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Chapter 140: Level 5

Chapter 140: Level 5

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"Elemental Gaining Pill, A pill to replenish elemental force and strengthen the body..."

"Calming Pill, to clear one's mind and be at peace..."

"Muscle Building Pill, bones and muscles will heal wounds within seven days..."

The entire shelf was filled with jade bottles, and beneath every bottle, there was a label describing the pill's name and usage, which overwhelmed Fang Yuan with information.

For Lu Renjia to keep all these here, they must all be spiritual pills made from spiritual ingredients, and all had spiritual abilities.

Normal martial artists would fight to their deaths just to get their hands on any one of these pills.

Of course, at his level, not many spiritual pills would have an effect on him.

Fang Yuan scavenged the shelves, and could only find 3 bottles which might be useful to him.

"There are 10 pills in the bottle of Elemental Gaining Pill, 5 pills in the bottle of Calming Pill, and 18 pills in the Muscle Building Pill!"

Fang Yuan tossed the bottle in his hand. "There are only two types of pills here which will aid my cultivation, I wonder if I will improve in my cultivation after swallowing all of it at once?

Thinking about how Liu Yan took over half of Lu Renjia's assets and used them to break through to his current state of cultivation, Fang Yuan wanted to try it out as well.

"The wealth of an alchemy master is ridiculous..."

After accounting his pills, Fang Yuan let out a long sigh and as he admired Lu Renjia's assets.

Of course, not all the pills on the shelf were spiritual pills. Half of them were normal ingredients, water and some money.

When Lu Renjia was preparing this secret mansion, he had already thought of all the circumstances in which he would come here to hide, and therefore prepared for it already.

"There are about 10,000 taels of silver here. Including the valuable resources here, he can get back on his feet wherever he might run to..."

Fang Yuan flipped the bottom of the shelf and dragged out two large jade boxes.

Opening one of them revealed a purple animal hide, with purple scales as large as eyes, glittering. It would strike fear in whoever laid their eyes on it."

"High-grade spiritual beast's hide?"

He touched his chin and tried to feel the energy from the beast's hide. "I'm afraid the animal is of Wu Zong level when it was alive!"

It was not easy to tame a spiritual beast.

It was even more so for a spiritual beast of Wu Zong level. Even if Lu Renjia personally tried, he could only get some valuable ingredients from it.

However, it was still an extremely valuable item.

Fang Yuan held the hide in his hands, pulled it and was rather satisfied with its hardness. If he directly wore it over his body like a cape, it would still be stronger than any normal armour, and might even have a considerable defence against spiritual spells.

"A pity I am not an alchemy master. Otherwise, I will be able to use it as a material to make a strong armour... By keeping this, Lu Renjia should also have the same intention..."

After much thought, Fang Yuan opened the second jade box.

At that moment, his eyes were filled with a baby green colour.

In such a big jade box, half of it was filled with crystal clear liquid, like liquid lead and mercury. There was a green glitter from the middle, as though it had a mind of its own.

"Spiritual seed?"

Fang Yuan carefully removed the green colour from the middle and realised that it was a green crystal. In the middle of the green crystal was a jet-black seed that was not obvious to the naked eye. The green glitter seemed to have seeped out from the crystal.

"This crystal is a form of seal, and together with the liquid, is able to preserve the life of any plant..."

Fang Yuan made a guess and explained to himself.

Like the jade bottles, there was a description under both jade boxes; they seemed to be have been prepared for Ling Yin.

"Star-eyed Leopard hide... Who knew that such treasures exist in Xia Country, and where did Lu Renjia find this?"

Lu Renjia directly described the origins of the purple hide. It was from a treasured mutated beast and was a good material for armours. It had increased defence capabilities against spiritual spells.

As for the other jade box, the origins of the spiritual seed was not as clear. The only thing mentioned was that this unknown spiritual seed had a strong will to live, but a pity that it was hard for it to germinate.

"Spiritual seed?"

Fang Yuan sighed. "Only one such seed and it is able to display so many traits, could it be from the Heavens?"

Spiritual objects were classified into the four grades namely Heaven Grade, Earth Grade, Mystery Grade and Yellow Grade. It was easy to obtain spiritual objects of Mystery Grade and Yellow Grade, but it all depended on luck for one to find a Heaven Grade or Earth Grade spiritual object. In the history of Xia country, these spiritual objects only appear once in a few hundred years, and are nicknamed the deity plants!

Maybe spiritual plants of Heaven Grade only appeared in the Da Qian Empire.


Suddenly Fang Yuan's expression changed!

This was because the green-glowing crystal in his hands suddenly flashed, and as the liquid inside it started to swirl, it appeared as though it was about to melt.

"How is this possible... Why is the seal melting so quickly?"

Fang Yuan frowned. He noticed the normal-looking seed within it started to glow yellow, and he could feel energy emitting from it.

"This is..."

He was familiar with this scene. Regardless if it was his first time planting the Vermilion Jade Rice, or the germination of the Vermilion Fruit, this yellow glow would always appear as the breakthrough for his [Botany]!

"It is indeed you..."

Fang Yuan brought his stats window out and noticed that the '4' behind his fully filled experience bar jumped. It broke through the bottleneck and became Level 5!

[Botany (Level 5)]!

"Even though it did not germinate, I could still experience a breakthrough in my [Botany] just by coming in contact with its energy?"

Fang Yuan looked at the seed which appeared normal once again, shocked. "This is not possible if it is an Earth Grade seed... Could it be... Heaven Grade? How did this treasure lie in Lu Renjia's hands?"

It was a pity that he did not have the chance to access Lu Renjia's dream to unveil this secret.

Based on his prediction, Lu Renjia only knew that this seed was valuable, but did not know its real value!


After recovering from his shock, Fang Yuan was overjoyed. "With the breakthrough in my [Botany], even if I get nothing from this journey, it would still be worth it!"

He only said this after noticing the description of his [Botany (Level 5)]:

"[Botany (Level 5)] - You are a grandmaster in the world of botany! All plants that go through your hands will evolve special traits, and their maturity period will also be shortened!"

This ability of his was rather god-like.

After this tip, Fang Yuan immediately thought of the Vermilion Fruit back at home.

With spiritual fertilizer, spiritual land and his own abilities, it was possible to mature the Vermilion Fruit's shoot.

"Great, this is great!"

Fang Yuan nodded his head, and looked at his stats window:

"Name: Fang Yuan

Essence: 11

Spirit: 11

Magic: 9.5

Profession: Dream Master

Cultivation: [Dream-Building Master (High Elemental Gathering Stage)], Wu Zong

Technique: [Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique (Grade 13) (???)], Ecstasy Spell, Shadowstep

Skill: [Medicine (Level 3)], [Botany (Level 5)]"

Consuming the Flame Jade Rice, cultivating the way of a dream master and this breakthrough now all led to the big change in his stats window.

"In the future, Xia Country will be in a mess. To hold my ground, I need to have real strength and ability!"

Fang Yuan clenched his fist, full of anticipation.


Summer Sun Prefecture.

As Fang Yuan was visiting Lu Renjia's secret mansion, a devastating thing happened in Summer Sun Prefecture.

Because of complacency, the Summer Sun Prefecture's three cities were invaded in one day as the Prefecture Master's power was at stake.

The sunset was red as blood.

In a faraway city, there was chaos as people were fighting.

Waves of uniformed Secluded Mountain Prefecture soldiers were killing their way in but were made to halt by the arrow rain, which made them eventually retreat back embarrassingly.

"Prefecture Master!"

In front of the capital leaders, Xiang Zilong's eyes were bloodshot as he kneeled in front of Liu Yan. "Why not take a rest here for the night! We can surely take down Huangshi City tomorrow!"

"Hmph, a bunch of useless fools!"

Liu Yan was clad in golden armour as he witnessed the Secluded Mountain Prefecture soldiers being pierced by the arrows, as he exclaimed.

"I made an effort to leave the inexperienced soldiers to defend at the counties, and brought the experienced once here, and yet we still need so much effort to invade a district town!"

His eyebrows were twitching, showing his anger.

"A Wu Zong is now in charge of Huangshi City, and is therefore different from last time! Furthermore... Our troops have taken down three cities already, and are all worn out... I deserve to die!"

Xiang Zilong tried to explain, and as he looked at Liu Yan's eye, he shivered and apologised.

"Keke... Don't worry, Prefecture Master!"

Taoist Mu Li, who was at one side, chuckled. "Our army is tired, and the enemy's arrows are almost used up. Later, I shall aid our soldiers to take down this city!"

"Chirp! Chirp!"

After finishing his sentence, he leapt on the Wind Chasing Falcon and disappeared.

Not long after, a green spiritual light appeared from the city walls, accompanying a certain Wu Zong's rage.

Seeing this opportunity, the Secluded Mountain Prefecture soldiers tried to attack once more and finally opened the city gates. Everyone squeezed in and brought the fight to the alleys.

"Very well, since the enemy is stupid, pass the order down to burn down the entire city!"

Liu Yan witnessed this scene and passed down the order.


Xiang Zilong was shocked. "Prefecture Master, please reconsider. The common people are innocent...

"Hmph! This entire city's people are all rebels and are against me, and I shall treat all of them the same!"

Liu Yan snickered. "If I don't do this, how do I strike fear in the enemy? I am decided, so stop trying to make me reconsider!"

He not only ordered to burn the city but also personally joined in. In the city, the nine green fire dragons were flying about, and thick smoke filled the sky; the entire city became hell.

"If you hate me, come fight me!"

Seeing the entire city becoming like hell, Liu Yan remained emotionless. He held a blood-coloured jade in his right hand. "For me to break through, this sin is nothing!"