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Chapter 143: Blood Demon

Chapter 143: Blood Demon

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"There is no difference between the real world and the dream world?"

Back in the Green Peak, Fang Yuan made himself a pot of Questioning Heart Tea and he looked dazed.

His expectations were exceeded when he went into the dream world this time.

If the Calming Pills didn't produce its effect to keep Fang Yuan alert, he would probably not have been able to wake up on his own.

Even though he managed to wake himself up in the dream world this time, Fang Yuan was still a little confused.

"This is another effect of the dream world!"

The fragrance of the spiritual tea went into his nose and Fang Yuan touched in between his eyebrows. "I have been rushing through my cultivation recently, hence it is inevitable that I'm feeling mentally unstable!"

Even though this experience was shocking and it didn't hurt him, it gave him a reminder.

Ever since he had become the dream master, his cultivation level had improved tremendously, but he still thought it was not enough and decided to use spiritual pills to push himself further. Hence, there was a setback.

If he hadn't realised it early and wasn't able to wake himself up to recover himself with the spiritual tea and fruit, he would probably end up lost in the dream world and it would be very difficult for him to find his way back!

As he was making tea, Fang Yuan recalled Master Wenxin's Meditative Tea Ceremony. He then focused on clearing his mind to become innocent and pure.

"I have managed to learn something from this experience!"

Fang Yuan took a sip of the tea and looked at his stats window.

"Name: Fang Yuan

Essence: 11.2

Spirit: 11.5

Magic: 10

Profession: Dream Master

Cultivation: [Dream-Building Master (Complete)], Wu Zong

Technique: [Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique (Grade 13) (???)], Ecstasy Spell, Shadowstep

Skill: [Medicine (Level 3)], [Botany (Level 5)]"

"Not only there is an improvement in my essence, spirit and magic, I have completed the realm for dream-building from the previous dream access as a Wu Zong!"

In other words, when he had completed the realm for dream building, it was equivalent to a spiritual knight who was already at the peak of the Elemental Gathering Realm and had reached the threshold for the Elemental Breaking Realm!

This was also the evidence to show that Liu Yan, Xia Yunqing and Lan Xiaosheng were capable enough to become the prefecture masters!

"Of course…..even though elemental breaking is hard, the holy realm is even harder! To have something from a dream world and display it in the real world, even if it was just a grass, a flower, a sand particle or a small rock, it is still difficult to achieve that!"

The stage which involved a dream master to enter a dream world to build the dream was similar to a spiritual knight who was at the Elemental Gathering Realm. Fang Yuan guessed that the Holy Realm was equivalent to the Elemental Breaking Realm!

Fang Yuan didn't know what kind of magical power a spiritual knight who was at the Elemental Breaking Realm had, but for a dream master who was at the holy realm, the dream master could convert his accumulations to battle strength and this was not a trivial matter!

"If I was at the Holy Realm, even if Liu Yan was at the Elemental Breaking Realm and he had brought a few more spiritual knights who were of the same level as him to fight against me, I would not be afraid! Unfortunately….."

Fang Yuan shook his head and sighed.

"Holy Realm only has one requirement; one has to be able to display something from the dream world into the real world! It can be even just a sand particle and it will be sufficient!"

As he thought about the requirement for this breakthrough, he gave a wry grin.

One's mind could affect a matter and one's consciousness can affect the reality. How could this be so easily achieved?

The Holy Realm!

This was the realm that every dream master had wished to go for. One could say that most of the dream masters who had managed to break through successfully would be stuck in that realm.

The mountains, the vegetation, the rivers, the lakes and all living things…..All these had to be displayed which in the end, would form a small real world. How was this easy to achieve?

"Unfortunately…..Xia Country and the nearby countries like Yuan Country and Wu Country are quite ignorant. These countries don't have any inheritance of Wu Zongs and also dream masters. Or else, I will have a group of people to consult with and I will not be struggling to explore on my own….."

Fang Yuan was feeling regretful. He got up and went to patrol the garden.

As he had reached Level 5 for his botany skills, he could shorten the time taken for the plants to grow. Hence, Fang Yuan planted all the spiritual seeds he had.

The effect was the biggest on the Flame Jade Rice. The crops were heading and could be harvested soon.

This applied to the other spiritual seeds as well, even for the seed of the Vermillion Fruit which would take a long time to grow and there were only slight changes to the seed every day previously. This had caused Fang Yuan to be in despair previously.

"It is hard to get Vermillion Fruit, but I have lots of bamboo fruits...."

Fang Yuan had managed to get a good supply of bamboo fruits from the spiritual bamboo for rainy days and let out a long whistle.

"Chirp! Chirp!"

In the sky, the cloud was separated and a Red-eyed White King Bird came flying down. It landed right in front of Fang Yuan and rubbed its head against him. It showed a close relationship with Fang Yuan.

"Little White, I will need your help this time!"

Fang Yuan touched the feathers of the Red-eyed White King Bird and gave it a smile.

This bird was definitely better than the Iron-tailed Black Eagle in terms of ability. This bird was as powerful as a [Martial Artist (12th Gate)]. Plus it could get mad and fly, and hence it could fight against a Wu Zong!

Since he was heading to the Summer Sun Prefecture, it would be a dangerous trip and hence Fang Yuan would want to bring another who could fight.

"Iron-tailed Black Eagle, Flower Fox Ferret, please help to take care of the spiritual medicine when I'm not around!"

It has already been decided and Fang Yuan couldn't care what the other two spiritual beasts had thought of it. He immediately got onto the back of the bird and flew up into the sky.


"It was rumoured that ever since Liu Yan entered the Summer Sun Prefecture, he didn't attack Huangshi City. Instead, he ordered to have the whole city on fire and the number of people who were either injured or killed was at least 10,000. From that day onwards, whenever he met a city which had resistance, he would order the city to be burnt and the whole Summer Sun Prefecture was like a living hell….."

"Hoo! Hoo!"

In the sky, the wind was very strong.

Fang Yuan passed by Huangshi City and saw a black contour line along the city wall and it looked as if like a scar. He then gave a light sigh.

"Even though he has killed a lot of people, I will still have to admit that his method is a good one to display his might!"

"Also, as the Summer Sun Prefecture Master is killed, the whole Summer Sun Prefecture will have to listen to Liu Yan's orders in fear and no one will dare to disobey him. Liu Yan is on his way to dominating this prefecture….."

Fang Yuan was speechless with regards to Liu Yan's actions.

Liu Yan had admitted that he was not going to live any longer and he would die if he didn't make a breakthrough. It was expected of him to become so frenzy right before his death.

"The sky is turning dark. I should find somewhere to rest and continue tomorrow!"

He looked at the head of the bird and patted it lightly.

The Red-eyed White King Bird let out a long chirp and started to descend.


However, at that moment, Fang Yuan saw a bright light from the corner of his eye. The light was coming from Huangshi City and it was flirtatious.


"Demon! A demon!"

A troop of soldiers from the Summer Sun Prefecture cried out loud and were running in all directions.

Behind them, there was a bright red light blinking and it formed a shape of a Blood Python. The python chose its target and started biting the target!

In fact, it had already done that.


The huge python looked real and the scales on its body were very clear. Its rolled its red tongue out and one of the soldiers who ran away the slowest was being swallowed. The blood of the soldier was absorbed and it spat back out a dry corpse.

It seemed like it was playing with its prey. It didn't kill the soldiers all at once and instead, it caused the soldiers to spread out and run away. Then, it would catch them one by one and drink their blood, like a legendary demon.

"Jie jie…..The Yang in the blood of the soldiers is just nice and the blood tastes good. This is benefitting me!"

There was a person on top of the Blood Python. The person was wearing a blood red coloured robe and was demonic.

"How dare you, demon!"

A lieutenant from the Summer Sun Prefecture shouted at the demon and he was also a 4 Heavenly Gates martial artist. He then projected his voice to a distance away. "Since you are also a spiritual knight, how can you not know the protocol in Xia Country? A martial artist who has elemental force cannot attack any normal people randomly! Or do you want to be wanted by the 3 prefecture masters?"

"Hehe…..the 3 prefecture masters?"

The person gave a demonic smile.


The Blood Python roared and the next moment, the lieutenant didn't have time to defend himself and was trapped by the tongue of the Blood Python like a dumpling.

"Liu Yan from the Secluded Mountain Prefecture had broken the rules. He was killing people by setting the whole city on fire. Also, Summer Sun Prefecture Master Xia Yunqing was killed and the Clear Spring Prefecture Master Lan Xiaosheng had escaped with serious injuries…..Now, who else in the whole of Xia Country would dare to go against me?"

That spiritual knight was laughing crazily and was feeling regretful.

"Such opportunity to obtain blood openly in public was rare. Unfortunately, all the prefecture masters were taken away by Liu Yan and I pity them…..Hehe, their blood contained the grudges of tens of thousands of people. If their blood was given to me, I'm afraid I would be able to reach the peak of the Elemental Gathering Realm instantly and I could try for the Elemental Breaking Realm….."

"Evil thief!"

A 4 Heavenly Gates martial artist could not handle a spiritual knight.

That lieutenant had no choice but could only see his own blood being taken away and he would soon become a dry corpse.

"You will be punished…..for your sins!"

Before he died, the lieutenant's voice became hoarse and he cursed.

"Jie jie…...I will be punished?"

The spiritual knight waved his hand and the dry corpse flew out. The corpse was split into a few portions as it landed on the ground. "I will still have to be fearful of punishments for my sins? In this country, who has the capability to punish me? Haha…..Haha….."

He laughed loudly and was full of arrogance.

However, the laughter suddenly stopped, as if a duck had been grabbed by its neck.

The remaining soldiers who had managed to survive looked up and saw a giant white shadow flying down quickly like a lightning. Within seconds, it was already at the head of the Blood Python.

"Chirp! Chirp!"

The white shadow moved and it revealed the Red-eyed White King Bird. It revealed its claws and landed on the Blood Python with much force.


The Blood Python let out a sorrowful cry and was pushed by about 35 yards away. A blood red fog started to spread and there was a foul smell.

"Blood Demon, long time no see!"

On the back of the bird, there was a young master whom as if was sent from heaven and laughed.

"Are you…..Fang Yuan?!"

The Blood Demon could recognise that the person was Fang Yuan.

When Lu Renjia was surrounded, he was the last to reach the battlefield and had met Fang Yuan that time. He was so frightened the previous time and hence he escaped.

"I was finding a place to rest but I didn't expect to meet my enemy. Don't even think of escaping today!"

Fang Yuan looked at the dry corpses that were lying on the ground and sighed.

"Humph! Stop bragging!"

The Blood Demon's face got serious.

He had decided on the spot to retreat that day as there was suppression from Liu Yan and he was not confident in dealing with 2 spiritual knights and 3 Wu Zongs at the same time!

However, he was only dealing with one person currently!

"Even if your power is doubled of a Wu Zong, you are still too arrogant!"

The Blood Demon looked in all directions to make sure Fang Yuan was really alone. Then, his eyes were filled with anger. "I will gladly accept your blood then!"