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Chapter 165: Yang Hu

Chapter 165: Yang Hu

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Back in the cottage.

Fang Yuan lay down and seemed to be taking a nap.

In fact, threads of energetic magical energy were gathering between his eyebrows and he was absorbing more energy from the surrounding. The magical energy was just like a dragon hiding in the deep canyon, ready to soar into the sky.

"Even though inner force can be removed and is temporary, the heart is always there! As long as I have the will, it will be forever!"

Fang Yuan got up and felt refreshed.

He already had the mindset of a dream master, and therefore it was not hard for him to overcome this huge step once more.

After all, the condition of his body was extraordinary. Yang Fan was an empath since young. He could know what others were thinking as his magical energy was extraordinary, to the point where it was scary!

Or maybe, since the rest knew about his abilities, they started to take notice of him and treat him badly out of fear.

"As long as I can absorb the elemental energy from the heavens and earth into my body and open up the area in between my eyebrows, mind palace, and sea of consciousness to gather elemental force, I will be able to break through to become a dream disciple…..but I'm not in a rush. Even though a dream disciple is an expert in concealment, there could be experts by Lady Wang's side….. I should take one step at a time."

He slowly trained his sea of consciousness and his mind was very clear. He even relived his past experiences and gained many more insights. Unknowingly, he had already reached the state of peace as stated in the Meditative Tea Ceremony by Master Wenxin.

Achieving peace in the soul would mean that he would be resolute in all difficulties.

This was his current state.

He already had the mindset of a dream master and was just a single thought away to achieving it.

"This is what a dream master can do…..After all, when a dream master accesses a dream, it is a gamble. No one can guarantee what will happen next, hence it is best to only follow their heart!"

With this information, his mind flickered. He directed the flow of elemental energy from heaven and earth towards his back, accelerating the healing of his injuries.

"The imperial examinations is the pressing issue now. Looks like Lady Wang wants to lock me up forever. No, not me! Yang Fan! …..How much hatred does she have with him?"

Even though the imperial examinations didn't matter to Fang Yuan, that was the only excuse he could use to get out of here.

However, from the way it looked, Lady Wang wanted to lock him up forever. She wanted him to leave a normal life which he would not have any chance to become famous!

It had been 7 days since he was first locked up.

He had absorbed the elemental energy from heaven and earth and his injuries were almost healed.

"I have achieved the requirements of a dream master. The next step for me will be to form my dream elemental force and not the dream miniature elemental force!"

Fang Yuan touched his Mind Palace

The area in between his eyebrows was opened up, which meant that the preparations had been completed and now, all he needed was the opportunity to act.

"If Lady Wang wants to hurt me further, I will kill her and disappear. This seems like a good idea! However, how should I pass this dream world?"

Seeing the life of Yang Fan, the essence of breaking through seems to lie in the Yang family!

"Furthermore…..there is martial arts!"

As he spoke, his eyes were filled with excitement.

The Xia and Zhu Countries were separated from the rest of the world. Their knowledge was shallow and Wu Zong was the highest level in the world of martial arts for them. However, it was different in the Da Qian Empire!

After Wu Zong, one could explore even more realms and be on par with an Elemental Opening spiritual knight!

The Yang family's Qian Kun Giant Spiritual Technique was one of the possible techniques to do so!

"Probably... Yang Fan's inheritance is the existence of this dream world!"

With these new learning pointers, Fang Yuan was very happy.

This might be because he was a dream master and therefore the benefits he had gotten from this dream world could exceed his expectations.

"The final inheritance for a dream master will likely be the real dream world which he has gathered from his memories…..No matter what kind of techniques, treasures, experience or connections there are, all these can be passed down fully as an inheritance!"

Suddenly, Fang Yuan had a thought. "Maybe…..Was one of the inheritance that Master Wenxin had left for me one of the dream worlds that he had experienced? Hold on..."

He looked at this seemingly real world and realised that something was wrong.

"There is no difference between the real world and the dream world…...Such a seemingly real dream world filled with complex memories. If all these come together, will they combine? This is one of the risks in a dream world."

Accepting another set of memories might pollute him and even develop a new set of personality and character.

In the previous world he lived in, he would describe it as schizophrenia, but a dream master can leverage on this to experience a whole new life!

"An evil dream master might have a way to make it happen!"

Fang Yuan took note of that and started to sort out the new knowledge he had about martial arts.

"Even for a family that trains in martial arts, a martial arts instructor will only teach the contents of the Qian Kun Giant Spiritual Technique for the 12 Gates. For the method on how to break through Wu Zong and the way to cultivate after Wu Zong, it is a secret and a bast*rd like Yang Fan will not know about it. Yang Hu, on the other hand, will probably know….."

"I have heard from some of the martial artists of the older generations that there are Wu Zongs who are on par with spiritual knights in the Elemental Opening Realm…..That realm is named…..Meridian Opening!"

His eyes were glittering.

The dream world of a dream master was the greatest treasure.

As Fang Yuan was attempting to fulfil the requirements of the dream world to break out of it, at the same time, he was digging out these treasures.

"Talking about fulfilling the requirement, Could Yang Fan have gone to Xia Country after exterminating the Yang family? If that was true, the difficulty level would be unimaginable….."

Fang Yuan shook his head. Even if he was at his peak level, he was of no match for an Elemental Breaking spiritual knight and a Meridian Opening martial artist.

"Yang Fan!!"

At that moment, there was a loud voice which irritated Fang Yuan' ears, as though a tiger had just roared by the side of his ears.


The weak wooden door broke opened and a strong teenager barged in.

He had thick eyebrows and fierce-looking eyes. He had two yellow cheeks and his forehead seemed to have a few spiritual prints, which formed a character '王'. His moves brought about an amazing power like a tiger reincarnated into a human.

"It's Second Brother!"

Fang Yuan, taking on the identity of Yang Fan, greeted him with his fist. "May I know the purpose of your visit?"

Lady Wang had 3 children, 2 boys and 1 girl. Fang Yuan had no business with them and dropped the formalities.

However, the essence of Yang Hu surprised Fang Yuan.

'He is huge and has Tiger Bones. Rumours have it that he opened a Tiger Meridian too. Indeed, he is very impressive!'

At that moment, Fang Yuan could feel that Yang Hu's inner strength was beyond normal, his body seemed to contain a furnace. Next to his heart, a spiritual pill was constantly pulsating and supplied spiritual force to his whole body.

"Good spiritual pill. Compared to this, Lu Renjia's pills are trash…."

Fang Yuan thought, "With the help of the spiritual pill, if one was cultivating the Qian Kun Giant Spiritual Technique which required strong foundations, one would even be able to defeat 4 Heavenly Gates martial artist even if one was just an 8th Gate martial artist!"


As he saw Fang Yuan, Yang Hu frowned and realised that his fourth brother was different.

Immediately, he became angry and said, "I have reports from my men that you disobeyed Father's order and talked back to Mother? Is your mouth itching? Do you want to lie in bed for a month?"

"This matter…..was already 7 days ago…."

Fang Yuan was speechless at that point.

This teenager waited till now to reprimand him about this matter? This matter was already history. He was heartless, and there might be a possibility that he bothered about this as someone might have tried to fan the flames between them.

Fang Yuan squinted his eyes. He recalled from Yang Fan's memories that Yang Fan was once beaten by Yang Hu till he vomited blood, causing him to lie down on the bed for a month straight.

"So, you still dare to talk back to me?"

Yang Hu stared at Fang Yuan, grunted and went forward.

"Yang Hu!!!"

Fang Yuan took in a deep breath and shouted. "I was ordered by Mother to be locked up in solitary here. You have broken the rules since you broke in!"

"Plus, you are a martial artist and you dare to bully a normal person like me. Furthermore, we are brothers as well. Do you still want your reputation?"

Even though Fang Yuan spoke very fast, it was clear and impactful.

Yang Hu was startled and stopped moving. He hesitated to take action on Fang Yuan.

He was not afraid of anything in this world but he still considered the strict orders set by her mother.


Yang Hu retreated to the entrance before starting to react. His face was flushed as he cracked the knuckles in his fingers.

"Second Master!"

At that moment, a person appeared and stood in the way of Yang Hu. "Fourth Master is right. Plus, you still need to go and greet Mother!"

'Yang Qing!'

Fang Yuan recognised the martial arts coach who talked endlessly on the training ground. He then squinted his eyes.

"Hmph, I shall let you go for now. I will come back and settle this once I'm done seeing Mother!"

Yang Hu said angrily and turned back.

"So sorry, Fourth Master!"

Yang Qing smiled and apologised. He seemed like a good old man. If Fang Yuan didn't know his true colours before this, he would probably be deceived by his honest look.

"Not your fault. It's just that my door…."

Fang Yuan pointed at the broken door and gave an innocent look.

"I will send people to fix this!"

Yang Qing became pale and unsettled as he hurriedly left.


Inside the room, incense was burning and it gave out a spiritual aura.

Lady Wang took a few sips of the spiritual soup, and her golden nails were shining brightly. As she saw Yang Hu coming in, she frowned. "You went to look for Fourth Brother?"

"I heard that he disobeyed the house rules and so I went to look for him…."

Yang Hu was like a jerk on his own, but like a tamed cat in front of his mother.

"You have already matured, so why are you still being so calculative towards your brother? Don't you want your reputation?"

Lady Wang's eyebrows stood up as she started to scold Yang Hu.

"I was being anxious on behalf of you. Yang Fan was preparing for his imperial examinations. Should I go and break one of his arms…."


Lady Wang was really angry this time. "What do you take me as? Since Fourth Brother wants to prepare for his examinations, why should I be in his way? Chun Lan, please go and tell Yang Fan to study heard and prepare for his examinations. Also, send 10 taels of gold to him for his examination fees!"

"Yes, Lady Wang!"

One of the servants left. Yang Hu scratched his head and was confused.

"Little Hu, you can leave first. Ask Yang Qing to see me!"

Lady Wang stroked her golden cat and her eyes glittered.