.

"Haha... Lu Renjia, you're good!"

Amidst the dust, Liu Yan stood out. "Impressive that you could find an array map. If you used it during a battle, I'm afraid my brothers and I would die. Now, it seems like the Heavens want me to take care of you, and destroy you!"

Although he was brimming with confidence, he unknowingly looked at the calm and composed Fang Yuan.

The Secluded Mountain Prefecture Master knew that if not for Fang Yuan's ability to feel around within the array, even he himself would be trapped inside! He had no way to deal with his array.

It seemed that it was heaven's will that his newest alliance member was Fang Yuan, and not any other person!

"Let's go!"

Seeing how Liu Yan and company broke through the array, Lu Renjia and the Bone Melting Sect Sect Master were shocked out of their wits, and unanimously decided to run.

"Follow them!"

Liu Yan would not let this opportunity go, and commanded.

"Iron-tailed Black Eagle!"

Fang Yuan shouted into the sky. From the clouds, the Iron-tailed Black Eagle appeared and landed on the ground, allowing Fang Yuan to easily leap on its back.

"What a pity that my Wind Chasing Falcon is injured, otherwise..."

Taoist Mu Li mumbled to himself, but was not slower than Liu Yan as he sat on the eagle's back.

Even though the Iron-tailed Black Eagle was a spiritual beast and was rather large in size, the addition of three humans on its back made it tired. The remaining three Wu Zongs had to use their own Lightness Skill to chase after Lu Renjia.

"Haha... Lu Renjia! Where can you go?"

Liu Yan stood on the Black Eagle and shouted, while on the other hand as Lu Renjia witnessed this scene, he became desolated.

He never would have guessed that this spiritual eagle had such a spiritual property and would hide in the clouds and only come out once its owner was freed from the stone maze!

As the spiritual beast chased after him, it was almost impossible for him to get away.

"Chirp! Chirp!"

In a moment, the Iron-tailed Black Eagle landed in front of Lu Renjia and blocked his way.

Fang Yuan and Liu Yan jumped down from the eagle's back, and chose their opponents.

Using the analogy of picking the rotten oranges to squeeze, Fang Yuan was against the Bone Melting Sect Sect Master, leaving Lu Renjia to Liu Yan, his nemesis.

As for Taoist Mu Li, he sat on the eagle's back, as his body gave out spiritual light, as though he was preparing some spiritual techniques.

'You cunning old fogey!'

Fang Yuan scolded him in his mind, looked at his opponent, and was not worried a single bit.

Even though the name of Bone Melting Sect Sec Master was well heard-of in the Secluded Mountain Prefecture through the Bone Melting Palm technique used to counter rough techniques, but what more?

Even if his opponent was focused, Fang Yuan was still unafraid; this was disregarding the Sect Master's injury and his depleted elemental force. He was pale and seemed like he would fall without Fang Yuan even touching him.

"Do you have any last words?"

Fang Yuan shook his head and came straight to the point.


Bone Melting Sect Sect Master could recognise Fang Yuan.

Among the enemies that he faced today, other than Liu Yan, it was this young man Fang Yuan who left the deepest impression in him.

He could disguise himself as a Wu Zong until he used his Ecstasy Spell, which revealed his identity as a spiritual knight, which showed that he had foresight.

Furthermore, Yellow Brothers Sect Sect Master, who was on par with him, also died under Fang Yuan's claw!

Now that Fang Yuan focused on him, together with the other three Wu Zongs, and another spiritual knight from above, he had nowhere to go!

He was in such a dire situation; Lu Renjia wasn't any better.

"Thief Lu!"

Looking at the desolate Lu Renjia, Liu Yan was excited. "On the day when you betrayed me, did you ever think that this day would come?"


Lu Renjia chuckled. "If I cannot be the king, then beggar it shall be. I am just not resigned to fate that the Heavens want me dead!"

At this point, he looked at Fang Yuan, and he seemed depressed.

That was only natural.

If Fang Yuan did not join the Secluded Mountain Prefecture alliance, Liu Yan would not have the guts to attack and even succeed!

Without this sneak attack, Lu Renjia could prepare and regroup before attacking, and could surely defeat Liu Yan and claim the appointment of Prefecture Master!

Unfortunately, all these had just became a dream.

Of course, if Fang Yuan knew his current thoughts, he would have scoffed.

He had decided his fate the moment he pulled the Spirit Returning Sect into his alliance.

Furthermore, there was also Ling Yin by Shi Yutong's side to aid her, and under such circumstances, why would he not attack Lu Renjia to destroy the source of the problem?



In such a short period of time, there was a sudden change to the entire situation."

A blood flash appeared from the forest like a quick arrow being fired, and in the forest a silhouette could be seen.

"Don't harm him!"

After the blood flash, Tiancan and Dique rushed forward as well, panicking.

While he was at his wits end, Lu Renjia's saviors had arrived!


Seeing the change to the entire situation, Fang Yuan immediately took action.

As he exclaimed, his paralyzing scream was much stronger than before, even a few folds stronger! Using his magical energy as his foundation, together with his dream master's Ecstasy Spell, even spiritual knights would be stunned for the moment!


Using this opportunity, he rushed in front of the confused Bone Melting Sect Sect Master, and with his right hand becoming a claw, he crushed his neck without hesitation.


As his corpse landed on the ground, it was lit into flames by Liu Yan's green flames, and became ashes.

Seeing Lu Renjia's reinforcements approaching, Liu Yan knew that he might have the chance to flip the entire situation around, and thus used his ultimate technique.

"Let the flames burn! Let Heaven and Earth be a furnace!"

Flames surrounded him; a large amount of green flames rose up as he attempted to end Lu Renjia's life.

However, Lu Renjia was an alchemy master and was unafraid of flames. If Liu Yan was not of higher cultivation than him, it would be hard for Liu Yan to pressure him with his flames.

Lu Renjia put on a silver cloak. He fought the fire while at the same time retreated.

"Ah... You force me to do this!"

From the heat of the battle, a loud voice was heard, and there was a shocking spiritual pressure everywhere.

It was obvious that Lu Renjia used some methods as an ultimatum against Liu Yan. He spit out a mouthful of blood, and as his silver cloak became tattered, he advanced forward, as he seemed to rejoin the Blood Demon and company.

"Bless! Restrict!"

In mid-air, Taoist Mu Li's spiritual spell was also completed. With the flick of his wrist, numerous green flashes struck down.

Fang Yuan was protected by a spiritual glow and felt rather warm. He slowly regained the energy that he exhausted previously, but on the other hand, for Lu Renjia, he became visibly slower than before.


His eyes became bloodshot, and he bit on a spiritual pill which he hid in between his teeth. He seemed to be unaffected by the spiritual spell and almost arrived into the safety and protection of the blood flash.



Suddenly, an emerald flash shot like a rainbow stretching across the sky, and in front of Blood Demon, it pierced through Lu Renjia's neck!

"Cough cough..."

Lu Renjia fell to the ground. As the emerald flash dissipated, a weird looking blade appeared, and his expression changed.

Never would he know that he would die under his own weapon!


As the blood flash weakened, two shadows appeared from behind. There were Tiancan and Dique. Both of them were kneeling on the ground and were crying as they looked at Lu Renjia's corpse.

"All these remaining are evil as well, do not let any one of them escape!"

Liu Yan's moustache was covered in blood, and commanded the three Wu Zongs, including Niu Dingtian. "Wipe them all out!"

"Yes Master!"

Niu Dingtian and company agreed, and surrounded the few who remained.


After a few days, the news that shocked the entire Xia Country spreaded.

The outside world thought that the fight within the Secluded Mountain Prefecture would last incredibly long, but in fact, it ended quicker than anyone could ever expect.

The Secluded Mountain Prefecture Master Liu Yan took the opportunity, personally led his alliance into a dangerous territory to kill Lu Renjia, and at the same time remove the Bone Melting Sect Sect Master and the Yellow Brothers Sect Sect Master.

Including the previously captured Shi Yutong, the entire opposing alliance was completely wiped out, and the rebels were defeated.

Furthermore, the two Wu Zongs Tiancan and Dique were surrounded and killed, as they accompanied their master.

As for Blood Demon, he had foresight and executed a mysterious Blood Escaping Technique to successfully get away, which made him the only remaining rebel left.

Liu Yan became increasingly well-known, but as the biggest contributor, Fang Yuan remained low profile and remained unknown to many.