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Chapter 157: Drunken Moon

Chapter 157: Drunken Moon

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The Descent Moon Court was a famous landmark in the Zhu Country. The court was located beside the Drunken Moon Lake. It had 7 floors and was over 30 yards tall. The construction of the court was extremely ingenious From the top floor, the view of the Drunken Moon Lake was spectacular and had a soothing effect. Inside the court, there were a few calligraphies made by famous scholars. The most poetic one was the 'Immortal Drunken Moon' and was considered a treasure in the court. Not anyone would have a chance to see it.

There was a thin layer of fog gliding on the surface of the lake. The lake was huge and it was home to reeds and other aquatic life. The scenery was mesmerising, and the lake had provided a living for many people. One of the best aquatic products that could be caught from the lake was the Drunken Moon Silverfish. It was a delicacy served in the Descent Moon Court. The dish was carefully made and consists of getting the freshest sections from 49 different Drunken Moon Silverfishes. It was delicious beyond comparison. It was said that tasting this dish would be akin to attaining immortality, and other types of meat would taste worthless in the next three months.

Fang Yuan sat boldly in a suite room. There was a jade white wine pot in front of him and the wine in it was very fragrant. A sumptuous meal was laid out on the table, and one of the dishes was the speciality in Descent Moon Court; the 7 Treasures Sliced Drunken Fish. The slices of fish were thin and transparent. There was also an aroma of the wine from the slices of fish, making it very tasty.

"Hmm…..not bad. This is good!"

Fang Yuan took another slice using his chopsticks and tipped the waitress beside him. "This fish is fresh and tender. With the addition of the wine, it is a complete match and a good combination. This taste is extraordinary….."

"Master, you are an expert in food indeed!"

After hearing Fang Yuan's praises, the waitress quickly kept the tips and her eyes were filled with happiness. "This is a top quality Drunken Silverfish. This fish naturally has the taste of the wine and it is rare to catch this fish in the Drunken Moon Lake!"

"The Drunken Silverfish?"

Fang Yuan laughed and his eyes glittered a little. "So the fish knows how to drink alcohol?"

"This…..I'm afraid the fishes do know how. Looks like master, you are not here for the Drunken Moon Festival?" The waitress was a little startled as she asked that question.

"The Drunken Moon Festival?"

Fang Yuan casually enjoyed his meal. "Tell me more about it!"


The waitress was a little surprised. Nevertheless, she still explained it in detail to Fang Yuan.

There would be a few days in the Drunken Moon Lake where there would be a Lunar Corona. During this period of time, wine aroma would come from the lake intermittently, as it reflects the moon on the surface of the lake. Hence, the name Drunken Moon Lake.

During these few days, the lake would have good stuff like the rare Drunken Silverfish and other spiritual animals!

This attracted many scholars and martial artists to explore the secrets behind this. They would also trade here in the market during this period of the year and since then, this had become an annual festival.


Fang Yuan laughed and said, "So what a coincidence, I've come at the right time. Looks like I am destined to experience this festival!"

"Of course. Master, you are a lucky person!"

The waitress covered her mouth and laugh politely. However, that was not what she thought.

Not anyone could enter the Descent Moon Court. Even though was Fang Yuan was a stranger to the court, the waitresses were ordered to provide a good service to Fang Yuan and serve him good food. So how could he be just a normal person?

Not to mention, Fang Yuan had an elegant temperament and was wealthy.

She was guessing that Fang Yuan must be from a rich household.

Fang Yuan lifted up his cup. Amidst the cooling breeze and the scenery, his mind was running wild. 'I didn't expect….that the location of the treasure was a tourist landmark. The person who made the map, his actions are very unexpected…...However, since he could hide the map from so many people, the method of concealing the treasure might not be that simple. With the festivities around, I could delay a day before heading to the lake to continue searching….."


Since the Drunken Moon Festival was quite famous in the Zhu Country, preparations were made a few days in advance.

As the festival approached, Fang Yuan realised that more and more people arrived at the lake. Martial artists were walking around with swords and daggers, looking ferocious and all tense up, causing many to subconsciously avoid them.

It was nighttime. The moon was high up in the sky and above the lake, there was a layer of thick fog.

The lakeside was very quiet and there were a number of lone fires burning emerald green in colour, giving one the creeps.

As the number of lone fires increased, horses and cows gathered around. Tents were being set up and the place became like a market. However, to those who had no idea what was going on, it would seem like a gathering of demons.

In fact, it was called the Ghost Market.

Fang Yuan realised that it was just a gathering set up by the cultivation world. This gathering was made mysterious like a cult so normal people would not join in.

"I should take a look at this annual black market!"

Nobody knew who was the one who organised the black market and the people who came were all mysterious. Fang Yuan wore a hat which had covered almost half of his face.

The products sold in this black market had unknown sources. However, there were a few good stuff here.

Of course, there was no guarantee to any of the products sold. One could end up getting a fake product or products that might implicate them with bad blood, and if that is so, one can only blame oneself's bad luck.

"Is it your first time here?"

At the entrance of the ghost market, a few strong men in black were guarding and as they saw Fang Yuan, they welcomed him with a smile.

"Yes…..Are there any rules here when I enter this place?"

Fang Yuan's eyes glittered and he was glowing, startling a few of them.

"No rules….just a few agreements that we have to remind you when you enter!"

The leader of the group laughed and explained. "Inside the market, you can either exchange a good with another good, or you can pay in gold or silver. However, banknotes are not accepted. Once a trade has been made, you cannot ask for a refund. Of course, the most important is that you should not use force on anyone or else you will be severely dealt with."


Fang Yuan waved his hands and entered the market.

"Big Brother..."

Another man in black beside the leader noticed that Fang Yuan was rather rude. He went forward to talk to the leader.

"Don't harbour any stupid ideas. Are you tired of living?"

The leader's eyes were serious as he berated that man. "We were recommended by everyone to guard this place because we are righteous! It would not pay off to do these meaningless things! Also….."

As he looked in the direction which Fang Yuan had gone, he was feeling a little worried.

Even though Fang Yuan's voice sounded young, the leader was unsure if Fang Yuan was an old master in disguise. No one would be able to help him if he really offended an expert who could use elemental force.


This leader obviously didn't know that by being reserved, it saved his life.

Fang Yuan was looking around in the market, surprised.

"A black market indeed. The goods here are of good quality and the prices are rather cheap. The only thing is that no one knows where these goods come from….."

He went past a few stalls and bought a few rare spiritual objects, and was not interested in the rest.

After all, at his current level of maturity and his status as a prefecture master, there were not many things that made him interested.

"Everyone, the Drunken Moon Lake is about to open. There will be numerous spiritual objects around, and therefore is the best time to try your luck. How can you not have a Water Map with you?"

A loud voice was heard from the front.

Among the rather silent market, this voice attracted quite a lot of attention.

Fang Yuan went forward and saw a person wearing a cloak. The person was squatting by the roadside and there was a small stall right in front of him, displaying 3 maps for sale.

"This is the Drunken Moon Water Adventure Map. I have spent decades crafting out this map and I will be only selling 3 copies. Each copy cost 1,000 taels of white silver or any goods that are of similar price!"

He sounded greedy.

"This map is crafted beautifully, but I'm not sure if it's real or fake…..Otherwise, 1,000 taels for this map is not at all expensive!"

An onlooker came forward and took a look at the map. He shook his head and asked, "Is it possible for me to have a look at the complete version of the map?"

"Not possible!"

The man in cloak rejected straight away and said, "Only those who have paid can view the complete version. I am swearing right here that there will only be 3 copies of this map sold this year!"

'Hmm? Indeed a smart person!'

Fang Yuan went forward and realised that the maps were incomplete as the map had missed out many districts. However, the map was crafted beautifully. There were measurements and legends included, which seemed that much effort had been put into when crafting this map.

However, the possibility of it being fake was very high. It would be too late to regret it if he had bought it and realised that it was fake.

Also, who could fully trust that person in the cloak with just a guarantee from him? After all, the person could make a few more copies and make money from it by selling them.

"What a pity…..if it was just 100 taels of silver, I will take the gamble!"

One of the onlookers shouted.

"I, Jiang... will not lie to anyone. If I said there would be only 3 copies, there would only be 3 copies!"

The man in the cloak was little angry and raised his voice.

"Haha…...since you put it that way, I shall support you then!"

At that moment, the crowd made way and an old person dressed in black came forward. "These are good quality Drunken Pearls. One pearl is worth 100 taels. Can I exchange 10 pearls for that map?"

"Of course!"

The man in the cloak kept the pearls from the old man and passed one copy of the map to him with both of his hands.

"Are you two in cahoots to trick the rest of us?"

Seeing the appearance of the old man, the rest of the onlookers felt even more suspicious and were even more hesitant to buy the map as they were afraid that it might be a fraud.

There were all kinds of people in this Ghost Market.

However, Fang Yuan had a different opinion.

'These two knew each other. The man in the cloak only revealed this fact when he became angry. From the reaction of the old man who had bought the map, it seemed that is rather influential…..Even though he seems to be only at the level of the 4 Heavenly Gates...'

With this thought, he had some assurance with regards to the authenticity of the map. He went forward and examined the map once more.

As he looked, he was a little surprised.

Some parts of the incomplete version of the map seemed to coincide with the treasure map which he already had.

"After all, the Drunken Moon Lake is huge. It will be too troublesome to look for it one by one and now I even manage to find clues here. Looks like I have found what I wanted!"

As he thought about this, Fang Yuan went forward and grabbed a copy of that map.

"Hey friend….."

The man in the cloak became angry, but his hair stood on its ends as though he was facing a ferocious beast.

"Don't worry, I'm paying for it!"

Fang Yuan cleared his throat and tossed him a jade bottle.

"Are these….spiritual pills?"

As the man in the cloak poured the contents of the bottle out, his eyes were wide opened and he let out a cry, and the onlookers were in shock.