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Chapter 172: Eagle

Chapter 172: Eagle

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The emerald fire from Qing Gui burnt everything in its way, its intensity unparalleled. The soil wall burst into flames coming in contact with the flame.

"Very well! Come again!"

Fang Yuan's breathing intensified and as he ran, he created clouds of dust behind him.He then pounced on Qing Gui.

"Rumble! Rumble!"

The fire was getting stronger, and Venerable Qing Gui began shouting fiercely. "Come out!!!"

The fiery Qing Gui started to simmer down on its own after a while, and at the heart of the flame, the flame lost its brilliance slowly.

"Let's go!"

Seeing this, Fang Yuan didn't continue to attack Qing Gui. Instead, he grabbed Daoist Fei Xiong and escaped with his Shadowstep.

"Pi la!"

In a flash.

Qing Gui, who was on fire, suddenly transformed into an arrow and flew towards where Fang Yuan and Fei Xiong were previously at, engulfing the place in a sea of fire.

"I…. will not let you two go!"

Amidst the fiery emerald flame, Qing Gui chanted the curse as his voice got softer and softer.

"He is going to die for real this time!"

Fang Yuan slowly commented as he noticed the dissipating flames and the alarmed residents and constables nearby.

"Hmm…..Unfortunately, that was just his incarnation. We have provoked the evil Qing Gui and there would be consequences….."

Daoist Fei Xiong looked at Fang Yuan with a gloomy face. "Are you….Yang Fan, the top scorer for the imperial examinations? The members of Yang family are indeed special!"

Fang Yuan laughed in his heart.

Daoist Fei Xiong knew his background and attributed his ability to harness elemental force in both martial arts and spiritual techniques to his family. This might have been the Yang family's secret.

However, Fang Yuan would not reveal this and he gave a confused look, "You are….."

"I'm a spiritual knight that enforce the law for this county, and my Daoist name is Fei Xiong! Since you are also a spiritual knight, let's just skip the formalities between us, otherwise in a few hundred years later, there might be a confusion in our seniority for future generations?"

"Brother Fei Xiong!"

Fang Yuan nodded his head.

"That's right!"

Daoist Fei Xiong gave a happy face and he felt more connected to Fang Yuan. "Brother Yang, the martial arts you are cultivating has a lot hidden potential. It is comparable to the Qian Kun Giant Spiritual Technique and I'm guessing that you have attained the Second Elemental Force? Otherwise, you couldn't have extinguished the flame from Qing Gui that easily….."

The First Elemental Force was the full power of a martial artist who had just make a breakthrough to obtain elemental force. By saying that Fang Yuan had the Second Elemental Force, it meant that he was as powerful as 2 Wu Zongs or spiritual knights!

'My Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique is slightly inferior to the Qian Kun Giant Spiritual Technique. However, with the help of my dream elemental force which is at the peak of the Elemental Gathering Realm, it is no doubt comparable to 2 Wu Zongs!'

Fang Yuan thought for a while and smiled without saying anything. This demeanour increased Daoist Fei Xiong's curiosity.

'I only know two talents from the Yang family, Yang Long and Yang Ling. Both of them are disciples of a spiritual knight and they have a bright future ahead. However, both of them are still spiritual disciples…..'

Daoist Fei Xiong's eyes were glittering and he suddenly asked, "Brother Fang, do you know who is Yang Long and Yang Ling? Legend has it that these two are the youngest and the most powerful martial artists in the Yang family. However, when compared to you, there is a lot of difference….."

In between his sentences, there were many sighs.

"I shall tell you, I'm somewhat related to the two of them….."

Fang Yuan gave a vague reply and this made Daoist Fei Xiong sighed even more. "The Yang family is indeed full of talents. Yang Hanglie is indeed a lucky man….."

As he heard that, Fang Yuan was startled.

"Who are you guys?"

At that moment, many soldiers surrounded them and a few Wu Zongs were leading the group of them.

If one would say that the battle between Fang Yuan and Qing Gui had some restraints previously, the fight afterwards including the Daoist would be one without consideration. The whole street was now in a mess and the battle had affected the innocent ones. Many of them were either dead or severely injured.

"It's me!"

Daoist Fei Xiong shouted and stood out. The 3 Wu Zongs hastily greeted him immediately. "Sir Fei Xiong!"

"An incarnation of Qing Gui has caused all this mess. Brother Yang Fan was here coincidently and assisted in stopping Qing Gui's evil doings. I can be the witness for that….."

Daoist Fei Xiong stroked his moustache and said, "Also…...the person who has scored the second highest in the imperial examinations, Xiao Mu from the Xiao family, has unfortunately died in the hands of Qing Gui. Please report this piece of news as well!"

"Yes, Sir!"

The few Wu Zongs looked at each other. They then took a bow and left.

"Thank you!"

Fang Yuan thanked Daoist Fei Xiong. He knew that this was Daoist Fei Xiong's attempt to establish a good relationship with his family.

"No problem! Brother Yang, you are so gifted, and yet chose to render your service to the government. We are lucky to have you in this county!"

Daoist Fei Xiong gave a wide smile and continued, "Even though you are the top scorer for the imperial examinations, you can only start as a service worker, but it feels like undeserving for you to take on that job. How about letting me nominate myself as a guarantor for you to become an official through the martial arts competition?"

A few pieces of information suddenly appeared in Fang Yuan's memories.

Even though Da Qian Empire was a powerful empire, the empire still wants to maintain good relations with martial artists at the level of Elemental Gathering Realm and above.

Whoever had the backing of an Elemental Gathering Realm martial artist would immediately be able given the appointment as an 8th Grade Eagle Lieutenant!

After all, this was an extraordinary world! Even the strong and powerful Da Qian Empire would still humbly establish good relations with powerful martial artists.

"The martial arts competition….it's not happening now, is it?"

Fang Yuan's face looked a little strange as he scoffed at the idea.

This world was just a dream and it was not real. What was the use of getting such a high position?

"I might accept the offer if I was given the position to be the king of the Da Qian Empire, allowing me to read the martial arts books in the library. However, who would know if the martial arts library even exists!"

This dream world was built based on the experience of Yang Fan, who would go on to become a dream master in the future.

It was not an issue to obtain the Qian Kun Giant Spiritual Technique from Yang Qing. After all, Yang Fan was from the Yang family and it was likely that in the future, he would be able to successfully fuse his spiritual meridians and achieve the Divine Body.

However, no one knew how much treasures were hidden in the dream world version of the Da Qian martial arts library.

'This might be because of the limited knowledge Yang Fan has...However, there is a chance that I may stumble upon the full picture of it….After all, the pathway of a dream master is magical and mysterious. It is entirely normal for anything to happen.'

"What do you think?"

Daoist Fei Xiong gave a hopeful look to Fang Yuan. He didn't know the outrageous thoughts that ran through Fang Yuan's mind.

"This is what I want, I shall not ask for more!"

Fang Yuan accepted the offer and said with a gloomy face, "After all, I have already provoked Qing Gui….."


Daoist Fei Xiong suddenly changed his facial expression and said, "You are right….Venerable Qing Gui is a descendant of a heritage of evil dream masters. His methods are brutal and it is rumoured that he has achieved an extremely high level in the Illusionary Divine Stage. Normal Elemental Opening Realm spiritual knights and Meridian Opening Realm Wu Zongs are no match for him. The Yang family cannot defend you from him, but the government can!"

He concluded with much pride, making Qing Gui sound like an ant which could be dealt with easily; which in fact is true! If the government did send its most powerful men to take him down, defeating Qing Gui was just a piece of cake.

Fei Xiong felt that the way how Yang Fan avoided the situation was well thought out.

"Great! Great! Great!"

Pulling a young talent to work for the government, Daoist Fei Xiong would be credited for it. His expression became gentle. "Since Lieutenant Yang, you have joined the government, you are one of us now. I shall bring you to see the governor later to confer to you your official seal!"

"Thank you, please guide me along!"

Fang Yuan was familiar with the formalities of the Imperial Court. By appearing humble, he became better liked by Daoist Fei Xiong.

When there were benefits, Fang Yuan was able to adapt and willing to eat humble pie, to an extent no one could expect!

Since Fang Yuan was now one of them, there was nothing else to talk about.

Immediately, Fang Yuan followed Daoist Fei Xiong to visit the governor.

The governor was a kind man. He was shocked to hear that Yang Fan was not only the top scorer for the imperial examinations, but was also a Wu Zong and a spiritual knight. The governor happily went on to process his official seal and settled the administrative issues for him.

From then onwards, Yang Fan was an 8th Grade Eagle Lieutenant. He had the protection of the government and gained much convenience when handling issues in the county.

Without any reservation, Fang Yuan took advantage of his role to gather as many martial arts related and spiritual techniques related books to read.

For this, he had agreed to all the conditions set for him, regardless of what they were, except selling himself away.

"You two don't have to send me off. I will be going back to my hometown!"

The deadline of a month was about to end and Fang Yuan bid farewell to Daoist Fei Xiong.

Above the county city wall, Daoist Fei Xiong seemed to have some thoughts as he saw Fang Yuan leaving.

"Why? Are you worried that he might betray us? Or will he repay our kindness?"

The governor appeared behind Daoist Fei Xiong and asked, not knowing if he should smile or not.

"Will he even come back?"

Daoist Fei Xiong replied without facing the governor. " He is already an official of the government and his name is registered in the system. Who can change it? Even if the previous documents about him was fake, everything else should be real now! Unless he prefers to be wanted by the government!"

"You are right!"

As the governor listened, he nodded his head in agreement.

"Plus, I have gathered some intelligence about Yang Fan and it is quite interesting to know!"

Daoist Fei Xiong suddenly gave a mysterious look.

"From the way I look, Yang Fan is not going back to share the good news and bask in the glory. He is going back to taking revenge!"


The governor was shocked and shook his head. "Why?"

The governor felt that anyone who was talented, regardless of his family background, had to be brought up well.

"I believe it is because of his background. His mother, hehe….."

Daoist Fei Xiong stopped halfway, as though there were inappropriate parts to it.

The governor replied with a serious tone, full of anticipation. "Even if there is hatred, how is it wise to go now? No matter how weak the Yang family is, they still have a spiritual knight in the Elemental Opening Realm and two Wu Zongs in the Meridian Opening Realm. Plus, their family's Qian Kun Giant Spiritual Technique is quite impressive!"

"This of course….."

Daoist Fei Xiong seemed confident and gave a cunning look. "That's why I have sent a request to the Eagle Commander Headquarters to send someone to follow him secretly and lend a helping hand if needed. This is to make sure that he is unharmed! No matter what the outcome of his revenge is, Yang Fan will have nowhere to go and can only work for the government with all his heart!"