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Chapter 145: Plot

Chapter 145: Plot

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"This is heaven's will!"

In front of Fang Yuan, the three damaged treasure maps combined into one and transformed into a complete map which outlined an area with a red dot at its centre. It was only when the three maps were combined before the information was revealed. Even if an outsider possessed a copy of the map, it was worthless as the true copy was required.

"The first map was a gift from Han Shou, the second map was obtained from the Five Ghosts Sect from Lieyang County...and this third map was with the Blood Demon..."

Fang Yuan rubbed his eyebrows as he pondered.

"Wait...According to the findings of the Five Ghosts Sect, the third map was with the third disciple of 'that master'[1] who had left the country...and this Blood Demon was coincidentally a spiritual knight who travelled the 4 seas...Could he be the descendant of the third disciple?"

His eyes brightened, "If that is really true, a lot of things would make sense!"

From the Blood Magic Technique, the Blood Demon and the Blood Killer were somehow linked, and if the Blood Demon was the descendant of the 'that master', he would surely know the secret of the treasure map. If that was the case, it was no coincidence that the Blood Killer and the Five Ghosts Sect Master knew each other and were likely to be influenced by the Blood Demon to act as a spy to locate the other 2 maps.

Even the Blood Killer's action of swallowing the treasure map would make sense.

Although this was just a speculation, Fang Yuan felt that the guess was not far off from the truth.

"I seem to have an affinity with treasures recently. I have just obtained Lu Renjia's secret mansion and another bigger treasure awaits me..."

Fang Yuan carefully examined the map.

There were a few mountain ranges and water bodies on the map that appeared foreign to Fang Yuan. However, he was certain that he would be able to track down the location of the treasure if he compared the map with the maps of Xia Country and the neighbouring countries.

"The treasure must be really important. From the methods of 'that master', there might even be risks. Now is not the time to be impatient!"

Fang Yuan leapt onto the Red-eyed White Bird, "Time to go to Liu Yan's banquet...just that..."

He looked at his surroundings and appeared to be perplexed, "Where is this place?"


Just as Fang Yuan chased too far and left the borders of the Summer Sun Prefecture, and had to hurry back.

Summer Sun Prefecture City.

The prefecture city had undergone many changes. After the fire, the city walls still remained. However, the original flags had now been replaced by the flags of the Secluded Mountain Prefecture Armed Force. There were few pedestrians on the streets and they hurried with their head down. They would occasionally glance up at the flags and the soldiers, their eyes full of hatred.

The Prefecture Master's Residence was bustling with activities.

Ever since Liu Yan displayed his unparalleled military might, the Sects within Summer Sun Prefecture had started to come forward to surrender.

Furthermore, Liu Yan had gathered the Wu Zongs and the spiritual knights and consolidated his power to with an air of unifying Xia Country. Banquets were hosted in the Prefecture Master's Residence for days and nights and the residence was extraordinarily lively.

Rare and precious spiritual items, especially fire-type items were confiscated by his troops and delivered to his residence.

"Adding oil to a blazing inferno, what good luck!"

Outside the residence, an old man who was previously secretly conversing with Xie Lingyun gazed in front of him, his eyes appeared to flash.

He turned, and looked at Xie Lingyun, "Princess, are you ready?"

Xie Lingyun bit her lips and appeared to be helpless, "Even you said that that man possessed good luck, why are we even fighting so hard against fate?"

The Taoist Elder was not only of high cultivation level, in the spiritual knight world, he possessed all kinds of abilities. Xie Lingyun had previously experienced his powers and did not dare neglect it.

"That is incorrect!"

The Taoist Elder shook his head, "While Liu Yan possessed good luck, his fate is like a bonfire which requires an endless supply of firewood to keep it burning. However, his energy is starting to diminish and he does not have much time left. He had spent much of his energy in defeating the two prefecture masters previously. If we act now, he would have no chance to live."

Xie Lingyun was hesitant and did not speak.

"Hehe...unless you want to see him unify the prefectures and eventually enter the capital and usurp the throne?"

The Elder Xuan Sheng sneered.

"Of course not. It is just that your conditions are too harsh...for the two families to become in-laws and divide the counties. The Secluded Mountain Prefecture have 6 counties which belong to the country…...our ancestors fought countless of wars to create this. How can we easily give this up?"

Xie Lingyun replied slowly.

"Since the passing of the King of Xia, the three Prefecture Masters have coexisted side by side. These lands only belong to the royal family nominally..."

Elder Xuan waved his hand, "Furthermore...you have already agreed to be with the king and even sign the documents. Are you trying to go back on your promise now?"

"Of course not!"

Xie Lingyun glared at the elder, "Lingyun just wanted to remind Elder Xuan that we hope that Wu Country would abide by the agreement. While Xia Country might not be as strong, we still have an army!"

"Of course!"

Elder Xuan turned red, "When you are married to our king, Xia Country and Wu Country would be united. The king of Xia would be the father-in-law of our king. Of course, we would come to your aid. Once we have gotten rid of Liu Yan, Xia Country would be able to reclaim the Summer Sun and the Clear Spring Prefectures. That would be a cause for celebration!"

"I certainly hope so!"

Xie Lingyun sighed deeply, "I have already brought the Wuzong from my country. The spy within the City Master Prefecture would assist you too. When are you going to act?"

"Liu Yan had already been exposed to the Elemental Opening Bottleneck. Ordinary traps would not work on him. Only by pressuring with an ambush by an army would work on him!"

Xuan Sheng laughed,"I brought the imperial advisor of Wu Country, the Blood Demon and the elders as backup especially for today. With the Wuzong and the spy in the residence, Liu Yan has no chance of surviving."

"Imperial advisor of Wu?"

Xie Lingyun appeared to be afraid upon hearing the title.

"Haha...if he did not offer his help, who would dare to take on Liu Yan? Now princess, do you believe in our sincerity?"

Taoist Elder Xuan Sheng laughed loudly. He took out a string of firecrackers and tossed it into the air, causing it to explode mid-air.


In the deafening blast, an overpowering aura could be felt. A man flew forward on a Qingye spiritual weapon and boomed, "I am Wu Wudao! Where is Liu Yan?"

"Imperial Advisor of Wu?"

Liu Yan and Taoist Mu Li flew out of the residence on the back of the Wind Chasing Falcon, their expressions solemn.

This was especially true for Liu Yan.

With just a look, he could tell that the person in front of him was no less powerful than him. They were both at the peak of the Elemental Gathering Realm and were stuck at the bottleneck.

"Wu Country and Xia Country had never interfered with each other's state affair. Why is the imperial advisor here?"

Liu Yan asked loudly.

"The devoted took to the task when the victims begged for help!"

Wu Wudao wore a golden helmet. His face looked boorish and he sported many battle scars. His cape flowed with the wind and he gave out an overbearing presence. He was a highly skilled spiritual knight.

"Victims begged for help?"

Liu Yan's eyebrows appeared to be smoking, "Those traitors in the capital! I should have disposed of the royal family first when I had the chance!"

"It is too late to say all these. Come!"

Wu Wudao beckoned.


Liu Yan's expression was grave. He spoke to Mu Li, "You go first and rally the troops and guard against any raid!"


Mu Li retreated before his expression changed. He aimed for Liu Yan's back and struck him.


Liu Yan could not react to this betrayal in time and was struck by Mu Li. His face turned red and he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

"How dare you!"

He ground his teeth and his surroundings were set ablaze. The Wind Chasing Falcon below him caught fire and turned into a massive blaze in the sky.

"Please forgive me! I have my reasons to do so!"

Taoist Mu Li stood behind Wu Wudao and said, "I originally worked for the Xia royal family. My previous interactions with you were all a facade!"

"Haha, well done!"

Xuan Sheng witnessed the scene and raised his eyebrows, "I did not expect that the princess would insert a spiritual knight as a spy next to Liu Yan. This level of deception makes me feel so inferior now."

"This is insignificant. Act now. I do not want the Secluded Mountain Prefecture to be given the opportunity to rise again!"

Xie Lingyun's words were cold. It was time to remove the problem at its roots now that she had already acted!

"Very well! With our underhand methods and the reputation of the princess, we will accomplish great things within the Summer Sun Prefecture!"

Taoist Elder Xuan Sheng gave the signal and not long after, the whole Summer Sun Prefecture was in a state of unrest.

"Prefecture Master!"

Leader Niu and his man rushed forward towards the area where the Wind Chasing Falcon fell upon seeing Liu Yan being ambushed.


Spiritual strength spurted out and shredded the corpse of the Wind Chasing Falcon. Liu Yan walked out slowly, "I am fine!"

The corner of his mouth was dripping with fresh blood that contained a tinge of green.

"Master Liu, there is no need to use the Wind Chasing Falcon to instigate me..."

Taoist Mu Li spoke coldly, "You are heavily wounded at your core and poisoned badly. How much more spiritual energy do you think you can harness?"

"Taoist Mu Li, you would dare to do such a thing?"

Leader Niu bellowed.

"When two armies go to war, unscrupulous methods would naturally be utilized!"

Wu Wudao laughed, "Don't tell me you don't know this?"


Liu Yan appeared to be breathing weakly. However, his eyes were bright, "There will only be one survivor in today's battle!"

[1] 'That master' refers to an individual that has not been unveiled as of this chapter.