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Chapter 149: The Ceremony

Chapter 149: The Ceremony

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It was the fifteenth day of the seventh month in the Xia Calendar. The day was marked as an auspicious one, and was a suitable day for those who wanted to start a business or travel.

The weather was pleasant and there was a gentle breeze.

Within the Secluded Mountain Prefecture, families took down the white cloths that were put up to mourn for Liu Yan, and changed to red cloths, in celebration of the appointment of the new Prefecture Master.

Fang Yuan chose this date to hold his appointment ceremony.

A few days ago, martial artists and sect masters from all over came to the Prefecture City, making it livelier than before.

As the gates of the Prefecture City opened, guests and visitors flowed in.

"The Governor of Lieyang County is here!"

"The Five Ghosts Sect Sect Master is here!"

"The Governor of Cangyi County is here!"

"The gang leader of Giant Whale Gang is here!"


As they reported their names, those who held high appointments within the Secluded Mountain Prefecture gathered in the main hall.

Yu Xinlou and company put in a lot of effort for the entire ceremony. From the rituals to the details on welcoming every guest, everything was settled very well, and had the vibe of an extremely important ceremony.

"Master taking over as Prefecture Master is what everyone wants!"

From afar, Fang Yuan watched silently, and behind him was Zhang Qingfeng, who exclaimed.

"That's right, what everyone wants!"

Fang Yuan wore a grand silk robe and a crown. He looked like a fine gentleman and had a domineering vibe.

At his appointment ceremony, everyone was congratulatory; no one had any opposing intent.

Firstly, it was because there were all aware of the impending invasion from the Wu Country. No matter how capable this young man would be, he would still lose.

Secondly was that Fang Yuan's appointment was official.

There was an agreement stating that the strongest among the Prefecture would be the Prefecture Master.

Based on skill, who could match up against the martial artist cum spiritual knight Fang Yuan?

In terms of influence, he already had the loyalty of the Secluded Mountain Prefecture Armed Forces, and his own base at Qinghe County, Qingye City. With Niu Dingtian's and Xiang Zilong's support when they return, there was no one else who could fight with him for this appointment.

He had the skill and the means and therefore was only natural for him to be the Prefecture Master.

Of course, with this appointment responsibilities would come.

"The auspicious time is here!"

Accompanying the firecrackers, the ceremony master's voice became louder.

"Let's go!"

Fang Yuan took the golden cloak over and draped it over himself. With the airs of a master, he walked into the main hall.

"Greetings to Prefecture Master!"

Every guest greeted him with a smile as he walked past.

If not for his dream master cultivation and his shocking magical energy, he would not have known the true feelings of these guests.

'Suspicious... afraid... fearful... There are only a few true loyal ones!'

His mind was cold but he kept his joyful appearance.

His footsteps were silent as he walked up to the stage. At one side, Zhang Qiingfeng looked serious as he held a tray with a black seal on it. It was the Secluded Mountain Seal.

In reality, all the loose ends were tied up; this was just a ceremony.

"Prefecture Master, will you please have the Secluded Mountain Seal!"

As drum beats were heard, Zhang Qingfeng kneeled down and presented the seal.


Fang Yuan held the seal in his hands and walked up to the Prefecture Master's seat. He sat down and appeared composed.

"As Prefecture Master takes his seat, subordinates shall pay our greetings!"

As the ceremony master exclaimed, even the most scheming subordinate had to follow the flow, kneel down and bow three times in respect.

'This is a gentleman's pleasure!'

Seeing the masses kneeling before him, Fang Yuan felt that he harnessed a huge power, which could make him go over his head easily.

Fang Yuan being Fang Yuan, he was able to be awakened from the trance easily after countless training from dreams.

It only took a simple thought for him to regain clarity.

Regardless if he was taking over Qingye City or taking control of Secluded Mountain Prefecture, it was simply just dealing with others.

When it was time to give up, he could do so easily with little to no attachment to the power.

"Life is like a game of chess, and the other people are like the chess pieces. As a Prefecture Master, I shall engage in a good game of chess with the surrounding countries!"

Within a thought, Fang Yuan felt enlightened as the cultivation of his mind became deepened.

The experiences in his dream world were ultimately fake. However, they were of a great assistance as training opportunities to cultivate his mind in the real world.

As he regained his composure, a clear voice travelled through the entire hall. "Everyone, please rise... As the new Prefecture Master takes his place, we have a lot of unfinished business to settle, and I hope everyone will cooperate!"

Everyone got up to their feet and looked at each other, and saw the majestic and young Prefecture Master, as everyone flinched in their hearts.

"The messenger from Wu Country is here!"

At this point in time, the door outside shook, and the ceremony master's voice of hesitation was heard.

"Prefecture Master?"

Niu Dingtian stood out.

He was a boor and displayed his loyalty to Fang Yuan after knowing of Liu Yan's plans while he was alive.

Fang Yuan only used those that he trusted as his subordinates, as he gave them important roles.

It was the same for Xiang Zilong, except that he was still recuperating from his injuries.

Niu Dingtian felt that the messenger was hostile. "Do you want me to chase him away?"

"Today is an auspicious day, and all who come are guests. Do invite him in!"

Fang Yuan shook his head and passed his order down.

Not long after, a skinny man in brown robes adopting a daoist priest appearance entered as he stared at Fang Yuan intensely.

"I am Xuan Sheng, and I'm here to congratulate Prefecture Master's appointment on behalf of the Wu Country!"

Daoist Elder Xuan Sheng cupped his hands, and without much respect, continued. "Presenting a hundred taels of gold, a pair of Ruyi, and an Imperial Letter!"

"Imperial Letter?"

Fang Yuan sighed. "What is it written?"

Xuang Sheng stroked his beard and chuckled, as though he did not care that he was in enemy's territory, brimming with confidence. "This Imperial Letter is signed by the Xia Country's advisor, stating that the land of the entire Secluded Mountain Prefecture is now under the jurisdiction of the Wu Country!"


With the news, the entire hall was in shock.

Even though he had heard of the news of Xia Country giving up land to Wu Country, he did not expect them to be crazy to the extent of giving up an entire prefecture to the neighbouring country!

There was a commotion in the entire hall.


Fang Yuan appeared calm as he struck his right palm out.


A large energy was felt throughout the entire hall, as though everyone's neck was held and the commotion stopped.

A few people witnessed this scene and broke out in cold sweat.

The fear from this new Prefecture Master was no less intense as compared to Liu Yan, which was an unbelievable thing.

"... Based on the Imperial Letter, the Secluded Mountain Prefecture is now the property of the Qu Country. Your appointment as Prefecture Master will have to be approved by our country and written in our records before it is official!"

Xuan Sheng continued to blabber on. "My country's king loves talents. If you prepare a huge gift for him and follow me to see my country advisor, who else could snatch this appointment from you?"

He tried to incite Fang Yuan, and even Niu Dingtian could not come to a decision.

Xuan Sheng was waiting patiently with anticipation.

'Once Fang Yuan agrees, he would be officiated and the Secluded Mountain Prefecture would fall even without an invasion... Even if he is undecided, if he is willing to join the Wu Country, he would fall into our trap, and is still a good outcome!'

As he was thinking of the possibilities, Xuan Sheng looked at Fang Yuan and his eyes shone brightly.

'Eh? This old daoist has ill intentions, and is still trying to confuse my divine spirit?'

As he came into eye contact with Xuan Sheng, he felt his consciousness collapsing, as he almost unknowingly agreed.

But who is he?

As his dream elemental force moved, he recovered from the trance and was infuriated. "Hehe... Who cares about the Xia Country's Imperial Letter?"


Xuan Sheng's expression changed. "This man is young and possesses high magical energy. How could he escape from my Six Soul Eyes... Strong adversary! If he continues to develop, he would be a big threat to the Wu Country!"

Only at this moment did he realise that his neck stiffened. He could not move away from Fang Yuan's glare, as though he became a puppet, unable to move. "Backlash!"

Although his Six Soul Eyes were impressive, if his target was much stronger than him, it would result in a backlash, and this backlash might even kill him.

Fang Yuan did not give him any regard. "Wu Country is a crazy country! The Wu Country's Imperial Advisor is greedy and cruel. The previous Prefecture Master died in your hands and now you want to convince me?"

"My Secluded Mountain Prefecture can survive on its own, why bother about outsiders trying to seal us up? As for the Xia Country king, losing his land is such a disgrace and an ungentlemanly act. I will question him personally next time!"


As he finished his words, Elder Daoist Xuan Sheng spat out a mouthful of blood.

That was not all.

As he covered his eyes, he wailed. As he got up to his feet, a pair of eyeballs fell out, leaving two bloody eye sockets, striking fear in anyone who saw him.

"Good... Good..."

Elder Taoist Xuan Sheng was pale, as he laughed. "I have no foresight, and deserved this! But, Prefecture Master, don't get too cocky... My Wu Country's Imperial Advisor has already prepared an army of 100,000 soldiers at the boundaries of your PRefecture, waiting for the command to invade. Once the go-ahead is given, your tiny prefecture will be reduced to ashes!"

This was a huge threat, and many who heard it were shocked to their wits.

"Prefecture Master... Who would've known..."

Inside, Niu Dingtian was shocked beyond words, and could not say a single thing as he looked at Fang Yuan.

He knew that this old daoist was highly skilled, and was equivalent to the level of a spiritual knight. He was still initially worried that Fang Yuan might be at a disadvantage.

But look, by just staring at him, even his eyeballs could fall off?

This scary move could even be stronger than Liu Yan's spiritual spells.

"Very well, then bring my work to your Imperial Advisor!"

Facing a threat, Fang Yuan chuckled. "Tell him, I am waiting for him to come here and die!"