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Chapter 164: Bastard

Chapter 164: Bastard

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"Fourth Master, know your place!"

After the housekeeper and servants punished him, they walked away proudly.

Fang Yuan laid on the bed; his mind was messed up.

After a long while, his true 'self' finally awoken, and retained all of Yang Fan's memories.


As he flipped around, his back was burning from the wounds, making him take in a deep breath as he almost blurted out vulgarities.

"Getting spanked just after being lucid, what luck..."

Fang Yuan shook his head and was rather appreciative. "If not for this spanking, I don't know when I would become lucid as well, so it may very well be good luck too..."

He scanned his surroundings and gathered his consciousness. "Is this the test left behind by the Five Ghosts Sect ancestor?"

"Dream Building!"

To a dream master, it was a basic skill to be able to change a dream world.

However, as Fang Yuan tried, he was left in shock. "What's wrong?"

As he realised, he took too long to awaken from this dream world.

"I cannot use my dream master abilities! Could it be because the dream master of this dream world has a higher cultivation level than me?"

Fang Yuan looked around. "Then what is the difference between this dream world and the real world?"

The happenings in this dream world were vastly different from the dream worlds Fang Yuan had.

The most important thing was that is felt extremely real!

"I am afraid that the laws of this world are the same as that of reality!"

He became serious, as he knew what this meant.

"To transform a dream world into reality, he must be at least in the Prominent Divine Stage! Did he leave this dream world here as a test?"

Fang Yuan started to think deeper.

This dream world was too real. If he were to remain trapped in here, the consequences would be dire.

If he wanted to leave this dream, how could he do it?

"To leave a dream world, there are two ways aside from dying; to follow the flow or to oppose the flow. This is not my dream world, so death is not an option! As for 'opposing the flow', it would be to forcefully take control of the whole dream world which will allow me to come and go as I please. However, my cultivation is not as strong as this dream master's, so this is not viable!"

"That leaves me with the option of 'going with the flow'! The main idea is to be open-minded and accomplish some wish of the dream's owner... From my analysis of the surroundings, it seems that it is probably something like gaining power and seeking revenge..."

After lying down flat for a while, and as the wounds on his back stabilised, Fang Yuan got to his feet, walked to the study table and opened a book at random. "Computing?"

From his retained memories, the Da Qian empire based itself on martial arts. Even if it were literature examinations, there would not be much discussion about it. On the other hand, they were more biased to practical skills, calculations, geography, livelihood, and these were a must-test.

The dream owner studied hard for the Imperial Examination, and now Fang Yuan felt that he was rather confident in passing and becoming a clerk.

This Imperial Examination was for the recruitment of clerks. There was no such thing as becoming an official straight away. Everything had to start small!

"This is the Da Qian Empire... Even their systems are much more advanced than Xia Country's…..."

Thinking about Xia, Zhu and the other countries, or the clans, factions or sects that fight with each other, Fang Yuan rolled his eyes.

"This might be the real memory of that Five Ghosts Sect ancestor, which will help me a lot!"

Fang Yuan thought about other things.

He wanted to visit the Da Qian Empire. However, he had not taken over the unlucky Yang Fan's memories, and there were not many problems with the written language or the spoken language.

Furthermore, the information this young man was receiving was rather complete, which would allow him to have a more intuitive understanding of the Da Qian Empire.

"Also, this real dream world shall be a role model for me to follow!"

Fang Yuan's eyes glittered as he observed the arrangement of the surroundings.

In order for a dream master to attain the Prominent Divine Stage, they would first have to learn how to make things real.

To be able to influence objects with his mind, influence reality with his consciousness, and transfer objects from the dream world into the real world, the first step was for him to adjust his personal dream world to make it as though it was a real world, where the same laws were applicable.

This dream world was a benchmark he could follow.

"Even if there is no treasure, this is still worth it! Of course... it would be better without the other two weaknesses...."

He took in a deep breath.

It was extremely dangerous to explore the dream world.

The death in the dream would endanger the life of the real body! Secondly, being trapped and unable to escape the dream would let the real body die of hunger!

"The past few dream worlds were from my consciousness, therefore 10,000 years could pass by without much time lost. But now in this world, since it is very real, the rate of time flow is exactly same as in reality!"

Fang Yuan became serious. "In reality, my body is within the Ecstasy Fog, and I am still under the protection of the square, so I should be fine. However, if I am trapped here, my real body might die of hunger... In terms of time, I only have 1 month! 30 days!"

He had already broken through to the realm of elemental force and had unthinkable abilities.

As his body was filled with elemental force, he would unknowingly take in nutrients from the outside world. Within 30 days, he would not die of thirst or hunger.

"But this is my limit. I need to achieve the objective in 30 days, right? Most importantly is that I don't even know the objective, and have to find out by myself..."

Fang Yuan pointed a middle finger towards space. "Really... This is such a weird treasure?"


Although the whip seemed to be extremely painful from the outside, he did not sustain many internal injuries.

After all, Yang Fan did not make any grave mistakes for them to use as an excuse to beat him up.

In the run-down room, Fang Yuan flipped a book describing the Da Qian Empire. As he concentrated, he found a map from within, which was like a treasure to him.

After a long while, he placed the book down, rubbed his eyes and laughed. "This body... is too weak! He doesn't even have inner power! He is the most normal person!"

Without a doubt, this difficulty level was as though he was put through hell.

"To train in martial arts, I have my Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique, and the Qian Kun Giant Spiritual Technique. However, I am lacking in time and even more lacking in resources! In fact, the lack of resources is a more pressing problem!"

Fang Yuan touched his chin. "The only way is to cultivate spells!"

It was not easy to learn!

If he wanted to learn martial arts, Yang Fan could observe at the martial arts centre, but to learn to be a spiritual knight, it was impossible!

But this was Fang Yuan, not Yang Fan!

He already had two paths of spiritual knights to choose from! Why would he need to secretly observe others?

"Furthermore, this is most suitable for me!"

The path of a spiritual knight was straightforward. There were only two gates. After breaking through to become a spiritual disciple, the next step would be a huge one!

Otherwise, if he tried to train in martial arts, could he break through 13 Gates to Wu Zong in just one month? Even Fang Yuan was not that crazy!

"Furthermore, to the Yang Family, although a Wu Zong might be impressive, that's it!"

Only until now did Fang Yuan realise the scale of the Da Qian Empire.

Just a Yang Family, nothing much to the Da Qian Empire and yet they could produce 8 Wu Zongs in their line of heritage, with three more spiritual knights. Who knew what else they would have.

Even so, there were only considered impressive in their county, but still did not have the ability to become tyrannical!

"Becoming Wu Zong would only mean that you had the right to speak in the Yang Family, but still could not help Yang Fan achieve what he wanted to!"

Fang Yuan was rather confident that Yang Fan was likely to be the mysterious ancestor of the Five Ghosts Sect.

And he had entered his real memories!

"I cannot learn the Blood Demon's Technique. Let's go back to the old path of a dream master!"

It only took him awhile for him to be decided on his path.

After all, he was most familiar with the path of a dream master, and it placed emphasis on the 'mind'. This path was as mysterious as it could be, and if he had enough experience, it would be rather simple to break through.

"Since Yang Fan became a Prominent Divine Stage dream master in the future, he must have the potential to become a dream master, otherwise how could he become successful just by secretly learning martial arts? The probability of training the wrong way and harming himself would be much greater!"

"Of course, the most important thing right now is to move out of this place!"

Fang Yuan bit his lip.

This Yang Family was a big jail in itself!

With such a large number of strong martial artists, the constant surveillance from his mother, and the many loyal servants!

In this lawful society, they could use many underhand means to deal with him, and he might not even be able to retaliate, otherwise, he would be labelled as an 'unfilial son', making the death sentence applicable!

"I have considered this before deciding not to learn martial arts. The cultivation of a dream master is the one hardest to detect. I'm just afraid that there might be a high-level cultivator within the family that can detect my cultivation... Therefore, it is a must to shift out, and the best excuse would be the examinations... It's coming half a month later?"

As a bastard child, he was pressured everywhere in the household and had no say.

The only solution was to use the name of the Imperial Court to get out of the place, but other than that, he had to depend on himself.

"Fourth Master!"

Suddenly the doors were opened and a servant entered carrying a tray of food. With much disrespect, she said. "Mother has instructed for you to be confined here and reflect about your wrongdoings. Supper is here!"

She took out two dishes of vegetables and a bowl of unshelled rice.

"Reflect about my wrongdoings?"

Fang Yuan frowned, then smiled. "I know, I will reflect on my behaviour. Please assure my mother!"

The servant was shocked.

Based on her impression, this young kid would likely throw a tantrum, and by then she would have her means to deal with him. Never would she have thought that he would accept fate and not be worked up.

"That's good!"

The servant felt that the Fourth Master suddenly became very mysterious. Left speechless, she carried the tray and walked out.

Fang Yuan rubbed his tummy and started digging in.

Although it was in a dream, his body could still experience hunger, fatigue, get injured, bleed or even die!

What was the difference between this dream world and reality then?

Although the rice was hard and the vegetables were tasteless, Fang Yuan was satisfied and cleared the entire bowl.

"I'm lucky that there's vegetable this time round. Next time, they might give me leftovers..."

He chuckled, made a mental note and looked at his mother's room across. "Not letting me ace the examinations by confining me? Such hatred!"