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Chapter 135: Fallout

Chapter 135: Fallout

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"Do it?

Fang Yuan was taken aback.

In Liu Yan's words, to 'do it' should mean to enter the Elemental Breaking Realm.

Since he was even willing to let our his appointment as Prefecture Master, it showed that he did not care too much about power anymore.

Based on Fang Yuan's magical energy, he could easily tell that Liu Yan was speaking the truth.

"Since that is so... Why not stay low, because with Prefecture Master's ability..."

Fang Yuan stopped halfway and looked at Liu Yan, aghast.

"You can tell!"

Liu Yan shook his head in despair. "I am over 300 years old, and I am lucky to have extended my lifespan with the help of a Fire Dragon Fruit. However, through the previous few fights, I have depleted my Essence, Spirit and Magic, and have not much longer to live..."

"Based on my condition, my body is starting to die of old age. It would be impossible for me to break through before I die, and I can only follow the crooked ways to break through... The good thing is that in the collection that Lu Renjia left behind, there is such a secret way. It describes how I can use large quantities of similar-type spiritual things to increase my chances of breaking through..."

Liu Yan had greed written all over his face.

If he could break through to the Elemental Breaking Realm, he could lengthen his lifespan, and therefore was willing to take this gamble.

"Prefecture Master, why do you share such confidential information with me!"

Fang Yuan sighed.

Liu Yan did not have long to live!

If this news spreads, imagine how much chaos would it create!

Furthermore, Liu Yan's sharing was honest and desperate.

"Sadly... I am not interested in this appointment as Prefecture Master, Master should look for someone else!"

Fang Yuan shook his head.

He was not interested in such a large scale rebellion and such a gamble for life and death.

It didn't matter to him if Liu Yan as dying or not; he was at his prime time! It was not logical to get himself in all this mess for a slim chance of rewards.


Liu Yan's fiery eyebrows twitched.

He thought that he understood Fang Yuan well enough, and even helped him a lot previously. Who would've thought that Fang Yuan would reject to help him, and this gave him a feeling that Fang Yuan had no sense of gratitude.

"Hong! Hong!"

As the spiritual knight raged, the surrounding air burst into flames, as though many flames were burning at once.

Streaks of colours appeared in mid-air and combined to form a few fire snakes, as though there were about to combine to become a dragon.

'Eh? Fight just because of differences in opinion? Could it be that fire-type spiritual knights are all fiery-tempered?'

With all these suspicions, Fang Yuan found it even weirder as he looked at Liu Yan.

Liu Yan seemed to have lost his mind after so much cultivation. After all, Fang Yuan cultivated both martial arts and spiritual techniques, and he would need to spend a large amount of effort to take him down. If he made everyone know that there was internal conflict within the Secluded Mountain Prefecture, would that do him any good?

Might the people of Summer Sun Prefecture celebrate as well?

However, Fang Yuan was not willing to sit there and wait for his death.

Before the fire around Liu Yan emerged, a thin layer of fog already appeared around Fang Yuan. It was thick and had occasional waves like clouds, and covered the entire room.

"Hmm... A firefly's glow and you dare to challenge the moon's glare? Die!"

Liu Yan waved his hand and 9 streaks of crimson light shot out as though it was released from a bow, and pierced a large hole into Fang Yuan's chest.


'Fang Yuan' was expressionless. There were ripples all over his body, and slowly it became a fog which dissipated.


Fang Yuan had split into many images of himself, rushed out of the room door and to the courtyard outside.

"Chirp! Chirp!"

In the air, the Iron-tailed Black Eagle circled around and chirped, as though it was prepared to land.

"How dare you!"

Liu Yan was fuming. He took a few steps out and waved. A green fire dragon was formed and flew around the sky, opening its jaws and lashing out its claws.

"Elemental energy of the Nine Heavens, hear my command..."

As he recited, the elemental energy around was disturbed; he was really fuming mad.

'Liu Yan...is asking for death!'

Fang Yuan squinted.


Before the fight could begin, a black shadow flew into the middle of the courtyard and landed; It was the Wind Chasing Falcon, separating Liu Yan and Fang Yuan. Taoist Mu Li leapt down from the bird. "Both of you are talents of the Secluded Mountain Prefecture, so why spoil your relationship over a small matter? Sect Master Fang is young and direct, so just apologise and let's all forget about this..."

He had the attitude of a mediator, and accompanying the gentle breeze and drizzle, Liu Yan calmed down and the fire dragon dissipated.

"Taoist Mu Li is right, I offended Master. Please accept my apology and forgive me!"

Seeing this scene, Fang Yuan was still suspicious, but he knew that he should take a step back, and therefore immediately bowed and apologised.

"Hm... Forget it!"

Liu Yan brushed him aside, and Taoist Mu Li flicked a whistle into the air. As it flew up, it made a high-pitched whistle.

"Dismiss the guards!"

The activated soldiers turned around and like how water would seep through sand, they disappeared in a moment.

"I have other important things, I shall take my leave first!"

Fang Yuan cupped his fists in politeness, leapt on the Iron-tailed Black Eagle and flew off.

"Who would've known that this boy had such potential to cultivate to such a realm... Some hard-working spiritual knights don't even get to achieve what he has now. I'm afraid that I was too reckless in handling today's situation..."

Only when the black shadow disappeared did Liu Yan sighed.

Only when he fought with him he realised Fang Yuan's cultivation was already at such a level!

"He is more than qualified to become a Prefecture Master."

Taoist Mu Li looked serious as well. "He is such a talent!"

He saw Fang Yuan's abilities and knew that the Prefecture Master would not be able to stop the fight in the heat of the battle, which was why he stood out to mediate.

Otherwise, if both of them really fought, Liu Yan might not be able to take Fang Yuan down, and instead, there would be a commotion with dire consequences.

It would be even more disadvantageous for his invasion plan.

"Pass the order down!"

Liu Yan frowned. "If anyone spreads whatever happened today, I will kill their entire family!"

"Yes Master!"

Taoist Mu Li took his leave, but he appeared secretive...


Second day in the Prefecture City.

People from all over arrived here to form a large market, business was very good.

Fang Yuan changed into a brown robe and entered the market.

Even though they only fought a hand, Liu Yan should know his abilities. Together with the Iron-tailed Black Eagle, as long as he was not trapped, he should be able to escape!

Since it was such, there was no meaning to find trouble for him; that would only make him more enemies.

'It's good to be at odds, I'll have one more reason to reject him...'

'Seeing Liu Yan's energy yesterday, although it still had a strong spiritual pressure, he felt a hint of evil energy coming from his forehead. It seemed that the secret way from Lu Renjia's collection is not any good, and it might have dire consequences...'

Fang Yuan was casually strolling through the stalls and stopped by a few to take a look.

At his current cultivation realm, he would not lay his eye on any normal things. The few exceptions also did not pique his interest, and he felt regretful for not being able to find anything good.

'Although... It would not make sense for all the good stuff to come to me, that's like a story in a novel!'

Fang Yuan laughed and looked at the sun.

It was noon, and the warm sunlight landed on him, giving him a different feeling.

As he was looking for a restaurant to fill his appetite, a plain-looking horse stopped in front of him.

"Grandmaster Fang, we meet again!"

As the curtains flipped, it revealed an excited Xie Lingyun. "Please enter the carriage, and we can discuss things!"


Fang Yuan shook his head. Although he knew that whatever happened in the Secluded Mountain Prefecture could not be hidden from Liu Yan, and furthermore he fought with Liu Yan yesterday, he still decisively went up the carriage.

"To the best restaurant!"

He ordered her the moment he entered, as though Xie Lingyun was the carriage master.

"Since grandmaster is interested, Xie Lingyun is willing to accommodate. If grandmaster comes by the capital next time, Xie Lingyun can treat you to a vegetarian meal at Clear Spring Temple, and I promise you, it will be unforgettable!"

Xie Lingyun bit her lips and smiled.

"My apologies, but I live on the outskirts of the city and have no interest in the capital!"

Fang Yuan replied sarcastically.

"Please do not take it to heart!"

Xie Lingyun apologised and appeared serious. "It was Lingyun's inappropriateness the previous time, please forgive me!"

"Since you are here, it seems that you are rather well-informed and know about yesterday night's fight. However, you can stop pleading for me to help you. Our Prefecture Master is extremely passionate about war, and it is not likely anyone can change his mind..."

Fang Yuan shook his head.


Xie Lingyun shuddered and almost froze in the carriage. "Would the accomplishments of the Xia Country be wasted?"


Fang Yuan waved his hands. "Why are you so desolate? Do you think that by gathering the forces around Xia Country, you cannot defeat Liu Yan?"

"So what if I can defeat him? The neighbouring Yuan and Wu Country are both watching out. Once our country is in a mess, they will send in their troops and destroy us..."

Xie Lingyun forced a laughter.

"They why not aid Liu Yan in breaking through the Elemental Breaking Realm bottleneck? If he can succeed, how would the neighbouring countries dare to offend us?"

Fang Yuan had some doubts but did not wait for Xie Lingyun to reply. "That's true too... How can you all trust Liu Yan? This is not a long-term solution. If he continues to be greedy, it will be catastrophic! Therefore, all you are hoping for is for the situation to come under control."

The higher the authority, the stronger the hope for those at the bottom to be settled and for the hierarchy to remain stagnant forever.

At this time, the 'Alpha' or 'Rebellions' would appear, but their resistance would not be strong.

Although Liu Yan was neither of those two, he was still a factor which attracted the attention of many. Unless there was a breakthrough, the outcome would still be feared.