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Chapter 137: The Reunion

Chapter 137: The Reunion

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"The Secret Hole Mansion in Lieyang County?"

Fang Yuan's eyes glittered and went forward to take a good look at the secret map.

"Hmm? Who are you?"

There was someone standing beside them all along and both Lu Renjia and Ling Yin had not realised that before. Both of them were very shocked.

"I should leave here as soon as possible!"

As Fang Yuan saw that Ling Yin's face was getting distorted and seemed like she was about to be awakened, there was a sudden lightning and thunder. Fang Yuan, being a wise man, did not want to continue further as the odds were against him and hence decided to leave the dream world.


Back in the real world, in the prison in Qinghe County.

"Pitiful lady..."

Fang Yuan opened his eyes and saw Ling Yin, who was lying on the wooden bed and she looked as if she just had a nightmare. Fang Yuan started to pity her.

He had gotten into her dream these few days to obtain secrets and this had already exhausted her mentally. If he continued to do this, there could be a confusion for her between the dream world and the real world and hence, she might become crazy afterwards!

"Luckily I have almost gotten everything that I need from her already…."

As he recalled the secret location Lu Renjia was at, Fang Yuan was feeling a little excited.

That was the escape route that the alchemy master had prepared for himself and was definitely top secret!

Unfortunately, for Lu Renjia, he didn't expect Ling Yin to be in the hands of a dream master before he was caught and now Fang Yuan knew where he was.

"So he is in Lieyang County….what a coincidence. Looks like I will have a visit to there then!"

Fang Yuan murmured to himself and immediately looked for Zhou Wenwu. Fang Yuan then gave him some orders.


When he thought of doing something, he would do it.

Fang Yuan felt that he himself was more of a person who was more involved in actions. He waited for the news from the investigation made by Zhou Wenwu's men, then he would travel to the city of Lieyang County by his Iron-tailed Black Eagle.

"Since the disintegration of the Five Ghosts Sect, Lieyang County has benefited from that. Even though there are a few chaotic things happening, no war has happened here before…."

Fang Yuan got down from the eagle outside the city and entered the city alone. He enjoyed the scenery along the way.

Because of the trade in ore, the city here was prosperous and it didn't look poor.

On the street, there were many martial artists who were quite powerful. Many of them had either daggers or sword with them and they were very alert. The atmosphere was quite tense.

"Looks like the rumour is true!"

He recalled the report from Zhou Wenwu and gave a smile. "The Five Ghosts Sect…...has become active again!"

Ever since the battle for the treasure map broke out, the Five Ghosts Sect Sect Master lost his life and left behind a few elders and disciples. The Five Ghosts Sect was then known to have incurred a big loss. Also, with suppression from the Spirit Returning Sect, many of the disciples had their names hidden to keep a low profile.

This matter was supposed to remain like this. The disciples could either thrive somewhere else or continue to suffer here. It would take at least 10 to 100 years for the sect to be rebuilt.

However, it was different now!

The Spirit Returning Sect was involved in the rebel. Even Shi Yutong had been taken away by Fang Yuan and was kept in the prison ever since.

The Spirit Returning Sect was being rooted from the ground and the sect would not have a firm position in the Secluded Mountain Prefecture.

However, Lieyang County had always been on the side of the Secluded Mountain Prefecture City Master and there were rumours saying that the remaining few from the Five Ghosts Sect had put in much effort to fight against the rebel forces.

Hence, there would be rewards. With the support from the new governor of the county, the disciples of the Five Ghosts Sect gathered once again to rebuild their sect!

This was definitely not an easy task!

Even though the Spirit Returning Sect was out of the picture now, there were others who had depended on the embezzlement of the funds of the Five Ghosts Sect and they would definitely not agree to this and there would be a conflict between the two parties.

Fang Yuan thought of the worst case scenario. It was that the governor was likely to claim the power of the sect when both parties were busy fighting.

It was just too mainstream to claim the power by force.

After all, Lieyang County was different from the Qinghe County. Lieyang County didn't have a governor who was Wu Zong and the governor hence could not use force to suppress the whole county. Hence the governor could only use that approach.

The two parties had also realised what the governor was trying to achieve but could only continue with the governor's plan. Hence, this was the beauty of having great power.


Suddenly, Fang Yuan saw a familiar person and followed the person immediately.

"The battle of the Five Ghosts Sect, Strong Flame Sect and the Big River Faction is the headline here in the Lieyang County. The alliance of the brothers from the Bull's Head Mountain, the Black Wind Village and the Eighteen Mountains will have to be pushed into the limelight as well!"

It was a man who was 84 inches tall who spoke that and he was carrying a giant axe. It made people became fearful of him.

"Isn't he Wang Fugui, whom I have met in Shaoyang City, the owner of the Bull's Head Mountain?"

Fang Yuan simmered with laughter. "Well, this fool is also here."

"Eh? Are you not Brother Fang?"

When Wang Fugui saw Fang Yuan, his eyes glittered and went close to Fang Yuan. He then greeted Fang Yuan loudly.

"Haha…...I have been missing you since the last time we separated!"

"Slow down slow down!"

Fang Yuan shifted Wang Fugui's big hand away using his shoulders. "What are you all doing?"

"Hehe…..I shall introduce to you the brothers from the Bull's Head Mountain. I'm here with them is so that I can take this chance to have a firm position here in Lieyang County and become famous!"

Wang Fugui pounded his chest with much confidence and introduce a few other muscular men to Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan looked at those muscular men and thought that many people would have avoided them. He then shook his head silently.

This group would definitely attract lots of attention as they walked down the street noisily.

Especially now there was a normal person standing with that group, Fang Yuan could sense that many pairs of eyes were staring at them right now and couldn't take it anymore.

"I wish you all the best in your future endeavours. I shall take my leave first….."

Fang Yuan shook hands and couldn't wait to leave.

However, Wang Fugui pulled Fang Yuan back and whispered to him, "Recently, there is a young Wu Zong in the Secluded Mountain Prefecture who has become famous. He is originally from Qinghe County and his age is not big at all. Also, he is highly skilled in medicine. Is that person you, Brother Fang?"

If it was someone else who had asked Fang Yuan, he would just say it was someone else who coincidentally had the same name as him.

However, Wang Fugui had previously seen how Fang Yuan defeated Gui Wusheng and that had left a deep impression on Wang Fugui. Hence, Wang Fugui would have thought that person was Fang Yuan.

"Yes, that person is me….."

Fang Yuan answered softly.

He already knew that Wang Fugui was bold but cautious. He was not as reckless as he seemed to be, or else, Wang Fugui would have revealed Fang Yuan's identity to the public already.

"Hehe….don't worry, Brother Fang. My mouth is very tight. I have not mentioned to anyone about the previous incident!"

Wang Fugui laughed and knew the benefits of keeping a secret.

Although Fang Yuan didn't really have to hide his real identity during this visit, he just didn't want to have unnecessary trouble.

"I owe you!"

Fang Yuan shook hands with him and continued, "Wang Fugui, do you know where the Five Ghosts Sect is right now? Bring me there, please!"

"No problem!"

Wang Fugui patted his own chest with confidence and gladly accepted the request. His eyes were filled with excitement.

With an expert now to suppress the enemy, the group of them knew that victory would be on their side definitely.

"The Five Ghosts Sect previously had a big temple in the city and also another piece of spiritual land. However, ever since the Five Ghosts Sect Sect Master was killed, the temple was claimed over by the Spirit Returning Sect and the spiritual land was separated and taken over by other great powers! Even though the remaining people from the Five Ghosts Sect had gathered together, it was hard to recover those lost assets and they had to find another place to rebuild..."

Wang Fugui was leading the way and was talking non-stop. "If Brother Fang, you didn't look for me, one would not know where they were right now….."

"Hey, Wang Fugui, are we not heading to the Big River Faction to look for trouble?"

Beside him, one of the men, who was confused, shouted and questioned him.

"Get out!"

Wang Fugui slapped the man and then continued talking to Fang Yuan. "You see, this is one of the matters my brothers have wanted to settle and the matter is the biggest one in the whole of Bull's Head Mountain. It is just a small faction. I shall even out with them later!"

"Why? Has the Big River Faction provoked you again?"

Fang Yuan asked with a forced smile.

"It's nothing….."

Wang Fugui then continued loudly, "Who here is not clear of the bottom line of the Big River Faction? They are just a bunch of water pirates! Previously, we have business on land while they have theirs on the sea. We have nothing to do with each other. However, they have stolen our business once they are back on land. We cannot endure that any longer!"

The group them were busy chatting and laughing. Their noise level was quite high and passer-bys had to avoid them.

Not long after, they reached a building.

"Isn't this….a martial arts centre?"

Fang Yuan wiped his sweat and asked, "Wang Fugui, are you sure you have brought me to the correct place?"

"It's definitely this place. I'm correct!"

Wang Fugui pointed and said, "I had heard that since this place was claimed by a sect, the place was run by a disciple….You see, which normal martial arts centre would be guarded by such skilful people?"

"That's true!"

Fang Yuan walked a few steps forward and looked at the two tense-looking disciples who were guarding the entrance of the centre. He used his magical energy and could feel that the disciples had energies that were similar to Xuan Yin Heart Technique in their bodies.

Normal disciples would not know the mystery behind the Xuan Yin Heart Technique. However, the Five Ghosts Sect was specialised in evil techniques and it was very easy to recognise that.

Fang Yuan, who had researched on Xuan Yin Heart Technique in the dream world for many years and had encapsulated that technique into the Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique when he had broken through Wu Zong, thus empowering his Yin and was known as the sect master of the Xuan Yin Heart Technique, definitely would not recognise that energy wrongly.

"Remain where you are! Who are you? Our martial arts centre has been closed for a few months and it is now the Five Ghosts Sect's temple. What are you trying to do?"

The two disciples had already seen the big noisy group and started to have muscle cramps, but they still stood out and shouted at the group.

"Both of you?"

Fang Yuan squinted his eyes and continued, "Are not qualified. Ask your leader to come out now!"


He released a little amount of his energy and two disciples could instantly feel the coldness of the Yin energy. They then scurried off in shock.