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Chapter 174: Clear Moon

Chapter 174: Clear Moon

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"This is the First Wife's matter, we should not interfere!"

"Brother Fan, we all know how you are doing recently….."

"The Patriarchal Hall? Isn't it controlled by the first wife?"


The crowd was raging.

In a big household, nothing was fair and there were bound to be conflicts. These conflicts were often covered up in the name of the patriarchal and the household.

At this moment, whenever there was a conflict of interests, there would be a tendency for violence to break out.

Nobody would dare to stand out and help regardless of the time spent together and the bond they shared.

Some chose to sit and do nothing, and some even tried to push others to stand out.

As Lady Wang saw this, her face became pale white.

Underneath the name in the household and the Patriarchal Hall, she was just a lady with ill intentions.

"Wang Yiai, are you guilty of your sins?"

Grasping this perfect opportunity, Fang Yuan took a step forward.


The entire world shook and all the servants beside Lady Wang fainted. Only Lady Wang was left, giving a stern look. Ruggedly, she insisted, "Father will not forgive you!"

At that moment, if it wasn't for her pride, she would have knelt down as well.

As she said that, the whole atmosphere became very tense. Everyone from the Yang family had an image of a person in their minds.

Yang Hanglie!

This person was not only the birth father of Yang Fan, he was also the head of the Yang family. He was extremely cunning and the way he did things was unique.

Of course, the most important thing was that he was the only Elemental Opening spiritual knight in the whole family! Other than the two ancestors who were at the Meridian Opening Realm, Yang Hanglie was the sole reason for the power and existence of the Yang Family.


A deep voice was heard.

The pressure Fang Yuan exerted on Lady Wang was suddenly gone.

A middle-aged man entered from the main hall.

His sideburns were white and his nose bridge was high. He appeared well-built and every move he made, made him seem like a god.

"Old Master!"

Lady Wang exclaimed in surprise. Hurriedly, she used her handkerchief to wipe off her tears of joy.

"An incarnation?!"

Fang Yuan and the other Wu Zongs were able to see through it.

"I am now at the Heavenly Wind Canyon, more than a thousand miles away from home, to look for a spiritual knight for both Yang Long and Yang Ling. I felt something amiss at home and therefore used my backup plan!"

Yang Hanglie walked in big steps and his eyes were very fierce. He took a glance around quickly and no one dared to go against him. All of them were lowering their heads, looking obedient.

"Naughty boy, kneel down!"

The presence of Fang Yuan was highlighted among the silence of everyone in the house.

Yang Hanglie's face was flushed as he shouted at Fang Yuan.

In front of his father, the head of the household, revenge, righteousness and any other thing became meaningless.


Seeing that Fang Yuan was unwilling to kneel down to ask for forgiveness, Yang Hanglie became even more furious. "Bast*rd! What are you waiting for?"

As he waved his hand, the energy from the 5 elements of the earth flashed and transformed into a giant wheel which fell on Fang Yuan.

Yang Hanglie was a spiritual knight specialised in the 5 elements!

He was able to make use of the 5 elements to produce something. Even though this was just an incarnation of him, he was still an Elemental Gathering Realm spiritual knight and had the Fifth Elemental Force. His power was similar to the combination of the powers from 5 spiritual knights!

"What happened?"

"Hanglie, why are you so angry? Did someone intrude our house?"

Just as the light from the 5 elements was flashing, two powerful spiritual auras were activated in the hall. One could sense that these two spiritual auras were filled with fury.

"I have caused much disturbance to you two ancestors. I will apologise personally later on!"

Yang Hanglie's body was glowing with the light from the 5 elements and he looked like a god that descended from heaven. "Yang Fan! You have sinned once more by disturbing our two ancestors. You better start kneeling down for your punishment!"

"Get out!"

Fang Yuan gave a wicked laugh. With his Shadowsteps, he charged right at Lady Wang.

"A spiritual knight?"

Yang Hanglie was a little surprised and shook his head. "That is useless!"

He waved his hand again and the light of the 5 elements dissipated, before becoming a dirty yellow colour and was as huge as a mountain. With immense force, it fell towards Fang Yuan.

"Puff! Puff!"

The illusionary image of Fang Yuan exploded, revealing the real Fang Yuan. The 5 Elements Wheel had already reached his forehead.

Seeing this, Fang Yuan bit his teeth and gave a smile, before attempting to knock the wheel with his head.

Such action was suicide and Yang Hanglie found it strange. Even though he wavered a little, the wheel was still falling down on Fang Yuan's head, which clearly showed his intent to kill Fang Yuan.


Time suddenly stopped at that moment.

Amidst a sigh, 2 spiritual knights who had been hiding in mid-air appeared. Both were dressed in black spiritual feathers robe. As they swiped their hands across, many black feathers came falling down and interfered with the light of the 5 elements.

Even though Yang Hanglie had the Fifth Elemental Force, he hesitated when he saw the black feathers. "Eagle Leader?"

"Greetings, Master Yang. We are Black Owl and Crazy Night!"

The two leaders bowed and continued, "This person is a lieutenant from the Eagle Army, will you spare him?"

Inside Yang Hanglie's heart, he was shocked.

Yang Fan already knew that those two leaders were present long ago but didn't mention anything about it. Instead, he forced both of them to take action to defend him, as he knew that they were not willing to let Yang Fan get killed!

Many people were shocked at how scheming Fang Yuan was, and his hatred for Yang Hanglie.

"Thank you, both of you. Haha….."

At that moment, there was a change to the situation.

As the two Eagle Leaders were talking to Yang Hanglie, Fang Yuan laughed and blood started to flow out from his pores all over his body. Instantly, he became a bloodied man.


He became a streak of bloody light and in a flash, he arrived next to Lady Wang. He struck his finger out towards her Mind Palace, in an attempt to kill her!

Lady Wang became pale and slowly fell to the ground. She had lost her breath and no one could save her.

The streak of bloody light wavered. Within seconds, it disappeared without leaving any traces behind.

Quick! Quick! Quick!

All these happened within seconds and some didn't have the time to react. Fang Yuan had already killed Lady Wang and escaped long ago.

"That seems like….."

Crazy Night was startled. "Is that the Blood Escaping Technique from the evil dream masters? How did Yang Fan get implicated with these people?"

Black Owl gave a serious look. "He is able to kill someone in a single strike and traverse a long distance in a short time. If he kills one person in every ten steps, the consequence would be unthinkable after travelling a thousand miles without traces! Good! That's good! Just that I'm not sure is it a good thing or a bad thing to have him in working for the government….."

Fang Yuan was not bothered by what these people had thought of him.

The moment when he killed Lady Wang, the dream world shook and an unknown change arose.

"I have gotten back all my dream building powers! I can return now!"

With that thought in his mind, a blood-red meteor zipped across the sky and disappeared.

Numerous spiritual knights and Wu Zongs in every corner of Da Qian Empire were stunned when they witnessed the meteor. Some dream masters even seemed to fear for it...



It sounded as if a glass mirror had broken.

Fang Yuan's whole body was shaking and he woke up from the dream world.

"How….how long have I been asleep?"

He felt very weak throughout his whole body, to the extent that it was difficult for him to even lift his fingers.

What he saw in front of him was the big square. Many of the stone statues had started to disintegrate together with the square, as though a lot of time had passed.

"Judging by my condition, I have entered the dream world for nearly a month….."

Fang Yuan trembled as he got up, giving a complicated look. "If I were to be late by a few days, I'm afraid my body would have been dead. I would either end up stuck in the dream world or become a lonely ghost….."

A dream world of an evil dream master was this dangerous.

Furthermore, Fang Yuan could mildly sense that there was a possibility of him being taken as a servant, just like what Qing Gui did to Xiao Mu.

However, he was not a normal dream master. He managed to break through and finally had the answers to the mystery behind Yang Fan's dream world.

"Roar! Roar!"

"Ssss! Ssss!"

Unknowingly, many strange beasts gathered around the square, looking at Fang Yuan with their fierce-looking eyes.

"This square contained a form of energy to chase away these ferocious beasts…..However, as I broke through the dream world, the energy is getting weaker, and the threat towards these beasts is getting weaker as well!"

Fang Yuan shook his head and felt that this small island was extremely dangerous.

If it was the descendants of Yang Fan who had come to find this treasure after gathering the 3 pieces of the treasure map, they would probably get killed by their own ancestor!

He walked and arrived in front of a stone statue.

It was a 3-eyed monkey. It had 6 arms and it looked as if it was about to pounce on something.

Fang Yuan blew lightly on it.

"Sa! Sa!"

The whole statue disintegrated into a pile of sand.

"The energy that had held on to the statue had faded, which explains why the statue disintegrated easily with just a light breath of air!"

Fang Yuan shook his head.


With the disintegration of that one statue, a domino effect was created.

The other statues in the square also started to disintegrate one by one.

Finally, the disintegration of the stone statues affected the condition of the square as well. As the white jades lost their colour, an explosion, revealed the foundations of the ground.

After which, a distinct glow appeared from the foundations in front of Fang Yuan. The glow rose and appeared as though it was the moon.

"Roar! Roar!"

"Ssss! Ssss!"

Seeing the destruction of the square and the revelation of the treasure, the beasts which gathered around the square started to get crazy and charged towards Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan was weak and this was surely a dangerous situation for him! Only the strongest will survive!


Instead, Fang Yuan laughed and was very happy. "Yang Fan, Yang Fan…..you have been extremely thoughtful but you have missed out something. Even though I have gone through your inheritance and have no energy to fight now, I still have…...it!"

"Chirp! Chirp!"

The Iron-tailed Black Eagle flew through the clouds and descend like a flying arrow.

"Get me that!"

Fang Yuan used up the last bit of his elemental force to obtain the clear moon before he was lifted up into the air by his Iron-tailed Black Eagle!

"Roar! Roar!"

All the beasts could only roar in desolation as they saw what had happened.


It was indeed a happy occasion to reap the rewards of his goal.

Fang Yuan opened the cap of the wine pot and drank the spiritual wine to his heart's content. He then took another good look at the treasure.