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Chapter 159: Spiritual Fish

Chapter 159: Spiritual Fish

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In the lake, there were many boats.

Since the Drunken Moon phenomenon, there were many martial artists coming from everywhere and seemed to have gone crazy with the fishermen here, as they all gathered in at the Drunken Moon Lake.

After all, the commencement of the Drunken Moon Festival would mean that the volume of silver fishes would increase exponentially, just like the past years.

Needless to say, among the normal silver fishes, there would be the extremely valuable Drunken Moon Silver Fish.

Once they get any catch, the restaurants by the lake would buy the fish in taels at a standard rate.

With this enticement, everyone ranging from three-year-olds to old folks joined in the craze for fishing. Some even went to the extent of just floating around the lake on a piece of wooden board, without any regard for their own life.

Of course, beneath the large profits earned were lives that were lost; there were countless corpses at the bottom of the lake.

A cultivator would have a different taste.

How would they be satisfied with normal fish?

They were all interested in the spiritual fishes and spiritual objects in the depths of the Drunken Moon Lake, and the Wine Spring Source, which was described in the legends to be able to transform the entire lake into wine!

"Of course, the Wine Spring Source is but a myth, and is likely to be fake..."

Since obtaining the whereabouts of the 'master', Fang Yuan had an idea of his own.

He might even be the one behind the weird phenomenon at the Drunken Moon Lake. With his god-like powers, it was scary and almost made him wanted to return home.

After all, this 'master' was not his own master, who would without hesitation teach him everything he knew. Conversely, the chances of him being evil were rather high, and there might be that danger.

"Chirp! Chirp!"

The Iron-tailed Black Eagle flapped its wings, creating huge gusts of winds.

As the gust blew at him, Fang Yuan's clothing remained still.

"Old Fish was right. Jiang Tianwang's ancestors used to work around the lake, and his water map was indeed intricately drawn..."

Fang Yuan crossed his legs and sat on the eagle's back. He opened the map which he purchased and compared it with his own treasure map, as he came to a conclusion.

"Chirp! Chirp!"

The Iron-tailed Black Eagle chirped as it felt a little tipsy from the air full of wine fragrance. Suddenly, it descended and made waves on the surface of the lake with its claws. As he ascended, it had already caught two struggling silver fishes in its claws.


Accompanying the struggling silver fishes was a strong scent of wine fragrance, which was extremely mouth-watering.

Fang Yuan looked at the treasure map in his hands, then looked at the water map, speechless.

"The closer I get to the treasure, the more Drunken Moon Silver Fishes there would be. Following, I'm afraid..."

Indeed, at this moment, the Iron-tailed Black Eagle had already eaten both fishes. As it took aim at another school of fishes, something happened!


In the splashes of water, a silvery fish of 25 inches jumped out of the lake, right into the claws of the Iron-tailed Black Eagle.

Its scales were glittering, and its skin was like jade. Suddenly, it opened its mouth and spit out a stream of water towards the eyes of the Iron-tailed Black Eagle.


This stream of water came extremely quick. The Iron-tailed Black Eagle could only narrowly dodge it, and as the stream of water landed on its neck, a few feathers dropped. It took a slight turn in its flight path an almost headed into the water. Chirps of anger were heard.

The silver fish was extremely slippery. As its shot landed on the eagle, it slipped into the water and with a flick of its tail, it vanished. The Iron-tailed Black Eagle could only let out a long chirp.

"Nice spiritual fish!"

Fang Yuan witnessed all of it on the back of the Iron-tailed Black Eagle. This silver fish had a spirituality of its own, unlike a normal silver fish. It was truly a spiritual being!

If a martial artist were to eat it, he would become stronger. If an alchemy master were to obtain it, he could extract all the essence from it and turn it into a spiritual pill!

Yu Feishui spent his entire fortune making three metal hull flying ships and sent out all his assistants, all for this spiritual fish.

"Spiritual beings are valuable. Based on the size of this lake, there would be a lot of spiritual fishes in it... Maybe it can train up a batch of highly skilled martial artists just with these spiritual fishes?"

Regardless cultivation or martial artists training, foundation and resources are the most important.

Where do such resources come from? Of course from spiritual beings!

If one was gifted and had enough spiritual objects to supplement, one could follow in Fang Yuan's miraculous footsteps and break all the gates in quick succession.

"Of course, after the Death Gate, the Wu Zong gate would require affinity and a high magical energy. Not every spiritual object had the ability to increase one's magic."

Fang Yuan located a small island and ordered the Iron-tailed Black Eagle to land there and rest. Seeing the occasional shimmer on the surface of the lake, Fang Yuan was lost in his thoughts. "This spiritual fish is not bad. If it can be tamed, I might even try to carve out a pond in the Green Peak spiritual land..."

"Chirp! Chirp!"

After Fang Yuan dismounted the Iron-tailed Black Eagle, it flew to the lake to find trouble for the fishes. At one go, it managed to catch 10 drunken silver fishes, but none of them was spiritual.

On the contrary, the Iron-tailed Black Eagle was sprayed at many times by the spiritual fishes and looked embarrassing.


As Fang Yuan witnessed this scene, he happily joined in. "I'll take revenge for you! Let's go!"

"Chirp! Chirp!"

With his help, the Iron-tailed Black Eagle instantly became much more energetic. It took aim at a school of fishes and dashed towards it.


The school of fish hurriedly scrambled away. At the side, a splash appeared as a spiritual fish jumped out. With a spray, a stream of water aimed straight at the Iron-tailed Black Eagle.

After all, the Iron-tailed Black Eagle was a bird, and it would be disadvantageous for it to play hide-and-seek with the spiritual fishes in the water.

"Trying to escape?"

Fang Yuan laughed, as he struck his right hand out and crushed the water stream.


Not just that, his energy was gentle as silk but strong as metal. As it entered the lake, it vanished.

Fang Yuan closed his eyes and used his magical energy to control his energy. Suddenly, he exclaimed.



As the water surface broke, the spiritual fish which took a shot at the eagle was yanked out of the water, and its tail continued to flap.

This mystical move was a testament to Fang Yuan's superior prowess in giving his elemental energy a form outside his body as well as his developing dream master's skill in probing into memories.

"Ping! Ping!"

With the flick of this right wrist, he swung the spiritual fish onto the island and scanned the lake for more. Together with the Iron-tailed Black Eagle, he managed to catch 5 more spiritual fishes in a short span of time.

"Alright, that's enough!"

After predicting the Iron-tailed Black Eagle's appetite, Fang Yuan stopped catching more fishes and came to the island. He collected some dried twigs, started a fire and began cooking the fish.

The Drunken Moon Silver Fish was a delicacy, the pride of Zhu Country.

He had tried it for himself before at Descent Moon Court, and it was indeed remarkable. Seeing this spiritual fish again, he could not help himself but dig in.

"By smoking the fish, I will remove the fishy stench. Since it already has wine on it, I won't need other condiments... I shall just cook it directly..."

Fang Yuan quickly slit open the spiritual fish's stomach, cleaned it before smoking it over the fire. He only added a little salt to enhance its taste.

After a short while, an astonishing fragrance came from the spiritual fish meat, making him drool.


Fang Yuan gave it a large bite and his mouth was filled with the freshness and juiciness of the fish. It was indeed delicious.

"This fish meat is chewy and there is no fishy stench from it. In fact, it has a hint of sweetness in its meat, and together with the fragrance of wine, there is also a small numbing spiciness, good! Delicious!"

As he shook his hands, the fish bones separated from the meat smoothly.

After finishing an entire fish, Fang Yuan licked his lips and started to prepare the second one.

Beside him, the Iron-tailed Black Eagle was enjoying the fish too.

After a long while, both Fang Yuan and the Iron-tailed Black Eagle laid on the beach, both full and satisfied.

"Mmm... This spiritual force is therapeutic, with water-type properties. It has a similar effect as the Flame Jade Rice..."

Fang Yuan closed his eyes and rubbed his tummy, as he felt the spiritual energy spreading throughout his body, bringing with it a feeling of warmth. Every pore on his skin was extremely relaxed, as though he was in Heaven.

"After a full meal, let's take a nap before finding the treasure!"

Fang Yuan placed both his hands behind his head, satisfied and completely relaxed.

All the pieces of the treasure map were with him, and there was no one else to compete with him. Therefore, he felt that it was alright if he delayed it by a day or two.

After a short while of resting, his eyebrows twitched as he stood up and examined the surface of the lake.

"Splash! Splash!"

Three metal hull flying ships were riding the waves and appeared in front of Fang Yuan.

These ships were extremely big and the appearance was very unique. It was entirely covered in metal, and there were two gigantic oars on each side of each ship. Even if they were riding against the wind, they could still sail at an astonishing speed.

"Metal hull flying ships?!"

Just by this, Fang Yuan could guess who the ships belonged to.

Seeing a bright red flag with the image of a whale at the fore of the ship, Fang Yuan said to himself in a mocking tone. "What a coincidence!"

"Grandfather, there is smoke there?!"

As the metal hull flying ships approached, they realised the smoke from the island.


On the plank of the ship, Yu Feishui stroked his beard. "There are no ships here, but there is smoke. I'm afraid that someone might be stranded there. Send some small boats to take a look!"

He appeared wise and seemed to have absolute control over the situation.

However, shortly after, his eyeballs almost dropped out. He saw a black bird carrying a person as it landed on the ship's plank.

"This is... a spiritual bird!?"

Yu Feishui was in disbelief and stopped his subordinates from wielding their weapons. Instead, he took two steps forward and greeted Fang Yuan with respect. "Junior Yu Feishui sends my greetings to you, Senior!"

He knew that he could not fend against this bird, and therefore the person who tamed it must be a senior!

Regardless how young he was, he must be a senior!


Fang Yuan chuckled inside, as Yu Feishui did not recognise him. "I've heard what you said previously, and you are indeed kind-hearted. Good, very good!"

Yu Feishui heaved a sigh of relief and looked at his grandchildren with a look of gratitude.