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Chapter 127: Relocating

Chapter 127: Relocating

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What lay under the thick bushes of vegetation and colourful flowers were in fact heaps of skeletons!

Considering that this patch of spiritual plants was just seeded not too long ago, the destruction it caused was unfathomable!

"Could it be due to this reason that caused Flower Fox Ferret to catch way fewer prey than before...that led to deaths of so many nestlings?"

Fang Yuan looked over the entire patch of vegetation and an idea popped up.

"Caw caw!"

At this instant, a small grey sparrow appeared in the sky and circled above the vegetation. It was obviously attracted to the strong scent of the nectar, but it was also wary and hence undecided on its next move.

"It's you then!"

A spark glistened in Fang Yuan's eyes as he picked up a small rock and flicked it at the sparrow.


As the rock shot through the eye, the sound of the rock breaking through the air resistance at blistering speed was deafening. There was flash of spark and the sparrow let out a painful shriek before falling to the ground.

With Fang Yuan's current powers, the rock he flicked was almost as powerful as an arrow released from a bow, killing the sparrow instantly.


As the sparrow dropped towards the ground, the sickle grass on the ground reacted instantly. A large and thick blade of grass with a metal gloss on it swiped through the swallow, slicing it into two as blood splattered on the ground.

"The speed and power of it..."

Fang Yuan widened his eyes in shock and thought, "I'm afraid this might even be as powerful as the swordsmen from the desert!"


A more shocking incident happened in front of Fang Yuan again.

The plants on the ground violently scrambled together. The jagged edges of the leaves and flowers were like razor-sharp teeth and half of the sparrow's carcass was swallowed into the mess of plants.

"Crunch crunch!"

By the side, countless rays of light bounced off the smooth and sharp blades of the grass. What was left of the sparrow's corpse turned into a pool of blood spread evenly over a nearby patch of sickle grass.

"Is it normal for Sickle Grass and Serrated Flowers to be this brutal?"

Fang Yuan widened his eyes as he thought, "They must have evolved! Furthermore..."

He spotted a few pieces of dried and decomposing flowers and leaves by the side of the patch of Sickle Grass. He thought in awe, "The newly grown spiritual plants even wiped out the common plants that were here before them and are using them as fertilisers now...."

This patch of spiritual plants had blood on their hands since their birth!

"But, I think that it is even better if these two types of spiritual plants are more aggressive and offensive. What I do not know is whether the old way of dealing with normal Sickle Grass and Serrated Flower will work on these evolved spiritual plants."

Fang Yuan thought and jumped off the tree branch.

"Chomp chomp!"

Just as both his feet met the ground, the ground exploded open and a piece of thick and thorny root spiralled towards him with amazing speed!

"Even the roots of the plants are also weapons, this is a new capability for these two spiritual plants."

Fang Yuan grabbed onto the root with his right hand and instantly felt the pain shoot through his palm. He winced slightly and thought, "If a common martial artist were to grab this like I did, his skin would be penetrated, and his blood would be sucked through the roots...the thorns on this root might even be poisoned..."

Of course, he was not any common martial artist.

As a Wu Zong who has completely mastered the Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique, his body was incredibly tough.

"Get out!"

Fang Yuan broke out in a loud laughter and tapped the ground lightly with his toes. He immediately flew backwards in a flash.


From the bed of flowers, there was a violent disturbance as Fang Yuan plucked out a Serrated Flower with its roots intact from the soil. It let out a beastly roar as Fang Yuan did so.

Furthermore, the loose strands of roots brought along a few shards of Sickle Grass as the plants flew towards Fang Yuan.

"Crunch crunch!"

Several black rays of light bounced off the razor-sharp blades of grass.

The blades of Sickle Grass spun rapidly in mid-air like cutter-wheels as they flew towards Fang Yuan.


Fang Yuan's palm changed into a colour like that of enhanced steel. He flicked out a few rocks rapidly. Each rock avoided the sharp ends of the grass blades and accurately hit them in the centre.

"Pah pah!"

Several blades of Sickle Grass were cut through the centre by the rocks flicked out by Fang Yuan. Green liquid flowed out of the cuts made by Fang Yuan's rocks.

"Goo jee!"

Sensing the immense threat, the Serrated Flower opened and closed its large mouth and squirted out a jet of nectar. The scent of the nectar was incredibly alluring and confounding.

Fang Yuan dodged the nectar and it landed on the ground. The nectar instantly caused several small holes to open up in the ground and thick white smoke billowed from them.

"What a surprising move!"

Slightly surprised, Fang Yuan grabbed onto the roots and brought the Serrated Flower out of the plot of vegetation onto a piece of green rock.

"Goo jee goo jee!"

It was only here, did the spiritual plant finally quietened and calmed down. However, the roots continued to struggle and crawl about, as though it was looking for soil.

"This is...so great!"

This sight made it difficult for Fang Yuan to even mask his delight.

In the past moment, movement and change was so rapid and sudden. There was no difference between this and a duel between two martial artists, especially with the lethal instincts of the two evolved spiritual plants.

"These two are only the spiritual plants at the outermost of the plot of land..."

As Fang Yuan gazed at the Serrated Flower which was the size of a basin, he immediately thought what it was like in the centre of the plot of the spiritual vegetation. The Serrated Flowers in the centre were definitely like grinding plates. Even if a wild bull were to charge in, it would also be dismembered and devoured!

"It would be sufficient to use them to protect the spiritual lands!"

He lit a lighter and walked to the front of the Sickle Grass.


In a flash, the black blade of grass slashed the lighter into two and cut the back of Fang Yuan's hand, leaving a clear white scar.

"It is not even afraid of its old nemesis...It appears it is more difficult to control it than before!"

Before these two spiritual plants evolved, they had a common nemesis, which is fire!

In fact, most plants were commonly afraid of fire.

But what the Sickle Grass just did in the face of fire gave Fang Yuan a little surprise, which turned into worry.

"The roots are mobile and can move on its own. But to move it and then use it in a new location might be troublesome!"

Fang Yuan watched the plant on the rock wriggle its way out of it back onto the soil and then make its way back to its original position in awe.

The spiritual plants at this moment exhibited traits of animals.

This alarmed Fang Yuan. If he allowed them to continue growing, they might evolve to become uncontrollable and incredibly destructive.

However, remembering the folk tales he heard, he remembered hearing about tree elves in the West and Flower Spirits in the East. It did not seem that surprising for plants to develop spiritual intelligence after all.

"Furthermore...It is a good thing they have independent thought!"

A spark glistened in Fang Yuan's eyes suddenly.

The most important part of a dream master's journey was to align oneself with nature as much as possible!

This was all because of the most basic ability to enter the dream world!

Every item had a soul! Every grass or tree, flower or rock, or even the highest mountains were similar in having a soul and independent thought!

What was different for them was it took a long time, maybe even centuries for them to formulate a thought. If a dream master were to enter the dream suddenly, he would definitely work himself to death!

But what happens after reaching the highest level?

If one were to access the dreams of the entire world, would the constructs and rules of the world be laid out for the dream master to see?

Even now, it had unique effects!

"My dream-accessing technique is still unable to have any effect on plants. However, the Sickle Grass and Serrated Flowers can already express rage, fear and and other emotions like wild animals... Furthermore, their minds are purer than that of wild animals, which is the best state for me to influence them..."

Fang Yuan rose and looked towards the plot of spiritual plants as thoughts raced through his mind.



After a period of time, Flower Fox Ferret which was on guard along the perimeter sprang into full alert and shot next to a big tree. Its eyes were filled with shock and panic.

In front of it, the plot of deadly vegetation was bustling with activity.

"Pooh pooh!"

Several roots broke through the ground and reached outwards like human limbs. Bringing many stalks of Sickle Grass with them, it began its great migration.

The whole plot of spiritual plants began shifting away. The sight was incredibly abnormal and freaky enough to freeze a person in fear.

The slope which the spiritual plants once occupied was not bare apart from Fang Yuan who sat cross legged on it. He was using magical energy to control the movements of the spiritual plants.

"My access into the dream world this time is more successful than expected!"

He was filled with delight as he thought, "Surprisingly, there was only one stalk of Serrated Flower which evolved. The other flowers grew from the pollen of the original stalk and are thus linked to it. I just have to control this particular flower and the rest would follow also. The sickle grass is just growing on the nutrients from the Serrated Flowers!"

The dream world of plants was incredibly pure and simple. With just a few interactions, Fang Yuan felt that the plants already formed a close relationship with him and was beginning to rely on him. He could influence their movement with just his mind.

"After all they are just plants...it seems that they have yet to develop a sense of identity!"

Fang Yuan looked at the bare hill and immediately demanded, ""Spring breeze rain, strike!"

"Whoo whoo!"

The clouds billowed and coalesced into a heavy rain cloud before falling on the hill heavily.

This was a wood-type spiritual spell which was excellent at growing and maintaining the soil for plants to thrive on. He learnt this from Daoist Mu Li.

However, spiritual spells were incredibly challenging, and Fang Yuan had yet to master them despite several attempts.

However, when Fang Yuan entered the dream world of the Serrated Flower, he felt that his understanding of the botany world deepened immensely, which allowed him to overcome the parts of using spiritual spells he once found difficult.

"This ability to aid the growth of the plants is simply..."

Even though the Beneficial Downpour Technique was elementary enough for a spiritual disciple to execute, Daoist Mu Li said that he took one year to master it, and yet Fang Yuan took only a moment!

This difference was unexplainable!

"To cultivate within a dream is to steal essence from heaven and earth, by benefitting from all three worlds... Unbelievable! Unbelievable!

Fang Yuan gasped in awe repeatedly. He was now clear why dream masters were at the highest end of the pyramid in the Da Qian Empire.

Even without fighting powers, dream masters were still able to consolidate extremely solid foundations with such powerful aid which was something very few others could accomplish.

"Let's go!"

Fang Yuan rose and brought Flower Fox Ferret out of the Green Peak Spiritual Land, but he was still within the shield of the Bewildering Fog.

"Sha sha!"

Several stalks of Serrated Flowers and Sickle Grass shifted, and according to his plan, they rooted themselves down at selected positions and formed a new layer of protection.

"It seems like if a Wu Zong tries to trespass, he would first be disconcerted by the Bewildering Fog and then attacked by spiritual plants. These are enough obstacles to hold him off. Normal martial artists who try to trespass will just become fertilisers for the spiritual plants..."

Fang Yuan nodded in satisfaction. His Green Peak Spiritual Land was further secured.