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Chapter 173: Revenge

Chapter 173: Revenge

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Yang Family.

In the First Wife's room, two highly skilled martial artists were guarding the door respectfully like statues. "We have found Yang Qing's corpse. It was covered in a secluded cave in the mountains, and his limbs were torn apart. There are no clues as to how that happened..."

Lady Wang was seated and she stroked the white cat with her right hand, appearing graceful.

At this point, she squinted her eyes. "I remember... Yang Fan does not know martial arts and did not cultivate spiritual techniques. How could he kill Yang Qing?"

The two martial artists broke into cold sweat. "This….. We have no idea!"

"You have no clue about anything, and even took so long to investigate. What use do I have for you?"

Lady Wang frowned and was infuriated.

Half a month had passed, and more and more news came back. There was news of Yang Fan getting the top spot for the Imperial Examinations as well!

Of course, the news of Yang Fan being conferred as the Eagle Lieutenant was made an official secret by Taoist Fei Xiong, and therefore Lady Wang was still not aware.

Even so, she was already raging inside.

The people she sent to kill the little bastard were all killed instead, and the little bastard went on to get the top spot in the Examinations. Even though he was just a clerk and was still insignificant to the Yang Family, it was still a sore eye.

Most importantly, Lady Wang felt that she could no longer control the household!

That was the most infuriating of all!

"It's a good thing that that bastard had gotten the top spot, but he has yet to return? Could it be that he hates me?"

She lowered her volume and mumbled to herself.

"Lady….. The little bastard should have just died. You were the one who pitied him and let him survive. However, he was not at all grateful and even killed someone. If he returns, you can use the house laws to take his life!"

One of the investigators softly replied.

He was one of Lady Wang's servants and married into the Yang Family. However, he still treated the First Wife as his Lady and addressed Yang Fan as the 'little bastard' with no regard for anything.

"You're right..."

Lady Wang massaged her forehead and closed her eyes. "Even if Yang Qing was in the wrong, Yang Fan could still change his family or request for Father or my help to uphold justice for him. What could he gain from killing him?"

Although there was no evidence, she had already named Fang Yuan as the killer.

"Da Wang, Er Wang, both of you hurry to the county city to bring Yang Fan back. Even if he had already become a clerk, it doesn't matter, just bring him back! Our Yang Family is still influential enough to do that on the court!"

Lady Wang squinted her eyes once more. "He thinks that he can disregard the Yang Family after getting the top spot, gosh!"

"Yes Lady!"

Da Wang and Er Wang bowed. They both knew that First Wife had already decided to kill him after bringing him back here!

"Wang Yiai, come out!"

At the point of time, an explosion was heard as though there was thunder rumbling beneath the ground, making everyone dazed.

All the servants were confused at what was going on, but Da Wang and Er Wang looked at each other. Both of them knew that this was the Lady's full name. Whoever dared to shout her full name was tired of living!

At this moment, they felt as though they were in a dream.


"You bastard child!"

Lady Wang became cold. With the flick of her right wrist, an expensive porcelain vase shattered on the ground.

She could tell who the person was, which made her tremble, and her voice was much more sinister than before.

"Da Wang and Er Wang! Go out and bring me that bastard! Disrespectful bastard! Does he have any regard for me, the Yang Family and its ancestors?"

Lady Wang's voice was sharp and high pitched.

"This is... crazy!"

Da Wang and Er Wang were at loss. They walked out of the door and saw the person who was shouting and were shocked. "It's you! Yang Fan!"

"That's right!"

Fang Yuan was clad in white robes and appeared gentlemanly. As he walked, his loud voice filled the entire residence. "Wang Yiai, Lady Wang! You abused your authorities as a Lady to pressurise me into listening to you three times. When I was eight, you made me miss my aptitude test for martial arts and forbid me from training martial arts. When I was twelve, you allowed your children to bully me, like what Yang Hu did... I will be patient to take my revenge. I will settle this score with you!"

"What audacity!"

This voice shocked the First Wife and attracted the attention of those in the other rooms.

"Yang Fan!!!"

Suddenly a shadow appeared and pounced towards Fang Yuan like a large worm. It was Yang Hu.

He was enraged. "Good! Good! Very good! What audacity to wrong mother. Do you want to be beaten to death by the Family? I will grant your wish!"

As her son, hearing Fang Yuan verbally abuse his mother made Yang Hu infuriated.

"What a joke...Any kindness she gives me, I will repay in folds! However, Wang Yiai tried to harm me in every way possible, so where's the kindness? I will never acknowledge her as stepmother!"

In front of the Yang Family, Fang Yuan tore their relationship apart.

He knew that once he said that, the entire Yang Family would not let him off, not just Wang Yiai.

But so what?

Breaking through this mental barrier made him feel a lot better, as though he had quenched his 3-day thirst with icy cold water. Every pore of his skin relaxed, making him feel cooling.

'Yang Fan was holding on to two things. The first was Qing Gui, and the second should be this Lady Wang! Although he held on to other things like finding his biological mother, after completing this, I should be able to escape from the dream world unscathed!'

Fang Yuan's eyes glittered. "Wang Yiai, come out and die!!!"

With this, he was just one step from death!

Fang Yuan was clear about this. However, he knew that his one-month deadline was about to be over as well. His real body in the outside world could not hold on any longer, and he just had to deal with whatever dangers associated with this!


A loud sound was heard.

While the others were still in shock, Yang Hu had already struck.

He concentrated his inner strength. Although he was only at Death Gate, his inner force was very well developed and was comparable to that of a 4 Heavenly Gate martial artist!

Furthermore, there was a faint shadow of a large tiger behind him, ferociously growling as its right paw struck.

"Tiger Growling Fist!

If Yang Fan was that ordinary boy before, he would become flesh and bones under this strike, with no doubts of death!

He could tell that the enraged Yang Hu had a real motive to kill!

"Very good!"

Fang Yuan's eyes glittered as he struck his right fist out.


An intense amount of energy exploded from his body like a demonic gorilla!

In front of the demon, the majestic tiger immediately became a small pitiful kitten.


There was a loud sound in mid-air. Yang Hu flew backwards like a cannonball, and his entire arm was fractured and bleeding.

"Yang Hu, how dare you touch me! Do you know who I am? I am from the Imperial Court! You have offended someone of higher rank, do you want to rebel?"

Fang Yuan's voice was full of energy.

This plot twist shocked the entire Yang Family.

When did this Fourth Master, who did not know martial arts and spiritual techniques and could only study, suddenly become so powerful?

Fang Yuan did not care a single bit. He took a few steps forward. "Of course, you have been unkind to me, but I cannot do that to do. I have broken your bones as a warning to you, for you to realise that there is a law for us to follow. If you owe, then you will have to pay back!"

"You... pui!"

Yang Hu still appeared strong at first, but after hearing what Fang Yuan had to say, his eyes widened and he almost spat out a mouthful of blood before fainting.


Da Wang and Er Wang came forward to rescue him, but their expressions changed. "Young master's bones... are destroyed!"


Lady Wang shrieked. "You two useless servants. What are you waiting for, hurry and capture the little bastard! A small clerk, and yet he dares to use the Imperial Court's name, is he not afraid of mockery!"

Even though it was as such, news of Yang Fan topping the cohort spread out.

The other wives were afraid of the Imperial Court, and also did not want to get involved in the First Wife's affairs and therefore did not react.

"Yes Lady!"

Da Wang looked at Er Wang. They held their hands together and combined their miniature elemental force into one elemental force. They then released it to form a physical shape, which adopted the shape of a two-headed snake, as it bit towards Fang Yuan.

"Two 12th Gate martial artists, indeed a match against Wu Zong! Such ability, but resigned as a house servant. What a pity!"

Fang Yuan squinted his eyes and a shadow of a Black Eagle appeared behind him. "Furthermore... I had already thought him a lesson. Who would've thought that you two would not learn, and even dare to attack an Imperial Court's Official in public! You to deserve to die!"

As he said the word 'die', the entire house felt hotter.

"Chirp! Chirp!"

The chirping of the black eagle was accompanied by the striking of its claw, splitting the two-headed snake into two.

It continued to strike towards Da Wang and Er Wang, as the claw struck from above!


A large hole appeared on the ground, and in the middle was the remains of Da Wang and Second Wang.

"I've said it, the previous time was just a warning!"

Fang Yuan smiled.

Their deaths made the entire place silent.

After a long while, a voice of disbelief was heard. "Wu Zong?!"

An old man stood forward, his face filled with suspicion. "How old are you?"

"Potential does not depend on age. Third Elder, you are under the Third Wife, so don't get involved in the First Wife's issues!"

Fang Yuan took out a seal. "I am Eagle Lieutenant of the Da Qian Empire. These two servants tried to attack me, so they deserved it!"

"Indeed an Imperial Court Official!"

Third Elder nodded his head and confirmed Fang Yuan's identity. "Yang Fan, you are ultimately part of the Yang Family, so don't overdo things! If there are any issues, you can seek help from the court!"

He had nothing to say regarding the deaths of Da Wang and Er Wang.

After all, they were just two servants, and they indeed tried to harm an Imperial Court Official.

Furthermore, regardless of what happened, Yang Fan was still a member of the Yang Family. Kinship was still important, and he was scarily gifted!

Unknowingly, the highly skilled martial artists had a different impression of Yang Fan.

Lady Wang was in desolation after witnessing everything.