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Chapter 144: Decapitation

Chapter 144: Decapitation

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"The world shall burn and drown in blood!"

Facing the country’s most gifted martial artist thus far, Blood Demon did not dare to hold back his abilities. His opening move was the highest level of the Blood Magic Technique.

"Voom voom!"

Streaks of blood appeared in a shield surrounding him, making it look like he was engulfed in flames. It was quickly expanding as Blood Demon charged towards Fang Yuan.

Even though this was not the blistering Yang fire, it was the more lethal and virulent Yin fire. Once it contacts the skin, it would cause the flesh and bone to disintegrate instantly.

"This is indeed the Blood Magic Technique!"

Looking at this, Fang Yuan’s eye lid jumped.

The spiritual spell used by Blood Demon were similar to those in Fang Yuan’s Blood Magic Manual. They were after all from the same source. Of course, in comparison, it was evident that Blood Demon had already mastered the skills to the highest levels while Blood Killer and company were not even worthy of being his disciples.

However, to use this technique against him might seem very surprising.

After all, the Blood Magic Manual was with him!

"Rains of heaven!"

In response, Fang Yuan steadily made a hand gesture and a layer of rain and cloud appeared.

"Haha...Did you think my flames were normal fire?"

Looking at this, Blood Demon broke into a mocking smirk. It was as though he was disdainful of Fang Yuan for underestimating him. However, his smirk widened into a shocked look of disbelief.

This was because under Fang Yuan’s manipulations, relentless drops of rain poured out of the clouds into the centre of the blood-coloured flames.


After a few huge loud explosions, the toxic flames that could engulf the entire world were extinguished. What was left were the white fumes that were beginning to disperse.

"How is this possible?"

Blood Demon was panic-stricken.

Not only was Fang Yuan just a novice at spiritual spells. More significantly, he only used a simple spiritual disciple technique to successfully counter the Blood Magic Technique. This was extremely intolerable to Blood Demon.

Bead of cold sweat were beginning to form on his forehead.

Based on what he felt, the drops of rain were incredibly compact and tough. Yet the rainfall was also as flexible and nimble as a fish. It went straight for the weak point of his spell and completely caused it to fall apart. It was like hot knife cutting through butter.

If he had heard of the classic tale about the chef carving the cow’s carcass, it would definitely be more surprised and shocked than he already was.

This was because Fang Yuan only used a very common technique which he had practised and mastered to perfection. Furthermore, he did not expand a significant portion of his energy and powers to do so.

"This spiritual spell..."

Huge beads of cold perspiration flowed from Blood Demon’s forehead. He felt as though Fang Yuan had seen through him already.

"You have killed many innocents for no reason and committed several other heinous crimes. Today I will serve you the justice you deserve...Of course, these are not the main reasons. Who asked you to provoke me first!"

Fang Yuan smiled, and a wavering streak of green light flew out from his palm.


Blood Demon retreated instantly, and a dark red light appeared from his body, "Heavenly Blood Shield!"

After setting up this defence, he turned on his heels and sped off without turning back.

How could he fight against such an opponent? He would not dare to fight against Fang Yuan ever again in his life.

After all, to fight against an opponent who could see through him was enough of a hellish experience.

After experiencing it once, Blood Demon did not wish to go through it a second time.

However, it was a pity as Fang Yuan was not going to let him off so easily.


With his command, the streak of green light became extremely vibrant and flexible. It skirted along the sides of the red shield and caused it to vibrate violently. Then, the green light cut through the shield with ease.


Blood Demon was taken aback. He saw his shield break open like an egg shell to reveal the green light. It looked like a weirdly shaped green dagger.

"Ancient Green Serpent Dagger?"

Of course, he was familiar with this weapon which was used by Lu Renjia formerly.


The Ancient Green Serpent Dagger flew towards him from extremely tight angles.

Amidst all these, Blood Demon turned and bent over his waist into a painful angle as he attempted to dodge the weapon.

Even so, the dagger pierced through his shoulder and sent blood splattering into the air.

Fang Yuan panted violently like a hopeless beast. He was trying desperately to find a way to survive and was at the same time extremely dumbfounded by Fang Yuan’s abilities.

"You have already reached the peak of the Elemental Gathering Realm?"

Glaring at Fang Yuan, these words came out of his mouth with great difficulty as he refused to acknowledge the facts.

Fang Yuan breaking his spiritual spell earlier could be due to his carelessness and Fang Yuan’s good fortune. However, with the dagger penetrating through his defences, it showed that Fang Yuan was indeed capable and there were no excuses this time.

Without waiting for Fang Yuan to reply, several wounds on his body opened up and blood flowed from them. It was almost as though he was dipped into blood.

"Hehe, I will remember you! Blood Escape Technique!"

With this shout, Blood Demon transformed into a ray of red light and shot away with amazing speed.

Previously, he also used a similar technique while escaping from Liu Yan and Taoist Mu Li. Even though Taoist Mu Li had a spiritual bird, he was also unable to catch him.

"Red-eyed White Bird King! Rage!"

At this point, it was evident that Blood Demon might not be that lucky again.

With a shout, Fang Yuan leapt onto the Red-eyed White Bird King.

The bird cawed continuously. The tips of its feathers turned into a bright red bloody colour. Its originally blistering speed increased by five times! With a flash of white light, it easily caught up with Blood Demon.

"How is this possible?"

Blood Demon was completely at loss of what to do.

This technique was his last resort. Whenever he executed it, it would take up a huge portion of elemental force. It even had negative side effects such as causing him to sustain serious injuries or decreasing his powers.

Of course, with such risks involved, the results were outstanding. It enabled him to travel at a speed so fast that even a normal spiritual bird could not keep up with him.

Ever since Blood Demon trained and mastered the Blood Magic Technique, he had always relied on this technique as a trump card and reassurance to do whatever he wanted.

However, how was it possible that the spiritual bird Fang Yuan was riding could keep up with him?

Blood Demon was shocked to the core.

Not only was Fang Yuan able to reach the peak of the Elemental Gathering Realm at such a young age, how was it also possible for him to get a spiritual bird as powerful and ruthless?

‘Something is wrong, this spiritual bird is obviously a large eagle. Its speed cannot be this fast!’

Blood Demon tried to spur himself on "Even though this bird might be faster than me, it might be because of some secret elemental energy. As long as I can outlast it, I still might escape!"

Thinking about this, he drummed up his courage and bit off the tip of his tongue. He then spat out a mouthful of vital blood.


Riding atop Red-eyed White Bird King, Fang Yuan saw the traces of blood on the ground grew thicker with shades of purple. Blood Demon’s speed increased by 3 times.

"Hehe...you are now gambling your life on this?"

Calmly, he took a few bamboo fruits and fed them to Red-eyed White Bird King and ordered, "Continue to chase after him, let’s see how much more blood can he afford to spit!"

"Kaw kaw!"

Red-eyed White Bird let out a loud shrill and the feathers on it became even redder. With the enhancements of the bamboo fruits, the duration of its rage was extended.

After some time.

"What the...what creature is that? It has endless energy? This is not normal!"

The rays from the Blood Escaping Technique grew weaker. Blood Demon was ghostly pale, and the black colour of his hair faded to resemble a sickly and withering tree. He was unsteadily falling to the ground.

Hearing the caws from the bird behind him, he opened his mouth with much difficulty, but he no long had enough vital blood.

"Haha... it seems like my proud life will have to end in such a pathetic manner. This is retribution!"

Blood Demon’s coarse vocal chords made his laughter sound as horrendous as a crow. His vision went black and he fell to the ground.


Red-eyed White Bird King landed majestically as Fang Yuan leapt off. He was slightly suspicious as he wondered, "Is he dead?"

As the rays of light of the Escape Technique vanished, he saw Blood Demon.

Blood Demon’s corpse was in state way worse than those preserved by Fang Yuan. All the vital blood in him was expanded.

"He exhausted himself by continuously using the Blood Escaping Technique"

Fang Yuan then looked at the utterly exhausted Red-eyed White Bird King next to him and immediately fed it a few bamboo fruits, "Eat them slowly, do not worry, I still have many more for you..."

If Blood Demon came to live and saw this, he would definitely die of anger again.

"Green Serpent! Go!"

Looking at the breathless Blood Demon, Fang Yuan still refused to leave anything to chance. Waving his hand, a green ray of light appeared and shot towards Blood Demon, slicing off his head.

Only then did Fang Yuan truly believe he was dead.

"You are indeed a special fellow, even though you died such a pathetic death..."

Fang Yuan then unhesitatingly stepped up to search his body.

He was very interested to find what a spiritual knight had in his possessions.

Sadly, Blood Demon was a poor devil. He had nothing else on him except for a jade scroll.

Fang Yuan then used his magical will to look through Blood Demon’s corpse. He found the lower portion of the Blood Magic Manual. It seemed like Blood Demon had some form of relation to Blood Killer.

It was a pity that the two of them were killed by Fang Yuan, but Fang Yuan could not be bothered to find out more.

"These types of unscrupulous issues are not worth my time. But the Blood Escaping Technique does seem promising!"

Fang Yuan was not interested in the Blood Magic Technique at all, but he was pleased to find the Blood Escaping Technique in the lower portion of the Blood Magic Manual.

Undoubtedly, even though the Blood Escaping Technique used up a lot of energy, it was more of a benefit than a loss to someone who mastered it.

"However, is this all a spiritual knight possessed?"

Fang Yuan could not believe this. Thinking of how Blood Killer behaved, he waved his hand. The robes on Blood Demon were torn open instantly to reveal the naked corpse of Blood Demon.


At this time, something caught the attention of Fang Yuan.

A patch of skin on Blood Demon’s chest looked different from the skin on the rest of his body. Evidently, something was done to it.

Fang Yuan waved his hand. With a flash of green light, the piece of skin flew into Fang Yuan’s palm.

"What a brilliant way to hide this!"

This piece of skin was treated before. It was extremely similar to human skin. As it covered Blood Demon’s flesh for some time, it was not immediately obvious that it was not human skin.

It was only because the way in which Blood Demon died caused his muscles to shrink, exposing the difference to Fang Yuan.

"Could this be a special technique too?"

In the extremely thin piece of leather, it could only store at most a sheet of paper. When Fang Yuan opened it, his eyes widened, "This is..."

In his hands was a piece of old map. The lines and colours on it were extremely familiar to Fang Yuan because he already had two other similar pieces!

"The third piece of the treasure map!"