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Chapter 152: Appearance

Chapter 152: Appearance

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"Brother Xiang, I didn't expect that you were such a person!"

Niu Dingtian's voice was deep and was filled with shock.

Xiang Zilong knew that he couldn't escape. He went to the entrance with a few other lieutenants. Illuminating the way with their fire torches, they saw Fang Yuan, Niu Dingtian, Zhang Qingfeng and a few other soldiers already surrounding the whole place.

Niu Dingtian, who was in front, was still in disbelief. "Why are you doing this, Brother Xiang?"

"Hehe….The winner shall be the king, and the loser shall be the beggar. Since I've lost, what can I say?"

Xiang Zilong gave a cold smile and looked at Fang Yuan. "But, how could you have known that it's me? Enlighten me, Prefecture Master, so I can rest in peace!"

"Your plan was perfect, but I had already begun to suspect you from the beginning!"

Fang Yuan shook his head and continued, "Summer Sun Prefecture was so dangerous, but you two Wu Zongs managed to escape, how fortunate!"

In fact, this was just an excuse Fang Yuan used to explain his suspicions of Xiang Zilong.

The actual reason was that he was a dream master and therefore could sense evil in Xiang Zilong.

"Just because of that?"

Xiang Zilong couldn't believe it.

He had always been very loyal to Liu Yan and did not harbour any thoughts of betrayal while on the way to the Summer Sun Prefecture. Hence, he couldn't believe how Fang Yuan was able to see through him.

"Yes, it is because of that…..Plus….."

Fang Yuan chuckled and continued, "Since I'm the Prefecture Master, do I need any reason to suspect you? Oh…..I will need to thank you for sharing the intelligence with the enemy. As a token of appreciation, I shall let you die faster!"


Xiang Zilong broke into cold sweat.

He didn't expect that Fang Yuan, a young Prefecture Master to be so profound!

Fang Yuan knew that he was a spy, kept mum, pretended he didn't know anything, and even caused him to share fake intelligence with Wu Country!

An ant would do everything to keep itself alive.

The few other lieutenants around appeared hopeless, but Xiang Zilong was different. Scanning his surroundings quickly, he was prepared to escape this place!

After all, he was a Wu Zong and could go anywhere he wanted to go. If he could escape to the enemy's camp, he could live there comfortably for the rest of his life. Why would he be willing to die here?

As this thought flashed through his mind, there was a sudden change!


Fang Yuan shifted himself quickly like a lightning and in a blink of an eye, he appeared right in front of Xiang Zilong and grabbed him!

"Chi! Chi!"

The surrounding air became tense, and as Fang Yuan started to grab hold of him, the surrounding air became as though they were layers and layers of chains, restricting Xiang Zilong.

Even though he knew that this was just an illusion, it had utterly shocked Xiang Zilong.

The new Prefecture Master was so powerful!


Xiang Zilong's face became red and his blood vessels started to explode. Between life and death, he unleashed his potential and freed himself from Fang Yuan's claw to his neck. Suddenly, he retreated 10 yards backwards before leaping forward; the shadow of his legs fell like raindrops.

"Dragon Subduing Kick!"

Xiang Zilong was also a Wu Zong and was very experienced. He also knew that he would be dead if he chose to escape. The only way out was to defeat the other person.

Hence, he chose to strike first and the first move that he executed was his strongest technique.


The shadow of the leg reached Fang Yuan and started to noise like how raindrops land on leaves. However, Fang Yuan paid no attention as though his opponent's moves were like a gentle breeze. He went forward and struck another claw out!

"Rough technique? Your technique is scarier than Niu Dingtian's!"

This thought ran through Xiang Zilong's mind. A crisp sound was heard and he fell to the ground, crying out loud.


There was blood everywhere.

Only now did the others watching realised that Xiang Zilong's leg had already been grabbed and broken by Fang Yuan, and the leg had fallen onto the ground.

In just a few moves, Xiang Zilong, who was well known in the Secluded Mountains and had been a capital leader in the Secluded Mountains Mansion Armed Forces, was defeated?

Not only that, but he was defeated that easily?

Niu Dingtian opened his eyes widely and slapped his cheeks for a few times. He couldn't believe what he had just seen.

"Bring this man away and lock him up!"

Fang Yuan brought out a white handkerchief to wipe off the bloodstains on his hand while he gave that order.

"Prefecture Master, what about these lieutenants?"

At that moment, Zhang Qingfeng were prepared to take down these lieutenants and knelt down to ask for further instructions.

"These betrayers? What more can I say? Just kill them!"

Niu Dingtian's eyes were filled with anger. He was disappointed in Xiang Zilong and these lieutenants.

"Even though they are a bunch of useless crap, there is still some use in them!"

Fang Yuan then thought, "Xiang Zilong had already wanted to betray us tonight. I should use them as baits to lure the soldiers of the Wu Country out..."

"Prefecture Master! Please allow us to achieve something great for you in order to compensate for the sins we have made!"

When they realised that there was hope for survival for all of them, the few lieutenants immediately knelt down and kowtowed.


It was midnight.

Outside the city gate.

A troop of soldiers stealthily reached the city gate with black masks and weapons.

After they mimicked the cry of a mouse for 3 times, they heard something across the city wall and there were a few noises. A small gap opened in the city gates and a lieutenant was revealed behind the gap. "Why are you all late?"

"We were making further preparations just in case!"

The leader of the troop whispered, "How is the situation inside like?"

"The lieutenant here guarding the gate has been taken down by us. The rest of them are on our side. Follow me!"

The city gate was opened slowly and there was excitement in the eyes of the leader. He then led the troop of people into the city stealthily.

As they passed through the old city wall, they were not in the city yet. They would still have to take another path, which was why this place was also nicknamed the Urn City.

"Something is not right!"

Within the Urn City, someone besides the leader cried out loud. "Retreat, it is a trap!"

"Close the city gate!"

"Kacha! Kacha!"

After a few loud noises, the city gate was fully closed and the whole place was suddenly well lighted. Many archers were already pulling their bows and aiming at the troop and started to fire their arrows.

"Hmm? There is a spiritual knight among them? Since he is here, does he think he can escape?"

Most of the people in the troop were either injured or dead from the rain of arrows. Fang Yuan's eyes lighted up and as pounced forward, he ordered Niu Dingtian to follow closely.


"Damn it! We have fallen into a trap!"

Outside the city wall, the army of the Wu Country had gathered there quietly. Taoist Elder Xuan Sheng was surprised when he heard the noises and cries from the Urn City.

"The enemy have their defences up here. We should retreat!"

General Fei Long looked far towards the city walls and heard a few shouts and killing noises. His face was all tensed up.

"Looks like the noises are not from the successful rebellion of Xiang Zilong, but from their revelation and downfall!"

Wu Wudao was disappointed.

One of the men among that troop was one of his disciples, whom he had cultivated with all his heart and soul to attain the status of a spiritual knight!

However, his disciple was now trapped in the city.

With this, he had the urge to lead all the most skilled men to charge through the city walls to save his beloved disciple.

Unfortunately, his magical weapon, the Flying Leaf, had been destroyed and as he looked at the expressionless General Fei Long and the blind Taoist Elder Xuan Sheng, he gritted his teeth.

Who would have known that this precautionary measure would lead to the death of his disciple!

"This is so strange!"

After the Taoist Elder Xuan Sheng had calmed down, he also had the same question in his mind. "As a spiritual knight, how could he not know that something was amiss before entering the city?"

Ever since they had become enemies with the new prefecture master of the Secluded Mountain Mansion, they felt restrained constantly and did not know why or how.

Such a feeling was torturous.

The commanders of Wu Country didn't know that Fang Yuan was a dream master and also considered to be an expert in deception and illusions. Furthermore, he had set up these traps personally. Hence, it would be a joke if a recently promoted spiritual knight were able to see through them.

"Pass the order down. We shall return back to base and attack tomorrow!"

General Fei Long ordered his troops to return to base. Before he left, he looked at the city building and had a bad feeling.


"They didn't attack?"

Above the city wall, Fang Yuan gave a cold laugh as he witnessed the troops from the Wu Country returning to their base. "They are really able to endure this. However…..they are in a precarious situation!"

"If we don't counterattack them tonight, it will still be the same tomorrow!"

He stood at the city building, deep in thought.

"Counterattack the enemy tomorrow?"

Niu Dingtian and Zhang Qingfeng were behind Fang Yuan. Although they were convinced of his ability, they were still a little startled when they heard what Fang Yuan had just said.

"That's right. Pass the order down to add more meat for tomorrow's breakfast. Let all our soldiers have a good meal before we prepare to attack!"

Fang Yuan gave a mysterious smile.

Beneath him, there were noises at the foot of the city wall…..


It was the second day. The scorching sun was high up in the sky.

"Men, get the heads of Xiang Zilong and the spiritual knight as a sacrificial gift for the gods!"

Without hesitation, Fang Yuan cut off the heads of the two elemental force experts effortlessly and threw their heads down from the city wall.

Witnessing this, Wu Wudao flinched as General Fei Long gave a huge sigh. Without any reservation, General Fei Long ordered the army to attack the city with all their might.

Even though they experienced setbacks a few days ago, the general still believed in his war tactics.

His ability was still greater than the enemy. If he were to suppress the enemy head-on without fear for anything, Wu Country would surely win the war.



As the trebuchets were activated, the Wu Country's soldiers were charging straight at the city wall with no fear of death.

Soon, the city wall became like a meat grinder. Both sides suffered heavy losses and there were many bloody bodies piled up. The city wall had turned red because of the blood.

"Reporting! The situation at the west gate is critical. The enemies have already got onto the city wall!"

"Reporting! Critical situation at the east gate. There are heavy losses there and we need backup now!"


The reports came in like falling snow. This was the consequence of having a small army, and there were breaches everywhere along the city wall.

"Prefecture Master, let me go and help them!"

Niu Dingtian and Zhang Qingfeng knelt down to ask for permission to join the battle.

"There is no need!"

Fang Yuan waved his hand and said, "Order the troops to retreat and fight in the streets!"


Everyone was shocked when they heard that order. Once the troops retreated, it would be as though they had lost the battle. Why even bother talking about a counterattack?

"This is an order!"

Fang Yuan glared at them.

Immediately, there was a loud noise coming from the east gate. Then, there were many cheers of 'We've broken through' heard. The soldiers from the Wu Country flooded into the streets of the city.

"The Secluded Mountain Mansion Armed Forces are much more useless than I thought…...Nevermind, it is better this way. This will be more convincing..."

Fang Yuan nodded his head as he looked at the soldiers from the Wu Country, who were given multiple orders to suppress their enemies completely. Fang Yuan gave a smile and raised his right hand.


At every corner of the city walls, the ground started to break. Many flowers appeared, and light was reflected from blades. Within seconds, the nearby Wu Country soldiers were at lost and were soon slashed into pieces.

Outside the city, General Fei Long was stunned. Slowly, he witnessed the entire Cangshan City transforming into a flower city within seconds…..