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Chapter 170: Green Ghost

Chapter 170: Green Ghost

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In the middle of the night.

In the inn, there was a warm light come from a lamp in Fang Yuan's room.

"Brother Yang, you're not asleep?"

A shadow covered his light, and his voice was sinister.

"I knew you'd come!"

Fang Yuan opened the door and invited Xiao Mu in.

Xiao Mu was shocked. He saw a pot of wine on the table and two other dishes. The most crucial was the two sets of cutlery and bowls, which meant that Fang Yuan was expecting someone.

"Have a seat!"

Fang Yuan took a seat himself and poured a cup of wine for Xiao Mu.


He sat down and drank the cup. A taste of spiciness filled his mouth and up to his nose, and he felt as though he was reborn, with a tinge of anger.

"Do you know that I admire you?"

After a long while, Xiao Mu opened his mouth, with a tone of disappointment.

"Oh? Why is that?"

Fang Yuan toyed around with the cup in his hands, and he didn't know whether to laugh or not.

"You are smarter than me and luckier than me!"

Xiao Mu was reduced to tears. "Why... You have everything that I admire, and yet you don't need to be disturbed by this stupid thing!"

As he lamented, he ripped the shirt revealing his neck. A Ghost Head tattoo appeared, as though it was smiling. It had a dark green colour on half of the ghost's face.

"And because of this, you're out to kill me?"

Fang Yuan asked calmly.

"That's right, I'm here to kill you!"

Xiao Mu nodded his head.

A layer of green fog appeared and covered the entire inn.

Regardless the innkeeper, or the waiters, or the other guests, they were all in deep sleep, and their faces appeared to be in fear, as though they were suffering from a nightmare.

At this point in time, the tattoo climbed up to Xiao Mu's face, and slowly into his eyes, as though it was unnerving.

Due to the print, his voice was also affected.


As Fang Yuan witnessed this, he looked at Xiao Mu with pity. "Your pain and suffering, it's all about this print? If you knew it's true value, I'm afraid you will be regretful!"

"You know its origins? Tell me!"

The other half of Xiao Mu's face appeared to be hopeful, as he stretched his hands out.

Fang Yuan's eye flashed and he struck his right index finger out.


An ear-piercing fracture was heard.

Xiao Mu shrieked and fell to the floor. The bone of his right arm was completely shattered and was bent in a heart-breaking angle.

Breaking through the 9th Gate, with the evolved Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique was not something a normal human being could handle, albeit not achieving its full potential.

"You are... a martial artist?"

Xiao Mu laughed cunningly. "It's useless. Although I have not learnt martial arts, I have previously sought the help of ten over martial artists, but they all died under this print!"

"Jie jie!"

Accompanying the weird laughter, the Ghost Head tattoo grew larger as though Xiao Mu had worn a mask. As it opened its ghost eyes, it stared at Fang Yuan with curiosity.

"Good boy... Kill him!"

Xiao Mu pointed at Fang Yuan, and his expression changed from one of sucking up, to one of temptation, to one of rave... he was drowned in expressions.

"What a pity!"

Fang Yuan casually commented after seeing this.

"What did you say?"

The human side of Xiao Mu's face became flushed, and his eyes were bloodshot.

"I said that I pity you! You have already detected the print's objective, and yet you don't know how to control it. You only know how to follow it's instructions, feed it and become its slave!"

Fang Yuan tore Xiao Mu's phobia apart mercilessly. "Not only your magical energy but even your body has rotted away. It was a chance for you, but it became your dictator, and you deserve this!"

"Fear to such a stage where you do not think about yourself, but channel the hatred to others, enraging yourself, but you are just a little bug full of pity!"

Every word and sentence was true, and Xiao Mu could not argue. In fact, it enraged him further. "I want you to die!!!"

Suddenly, his tone changed to one of temptation and command. "Hurry up, kill him! Kill him! Kill him! If you can do this, I will give you my entire dream world!"

"Jie jie!"

Suddenly, a blood-curdling event happened.

A distinct sound came from the face of Xiao Mu. He stood up forcefully and shot out a red beam of light from his ghost eye as he examined Fang Yuan. "You are right. This boy is a disappointment. I still thought that if he passed the training, we could even recruit him in!"

The human side of Xiao Mu became fearful. "Who are you? Why can you control my body?"

"Haha... I am Qing Gui. Did you not cry and beg me to help you?"

A mocking voice came out from Xiao Mu's mouth. If someone were to see this scene in the night, they would surely have nightmares.

"You are it, the Ghost Head tattoo!"

Xiao Mu finally understood. Unfortunately, he could only control the human side of his face. All the other parts of his body were under the green tattoo's control.

"Taking over?"

Fang Yuan became serious.

"After being infected by my Qing Gui print, you can train whatever you want with a boost in your magical energy, and you will be initiated into the Sect. I can also adopt your human form!"

The half-face of Qing Gui was full of pride.

'Evil dream master?!'

Fang Yuan came to a conclusion.

This Qing Gui dream master was fated to have met Xiao Mu as it detected that he had an above average magical energy. However, he was still far from the standard of a dream master.

Therefore, he imprinted the Qing Gui tattoo on him to test him.

If he could successfully defeat the dream demon, he could make the Qing Gui tattoo disappear. His magical energy would increase by folds and he could inherit the gift of being a dream master.

However, if he failed, he would be countered by the print. The print would then consume his Essence, Spirit and Magic to grow, and finally, take over his body!

'This most important thing is…... This was such an important test to him, and yet he did not tell his disciple anything!'

Fang Yuan mumbled to himself. 'Such lack of regard for human life, it is indeed an evil and immoral path!'

"You must be wondering why I did not mention this before?"

Qing Gui laughed. "If I told you, then what is the true meaning of training? How can you become a dream master without tribulations?"

"Dream master?!"

The human half of Xiao Mu's face was in shock.

He was regretful! Extremely regretful! He was being ostracized by his family and was not allowed to practice martial arts, which was why he shifted his focus to the Imperial Examinations.

However, there was a dream master's inheritance right in front of him, but he did not treasure it. Rather, he allowed the inheritance to take over him!

"Master! I am willing to become your disciple, and learn the ways of a dream master!"

Xiao Mu exclaimed, but it was too late.

"Heh! You are always like that, and I'm sure even if I had nurtured you, you would still be the same! Just be a good boy and let me take over you!"

Qing Gui started to snicker, and the dark green colour started to spread throughout his entire face.

As the end, it entered his eye and transformed his last eye into a Ghost eye.

"Heavenly Ghosts Transformation Technique!"

A green fog appeared, engulfing Xiao Mu.

A chilly voice was heard, as though it had come from the depths of hell.

As the green fog faded, a green long-haired sinister young man with long eyebrows stood in front of Fang Yuan.

Every part of Xiao Mu was being transformed, and he disappeared from the face of the Earth.

"Qing Gui?!"

Fang Yuan took in a deep breath and looked at the green haired young man in front of him.

"That's right, that's me!"

Qing Gui's voice was not terrible. Rather, it was soothing and attractive.

"I see that your potential is greater than that previous garbage. How? Are you interested in becoming my disciple?"

Qing Gui looked at him in anticipation.


Fang Yuan changed his expression. "Do I need to have the ghost-like tattoo as well?"

"To be my disciple, that is a must!"

Qing Gui was filled with pride. "Do you know how scary my Sect's true ability is?! To join it is your fortune!"

"Of course, your potential is much greater than that garbage. You can straight away accept me as your master, and I shall help you get rid of your mortal ties!"

"Get rid... of my mortal ties?!"

Fang Yuan was lost for words.

If it was not him that was here, but the young Yang Fan, would he have the ability to say no?

"That's right! Since you've joined us, you cannot have any relationship with your family and friends. I will help you remove every one of them!"

Qing Gui chuckled. "Every person who becomes my disciple must pass this stage, to forget their mortal self. From then, you can focus on becoming a dream master!"

"Crazy fellow!"

Fang Yuan commented on this person in his own mind and made a decision.

Since he was not able to detect Fang Yuan's cultivation, it seemed that his cultivation was not too high.

He could understand. After all, the person here was just a print taking over a human body. Since the human body itself was a disappointment, the end product would not be satisfactory.

Just to be sure, he had to test.

"You want to get rid of my mortal ties?"

Fang Yuan showed a face of pride. "You do know that my family is the Yang Family. Can you remove all of them?"

"Yang Xinglie's Yang Family? That's rather troublesome!"

Qing Gui's eyes flashed and he snickered. "No worries. It's just one Elemental Opening spiritual knight, two Meridian Opening Wu Zongs... When my real body arrived, it would be effortless!"

Yang Hanglie was Yang Fan's biological father and the leader of the Yang Family!

From Qing Gui's words, Fang Yuan had obtained valuable information.

Firstly, he now knew the ability of the Yang Family. It was indeed a force to be reckoned with, with 3 Elemental Opening spiritual knights, which could easily create havoc in Xia or Wu Country.

The split body of this Qing Gui was not as skilled and could not take on an opponent from the Elemental Opening Realm.

Lastly, the true body of Qing Gui would have the ability to take on an opponent from the Elemental Opening Realm, even if he was just boasting!

'Could the Yang Family be destroyed just like this?'

Fang Yuan thought to himself, and could not guess what would happen next.

'However, I came in first in the Imperial Examinations, and there seem to be no improvements in my dream building ability. It seems like this was not Yang Fan's objective, and that leaves me either revenge or finding his biological mother...'

At this point, he squinted his eyes…...