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Chapter 161: Spring Eye

Chapter 161: Spring Eye

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"What are you doing, Zhang Feng, Li Gui? Get over here!"

Yu Feishui shouted.

While the Iron-tailed Black Eagle was engaging the other sailors, he ordered for his most loyal subordinates to 'save him'.

At the same time, while looking at the large bird, Yu Feishui was lost in thoughts.

He thought that he had already overestimated Fang Yuan, but never knew that even his pet would have the ability of a 4 Heavenly Gate martial artist!

Even though he had slight control over the chaos on his ship, the ships were still getting pulled in by the whirlpool, and everyone on the ships was in despair.

It seemed like the situation was fixed!

"Let's go!"

Fang Yuan laughed and leapt on the eagle's back.

"Chirp! Chirp!"

The Iron-tailed Black Eagle took off into the skies.


Yu Feishui felt hopeless; he thought that Fang Yuan wanted to escape by himself.

But at that moment, he was utterly surprised.

In the sky, the Iron-tailed Black Eagle let out a long chirp and flew as quick like a black lightning, straight towards the centre of the whirlpool.


The spiritual king fish was like a real dragon. Among the hundreds of fishes, it suddenly felt a sense of danger and looked up at the mysterious person above it.

"Pew! Pew!"

It swam to the surface of the water and shot a stream of white glow towards the eagle.

Behind it were ten over spiritual fish which shot out the water stream at the same time too, forming a web of water.

"Avoid it!"

Fang Yuan closed his eyes and tapped the eagle's head.

Manipulating his magical energy, the Iron-tailed Black Eagle seemed to have a premonition of what would happen and dodged the water stream from the spiritual king fish cleverly.

As for the water stream from the other spiritual fishes? At most the cost of a few feathers, nothing more.


The Iron-tailed Black Eagle arrived at the centre of the whirlpool, and a large voice was heard from its back.


A shadow of a person appeared in mid-air, and as its right arm stretched out, a large palm appeared, pressing down on the water surface.


The entire surface of the water was pressed down a few inches, and the whirlpool came to a halt.

In the tumbling waves, the large body of the spiritual king fish was revealed!


On the metal hull flying ships, Yu Feishui and company were lost for words.

"Projecting his elemental energy, giving it a form outside his body, and suppressing the lake with one palm..."

Yu Feishui witnessed this scene, and excitement filled his eyes. "This is elemental force! Wu Zong!"

Although he had already long guessed Fang Yuan's identity, he could only confirm it now.

"Grandpa... Can this senior take down the spiritual king fish?"

At one side, Yu Xiaohong held her braids and looked at Fang Yuan's back with much anticipation.

"Even if he cannot take it down, he can at least chase it away!"

Yu Feishui's wrinkles disappeared for a moment as he grinned from ear to ear. He was extremely confident of this martial artist who was able to harness elemental force!



In the waves, the spiritual king fish appeared once more and flicked its tail.

Three blue crystal pearl-shaped marbles flew in the direction of Fang Yuan, making a loud whirring noise.

As the side, many other spiritual fishes joined in, strengthening their attack.

"Mm? Retaliate? Not too bad!"

Fang Yuan transformed his palm into a claw and struck the water.

"Bang! Bang!"

The water marbles exploded in Fang Yuan's claw, making a sound of an explosion. It made him soaking wet, but other than that, it did not have any effect on him.

"Get... up!"

After one move, Fang Yuan shouted, and released fine elemental force from his index fingers into the lake, and he exclaimed once more.


In the large splash, the gigantic body of the spiritual king fish was dragged out by Fang Yuan.


He rode the Iron-tailed Black Eagle and arrived at the metal ship. With the flick of his wrist, the gigantic spiritual king fish landed on the deck, flicking its tail around.

A few courageous sailors approached to capture it but were shot by its water stream, causing their body to split into two parts as they died a gruesome death.

"This spiritual king fish is good, I shall keep it as a pet!"

A strong gust of wind blew as the Iron-tailed Black Eagle landed on the deck.

Fang Yuan reeled in the fishing lines and set them out again.


Not long later, 6 spiritual fishes were flung onto the deck. "This is a gift to you!"

"Ah... How can we accept it?"

Yu Feishui rubbed his hands together. One spiritual fish could accelerate the progress of two martial artists. "I don't deserve this credit!"

"I have my uses for you. Don't do anything to this spiritual fish and the baby fishes, I want them alive!"

Fang Yuan observed that the school of fishes had no more leader, and were swimming frantically in all directions. The whirlpool was also settling down.

"Senior, you want to... keep them as pets?"

Yu Feishui's eyes glittered, but then shook his head and forced a laugh. "It's impossible... So many years of the Drunken Moon Festival and many spiritual fishes were caught, but none of them could be bred. Furthermore, the water in this lake is different from water elsewhere. Even if it could be bred, the spirituality of the fish would be slowly lost..."

An important factor for the survivability of the spiritual fishes was the Drunken Moon Festival, and everyone knew that.

Furthermore, everyone could guess that the secret of the Drunken Moon Lake water laid in the Ecstasy Fog. Unfortunately, the fog was too strong, and anyone who entered it would not be able to come out alive.

"I only wanted to try. Where do you live? I will leave here soon, and by then, I will look for you."

Fang Yuan glanced at Yu Feishui.

Even if he did not threaten Yu Feishui, he would still not dare to be dishonest after Fang Yuan showed off his skills.

Furthermore, a spiritual king fish was not much and was not as important as his own objective.

"Ah... I am the sect leader of Golden Dragon Sect. If you want to look for me, just go to the mountainous entrance of Golden Dragon Sect!"

Yu Feishui was rather depressed.

He had a name for himself, but as he revealed his identity, no one really cared, making him feel like he was a frog in the well.

'Breeding spiritual fish?'

Yu Feishui thought for a moment and continued. "If these spiritual fishes want to survive, legends have it that they cannot leave the Wine Spring. If you can locate the Wine Spring Source, you might be able to breed the spiritual king fish."


At this moment, the spiritual king fish started to act up again, flicking its tail and hitting a few well-built sailors. As it scrambled, it arrived at the edge of the deck.

"Chirp! Chirp!"

Unfortunately for it, the Iron-tailed Black Eagle was already waiting there. It held it tightly to the deck with its claw.

This spiritual king fish was comparable to a dragon in the lake and not even the Iron-tailed Black Eagle could match it. However, out of the water, it could not use its strengths and was held down.

"Wine Spring Source... Rumours have it that this eye only works during the Drunken Moon Festival, and spread miles away, covering the entire lake with wine fragrance. I need to see it for myself..."

Fang Yuan glanced at Yu Feishui, then to the spiritual king fish. "Keep it properly, and prepare a room!"


In his dream, there were raindrops pelting on the lily pads. Like pearls, they rolled into the water.

A silver fish was hiding at the root of the lily flower, playing in the water.

Suddenly, an Ecstasy Fog appeared, covering the entire place, and bringing with it a unique fragrance.

The silver fish was clueless and followed the stream of the water. It did not know how far it had swum, but it arrived at an underwater cavern.

There was a dim light coming from it, and the fragrance of wine was unbearable. It could not resist the temptation and went straight for it.

As it swam deeper, it finally reached the end of the cavern and saw a Spring Eye...



In the cabin, Fang Yuan opened his eyes and spit out a mouthful of breath.

In front of him, the spiritual king fish was held captive in a large tank. It was built entirely out of metal and was extremely strong. However, it was rather narrow and was quick difficult for the fish to manoeuvre freely inside.

Fang Yuan was already very satisfied. After all, this was on a ship, and he could not ask for too much.

"What a spiritual fish, with such complete memories..."

Fang Yuan was very satisfied with the result of this dream accessing.

"Indeed, this spiritual king fish had the assistance of the Wine Spring Source for it to become as such. That underwater cavern must be a natural spiritual land too, however... There is only one such Spring Eye, and it is within an Ecstasy Fog."

Fang Yuan was not surprised at the result, but instead, he had already predicted it.

Even Yu Feishui might know the secret of the Ecstasy Fog, but he was not capable enough to investigate further.

Many martial artists might have attempted to find the secret of the Drunken Moon Lake, but were all met with mishaps as they entered the Ecstasy Fog; they had no chance at all.

However, it was entirely different for Fang Yuan!

"The Ecstasy Fog is like a wall. Humans cannot enter, but animals can... In comparison with the surroundings of the Green Peak spiritual land, Master had also implemented the same defences, this is a dream master's tactic..."

He sighed a long sigh and his eyes glittered.

He was sure that the 'master' who escaped from Da Qian Empire, set up the defensive fog in the Drunken Moon Lake and started the Five Ghosts Sect was a dream master too!

As a dream master himself, Fang Yuan was much more interested and attracted by the Eye.

"In the legend, is the Wine Spring Source formed naturally or did someone put it there?"

With suspicion, Fang Yuan opened the cabin door and walked to the deck.

"Senior is done with meditation?"

He could see that Yu Xiaohong waited for quite a while, as she brought a bowl of fish soup over. "Please enjoy some soup."


Fang Yuan noticed that the soup was a pure white, with an intense fragrance. Its taste was also extremely fresh and smiled. "Is this your cooking?"

Yu Xiaohong blushed. "That's right, don't mind my amateur cooking skills."

"Not at all! This is comparable to that from Descent Moon Court!"

There were no added condiments to this bowl of fish soup. Instead, it had the essence of the fresh fish and was completely natural.

Yu Feishui witnessed this scene and was extremely pleased. "If senior is satisfied, why not stay for a few more days. The Golden Dragon Sect will serve you well..."

"That's alright, We all have our stuff to attend to, so why delay?"

Fang Yuan shook his head. "After a few days, I will visit your sect. Goodbye!"

Without further ado, he leapt on the Iron-tailed Black Eagle and soared into the sky.


Yu Xiaohong looked at the eagle as it slowly became a black dot, and remained silent. Suddenly, she asked. "Could it be that senior doesn't like me?"


Yu Feishui looked at her granddaughter. Other than admiration, he could see a hint of selfishness in her eyes and did not know what to do.