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Chapter 129: Matured

Chapter 129: Matured

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"Xiu! Xiu!"

The waving of the sword reflected flashes of light in the garden.

A teenager was holding onto a sword that was 3 feet long and he had a slender figure. He was practising his sword skills.

Even though he was young, his moves were fast and his tactics used seemed to be complicated. It seemed that he was well taught by someone else.

Whenever he drew his sword, there was a energy formed from the sword and he was also an expert in inner force!

All of a sudden, one could only see a flash of silver light in the flower garden and one would not be able to recognise that it was a person.

"Let there be breeze!"

He made another move with his sword diagonally and there was smoke produced. 9 petals then started to sway and split along the veins.

"Good sword skills!"

Fang Yuan came out of the corridor with Lanruo and praised the teenager.

"My family's martial arts is a joke to the experts!"

The teenager kept the sword and took a bow. "I'm Chen Ziying, Master!"

"Hmm, get up!"

Fang Yuan was smiling at the talented disciple who had come to Fang Yuan out of his will. "What kind of martial arts did you learn previously?"

"My family's Long Spring Technique and a few sword skills!"

Chen Ziying replied with much respect.

"With your age, it is indeed rare to find one who could train to such a level..."

Even though Chen Ziying was talented, he was not arrogant like any other normal talented ones and Fang Yuan like such character.

In fact, Chen Ziying would probably have nothing to show off even if he had wanted to as Fang Yuan was young as him but was already a Wu Zong.

"Thank you for your praise, Master!"

Chen Ziying took another bow.


Fang Yuan touched his chin and said, "Since now you are my disciple, I shall teach a few moves. However, your magical energy is not that great yet. If you manage to breakthrough for Wu Zong in future, there is a chance for you to become a spiritual knight. For now, I can only teach you a few martial arts moves!"

"I'm honoured to be your disciple and to be able to learn from you!"

Chen Ziying replied with much respect and he recalled what his father had said to him.

'Even though the Chen family's strong will is displayed, but in the end, the family is too deeply involved and is not able to gain anyone's trust in the Secluded Mountain Prefecture. Also, there are a few jealous ones who are trying to sabotage us. There is a saying that it is harder to make step forward than retreating. Hence, we will have to find a stronger ally who we can depend on and Master Fang is the most suitable person in the whole of Secluded Mountain Prefecture!'

'At least I'm now accepted as a disciple. Even if I'm accepted as a slave instead, so be it! The main priority is to be liked by Master Fang!'


As he thought about that, he was listening to what Fang Yuan said attentively.

"What I have learnt is not complicated. I will pass on the Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique to you!"

Fang Yuan touched his chin.

With him pushing the peak limit in the dream world and a few adjustments he had made to his experiments for the Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique, this technique was not like before. It was near to perfection and was way better. It also consisted of 13 grades and enabled one to break through the bottleneck of Wu Zong!

This newly edited technique was a secret martial arts technique and it was of the same level as the Spirit Returning Heart Manual.

'What a coincidence….there is so little knowledge about Wu Zong right here in the Xia Country but with the help of my dream world, I can practice and push the limit of Wu Zong. I will then be able to see for myself the state after Wu Zong…..'

Fang Yuan looked at Chen Ziying with a strange look. 'By teaching him the Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique, not only it will help me to refresh my martial arts, I will be able to find out what is it like beyond Wu Zong…..A spiritual knight can fully master the elemental force. My martial arts should be of similar level to that in future…...I shall not visit the Da Qian Empire for now as it is better for me to fumble on my own first.'

"Thank you, Master!"

Chen Ziying didn't know what Fang Yuan was thinking and when he heard that the skill which was going to pass on to him was a good technique, he took a bow with satisfaction.

Fang Yuan silently approved Chen Ziying as he was not overboard and not easily moved by honour.

"I have decided to recommend Niu Dingtian as the new county leader!"

Out of the blue, Fang Yuan suddenly mentioned this.

Not anyone could take up the position as the governor of the Qinghe County. If it was an outsider who took up the position, the outsider would still want the soldiers from the Secluded Mountain Prefecture to listen to his or her orders?

Also, even though Liu Yan had allowed him to choose who to be the next governor, Fang Yuan would have to take into consideration of the Secluded Mountain Prefecture's presence there. Hence, Fang Yuan had chosen Niu Dingtian whom the Secluded Mountain Prefecture was familiar with.

"Leader Niu is good is martial arts and is quite immersed in improving his martial arts. Hence, he will probably not have enough time to handle the county's matters. I am recommending Chen Qing from the Chen family to be his personal assistant!"

After Fang Yuan said that sentence, the teenager's eyes were already filled with tears.

"I will do anything in future to repay your kindness!"

Chen Ziying kowtowed and knew that this recommendation would be approved by the city master as it was recommended by Fang Yuan.

As such, the Chen family would have a position here in the county and hence achieving their goal.

'Even…..according to what Master had mentioned, Leader Niu is a rough martial artist. Isn't the Chen family is going to be known for handling the county's matter's as an assistant?'

As he thought about this, Chen Ziying was feeling passionate as he didn't expect his new master to treat him in such a nice way. He was having the intentions of repaying this kindness till his death.

"Haha…...you are my disciple. If I don't consider for you, who else can I consider for?"

Fang Yuan was smiling widely. It was like a benevolent teacher showing kindness to his filial disciple. However, deep down in his heart, he was thinking, 'You said you would do anything to repay my kindness!'

No matter what, even though it was not entirely a bad thing to be so calculative towards his own disciple, it was not really a good thing still and hence he would have to make some sacrifice first.

As for Lanruo, Fang Yuan had the same concern for her.

Alchemy not only required an inheritance, it needed one's talent and lots of effort had to be put in.

Fang Yuan was already focusing on the pathway of Dream Master and how would he have the time to help Lanruo for Alchemy?

However, Lanruo was talented and she had her brother, Huang Fu Renhe by her side to help her. Hence, the both of them could focus on Alchemy without Fang Yuan's help.

If one of them could be an alchemy master in future, it would bring many benefits.

'Unknowingly, my power has risen to such a level…..'

As Fang Yuan thought of this, he was also shocked. 'I'm currently controlling a city but my power is still considered small in the Qinghe County. In future, when Lanruo and Chen Ziying have grown up and are able to make a breakthrough in the elemental force, won't I be qualified to rule the whole of Secluded Mountain Prefecture?'


Anyway, it was a good thing for both Chen Ziying and Lanruo to have found Fang Yuan as their master and both of them can depend on him.

The news of Fang Yuan accepting two disciples soon spread. Zhou Wenwu and a few of the others came and congratulated him. There were other big households from the city who came to congratulate him as well and even gave him gifts to show their loyalty.

Previously, when the method which Zhou Wenwu used to pressure the Lin family had scared the rest a little. Since there was a chance now, they would make great efforts for Fang Yuan.

However, Huang Fu Renhe soon realised that Fang Yuan had no talent in being a teacher.

Whether he was teaching Lanruo or Chen Ziying, Fang Yuan taught them only the basics and it was up to the two of them to comprehend the rest. Sometimes, Fang Yuan just gave them manuals for them to study on their own.

Not many people could endure such 'self-learning' technique for a long period of time.

Luckily, both Chen Ziying and Lanruo were talented and both of them often had many discussions about their research with Huang Fu Renhe. Through this brainstorming, they were barely able to keep up with the pace that had been set by Fang Yuan.

What about Qinghe County?

After Niu Dingtian was appointed as the county leader, he was indeed annoyed with the county matters and made all his assistants to handle the matters. Chen Qing was hence promoted and had some power. The Chen family became rich and even wrote many letters to Chen Ziying, asking him to be a filial disciple towards Fang Yuan, in order to maintain his family's prosperity.

Even though Chen Ziying had the intention to be well liked by Fang Yuan, Fang Yuan only taught a few days of lessons and was nowhere to be seen for the rest of the days. Fang Yuan was also not back in the secluded valley often and this made Chen Ziying disappointed in Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan was not showing much concern to the Chen family already.

In fact, ever since he found out that the seed of the Flame Jade Rice had matured, Fang Yuan had shifted his focus onto the spiritual farm.

Also, the Green Peak had an abundance of spiritual energy and it was good for one's cultivation. Fang Yuan couldn't bear to leave that place even when he was having a break.

"Haha...Flame Jade Rice has finally matured!"

In the farm, there were many flame-like spiritual plants grown. Hanging above were a few gigantic buds that were carrying the pill-like Flame Jade Rice.

"Chirp! Chirp!"

A few sparrows were still circling around in the sky even though some of them had been caught by the Iron-tailed Black Eagle.

"I didn't expect a matured farm to be able to attract so nearby animals and birds!"

Fang Yuan grabbed a rock and threw it into the sky.


A few broken pieces of rock was shot into the sky like a flame and among the cries, big amount of feathers then came falling down.

"I'm afraid I will have to plant the seeds of the Sickle Grass and the Serrated Flower so that they can guard this farm in future."

Fang Yuan then leapt forward to the side of the spiritual farm. He stepped with his right foot and his foot was like an iron plough. The layer of soil was flipped open.


A groundhog let out a cry. Its eyes were glittering under the sun and there was spiritual energy around it.

"Do you really want to continue digging?"

Fang Yuan kicked it away with his leg.


There was a flash of white light appearing in mid-air and the light revealed Flower Fox Ferret which had landed on the ground. Its mouth was holding onto the groundhog and it started to feed on the groundhog.

Even though the Flower Fox Ferret's appetite had changed, it still couldn't resist the meat from another spiritual beast. It pinched its nose and ate the piece of meat raw.

"It is still too obvious to plant one acre of spiritual rice!"

After he had removed the pests, Fang Yuan had decided to increase his defences of the farm in future, or else he would incur a big loss. He then started to harvest the crops with the Flower Fox Ferret.

"If I have so much spiritual rice for me to eat every day, I don't mind living in the mountains here for the rest of my life."

Looking at the storage that was fully filled with food supplies and the two spiritual beasts which both gave a hopeful look, Fang Yuan then clapped his hands and said, "Very good, we shall eat to our hearts' content!"