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Chapter 131: Pathway

Chapter 131: Pathway

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"Name: Fang Yuan

Essence: 11

Spirit: 10.5

Magic: 9

Profession: Dream Master

Cultivation: [Dream-Building Master (High Elemental Gathering Stage)], Wu Zong

Technique: [Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique (Grade 13) (???)], Ecstasy Spell, Shadowstep

Skill: [Medicine (Level 3)], [Botany (Level 4)]"

"Dream-building Master - Not only you have access to any dream worlds, you are also an illusionary editor. You are the real dominator even when you are in other people's dream world!"


"As I reached the stage of a dream-building master, I have also reached the high elemental gathering stage..."

As he looked at his stats window, Fang Yuan touched his chin.

He realised that the stats listed were based on his knowledge and comprehension.

For example, after Fang Yuan knew the difference between Elemental Gathering Realm and Elemental Breaking Realm, the stats for his cultivation had a big change.

"I'm afraid a normal spiritual knight needs at least 10 years in order for them to reach the high elemental gathering stage? I only spend a few months to get it….."

Fang Yuan realised that he was more suitable to become a dream master and his speed of breakthrough was also faster.

Plus, he only spent a few months to be on par with those who had spent at least 10 to 100 years of training.

Inside his mind palace, the dream elemental force was flowing in his mind like water and was very pure. If he were to improve a little more, he would probably be like Liu Yan and able to reach the threshold of the elemental breaking realm.

"Of course…...when becoming a dream master, one will not be at the elemental breaking realm straight away. There needs to be holy training as this involves turning illusion into reality!"

"However, if one wants to turn a dream world into reality, does one know that the rules of comprehension and the energy needed are scary? Hence, when training to become a dream master, one could choose different pathways to do it. To simply put it, one would not start with forming the whole dream world. One could start with a normal knife, a spiritual pill or a spiritual spell in the dream world. One could even start with just a normal rock…..If one could achieve this, one would be holy!"

"Even though the process of making such world involved one to start from small objects to big ones, the time needed was very long…..Some dream masters even got stuck at this stage for their whole life..."

A world, and even the smallest world in the universe did contain many scary rules?

Even though one would spend their whole life trying to make such a world, not many of them could become the actual dream masters who could produce such worlds. Many of them remained stuck at the holy illusionary stage.

"Also…...within that stage, there are different pathways for dream masters to go and hence there will be different specialisations!"

Fang Yuan recalled the content that he had inherited from Master Wenxin and his eyes started to glitter. "For example, the simplest would be the study of dream worlds. Complementing with the techniques for dream-building, it would help a dream spell master produce spiritual spells. Also, having a soldier's fundamentals would help a dream soldier master, or maybe one could play a support role as a dream alchemy master, or a dream array master who would research on the heavens and earth. The most tedious one would be the spiritual beast master who can create live animals. The most mysterious one would the dream divine master, who would be able to predict one's future and luck..."

Basically, the pathway of becoming a dream master covered all kinds of spiritual knights.

A dream master could achieve what a spiritual knight could achieve and even if there is something a spiritual knight couldn't achieve, it would not be hard for the dream master to achieve it, if not why would they be called the dominators of their full-time career?

"The difference between a dream master and both a spiritual alchemy master and spiritual array master will be that for dream masters, the raw materials that they get are produced by themselves from the dream world and hence the cost of it is very little. Their skills can be trained in the dream world and this is one of the advantages. Of course, the main point is that a dream master is able to comprehend the rules of heaven and earth during battles and training for alchemy and arrays! They are constantly improving the dream worlds that they are displaying!"

"All dream masters only wish for one thing, which is to display a dream world that is holy and big!"

Fang Yuan's eyes glittered and sighed while he shook his head. "Unfortunately…...I'm still quite a distance away from that stage!"

A dream spells master who was at his basic level could produce a spiritual spell from the dream world and this was no different from a spiritual knight! What did this show? It meant that with one's imagination, one would be undefeatable with the confusion of illusion and reality.

Anyway, if one would want to reach this stage, one would have to make a breakthrough in the holy illusionary stage first and that would also be the elemental breaking realm for a spiritual knight!

Plus, it was more difficult for a dream master to make that breakthrough as compared to the spiritual knight.

If one wanted to display something from the dream world into the real world, even if it was just a small rock or a sand particle, it represented a supernatural power! Mind could affect matter and consciousness could affect reality!

"However, since this is more difficult, the benefits of breaking through the holy illusionary stage are greater. One would be at the top even if one was in Da Qian Empire….."

Fang Yuan sighed and waved his hand in the sky.

"Chirp! Chirp!"

The Red-eyed White king Bird landed and started to rub Fang Yuan's palm.

Ever since he had managed to tame this bird through dream-building, the bird had become closer to Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan even made the bird forgot about the revenge it previously had.

It was the expertise for a dream master to tamper with one's memories and create illusions.

"Have some more!"

Fang Yuan took out a big amount of Flame Jade Rice and Questioning Heart Tea for the bird to feed on.

The Flower Fox Ferret and the Iron-tailed Black Eagle were feeling a little jealous with regards to the treatment the Red-eyed White King Bird had gotten.

"Chirp! Chirp!"

Even though the Red-eyed White King Bird previously did not feed on spiritual rice and spiritual tea daily, it was still joyful and it quickly ate the spiritual food. Sometimes, it also used its beak to rubbed against Fang Yuan and this made both of them even closer.

'This Red-eyed White King Bird is special and its abilities is much higher than that of the Iron-tailed Black Eagle even without any prior spiritual food supplements. If now it is constantly being supplemented, there is a possibility that it can reach a higher level!'

This was the reason why Fang Yuan was treating the bird so well.

After all, to a spiritual knight who was in the elemental gathering realm, the Iron-tailed Black Eagle was only used as a mean of transport. The eagle would not be useful in battles but what about another bird which had the elemental force?

Fang Yuan had more hope for the Red-eyed White King Bird which had the possibility of breaking through.


"Chirp! Chirp!"

That scene triggered both the Flower Fox Ferret and the Iron-tailed Black Eagle. Both of them came to Fang Yuan to show their abilities by bringing a few preys they had hunted.

"Haha….you two!"

Fang Yuan laughed and said, "Since the bird has fully recovered, the bird will take over the role of taking care of the rest of the Red-eyed White Birds. You two will not have to hunt for prey daily to feed the young birds….."

Even though through Fang Yuan's previous attacks, the Red-eyed White Birds population had incurred quite a big loss. However, the Red-eyed White King Bird was still here. Along with the young birds and the eggs, plus Fang Yuan's spiritual objects for them, the bird population would develop quickly.

"As for you two…..you two shall follow me to the Prefecture Master's mansion!"

With regards to the fight between the spiritual beasts, Fang Yuan was quite surprised by it and of course, he would not forget this two even though he now had a new pet, which was the bird.

"Chirp! Chirp!"

The Iron-tailed Black Eagle lay facing down. It spread its wings to signal Fang Yuan to get up quickly. It then gave a stare to the Red-eyed White King Bird.

'What is this…..Big black. Where has your pride of being an eagle gone to?'

Fang Yuan was speechless and as he saw the unwilling look from the Red-eyed White King Bird, he couldn't help but laugh.



In the Prefecture Master's mansion, everything was going smoothly. The only ones that still needed coaching would be Lanruo and Chen Ziying.

"Hmm, Ziying, your Eagle Claw is not bad now!"

Fang Yuan was surprised that in just a short period of time, Chen Ziying had managed to break through the 4th Gate and could concentrate his inner power from the Eagle Claw.

Even though Chen Ziying already had prior experience in martial arts and didn't have to pass through the initial stage, Fang Yuan didn't expect him to have practised the Eagle Claw Technique to such a level.

"I'm able to achieve this is because of your guidance and help of the spiritual rice!"

Chen Ziying bowed with much sincerity.

After all, even though he was the son of the Chen family, he didn't have Vermillion Jade Rice for all meals daily.

In fact, it was because Fang Yuan had found a type of rice that was better than the Vermillion Jade Rice and hence he was willing to give out the Vermillion Jade Rice to his men and disciples.

If Chen Ziying knew that what he had enjoyed was what Fang Yuan had abandoned, he would be shocked.


Since they had known each other for quite some time already, Lanruo was not shy when in front of Fang Yuan anymore. "I don't really understand some of the spell language and the techniques in the alchemy. For example, the Three Yang Fire and the Three Yin Fire, and also the Settling Jade Liquid and Rising Sun….."

"For these….you will have to wait. I have some matters to settle today. I will answer all your questions tomorrow!"

Fang Yuan was feeling a little ashamed but he didn't show it on his face. He waved his hand the two disciples to leave first and then he went to the prison.

In the prison, there was a cell that was rather clean and he saw Ling Yin in it.

"How are you, Miss Ling Yin?"

Fang Yuan greeted her and smiled at her.

Ling Yin was sitting down with her knees crossed and she opened her eyes slightly to take a glance at Fang Yuan. She then replied sorrowfully, "You can forget about getting any intelligence from me!"

"Miss Ling Yin, why are you rejecting me straight away?"

Fang Yuan unlocked the cell with a key and held onto her chin.

Ling Yin's whole body was trembling but she was not resisting, as she knew that it would be of no use since Fang Yuan was powerful than her.

"Since you are not willing to die, it means that you still have matters to settle. No matter what it is, whether is it with regards to revenge or repaying someone's kindness, as long as you are not willing to die, we will have room for discussion, isn't it?"

Fang Yuan seemed to be very confident.

"My master is already dead and you still want to know the secrets of alchemy? Dream on!"

Ling Yin's expression changed.

A real alchemy master couldn't be cultivated just by looking at manuals. One would need a senior's guidance as well to become an alchemy master. That was why Liu Yan was willing to give Lu Renjia's alchemy books to Fang Yuan.

Liu Yan didn't believe that Fang Yuan could cultivate an alchemy master on his own.