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Chapter 147: To Seize

Chapter 147: To Seize

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"Secluded Mountains Prefecture Master?"

Within the cave, Fang Yuan looked at the body of Liu Yan and the black Secluded Mountain Seal in his hand. He pondered without speaking for half a day before he shook his head. "He has really given me a tough problem!"

There was no doubt that Liu Yan was selfish and wanted Fang Yuan to avenge him before he passed away.

The position to be the Prefecture Master was a bait!

However, Fang Yuan had to admit that Liu Yan said was true.

In the struggle for power, those spiritual knights who were close to surpassing the Elemental Opening Realm would become a thorn in the flesh of the countries.

Then what about him, the genius who was just barely over 20 and had already surpassed the Elemental Force Realm in both martial arts and magical prowess?

He was able to enjoy peace previously as the Secluded Mountains Prefecture already had Liu Yan who was targeted.

Furthermore, they did not realise that his rate of improvement would be so frightening.

If Wu Country had found out that Fang Yuan had already reached the peak of the Elemental Gathering Realm, he would suffer the same fate as Liu Yan.

When he had taken over the position as the Prefecture Master, he would draw attention and trouble from all sides and would not be able to hide away from them even if he were to hide in the deep mountains!

"This is the dilemma! Both sides would not be able to feel at ease with each other, especially after the death of Liu Yan..."

Fang Yuan sighed, "Only when one side is destroyed, or when absolute dominance is achieved would there be peace, if not, there will be war and lives lost!"

His name had already reached the ears of Wu Country. Furthermore, Liu Yan was no longer there to protect him.

Once Xia Country had divided the Secluded Mountains Prefecture, he would be under the jurisdiction of Wu Country. His fate would no longer be under his own control.

"It appears that I should take on this position!"

He could either choose to escape far away or go against Wu Country.

As he was pressured by both sides that were on the verge of war, it was naturally better for him to take on the position and consolidate his power in the Secluded Mountains Prefecture.

"I will play with all of you!"

Fang Yuan laughed.

The greatest difference between Liu Yan and him was that he was still young and had a lot of resources. If things did not go his way, he could easily escape on his eagle. There will always be another opportunity for him to come back.

Only when he was willing to lose would he gain.

After all, Fang Yuan was not a dead man hanging from a tree.


He would do what he thought of.

Fang Yuan's speed was unmatched due to the Red-eyed White King Bird.

He reached the Secluded Mountains Prefecture City even before the news of what happened in the Summer Sun Prefecture reached.

"In terms of speed, my Red-eyed White King Bird is unmatched...however, the news are not just spread by men. If Wu Country was coming, they would have mobilized their troops by now..."

Fang Yuan circled the city another round before patting the Red-eyed White King Bird. Together, they descended in front of the City Master's Residence.

"Who are you?"

In an instant, a group of soldiers surrounded him. Upon seeing that it was Fang Yuan, they immediately shrank back.

They could remember that Fang Yuan did not even give the Prefecture Master any face. What about them? They saluted Fang Yuan, "Welcome Master Fang!"

"Hmm, where is the City Guardian? Bring me to him!"

Fang Yuan nodded his head and asked.

"The City Guardian is sick and would not be entertaining any guest, we are really sorry!"

An officer of the army turned pale and immediately said upon hearing Fang Yuan's request.

"Oh? Sick? All the more I should pay him a visit!"

Fang Yuan smiled and arrived next to him, "Have you forgotten that I am the famous doctor within the prefecture? What illness does the City Guardian have? Let me go and have a look!"


It was obvious that the officer was hiding something. His eyes were shifty and just as he was about to speak, Fang Yuan grabbed him and his body went limp.

"Lead the way!"

Fang Yuan appeared to be smiling but his words were laced with threat.

He possessed immerse martial arts and could easily act before the bystanders were able to react.


The officer knew that he would die if he were to challenge Fang Yuan.

From an outsider's point of view, Fang Yuan was amiable and was bantering with the officer. However, the officer knew better and could only lead Fang Yuan towards the residence with a bitter face.


Upon reaching the courtyard, Fang Yuan could hear the sound of armour dragging against the floor in the surroundings.

The troops of soldiers stepped forward, their swords unsheathed and their arrows aimed at Fang Yuan.

A black-faced officer raised up an emblem, "The City Guardian ordered that he would not entertain any visitors today. Please leave!"

"Hmmm? What courage!"

Fang Yuan laughed and boomed, "Even if Liu Yan was here, he would not dare to use this tone to talk to me! Could it be that you are giving false orders and conspire against me?"

The atmosphere in the prefecture city had been weird these few days.

Even the vice city guardian claimed to be ill and would not see any guests.

A few soldiers wavered and shrank back.

While the black-faced officer was their superior and even carried the emblem, they should not be expected to fight with a person that was both a Wuzong and a spiritual knight!

How many brothers-in-arm would be wounded or killed if they were to take part in the fight without the support of a martial artist who had reached the Elemental Force Realm?

"Not obeying the orders would make you a traitor! Kill!"

It was impossible for the black-faced officer to back down. He commanded, "Those who retreat will be killed!"

The soldiers were well trained and upon hearing the command of their superior, they fired their arrows towards Fang Yuan without hesitation. This caused the captive in Fang Yuan's hand to cursed, "You dare hurt me?!"


The arrows rained down.

The unfortunate officer had just scolded a sentence before he was riddled with holes from the arrows, much like the hives of bees.

Fang Yuan wore a smile as the arrows passed through him as if the arrows were passing through the surface of the water in the lake, causing no harm except for a few ripples.

"Illusion? That's not good!"

The black-faced officer immediately retreated. The spiritual talisman on his body lit up and a wall of water rose behind him.


In the blink of an eye, Fang Yuan appeared before the officer and reached out to grab him.

"You want to stop me with just a spiritual talisman?"


Under the surprised gaze of the black-faced officer, the wall of water shattered like an eggshell. It did not even manage to delay Fang Yuan for a while.

Fang Yuan grabbed him by the throat and lifted him up.

"You are a spiritual disciple and yet, you are working as an officer in the army. What a waste of talent!"

He teased before looking around. Countless of soldiers did not dare look him in the eyes and instead hung their heads down.

"I am an outsider and an enemy of the City Guardian. The Prefecture Master begged me to create chaos and set things right. You, bring me to the City Guardian!"

He randomly pointed to a soldier at the side, "Don't dare?"


The soldier hesitated and was struck down by Fang Yuan. "This person is a traitor!"

He turned to another soldier. "You, bring me there fast, if not you will meet the same fate as him!"

Wu Country had already infiltrated the Secluded Mountains Prefecture Armed Forced and even controlled the City Guardian. However, Fang Yuan was sure that there were still some who were loyal.

Fang Yuan was in no rush and could slowly ask one by one.

After killing 3 or 4 people, a soldier could no longer bear it and knelt down to beg, "Sir, please spare us. We were forced by the officer. I will bring you to see the City Guardian immediately!"

"Let's go!"

As more and more soldiers and officers gathered around looking suspicious, Fang Yuan smiled and asked the soldier to lead the way.

Not long after, they arrived at a small courtyard. Fang Yuan immediately kicked the door of the room open and saw a few people surrounding the bed as if to shift a patient. Upon seeing Fang Yuan breaking in, they instinctively thought to silence him.

Fang Yuan was caught off-guard.

"How dare you seize the City Guardian?"

Fang Yuan shut his eyes and a spiritual light glowed in his hand. A green thread flew out and circled the interior of the room.

The few people where inner power experts and there were 2 martial artists who had reached the 4 Heavenly Gates. However, Fang Yuan was too fast and before they understood what was happening, had turned into souls under the blade of the Ancient Green Serpent Dagger.

"The City Guardian was really seized?"

Outside, countless of officers rushed forward and were stumped when they saw the patient on the bed, "Hei San [1], how can you do this?"

"Enough, all of you get out, after everything is settled, I will let you see your City Guardian!"

Fang Yuan tossed Hei San aside as if he was trash and said.

Fang Yuan had already established his position amongst the soldiers. A few officers looked on in dismay before balling up their fists and left. Not long after, shouting could be heard before it turned peaceful once again.

Fang Yuan came to the side of the bed and looked at the unfortunate City Guardian.

The City Guardian was at the 4 Heavenly Gates before he fell into the trap set by Wu Country. His fate was no longer up to him to decide.

"Poisoned? Simple!"

Given his medical abilities, he had no trouble curing this man. After analyzing his conditions, Fang Yuan gave him a Yama's Order and waited.

After a while, the City Guardian sat up and spat out a mouthful of black blood. The colour returned to his face and he saluted, "Zhang Qingfeng is grateful for your aid!"

"Hmmm, was this done by Wu Country?"

Fang Yuan put his hands behind his back and asked.

Zhang Qingfeng replied, "I have a close confidante who was bought over by them. They could not buy me over and instead poison me. I am afraid that if they did not have any use for me..."

Cold sweat started to form on his forehead as he thought about what could happen.

"Good, do you recognize this?"

Fang Yuan nodded his head and took out the Secluded Mountains Seal.

"Ahhhh? This is..."

Zhang Qingfeng was momentarily shocked. After he carefully looked at it, he kowtowed, "The humble servant meets the Prefecture Master!"

"Do you not question this?"

Fang Yuan was surprised.

"Before the Prefecture Master left, he told me that whoever holds the Secluded Mountains Seal would be the Prefecture Master!"

Zhang Qingfeng teared, "Furthermore, before they suppressed me, they revealed information which I thought was fake and that it was just to confuse me. I did not know that it was true...Master, you must avenge the previous Prefecture Master!"

[1] Hei San is the name of the black-faced officer.