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Chapter 124: Reward

Chapter 124: Reward

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Back in the Secluded Mountain Prefecture City.

Half a month had gone by. As the war was over, civilians who had left their houses to escape the war were returning and this made the city a little more lively.

Back in one of the magnificent guest rooms in the city master's mansion, Fang Yuan sat down with both of his eyes closed and had drifted into his dream world.

Not long after, he opened his eyes and was reminiscing. "This pathway to become a dream master…...is indeed magical and mysterious!"

As he reached the stage of a dream master, he could fully control his own dream world. Even though it had been stabilised, if he were not to incur any damage mentally which could cause him to collapse mentally, he would definitely be able to dominate his own world!

Just then, he went back to the time when he was young and explored that world again. He even went to the dream in that time and relived his life again which was full of joyful experiences.

The feeling that he had gotten couldn't be described with words.

"That world…..is too real...."

Also, Fang Yuan had many more guesses with regards to this dream world.

"Or maybe…..this dream did really exist and I was there. Also, it didn't even know that that was my hometown and I had managed to catch up with the 'crossing'. The two souls from the real and dream worlds had started to combine together and caused the dream I had as a young child to appear now in my memories?"

He thought through this and took another glance at his stats window.

"Name: Fang Yuan

Essence: 10

Spirit: 10

Magic: 8.6

Profession: Dream Master (Dream accessing)

Cultivation: [Dream Master (1st Tier) (Fused Elemental Force)], Wu Zong

Technique: [Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique (Grade 13) (???)], Ecstasy Spell, Shadowstep,

Skill: [Medicine (Level 3)], [Botany (Level 4)]"

Once he entered the dream world, he would have the chance to cultivate himself. Fang Yuan was very satisfied that his magic had improved again.

"My current magic is probably higher than that of Liu Yan…..I'm also starting to attract a lot of attention..."

He had also realised that when he had exterminated Lu Renjia, the power that he had displayed was shocking.

When there was war, it was better for one's allies to be stronger. However, when the war was over, being more powerful than another would only cause jealousy.

As he had expected such things would likely to happen, he had purposely been on a low profile. He showed that he had no intention of gaining any power to prevent any people from being jealous of him.

Anyway, with his current skills, not many would dare to provoke him or take away his share. It was actually benefitting Fang Yuan when he kept a low profile as he would be regarded as someone powerful but had nothing against the rest of the world, like Taoist Mu Li.

Indeed, Liu Yan was satisfied with Fang Yuan and Fang Yuan had enjoyed his hospitality for quite a long period of time.

"Is Master Fang in there?"

As he was thinking, Taoist Mu Li's voice came from the outside. Fang Yuan then shook his head and was feeling irritated.

In the city master's mansion, the things used here were of top quality. There was Taoist Mu Li, who had found many reasons to visit Fang Yuan and even chatted with him about spiritual birds. He had shown great interest in the Iron-tailed Black Eagle and seemed that he was willing to give up anything in exchange for that eagle. This had caused Fang Yuan to be quite annoyed about it.

If not for his skills in feeding spiritual birds as well as his powerful Wood-type spiritual spells, which allowed Fang Yuan to learn quite a lot from him, Fang Yuan would have chased him away long ago.

"It's Taoist Leader Mu Li!"

Hence, Fang Yuan didn't want to do anything bad to him and instead, he welcomed him with a smile and said, "Are you going to discuss with me about spiritual birds today?"

"Not really! I have another issue to tell you today!!"

His face was quite serious. "There is news from the front line of the battlefield. Leader Xiang Zilong had led his troops to remove the remaining rebellion forces. There is finally peace in the Secluded Mountains Prefecture!"

"This is great news!"

Fang Yuan cheered but he was not really surprised by it.

The leaders and martial artists who had elemental force from the rebel forces were all killed already. The remaining rebellion forces were definitely low skilled and easy to be removed. Hence, Fang Yuan had expected a victory in the war.

"Not bad, Brother Liu is probably calling all of us to go over for the rewards!"

Taoist Mu Li laughed and said, "Since Master Fang, you had contributed the most, I bet the city master would agree to it even if you want a county as a reward….."

"Well…..this is unnecessary. I'm living alone freely and separated from the rest of the world. I also don't have many close friends who need to be taken care of..."

Fang Yuan shook his head and found another flaw from Taoist Mu Li.

He was too ignorant about the politics! Or maybe, he was too naive!

'This rebel was a lesson to all and how could Liu Yan allow his power to be seized by the local leaders? Also…...the Spirit Returning Sect, the Bone Melting Sect and the Yellow Brothers Sect were all exterminated. The evil that was in the 3 counties was swept away. The Five Ghosts Sect from Lieyang County had disbanded and the other 2 counties were already controlled by Liu Yan. If he didn't want to rely on territories that he had to build up his name and power, then what was he waiting for? Liu Yan was likely to abandon the sects and factions to change the legislature of the counties.'

'If I was to ask for my reward now, I could really get a county, but I will have to worry about being regarded as a trouble to Liu Yan in future! I would rather not ask for such reward and be free from any problems!'

Of course, he knew that there was going to be a huge debate on whether to centralise or decentralise the counties. Fang Yuan wouldn't want to be involved in the debate and hence chose to sit on the fence.

Too bad, he already had Qingye CIty and there was no way he could return it back.


"We have seen you before, city master!"

In the main hall, Fang Yuan and Taoist Mu Li greeted the city master.

Power was man's best medicine. Liu Yan had much power in his hands right now. He was feeling very comfortable and looked energetic.

"Haha! You two came here just in time!"

Liu Yan waved his hand and two soldiers came up. They then lay out a map of the Secluded Mountain Prefecture on the floor.

"I was able to kill Lu Renjia with both of your help. Brother Fang, you had contributed the most and I should share parts of the Secluded Mountain Prefecture with you two.

He said with much pride, "You two can circle the parts that you like and I will agree to it!"

Taoist Mu Li then swallowed. He was a little startled to see that he could get any parts of the Secluded Mountain Prefecture from the big map which was laying in front of him.

At least, he knew the limit of his capabilities. He was just a supporting role in this war and had no part in the attack. Plus, his contributions was not as much as Fang Yuan and hence he kept silent. He then looked at Fang Yuan.

"Hehe…..I have only contributed a little to this war and dare not to ask for any reward! After all, I'm living alone and have no intention of opening a sect or a faction of my own..."

Fang Yuan waved his hands and continued, "If you allow me, I hope to just have Lu Renjia's book of alchemy master, a few pieces of advice from you regarding spiritual knight and your help to get me a few seeds of a few spiritual objects as rewards and I would be very grateful!"

"The rewards you are asking are too less! Too less! How can these rewards be compared to the number of contributions you had made?"

Liu Yan shook his head.

However, Fang Yuan who had extraordinary magical energy was able to capture that slight happiness Liu Yan had in his heart. Fang Yuan disapproved of it in his heart but showed a very sincere look. "Please listen to me, city master. Because of Lu Renjia's actions, the whole of the Secluded Mountain Prefecture had undergone an irreversible change and the pieces of land here had been overly separated. The sects and the factions were having a hard time to take control of their own territories and hence we cannot separate these lands again!"

"Hmm…...what you said is true..."

Liu Yan was happy and continued, "I have intentions of removing the sects' control in these pieces of land. I will order my men to control these counties and these counties will now be under my jurisdiction. How you two think about this?"

Only now, Liu Yan then revealed his true intentions.

"Great decision!"

Fang Yuan was feeling a little annoyed but he still nodded his head in agreement.

"This decision…...seems not bad!"

Taoist Mu Li nodded his head and seemed a little depressed.

"Haha…..very well!"

Liu Yan laughed and was very cheerful. "Taoist Leader Mu Li, I will give you the piece of land that is within 100-miles radius of the Wood Elemental Temple as an asset and can be passed on to the future generation. You will not have to pay any taxes for that piece of land!"

"As for Brother Fang, I will give you what you have asked but I still think is too little!"

Liu Yan got up and walked a few steps. "You can recommend who to be the next governor of the Qinghe County. Also, there are also 10 acres of spiritual land from the Spirit Returning Sect and you can have those as well! How is it?"

"Thank you, city master for agreeing to my request!"

Fang Yuan immediately gave thanks.

"Haha…..I have a small gift for you as well. Brother Fang, you will understand what I mean once you are back in your room!"

Liu Yan laughed and said but he sounded as if he was joking.


Fang Yuan was a little confused. When he went back to his room, he then understood what Liu Yan had meant. He couldn't help but laugh as he saw Ling Yin lying down on a couch. He was speechless. "What is going on?"


A housekeeper who was beside him laughed heartily and replied, "The city master said that since she is your prisoner, you shall decide how to handle her!"

"Okay, I understand. You can leave now!"

Fang Yuan was speechless and waved his hand to signal the housekeeper to leave the room. He looked at Ling Yin who was pale but pretty and couldn't help but to laugh. "Now I have one more issue to settle!"

Logically speaking, since Fang Yuan had killed her master, it is normal for him to kill her as well.

It seemed that Liu Yan had wanted Fang Yuan to kill her instead of doing it himself.

'This Secluded Mountain Prefecture City Master…..one can go through hard times together with him but one cannot share the good stuff with him...'

Fang Yuan closed his eyes and recalled when he first met Liu Yan. He came to a conclusion in his heart.

"The desire of man is infinite. Previously, Liu Yan only was respectable and only had one mission, which was to remove the rebellion forces initiated by Lu Renjia. However, now when the war is over, he immediately wants to centralize the whole of Secluded Mountain Prefecture and have the whole place under his control. After he has gotten the full control of the Secluded Mountain Prefecture, will he be eyeing for the other two prefectures in the country and rule the whole of Xia Country?"

"He should just leave! Just leave! After he has gotten what he wanted, he should just leave!"

Recalling what he had just seen, Fang Yuan then made a decision.

He then went forward and checked on Ling Yin. He then realised she was just unconscious and not seriously injured. She just looked weak.

"Should I kill her?"

Fang Yuan stroked his chin and shook his head. "I'm not in a hurry to do that. Also....after Lu Renjia was killed, she would have a lot of secrets. Liu Yan may not be able to get her to spill these secrets out, but for me, I can use her as a target to practice the skill of dream accessing and dream building….."

As a dream master, he was an expert in getting intelligence from others. Even though Liu Yan might have thought that Ling Yin was of no use now, Fang Yuan was able to find some sort of use from her.