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Chapter 128: Disciple

Chapter 128: Disciple

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After grafting the Sickle Grass and Serrated Flower, Fang Yuan realised that these two spiritual plants had a special property, which was extreme growth!

He casually sowed the seeds at the beginning, only to return to a vast field of flowers and grass! These two spiritual plants were planted not long ago and were extremely hardy. If there was prey, they would consume it, but if there was no prey, they could stay in ambush and receive nutrients like normal plants, from the soil.

With enough blood and flesh, the Green Peak spiritual land's defence would be completely set-up.

"A normal martial artist would find it impossible to break through the two-layered defence of the Ecstasy Fog and the spiritual plants, and if a Wu Zong was not careful he might also get trapped... If there was good coordination, together with the ambush of these two spiritual beasts, they could severely injure a Wu Zong! This defence is sufficient for now!"

On the peak of the mountain, Fang Yuan brewed a pot of Questioning Heart Tea and enjoyed it with the Iron-tailed Black Eagle and the Flower Fox Ferret.

Since the demise of Lu Renjia, he returned to the Green Peak spiritual land and lived in seclusion.

Every day consisted of farming, planting and researching the ways of a dream master. Occasionally he would leave to settle minute stuff in the outside world, and time passed very quickly like this.

In the blink of an eye, months flew by.

"Good! This spiritual land is indeed extraordinary!"

In the farm which planted the Flame Jade Rice, Fang Yuan already began to harvest the rice grains, and his face was full of joy. "Together with the spiritual fertilizer, the period for it to mature has become even shorter..."

Based on the astonishing intake of nutrients by the Flame Jade Rice, the consequence of planting it at the secluded valley was that the land would become barren and the rest of the spiritual plants there would wither.

This consideration was thrown aside in the spiritual land.

"After this season's harvest, there would be enough for consumption. I have already begun to grow tired of the usual Vermilion Jade Rice, and it's good to change once in awhile..."

With expectations, Fang Yuan rode on the Iron-tailed Black Eagle and flew out of Green Peak spiritual land.

After all, he was no longer alone. When there were issues to settle in the outside world, his subordinates did not dare to make the bigger decisions without his approval.

Of course, there were not many of such decisions that needed his approval, but this time, it was rather important.

"Although the governor of Qinghe County might not be as influential and powerful as the previous Spirit Returning Sect Sect Master, he must also not be an ordinary person. There are many who want to wield this power..."

Since the Secluded Mountain Prefecture Master wanted to appoint Fang Yuan as the governor, Fang Yuan did not want it. However, he soon realised that none of his subordinates was up for the job unless he decided to step up.

"The truth is... Shi Yutong is a good choice if she becomes loyal and obedient... What a pity that I can't trust her anymore!"

That thought ran past his mind as he flew in the sky. The Iron-tailed Black Eagle begun to descend into Qingye City.


A few subordinates gathered in the city square, and even Huang Fu Renhe and Zhang Sheng rushed towards him as well.

"Please rise!"

Fang Yuan waved his hands, arrived at the main hall and sat down.

"Huang Fu Renhe, how's the spiritual land in the Spirit Returning Sect?"

As he asked, Huang Fu Renhe bowed and replied. "To reply Master, I have smoothly taken over the 10 acres of spiritual farm. All have been accounted for. I have received 587 stones of spiritual grains, and as for the spiritual flowers and spiritual grass..."


Fang Yuan twitched his eyebrows.

It was not that Huang Fu Renhe did a bad job, but that it was a very smooth transition.

Even with the backing of the Secluded Mountain Prefecture Master, Huang Fu Renhe could single-handedly under the scrutiny of many take over the entire farm, which surprised Fang Yuan.

'I initially wanted to use this chance to show my power and destroy those that would disobey... It seems that the families in the county are rather smart!'

Fang Yuan enquired. "Did you encounter any difficulties in the process?"

"There are bound to be difficulties, but with the support of the Chen Family in the county, everything was rather smooth and I fulfilled Master's instructions!"

Huang Fu Renhe replied respectfully.

The young man who recruited him was now a whole lot different from him, which resulted in the change of attitude from Huang Fu Renhe.

"Chen Family?"

Fang Yuan did not bother about these families, but the name was rather familiar.

Based on how he lived in seclusion and was still able to hear this name before, the Chen Family should be rather influential in the county.

"To reply master, the Chen Family is from Qinghe County. Their family master is Chen Qing, a renowned 8th Gate martial artist in the county. There are also rumours that he is just one step away from the 4 Heavenly Gates!"

Zhou Wenwu took a step forward and further explained. "When the news of the destruction of Spirit Returning Sect spread, this family was the first to switch sides and killed whoever in the family who were disciples of the Spirit Returning Sect. I've heard that three old people died and two other direct descendants too... After handing over a bloody list of names, they passed the checks from the Secluded Mountain Prefecture and were cleared. They are now the number one influential family in Qinghe County..."

"This Chen Qing is indeed cruel!"

Fang Yuan smiled.

Since they laid their foundations in Qinghe County, how could they not have relations with the Spirit Returning Sect? The cleansing of the family is not as simple as just killing a few people, but the innate mindset of the family members already.

Of course, the Chen Family's future is of no business with Fang Yuan.

"By doing this, the Chen Family must have a favour to ask for right?"

Fang Yuan looked at Huang Fu Renhe and smiled.

"Master, you are indeed spot on! Chen Qing has a son called Chen Ziying, who wants to be your disciple. His son is no older than 20 years but is already an expert in inner force. He has extreme potential that I cannot match up against!"

Huang Fu Renhe was convinced by Chen Ziying and therefore tried to put in a good word for him.

"20 years old and already a 6th Gate martial artist, mm! Rather impressive!"

Fang Yuan nodded his head.

Even Lin Leiyue needed the help of a spiritual pill before breaking through the Pain Gate. The Chen Family surely did not have as many resources as the Spirit Returning Sect, which meant that Chen Ziying was indeed gifted!

Of course, Fang Yuan did not compare him to himself. If he really did so, all the talents in the entire country would be ashamed when they know of Fang Yuan.

"What a pity... I have no intention of having a disciple!"

Fang Yuan shook his head and sighed. "However... If the Chen Family just wants a status for him, I can give him the status of being my disciple. As for what I want to pass down to him, it is entirely up to me. Bring this message to the Chen Family for them to consider!"

Fang Yuan guessed that the Chen Family only wanted to scare others with his name, and therefore a disciple in-name would satisfy them.

As for a real disciple?

Chen Ziying was not qualified enough; even Lanruo was lacking a bit.

"Master is cultivating both martial arts and spiritual techniques at the same time and has already harnessed elemental force, so I guess the Chen Family would surely be willing to accept Master's offer!"

Huang Fu Renhe could guess the intentions of the Chen Family and therefore replied instinctively.

"Mm, then so be it!"

Fang Yuan waved his hands and dismissed Hung Fu Renhe, and Yu Xinlou stood out. "Master... The White Cloud Business Council has been rebuilt, and the shops in the entire Qinghe County have been reclaimed. The Council is now on a larger scale than before, and is under your command!"

Yu Xinlou knew that his Business Council rode on Fang Yuan's influence in order to smoothly progress in the county, and therefore without hesitation showed loyalty to Fang Yuan.

"It's a good thing that trading is smooth in the county!"

Fang Yuan passed down a few instructions. He did not bother himself too much with these external power. However, it would still be a good thing if they could be developed, as he no longer had to travel vast distances to get what he wanted.


"Huang Fu Renhe, bring Lanruo and come around to the study!"

After settling the minute stuff, Fang Yuan instructed Huang Fu Renhe to follow him.

"Yes, Master!"

Although he didn't know the purpose of bringing Lanruo along, Huang Fu Renhe obliged politely and brought his sister to the City Master's study.

This study was huge, and the racks were filled with ancient books. There was a celadon vase on a wooden shelf and in it a plum blossom flower.

"Greetings, Master!"

Huang Fu Renhe greeted first and tugged Lanruo to do the same.

The little girl was a little afraid, bowed and her voice was filled with fear. "Greetings, Master..." Her voice was as soft as an ant.

"Haha! No need for formalities!"

Fang Yuan felt rather kind and amiable, as he examined Lanruo.

This girl once accompanied Huang Fu Renhe to scavenge for food and sleep on the streets, and therefore suffered quite a bit. After being taken care of for quite a while now, her figure became plump and there were baby fats on her cheeks, like a porcelain doll, extremely lovable. Fang Yuan could not hold back and pinched her cheeks.

'Not good!'

Huang Fu Renhe witnessed this and was torn in between.

'Could it be that Master likes Lanruo? She is still too young!'

'However, there are men who have these kinds of fetish... What should I do if Master is as such?'

Furthermore, thinking about how Fang Yuan was still a youth who was single, it sort of confirmed his possibility, and Huang Fu Renhe broke into cold sweat.

"Huang Hu Renhe... Do you know why the Wild Wolves Faction wanted to capture Lanruo previously?"

Of course, Fang Yuan didn't know what was going through Huang Fu Renhe's mind, but he could feel his uneasiness, and therefore softened his tone.

"I don't know..."

There was still the same conflict in his mind, and under confusion, he replied.

"Because Lanruo was born naturally with an above average magical energy! She is a good candidate for a spiritual knight!"

Fang Yuan smiled. "With her potential, she would be much stronger than you!"


Huang Fu Renhe was shocked. Looking at Lanruo's eyes, he could not believe it. "Master, you are saying that... Lanruo can become a spiritual disciple?"

"If she works hard enough, she could even become a spiritual knight!"

Fang Yuan smiled and nodded his head as he looked at her. "Lanruo, are you willing to become my disciple and learn the art of alchemy?"

"Quickly agree! Kneel down and greet your master!"

Huang Fu Renhe immediately instructed Lanruo to do so. Only a fool would give this opportunity a miss.


The little lady was clueless but followed suit, as she kneeled down and greeted Fang Yuan.

"Mm, very well. In my hands, I have the entire collection of alchemy art from Lu Renjia. If you work hard, it would be possible for you to become an alchemy master in the future!"

Fang Yuan glanced at Huang Fu Renhe. "Renhe, you can learn as well!"

"Thank you, Sir!"

Huang Fu Renhe showed extreme gratitude an even changed the way he addressed Fang Yuan. It was as though he had sold his life to Fang Yuan, and pulled their relationship and loyalty another step closer.