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Chapter 169: Ranking

Chapter 169: Ranking

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"There is no doubt that this is the work of a Dream Master!"

The green fog appeared to be alive and twirled non-stop around Fang Yuan's finger. It tried to enter the space between his eyebrows.

However, the green fog would be blocked by a ray of light, which gave off an aura like the Five Fingers Mountain, every time it came close.

"That Xiao Mu should have been confused by the fog and as such, experiences nightmares every day. There could be other damages..."

Fang Yuan muttered, "What does that Dream Master want?"

He took a few steps forward and arrived beside the wall. He released his magical energy and broke through the green fog.

A hazy guestroom appeared before his eyes.

Although it was no different from this world, the room was filled with the dense green fog. On the bed, Xiao Mu's eyes were tightly shut and his eyeballs rolled about under his eyelids. He tightly gripped his blanket which was torn. He appeared to be tortured.

Around his neck, the green demonic tattoo became even more obvious and expanded to his chest. It looked as if it was about to leave his body.

"The more painful the nightmare Xiao Mu experiences, the more powerful and larger the tattoo becomes...it looks like..."

Fang Yuan moved his eyes.

At this moment, the void started to shack.

He was stunned. He looked at both his hands, "Dream-build!"

Threads of inner power appeared, they broke through the Death Gate and arrived at the 4 Heavenly Gates.

"I have recovered my Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique (Grade 9)?"

Fang Yuan was pleased, "I have found...the gateway to Yang Fan's ideas!!!"

In order to leave the dream world of others, especially that of an evil dream master, suicide was out of question. On the other hand, unless his cultivation was higher than that of the said dream master, it would be futile as well.

The only way to escape was to 'obey'!

By complying with the subconscious mind of the original host of the dream, one would be able to exit the dream world!

"My dream-building ability had returned even though it was previously sealed. Does this show that I have reached the pivotal point?"

Fang Yuan looked at Xiao Mu who was still having nightmares.

"That's right...Yang Fan eventually becomes a Dream Master! Given his status in the family, how could he have a master to guide him? Unless it is an encounter by chance!"

"Unless…...could it be that his chanced encounter is here?"

With this thought, Fang Yuan, who had originally wanted to interfere, hesitated. After thinking, Fang Yuan left.


"Brother Yang, how did you sleep yesterday?"

The breakfast in the guesthouse was sumptuous. There were buns, cakes, biscuits etc. Fang Yuan took a bowl of porridge and slowly ate it.

Xiao Mu had dark circles under his eyes. He sat opposite and wanted to say something but hesitated. He could no longer take it and finally asked.

"Ah? Me?"

Fang Yuan was stunned. "Not bad, a night without dreams, why?"


Xiao Mu's face was contorted. Fear, sadness, jealousy...all kinds of emotions were mixed and could be seen on his face.

Fang Yuan gazed at Xiao Mu who flushed and hid back in his room after bidding Fang Yuan goodbye.

"Interesting! Really interesting!"

Fang Yuan thought as he looked at Xiao Mu.

This Dream Master's marking did not appear to be like those common markings. Rather, it appeared to have many secrets hidden within.

It was hard to tell whether it was a blessing or a curse for an ordinary person to receive it.


In the examination hall.

More than a dozen rooms were open. Countless invigilators were looking at the scripts in front of them meticulously.

As the Head Invigilator, the governor did not have much tasking. All he had to do was to supervise the evaluation of the scripts and come out with the rankings afterwards.

While the first and last in ranking may appear to have done equally well in their examinations with no difference in their scores, their backgrounds mattered and could affect their scoring. This was worth fighting for.

It was just that it was not so intense.

The governor was a product of doing well for the examinations and as such, he knew full well that the thin scripts could determine the status of the commoners and as such, dared not neglect his duty.

"Governor! The recommended script from Room B!"

An aide jogged forward and presented a script.


The governor took a look at the script and nodded his head. Without looking at the answer, the words looked nice and grand. There was just a small amount of cursive in the middle of the script that marred the neatness of the script which was a shame.

However, considering the young age of the student, it was hard to come by.

After reviewing the script, he was satisfied that there was no problem with the logic and the calculations in the script. The only issue was with the question that was subjective where the examiners would score him as they see fit. However, he would not receive a low score for it.

He could not help but remark, "Good...He would most likely be ranked first!"

He immediately ordered a person to retrieve a small knife and cut open the seal that was covering the name of the person who submitted the script. "Xiao Mu? Hmmm? He would be ranked 1st if nothing unexpected happens!"

"Xiao Mu!?"

Daoist Fei Xiong, who was originally sipping on his tea unhurriedly, asked, "Xiao Mu of the Xiao Family?"

"That's right!"'

The governor nodded his head as he saw that the interest of the spiritual knight was piqued. He remembered something. "You once heavily monitored a student in the examination hall. Could it be the same person?"

"That's right...I did not notice anything strange!"

Daoist Fei Xiong shook his head slowly.


The governor was suspicious and took the script aside.

Not discovering a problem does not mean that there was no problem. Being the top scorer would require some connections. However, his answers were too good and the governor did not want to penalize him.

"Governor, the recommended script from Room A!"

After a while, another aide came forward and held up a script.

"The examiner of Room A was Lord Peng right? He is well-known for being old-fashioned. It is no easy feat to be recommended by him. Let me see!"

The governor was very curious and opened the script.

"Hmm, the words are not bad, neat and tidy, and the style is grand. However, Xiao Mu's writing is slightly better..."

His first impression was that the script was not exceptional. He took a look at the script. There was nothing wrong with the first two pages, the reasoning was clear and easy to understand, with his very own style.

"Hmmm, not bad? This is really not bad!"

He read and read again. He could not help but praise it, "Good, an older and more experienced person might not be able to produce a better standard!"


Daoist Fei Xiong was interested and came forward to take a look.

"This essay displayed maturity and the crucial thing is that the experience is rich. This is really unbelievable!"

The governor heaved a sigh and took out Xiao Mu's script.

By comparing the two scripts, the governor could see the difference in style. While Xiao Mu's words were good, it was lacking in character. It was just like a lone soldier who was great on his own. However, when met with a strict and impartial formation of troops who were common at best, the lone soldier would have to retreat.

"Which one do you think is better?"

Daoist Fei Xiong stroked his moustache. "Based on their scripts, I can tell that they are exceptional. I am interested in the two of them!"

"These talents are scouted by the imperial court, don't think about taking them in and teach them cultivation!"

The governor chided.

"How is it easy to find those talented in cultivation..."

Daoist Fei Xiong shook his head, "They had just accumulated good karma, now it's time to see their nature!"

A sign of curiosity flashed across his eyes.

He did not know who the script belonged to. However, he knew that Xiao Mu had a great aptitude.

He made up his mind to find out who the script belonged to.

"Haha...employing the young talents for the country is one of life's important task!"

The governor laughed and started to cut open the seal.

The two aides and even Daoist Fei Xiong leaned in to take a closer look.


Three days past in a flash.

Fang Yuan and Xiao Mu arrived at the examination hall and found a teahouse to rest in while waiting for the news.

"Brother Xiao is exceptional, you will definitely come first!"

Fang Yuan smiled and said as he saw that Xiao Mu was anxious.

Those that sat near them were also scholars and smiled with good intention when they heard him.

"I am indebted!"

Xiao Mu smiled. His smile looked worse than when he cried.

He was anxious, not because of the ranking of the examination but rather, because of Fang Yuan.

This was because, for the past few nights, he had intentionally tried to harm Fang Yuan to no avail. This caused him to feel suspicious and as such, he could not help but be unnatural around Fang Yuan.

"The results are out!"

After three blasts, the examination hall opened and a few aides came out, carrying the name list.

Numerous candidates surged forward and gathered at the wall.

"Haha...I made it!"

"It is lamentable that my hair had already turned grey when I finally had a chance to improve my social status..."

"I will come back after one year!"

Those that made it and those who did not, happiness, sadness, regrets and other types of emotions were mixed and felt by Fang Yuan.

"They are already so crazy even though this is not the true imperial examinations where those who made it will become officials. How would they react when they passed the actual imperial examinations?"

He sighed and look at the name list and saw that Xiao Mu was in second place. He immediately turned around and congratulated Xiao Mu, "Xiao Mu, congratulations!"


Xiao Mu was stumped. His eyesight was not as good as Fang Yuan and did not realise that he not only passed but got second placing when his acquaintances came forward to congratulate him. He smiled and said, "I will treat all of you to tea!"

"Brother Xiao appears to be enjoying himself?"

Fang Yuan asked, "Why aren't you the first?"

"Brother Yang must be joking. A pass is a pass, no matter how high or low the score, everybody starts at the same place. What is the difference?"

Xiao Mu forced out a laugh, "Who is the candidate that got number 1?"

"He is right in front of you!"

A candidate nearby pushed Xiao Mu's shoulders and came forward. "It is Brother Yang Fan!"

"Oh? Is that so?"

In his heart, he was unwilling. However, he forced himself to congratulate Fang Yuan. "You are much more talented than me. It is only natural that you deserved it!"

He knew that Fang Yuan was better than him. However, when he thought of the mark that followed him like a parasite but let the person in front of him go, he was no longer able to suppress his bitter resentment.

'Why? Why is the person more talented than me, yet he did not have to suffer what I suffered, why are the heavens so unjust? Why is earth so unfair? Hate! Hate! Hate!'

Xiao Mu looked dark and a green light flashed across his eyes.