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Chapter 148: Reform

Chapter 148: Reform

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'Revenge? If not for Wu Country's ill intentions, I wouldn't get myself involved in this mess!'

Fang Yuan rolled his eyes but displayed a face of sincerity. He supported Zhang Qingfeng from his bed. "Don't worry. Since I've accepted the appointment as Prefecture Master, those who plot against the old Prefecture Master will be our enemies!"

"Prefecture Master!"

Zhang Qingfeng continuously paid his respects. "You have saved my life, and are determined to take revenge for the old Prefecture Master. From today onwards, my life is yours, and I will obey your every command!"

"Very well!"

Fang Yuan nodded his head and had the exhilaration of playing a video game. "It is of utmost importance to gain control of Secluded Mountain Prefecture! The Secluded Mountain Prefecture City is the core of the entire prefecture! How confident are you in controlling the Secluded Mountain Prefecture Armed Forces?"

"Quite confident!"

Zhang Qingfeng replied without hesitation. "Although my martial arts is not that good, I can still train soldiers out. Most of the new soldiers out there were trained personally by myself! And as for the platoon leaders, there were all recommended by me as well!"

This was his saving grace, to convince Fang Yuan of his usefulness.

"Very well. Later on, go outside and convince the soldiers to close up the four doors. Use the group of traitors as leads to find out who are the other spies, and clean up the city!"

Fang Yuan ordered decisively.


Zhang Qingsheng replied loudly and draped an armour over himself.

He was, after all, a martial artist of the 4 Heavenly Gates and had Fang Yuan's aid. He recovered quite a bit already and regained his might after equipping his armour. As he opened the door, he could hear the cheers from the Secluded Mountain Prefecture soldiers.


Fang Yuan witnessed this scene and nodded his head. He knew that the Secluded Mountain Prefecture was finally under his control.


The Secluded Mountain Prefecture City was especially crowded today.

Previously, a large white bird intruded the city, followed by the chaos in the Prefecture Master's Mansion.

While the crowd was unsettled, groups of soldiers went out to the streets and sealed the four doors. They enforced their patrolling as well.

Even the dullest would have guessed that something big happened.

All the residents were afraid of the unknown and closed their shops and houses. They hid in underground caves and shivered in fear, afraid of the violence that would ensue.

"Chirp! Chirp!"

With the sealing of the 4 doors and the lookout from above by the red-eyed white kind bird, the next step was to locate the spy families based on the sources and eliminate them.

It was a fearful scene to behold.

Even the most influential of families were among the list of families, and the entire family had to be removed.

There were a few cases of retaliation, which could not be taken down by the normal soldiers. The highly skilled martial artists within the Prefecture Master's Mansion would then personally see to it.

In a short while, the entire Secluded Mountain Prefecture was covered in blood.

"Who would've known that the Wu Country did not send a spiritual knight here, not even a Wu Zong... Otherwise, I'll have to personally see it!"

In the Prefecture Master's Mansion, Fang Yuan wore a new set of grand robes and wore a crown on his head. He looked much more cultured than before, and became more gentlemanly, as he shook his head in disappointment.

"It is rare to find martial artists that are able to harness elemental force, even in Wu Country, and they had to take charge of the various counties. To deploy manpower in the Summer Sun Prefecture and trouble the Secluded Mountain Prefecture is not an easy thing to do!"

Zhang Qingfeng reported.

He held a name list in his hand, with bloodstains on it. As he went through the name list, he was utterly shocked.

"If I use my soldiers against all these people, I might have to lose thirty percent of them!"

"Thirty percent is good enough already!"

As Fang Yuan heard him, he snickered and looked at Zhang Qingfeng. "Now that the Prefecture City is under our control, what's next?"

"If your predictions are right, that the Wu Country and the Xia Country's royal family came to an agreement, their next step would be to enter the Secluded Mountain Prefecture. Now that we do not have a footing, we might be plotted against by Summer Sun, Clear Spring Prefectures and the Royal Family! The most important thing to do now is to gather the forces of all 6 counties to witness your appointment, and announce to the world that you are in charge!"

Although Zhang Qingfeng had yet to break through to Wu Zong, he had the looks of it and added, "Take this opportunity to command Qinghe, Cangshui, Lieyang, Cangyi counties... Send their leaders to congratulate you, and deal with those who are absent!"

Fang Yuan nodded his head. In reality, this was how politicians show off.

Those who were willing to witness his appointment as Prefecture Master were those who would willingly follow him and could be treated as their own people.

Those who were not willing to even show their faces would be traitors, and there would be no qualms killing them.

"However, there is something to be discussed..."

Zhang Qingfeng continued, "The previous Prefecture Master brought his strongest allies to war with him, and from the numerous deployments of soldiers, we only have an army of 5,000, and including all those from the other counties, it would still not exceed 10,000. Furthermore, the majority of them are new and inexperienced soldiers, and are unlikely to be able to defend against the Wu Country's attack!"

"The only solution is to force conscription for all families, and to investigate within Summer Sun Prefecture..."

Fang Yuan was lost in his thoughts. "10,000 of our troops were destroyed in one day. There must be a few survivors, and the few capital leaders are Wu Zongs as well. Although they might have been trapped, they might still have a chance at survival. Sending people to Summer Sun Prefecture to investigate might have its returns."

"Yes, Prefecture Master!"

Zhang Qingfeng dismissed himself, with excitement written all over his face.

Fang Yuan remained disappointed as he shook his head.

Regardless, the Secluded Mountain Prefecture was still badly damaged. Even if he immediately recruited new soldiers and was able to instil loyalty in every one of them, it would still be akin to using a praying mantises arm to block a car against an infuriated Wu Country.

Since he agreed to take up this appointment as Prefecture Master, he had confidence in achieving his objective. He could not reveal this secret, not even to Zhang Qingfeng, who had only just displayed loyalty to him a few days ago.

"One of you!"

As he walked out, he called for one of the soldiers to come towards him.

"Prefecture Master, what instructions do you have for me?"

This soldier kneeled on one knee and was rather respectful.

"Rush to Qinghe County, Qingye City, and pass this letter to Zhou Wenwu!"

Fang Yuan passed a letter to the soldier.

Calling his own subordinate here was only normal. Since he was removing the spies, there would be vacancies for him to insert his own trusted subordinates.


Many days had gone by.

News of the change of command among the soldiers in Summer Sun Prefecture and the death of Liu Yan only reached Secluded Mountain Prefecture now, which shocked many.

With Fang Yuan in charge of the Prefecture City, everyone was calm and composed since the spies were already wiped out.

He walked to the centre and made an announcement with the Secluded Mountain Seal. He ordered for all families to mourn for the old Prefecture Master for three days, before preparing for his appointment ceremony.

Outside the Prefecture City.

Carriages passed by, as they could see the Secluded Mountain Prefecture City, like a large black beast.

"This is unthinkable... Who would've guessed that I could come to the Prefecture City in this status..."

Yu Xinlou peeled the curtains and mumbled to himself after seeing the city.

He was plotted against by other people and had to unwillingly give up his ancestor's business here before following Fang Yuan to Qingye City.

However, there were so many changes in such a short period of time.

The death of the Prefecture Master, and the appointment of Fang Yuan as the next Prefecture Master, who would have the power over thirty percent of the entire Xia Country!

"This is very different now!"

Yu Xinlou sighed and clenched his fist. "I must help Master to gain total control over the 6 counties!"



Suddenly, a group of calvaries arrived outside the city gates.

The carriage became tensed up. The people from Qingye City had the escort of the soldiers from Qinghe County and therefore went up to confront the calvaries. "Who are you people?"

"I am the City Guard Zhang Qingfeng. I am under orders from the Prefecture Master to welcome all of you!"

Zhang Qingsheng stopped his horse and examined the people in the carriage.

"Sorry to have troubled you!"

Yu Xinlou hurriedly returned a greeting. "Let's not waste time, shall we enter the city!"

As they entered the Prefecture City, the solemn atmosphere was overwhelming. Yu Xinlou's heat was heavy as he looked at one of the guards.

As they entered the main hall, he sighed in relieve on seeing Fang Yuan seeing calmly in the seat of the Prefecture Master. He greeted him without ado. "Greetings, Sir, and congratulations on being appointed as the Secluded Mountain Prefecture Master!"

"Congratulations Sir! Congratulations!"

Behind him, other than Zhou Wenwu who had to remain in Qingye City to take charge, the rest were here. Huang Fu Renhe, Zhang Sheng, and even Lanruo and Chen Ziying, his two disciples, were here as well to congratulate him.

"Mm, all of you are here just in time."

Fang Yuan nodded his head and started to assign them their respective roles:

"Yu Xinlou, you are the Nine Gates Administrator. Your job is to manage the trading in Nine Gates Trading Market, and let it function as normal!"

"Zhang Sheng, you are the Prefecture City's Secret Guards Leader!"


These were all originally his subordinates, but now they were given extremely high-status appointments.

"Yes Sir, we will lay down our lives for you!"

After being appointed to their ministerial roles, these subordinates paid their respects once more, knowing that their fate was all intertwined with Fang Yuan. If he prospered, they would all prosper, but if he died, they would all die.

"The most important thing now is my appointment ceremony. Work together to get it planned, and don't leave out any important guests and presents!"

Fang Yuan casually instructed them, but as he was doing so, an excited voice interrupted him. "Prefecture Master, good news! Good news!"

"Mm? Come in!"

Fang Yuan waved his hands and saw Zhang Qingsheng waving a letter, full of excitement. "The latest news from Summer Sun Prefecture is that the general that we have sent encountered a large Secluded Mountain Prefecture army of around 9,000 soldiers, and they were led by Leder Niu and Leader Xiang!"


Fang Yuan stood up and was rather surprised. "Is this true? Both the capital leaders are all right?"

"Leader Niu is alright, but Leader Xiang has mild injuries, but only superficial!"

Zhang Qingsheng was overjoyed.

"Haha... Good!"

Fang Yuan was suspicious about the news, but all he displayed was a face of happiness. "Send someone to assist them!"

"Congratulations, Prefecture Master! This calls for a celebration!"

Yu Xinlou and the rest were all filled with excitement.

Just as he started out on his appointment as a Prefecture Master, such good news already came his way. Indeed, it was blessing from the heavens.

Most importantly, with this additional help, he could be much more confident.