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Chapter 154: Resounding Defeat

Chapter 154: Resounding Defeat

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"Prefecture Master!"

With the interference from General Fei Long, Wu Wudao and Xuan Sheng recovered. They looked at Fang Yuan with intense hatred.

"That's right!"

Fang Yuan smiled. He did not hold them in regard.

The Elemental Force Realm experts were nothing to him.

The situation remained unchanged even though Fang Yuan previously had the protection of the troops. He did not fear these spiritual knights.

He was the king amongst the spiritual flowers and grass!

As for the few aristocrats of Wu Country in front of him? There 100,000 troops were scattered and their strength was unable to be mustered.

The offensive and the defensive were reversed!


A gust of foul-smelling wind.

Not far away, the Sickle Grass and Serrated Flowers were dancing. Like a reaper, they claimed the lives of many soldiers.

Wu Wudao, Xuan Sheng and Fei Long felt like vomiting blood after they witnessed this scene.

How can they rely on so few people to conquer Secluded Mountains Prefecture?

Their army had been destroyed and any plan that they had, had turned into a joke.

The mastermind behind all this was the youth that was laughing in front of them. They did not realise that the reason for all his previous preparations was all for that one moment of attack!


General Fei Long praised, "I have never lost a single battle. To think that my streak would end in your hands..."

"How? Unless you wish to continue?"

Fang Yuan said loftily with no sign of fear.

Wu Wudao was momentarily indecisive.

He still had General Fei Long and Taoist Elder Xuan Sheng at his side. In terms of strength, they outmatched their opponent. However, things were not as simple.

After all, the Prefecture Master was impossible to predict which caused him to worry excessively.

His condition was being suppressed by the Mystical Ice Pill but there was no guarantee that his conditions would not worsen during the battle.

On the opponent's side, Niu Dingtian was the weakest. However, he was trained in rough technique which was enough to harass an opponent. That spiritual beast's aura was also comparable to a martial artist at the peak of the 12 Gates and it had the ability to fly. If it also possessed a few more talents, it would have become a force to be reckoned with... In addition, there was also the unpredictable Fang Yuan...

Given the situation, defeating the opponent was not something that could be achieved in a short amount of time.

Furthermore, they would not be able to stop their opponents from escaping!

Looking at how the situation was developing, he definitely did not have so much time!

If they were unable to swiftly bring down their opponent, they would soon be surrounded by the Secluded Mountain Prefecture Armed Forces and the spiritual flowers and grass!

If that was the case, it would be their side that perished.

General Fei Long was helpless and did not have a plan to turn the tables around.


Wu Wudao arrived at the side of the spiritual disciple who was vomiting blood in a flash. He fed the disciple a spiritual pill and looked at Fang Yuan with hatred.

It was not wise to deal with an enemy without knowing the enemy's ability.

He shouldn't let emotions cloud his thinking even though one of his beloved disciples had sacrificed his life for the country and the other beloved disciple was heavily wounded.

Wu Wudao looked bitterly at the Red-Eyed White King Bird and asked coldly, "Prefecture Master, what are your desires?"

"You entered my territories, killed my people and still ask me what my desires are?"

Fang Yuan was bemused as if he heard a joke.

"It is natural that the strong feed on the weak. Given the situation in Xia Country, if Wu Country did not act, there would still be Yuan, Zhu Country...even you, are you really just a subject of the Xia Country?"

Taoist Elder Xuan Sheng shook his head.

"Hmm...never mind!"

Fang Yuan glanced back at Cangshan City which was beginning to quieten down, "I want all of you to leave the Secluded Mountain Prefecture and swear a blood oath that you would not invade us within the century!"

"A century!?"

General Fei Long furrowed his brows.

He might have agreed readily if it was just a few decades. After all, the army of Wu Country had suffered great loss and needed time to recover.

But a hundred years? That was a bit too long.

"What if we do not agree? Unless you think you can threaten us with your troops?"

Wu Wudao coldly asked.

While they were interested in helping Wu Country preserve its strength. It was not feasible if it was a matter of life and death.

"Of course not!"

Fang Yuan's expression grew cold, "I will only guarantee that none of you will leave the prefecture alive!"


Wu Wudao laughed. "Do you think you can kill us?"

"I am confident of delaying you till the army arrive and surround you!"

Fang Yuan dusted his shoulders, "If my plans fail, at least I would be able to escape with my spiritual beast! What about you all? Care to try?"

Upon hearing this, Wu Wudao's breaths slowed and he shriveled.

The opponent possessed a flying spiritual beast and was shameless to the extent of escaping if he could not beat them.

What the opponent said was true! If he felt that something was amiss, he could turn tail and run.

Furthermore, he was young and had countless of opportunities for revenge.

As for them, a wrong move would result in their deaths!

If they had really miscalculated, went into battle and did not manage to defeat the spiritual knight cum Wu Zong and his spiritual beast, there was a possibility that they would be surrounded and killed.

In an instant, the three of them hesitated.

They did not have much time to consider as they see their troops being defeated and the spiritual plants slowly surrounding them.


Wu Wudao looked at Fang Yuan and Niu Dingtian and saw that they had ill intentions for his disciple.

He knew that once the battle starts, he might be able to survive but his disciple would die without a doubt!

"Prefecture Master...well-played. I concede!"

Taoist Elder Xuan Sheng caved in, "I acknowledge the century agreement!"

Wu Wudao felt grateful.

This matter was grave and as such, either General Fei Long or he could acknowledge the agreement first. If not, there would be consequences.

Xuan Sheng knew that and as such he stepped forward and gave in, knowing full well that he would take the brunt of the consequences.

"If that is the case, I agree as well!"

General Fei Long sighed.

Wu Wudao gave his promise.

"That's good, please leave. I will not be seeing you out!"

Fang Yuan waved and smiled as if he was a good host. There was no sign of mutual hostility.

"The Secluded Mountains Prefecture is guaranteed a century of peace..."

Wu Wudao's and General Fei Long's eyes met. They sighed and silently walked away.

"Prefecture Master, why not ...?"

Seeing the view of the people disappearing, Niu Dingtian stepped forward and asked.

"Do you have the confidence to kill the three of them? Wu Wudao is the Imperial Advisor of Wu, General Fei Long is the prodigy in Wu Country. Who knows what trump cards they are hiding?"

Fang Yuan looked at him, "How many of our soldiers' lives must be sacrificed with no guarantee of victory?"

Niu Dingtian could not answer and sweated cold sweat.

Fang Yuan closed his eyes. He still had some stuff that he did not speak out loud.

Wu Wudao and his companions readily agreed to the agreement as Fang Yuan had given several conditions that were beneficial to them apart from their current circumstances.

For example, the agreement only applied to the troops and did not govern the martial artists in the Elemental Force Realm.

If he was met with any danger, there was no guarantee that these powerful individuals would not come to cause trouble.

They would definitely come!

However, without this 'loophole', how would he expect that the Wu Country would so readily withdraw?

Fang Yuan was confident of his abilities.

'It seems like from now on, I am another Liu Yan in the mind of Wu Country. I might even be met with more consequences...the more they come, the more I can hone my skills!'

There were benefits to not declaring war.

For instance, Wu Wudao only knew that Fang Yuan was unpredictable and cunning. He would not expect that Fang Yuan had already reached the peak of the Elemental Gathering Realm!

He could make use of the time he gained to make a breakthrough in the shortest possible time.

Worldly conspiracies would be nothing if he managed to break through the Elemental Gathering Realm.


Summer Sun Prefecture.

"The king order that the Summer Sun Prefecture is part of Xia Country. Today, we specially come forward to reassure the citizens that there would be not taxes in addition to other benefits if you all surrender. If not, you will be charged with treason and executed!"

In front of a city, there was a struggle followed by the raising of a white flag in the face of the army of the Xia Country capital.

"Very well, this is already the third city which surrendered without a battle!"

Xie Lingyun celebrated as she dispatched the troops to enter the city. "Out of the 6 counties in the Summer Sun Prefecture, 3 counties have returned to the hands of the royal family. This is a cause for celebration!"

She had no intention to help Wu Country in this battle.

In the eyes of the Xia Country's royal family, the previous Prefecture Master, Liu Yan, was a traitor and that the Wu Country was greedy.

Being attacked by both sides and the benefits taken away by Wu Country? Only a fool would do that.

After receiving the letter from Fang Yuan, Xie Lingyun ordered the troops to put on a front, while the main body of troops heads towards Summer Sun Prefecture with an intention of making the Summer Sun Prefecture the property of the royal family.

She had a similar plan for the Clear Spring Prefecture.

"Such a shame...the Summer Sun Prefecture is in ruins..."

As she thought of the devastating scene that she had witnessed on her journey here, Xie Lingyun could not help but shake her head, her face displaying a sign of worry.

'After Wu Country conquer the Secluded Mountains Prefecture, the next step would be to set their eyes on the remainder of Xia Country...luckily it takes time to implement changes. However, Xia Country do not have many opportunities left, especially...engagement...'

To be truthful, it is natural for the royal family to be connected by marriage.

However, Xie Lingyun was hesitant as that would give the other party another reason to take over Xia Country during times of unrest.

"A letter from the Secluded Mountain Prefecture!"

A messenger hurried forward.

"Is it about the defeat of the Secluded Mountains?"

Xie Lingyun could not help but sigh when she thought of the genius who was highly cultivated but lacked practice. The latest report suggested that he had staked everything in Cangshan. Defeat was imminent for him.

"There was a resounding defeat. But it was not the Secluded Mountains and was Wu Country instead!"


Xie Lingyun trembled and looked incredulous.