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Chapter 168: Ghastly Head

Chapter 168: Ghastly Head

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In the middle of the examination grounds, there was a tall building.

There was a good view here; every student could be seen clearly.

An official with a spiritual bird sewn on his shirt smiled. "We have 3112 candidates today, which is a thirty percent more than the previous year, showing the education level of our county."

He was the governor of the county. The other two officials saw that the main official was in high spirits today, and were also rather happy.

However, there was a Daoist carrying a feather fan, looking at the examination grounds, unsettled.

"Daoist Fei Xiong, what's the matter?"

As the governor noticed, he began to worry. "Could it be a problem with the spiritual array on the Eye Beasts?"

The Eye Beasts were used to catch those who might cheat, but it was not without its loopholes.


Daoist Fei Xiong returned to his position. In front of him, there was a small array set-up, with a few specimens of the Eye Beasts, as though they were alive as their eyes were glowing.

"The energy in the spiritual array is normal and had already picked out 32 candidates. Please be assured, there would be no chance of any of them slipping through!"

Daoist Fei Xiong promised.

"Very well!"

The governor sighed but did not detect the suspicion in Daoist Fei Xiong's eyes.

"The weird part is that the Eye Beasts' eyes flashed for a while just now, and was evident that a highly skilled person interfered with it. However, after scanning the entire examination ground, we could not find anything... Only one person is suspicious."

Daoist Fei Xiong stroked his beard, and a thought ran wild in his mind. "It seems that among these candidates, there is a mysterious one!"

With his spiritual techniques, his left eye flashed red and was no different from that of the Eye Beasts.

In front of him, a faint glow appeared and landed in front of the last registered candidate.

That candidate was pale and had weak knees. Who else could it be other than Xiao Mu?


In the examination grounds.

Every candidate was separated by a wooden partition and had a wooden table in front of them. It was extremely squeezy to even move about between the partitions.

Fang Yuan concentrated in his seat and snickered. "How dare you find trouble for me, I'll keep you busy!"

The spiritual array in the Eye Beasts could not detect him as they were tricked into taking him as a normal person.

Xiao Mu was not that lucky.

Although he also hid his spiritual energy, Fang Yuan's underhand means still exposed him.

As of now, he should be closely watched by the officials already.

With the fun of mischief, Fang Yuan happily opened the examination script and started to read through it.

Although this examination lasts only a day, there were many things being tested.

The first question was about Confucian studies.

It was just filling in the blanks. However, they did not test the Confucian classics. Instead, they tested astronomy, physical geography, and human geography.

This not only tested the candidates' experience, it also tested them on their knowledge of words and their mindfulness.

After all, the answer script was not allowed to have any cancellation or removal of markings and had high expectations for every candidate.

After the simplest Confucian studies, it was on mathematics. For the Da Qian empire to recruit clerks, they had to be proficient in mathematics and be familiar with all 8 volumes of 'Mathematical Studies'.

There were requirements to calculate area, volume and composites, making Fang Yuan think about his previous life.

Fortunately, Confucian studies were the foundation of Yang Fan, and he could answer them all.

As for the mathematical problems, with his high magical energy, his mental sums skills were impressive. Furthermore, he had learnt the basics of computing sums in his previous life, and could, therefore, answer any question that came his way.

After calculation and ensuring that he made no careless mistakes, he wrote down the answer.

Calligraphy was not Fang Yuan's forte, but with his impressive control of strength, every stroke of his was not the perfect calligraphic stroke, but it was distinct enough for one to understand.

As he understood the nature of examinations, how could Fang Yuan not know the importance of it?

They did not require a perfect handwriting; just a discernable one would do.

Unknowingly, half a day passed and it was noon.

He did not need to lift his head; the rustling sound beside him told him everything.

'Most of them are in the mathematical section now, but there are some who have yet to fill in the Confucian studies?'

Fang Yuan shook his head, placed his brush down to rest and drank two mouths of water.

"The mathematical portion also tested one's endurance. Without enough endurance, how can one last so long? I'm afraid they would vomit blood from extreme fatigue!"

As he was deep in his thoughts, there was a commotion East of him. Two soldiers carried out a candidate, whose clothes were stained with blood.

Both students beside Fang Yuan witnessed it and were lost for words.

Fang Yuan, on the other hand, did not care one bit and flipped open the last examination script.

It was on policy making and was a practical topic. The question posed was in the form of a case and required the candidate to base on the classic laws to make a judgement. It was very subjective and was a trap for most candidates.

If the candidate only knew to study from the books, he would be trapped in this question.

Without hesitation, Fang Yuan took up his brush and started to write.

Regardless of how uninformed he was on policy-making, he was still once a Prefecture Master and had the experience.

However, he needed to take note of the difference and not bring it laws which the Da Qian Empire did not have.

As he completed the examination, he still had two hours of time left.

Of course, Fang Yuan didn't wait any longer. He called for the official and handed in his script before arriving at the holding room to drink tea. After there were enough students in the holding room, the soldiers escorted the entire batch out.

"If nothing weird would happen, then I would be able to get it!"

Once he exited the examination grounds, Fang Yuan was brimming with confidence.

"And by then, I will know what this Yang Fan really wishes for..."

"Brother Yang!"

At one side, a pale candidate exclaimed with joy and arrived in front of Fang Yuan. "Who would've thought that Brother Fang had also completed the examinations! Why not go for a drink, my treat?"


Seeing the skinny Xiao Mu, Fang Yuan nodded his head, and unknowingly took notice of his neck.

'Even though you might have the print of a dream master, coming up to me to seek your death? Or seek your death?'

Of course, Xiao Mu could not detect anything unusual.

Even when he was at the examination grounds and was detected by the officials, he thought that he did not cover himself up well enough. Now, he wanted Yang Fan to bear the brunt. He treated Fang Yuan like his father and pulled him to a restaurant, sat down and started to drink with him.

"Where did Brother Xiao come from? Could it be a Xiao Family in this county?"

Fang Yuan held the cup of wine, his face flushed.

"I'm not afraid to let you know, I am indeed a member of the Xiao Family, but my ancestor was a bastard, and so now we are just a normal family..."

At this point, Xiao Mu sighed and felt a little hatred in him.

"Come on, this wine is good stuff, let's have a few more cups!"

As he shared, he encouraged Fang Yuan to drink more wine. Fang Yuan drank a long and at last became drunk. He was then escorted back to his inn.

"Come... Brother Xiao, let's drink!"

Fang Yuan laid on his bed, full of alcohol. He mumbled a few sentences before going into deep sleep.

"Good chance!"

Xiao Mu's expression changed and did not appear drunk anymore.

He looked at Fang Yuan and twitched his facial muscles. Suddenly, he ripped his clothes apart, revealing a spiritual print on his neck, forming the shape of a green ghost head.

"See this? This is the person who is disturbing you!"

His words were filled with temptation, as though he was talking to a ghost. "Look for him! Don't disturb me! Go!"

Accompanying his voice, the tattoo on his neck started to glow and spin as though it had a life of its own. It was chuckling and slowed down.

"Good boy, go... look for him, don't bother me!"

Xiao Mu appeared crazy as he placed a hand on Fang Yuan. The tattoo slowly moved to his elbows, but soon remained stuck there.

"Go... go... why are you stopping? Why do you want to bother me?"

After countless attempts of encouraging it, Xiao Mu almost broke down. With a hint of sadness, he shouted. "Get lost! I have already found a scapegoat for you, so don't disturb me!"

"Jie jie!"

The laughter of the ghost was distinct in the quiet room.

Although it could not be deciphered, Xiao Mu seemed to have understood it. "You cannot do it... now? Do you need three nights of... contamination? Stay close... don't leave?"


He clapped his hands. "Alright, I know what to do!"

Looking at Fang Yuan, he seemed rather unwilling but finally became cold-blooded. "Brother Yang, don't blame me! If you want to blame, blame it on the fact that we are the same type of people, and are harassed by this stupid thing!"

Xiao Mu had decided. He rushed down and was likely to be looking for the innkeeper to book a room.

On the bed, the originally drunk Fang Yuan opened his eyes. "This print... It's doesn't seem to be so simple..."

He acted weak to being Xiao Mu's guard down and reveal his true intentions.

However, his type of dream master print was very rarely seen. It was like a living thing, which confused Fang Yuan.

"From Xiao Mu's reaction, it seemed like he suffered a lot from the print, but it does not seem to be as simple as a dream master looking for a servant, could it be..."

Fang Yuan's eyes glittered.


After a few hours.

He faked to become sober and saw Xiao Mu as he arrived downstairs.

"Brother Yang, you're awake! I have specially asked the kitchen to prepare soup to sober you up!"

He was full of smiles, which was infectious. "After a good chat with you, I felt schooled in your knowledge of the world. How I wish I could learn from you day and night. I have shifted here to be your neighbour, and I hope you don't mind!"

"Since this is an inn, everyone here is a guest! You're thinking too much!"

Fang Yuan smiled. "It's a good thing I have nothing on this few days and have to wait in the city for the results of the examinations to be released. I was still wondering how I would spend my days!"

"If Brother Yang doesn't mind, I'm willing to treat you to a tour around the city!"

Xiao Mu was pleased, as the fog in his eyes grew bigger...

It was midnight and everyone was tired and resting.


Fang Yuan extinguished his candle and crossed his legs on the bed. He noticed faint green Bewildering Fog coming from the room next to him and snickered. "I want to see what you are!"

He concentrated and waved his hands. A white Bewildering Fog appeared, blocking the green fog. He took a little of the green fog and wrapped it around his palms, like a green snake slithering around his fingers.