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Chapter 176: Justice

Chapter 176: Justice

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Yu Xiaohong heard the commotion and scrambled to the main hall, only seeing Yu Feishui's silhouette lying on the floor, spitting out blood. He eyes swelled up with tears.

"Yu Feishui... Do you think you can brush me off easily?"

Jie Wuming flicked his fingernails and chuckled.

"Since you don't want to cooperate with me, you will regret it!"

Chu Jie and Deadly Bookworm ran up, both with sinister looks in their eyes.

"Go and get the spiritual king fish and the other spiritual fishes at the back, and... since this Golden Dragon Sect is opposing me, destroy it as well!"

Jie Wuming placed his hands on his back and had the appearance of a person of high status; every word from his mouth was bone-chilling.

"Eh... Sister's youth and future, but she chose to oppose us. How unwise?"

Lady Miao Hua walked up with a red handkerchief, revealing spiritual light. "Sister can't save you too, but I can lessen your pain before you die..."

Her delicate voice confused Yu Xiaohong.

"Senior will not let you off!"

She still had a thought of clarity as she struggled to reply. She was imagining in her head the image of the large eagle.

"Keke... with Elder Jie here, why do I have to be scared?"

Lady Miao Hua smiled brighter than the sun and complimented Jie Wuming again.

"That's right! Who would be afraid of such a senior who does not dare to show up?"

Jie Wuming squinted his eyes, as though he enjoyed the compliments.

"Elder Jie is the most highly skilled in Zhu Country!"

Chu Jie and Deadly Bookworm continued to praise him after hearing Lady Miao Hua, for praise is free.

This Old Yu seemed to really have a backing. Although Wu Jieming seemed to be unafraid of his backing, the rest were not as highly skilled and had to use his name in their favour to make themselves feel better.

"Even if a Wu Zong arrives now, it would just be a minor annoyance!"

Deadly Bookworm and the rest started to boast more and more, Jie Wuming was narcissistic, which made him enjoy the moment very much.

To him, since that Wu Zong did not appear for many days, he must be too afraid to make an appearance!"

If that is so, what else do all of them have to be afraid of?

It was a pity that today was their unlucky day.


A deep voice was heard in the main hall.

"Who's that?"

Chu Jie, Deadly Bookworm and the rest jumped up.

Jie Wuming became worried. "Voice from a hundred miles? A Wu Zong indeed!"

"Chirp! Chirp!"

As the voice ended a high pitched eagle chirp was heard.

There was a huge gust of wind and a large commotion outside. A majestic large eagle landed outside the residence, and a person calmly dismounted the eagle. He was wearing white and appeared mysterious. Who else could this be other than Fang Yuan?


Yu Feishui and Yu Xiaohong exclaimed in joy.

Deadly Bookworm and company were left in fear. "Such a young Wu Zong?"

As for Chu Jie, since he was a leader of a large gang, he had the most exposure to the happenings of the world. Seeing Fang Yuan and the large eagle... He thought of something, as his heart sank. He involuntarily retreated to the sides of the hall.

"Mm, you two have worked hard, I will take over the rest from here!"

Fang Yuan gave Yu Feishui and Yu Xiaohong and apologetic smile.

Back in the secluded valley, he ate spiritual rice as staple every day. Eventually, when he became the Secluded Mountain Prefecture Master, his taste increased. Never would he know that a spiritual king fish with several other spiritual fishes would create such chaos in Zhu Country, and could even attract a Wu Zong.

Of course, everything that happened was somewhat related to him.

After all, after getting Yang Fan's treasure, he became very weak and had to rest, which led to him arriving late at Yu Feishui's residence.

These people thought that since Fang Yuan did not appear, Yu Feishui was bluffing them and trying to make them believe in an imaginary backing that he had, explaining their ruthless and reckless behaviour.

"You are..."

Jie Wuming looked at Fang Yuan, appearing serious.

Compared to Lady Miao Hua and the rest, he knew that this person in front of him was not easy to deal with.

"I am Fang Yuan!"

Fang Yuan answered him truthfully.

"Fang Yuan!?"

No matter how ill-informed Jie Wuming was, he had still heard of the war in the neighbouring country. "You are the one who was under thirty years old, and yet able to cultivate martial arts and spiritual techniques together, entering the Elemental Gathering Realm, and even able to fight and win the war at Cangshui City as the Secluded Mountain Prefecture Master?"

"Even though that is a little exaggerated, that's right!"

Fang Yuan smiled.

After admitting his identity, Lady Miao Hua's and Deadly Bookworm's legs went jelly.

Secluded Mountain Prefecture Master!

Spiritual knight Wu Zong!

This status was like a huge mountain to them!

Even though the Secluded Mountain Prefecture was smaller than the Zhu Country by a little, but based on his ability, if he wanted to invade them, the power-scattered Zhu Country would not be able to defend!

Furthermore, he was a spiritual knight! He was the rare talent that would only appear once in hundred years!

Just based on his solo fighting skills, all those in the Elemental Gathering Realm in Zhu Country would have to fear him.

His own ability was already so powerful, and with additional assistance, Fang Yuan would become a person capable of taking over anything he wanted!

Facing him, even Jie Wuming had to think twice.

As for Deadly Bookworm and Lady Miao Hua? If they have yet to kneel down and beg for leniency, they would be considered mentally strong already.

"Good! Good!"

Jie Wuming was emotionless. He was ashamed, furious, afraid, unsettled and was experiencing all sorts of emotions. Finally, he forced a smile. "Since this spiritual king fish is Brother Fang's property, then we shall not have it, please accept my apology..."

Yu Xiaohong was dumbfounded.

Previously, a fierce Wu Zong came and injured her grandfather as she felt that the entire world was about to crumble.

However, now, Jie Wuming was smiling sheepishly, and Lady Miao Hua was shivering in fear... All these made her feel like her dream was fake. A fierce Wu Zong would be scared just by the name of a person? What kind of person is this senior?

"Secluded Mountain Prefecture Master... Fang Yuan?"

As for Yu Feishui, after regulating his breath, he was surprised. "Indeed... I should have thought of it!"

All the focus was on Fang Yuan, but there was only a soft laughter.

His laughter became increasingly loud, and it became hysterical.

"What are you laughing at?"

Even though Fang Yuan had not spoken a word, his attitude of not wanted to settle this peacefully was already understood by Jie Wuming.

"You forcefully enter my people's house, snatch their things, hurt my people and now, you think a simple apology will do?"

Fang Yuan chuckled. "Could it be that my reputation does not worth anything at all in your eyes!"

Fang Yuan already wanted to avenge Old Yu, who was still spitting blood. Furthermore, base on his current high standing in the society, he could not let of Jie Wuming so easily.

Otherwise, there would be no doubt that he would use his own reputation to compare against Fang Yuan's.Fang Yuan would allow it to happen only if he was a fool.

"Not good!"

The first one to react was not Jie Wuming, but Chu Jie.

At the beginning, he had already hid at the walls of the hall. When he heard Fang Yuan saying all these, he screamed and ran for the exit.


Jie Wuming noticed and was furious.

This action of Chu Jie would show others that Jie Wuming was useless, that he would lose terribly in the hands of Fang Yuan. Even though that was the fact, his reputation would still be affected.

"Can you run?"

Fang Yuan's eyes were full of pity.

He was a little street smart but lacked wisdom. He knew that if he let off Jie Wuming today, the first person Jie Wuming would find trouble for is him.

Even if he was just like an ant, he did not feel happy to let him escape.

Fang Yuan bit his lips and gently blew.


A white arrow shot out of his mouth. Everyone in the hall saw a white flash hit the running Chu Jie before his head fell to the ground.


After his head landed, his body continued to run forward a few more steps before falling down and started to bleed profusely.

Mouth spitting Flying Sword! Killing one person in ten steps!

Just based on this single move, Fang Yuan could become a deity in the ancient days, gaining the respect and prayers from the masses.


Jie Wuming sighed. "I injured your person, and you killed mine. Consider it as interest paid... I'll be taking my leave!"

Deadly Bookworm and Lady Miao Hua were in utter shock.

It was obvious that Jie Wuming was afraid!

Facing off the mysterious Secluded Mountain Prefecture Master, even if only one subordinate was killed, he still left in a jiffy without caring about his other subordinates.

Without a doubt, if Fang Yuan wanted to continue setting the score, they would become the scapegoats!

"Not enough!"

Indeed, at the next moment, Fang Yuan shook his head and looked at Deadly Bookworm and Lady Miao Hua.

Jie Wuming was at loss. He did not know if it was worth it to save these two lackeys and pit himself against the Secluded Mountain Prefecture Master.

Fang Yuan's next sentence shocked him.

"As compared to killing the chickens for the monkey, I would prefer to kill the monkey for the chickens!"

Without hesitation, Fang Yuan continued. "You have hurt Yu Feishui, and if I hurt you, we'll be even!"

"Little boy!"

Jie Wuming was enraged. His blood boiled and his beard was covered in blood. He looked up and shouted, "Do you really think you can take advantage of me?"


Immediately after, a large amount of elemental force was concentrated, forming a dark green python sticking out its tongue, slithering around the hall.

This gigantic python was seemingly real and had a musky fragrance, enticing people to take a few more deep breaths.

"However, Deadly Bookworm and Lady Miao Hua turned pale and retreated. The tried to focus, as though they were dodging something.

"Poison technique?"

Fang Yuan pinched his nose. "Since you know my name is Fang Yuan, then you should know that I have a nickname before I became the Secluded Mountain Prefecture Master. How dare you use poison against me? Are you nuts?"

With that, a white rainbow appeared, and a few medicinal pills exploded as he rushed towards the python.


The python was majestic at first, but after being struck by the palm which scattered the medicinal pills, it was as though it was being squeezed at the neck. Finally, it shrank and an opening tore through the middle of the python, as it started to disappear.

Only at this point did Jie Wuming realise that before he became a prefecture master, he was the famous miracle doctor of Xia Country!