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Chapter 177: Approximation

Chapter 177: Approximation

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Jie Wuming turned deathly pale after Fang Yuan dispelled his poisonous technique.

He looked at Fang Yuan, his voice hoarse, "You would not stop until you are dead?"

"Jie Wuming, remember this, you are in no position to bargain with me, much less threaten me!"

Fang Yuan's expression was cold. He arrived beside Jie Wuming, his right hand took on the shape of claws and he struck down!


He used the Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique to reach the level of Wu Zong which was a majestic and ferocious skill. He now possessed the Second Elemental Force and was on par with a Wu Zong who had trained with the Yang Family's Qian Kun Giant Spiritual Technique. He now had enormous strength and as such, the technique was hard to block.

Jie Wuming's skills were originally lower than his and depended completely on his poison technique.

However, his poison technique was dispelled and he was in dire condition.


He barely finished saying a word before a gust from the claw struck him which severed his right arm.

Jie Wuming was shocked as he met Fang Yuan's cold gaze.

"I am only using my prowess as a Wu Zong. If you are not even able to counter this, you might as well die here!"

Fang Yuan's hands moved like the wind and created many illusions of his claws.


Yu Xiaohong and Yu Feishui looked on in a daze.

A Wu Zong! Zhu Country's top fighter! A renowned king of poison! He was being pressured to such an extent?

Duo Mingshu and Lady Miao Hua trembled in their shoes but dared not leave, their hearts beating wildly.


The gale was fierce.

Fang Yuan became happier as he fought.

With the experience from his dream, his Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique had reached the level of a master!

On this mainland, where martial arts were beginning to become extinct, there was nothing after the Elemental Gathering Realm! However, Yang Fan was from the Da Qian Empire where martial arts was commonplace, he knew that there was still the Elemental Opening Realm after the Elemental Gathering Realm!

Gathering the spiritual meridian, with every one increasing the elemental force, would allow one to obtain the Divine Body in martial arts!

"I have deduced the method of opening the meridian using the Qian Kun Giant Spiritual Technique. As the Eagle Lieutenant, he had gathered experience by reading extensively the collection in the county and strengthened his foundation. The next step would be to open the spiritual meridian while using my Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique and enter the Meridian Opening Realm!"

In Fang Yuan's eyes, Jie Wuming had become a good target.


The sound became more intense.

The countless illusions transformed as the wild wind howled and whipped around. Suddenly, the illusions disappeared and revealed the figure of Jie Wuming.

The old man was drenched in sweat. His face turned pale and he collapsed!

If Fang Yuan did not hold back, he might die of exhaustion!

"Bring him away!"

Fang Yuan stood straight and looked at Jie Wuming.

In his mind, Jie Wuming was an excellent subject for his experiment.

From the previous fight, he had a rough sensing of the next stage of the Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique. If he was able to use Wu Zong as the base to continue his experimentation, he would be able to deduce the method to open his spiritual meridian.

'Such a shame...these techniques originated from the Qian Kun Giant Spiritual Technique. If my experiment is successful, I would be able to change the name of the Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique...'

Truth be told, that was nothing much.

After all, the Eagle Claw Technique was the most basic of the skills with many variations such as the Giant Strength Eagle Claw Technique and the Poison Claw. The skill is compatible with other moves. As such even if there was a Giant Spiritual Eagle Claw, it would not be a problem.

'Of course...I must be cautious in this step! I would need to figure it out in my dreams and then practice it in real life...as this is from the Qian Kun Giant Spiritual Technique, its impact would be great. I am just afraid that I would be unable to break through the limit and fail to complete the technique!'

Fang Yuan's eyes were serene. He knew that he had yet another reason to visit the Da Qian Empire.


Yu Xiaohong was in a daze and unconsciously agreed to it. Soon after, she came around, her face flushed like an apple, and vigorously shook her head.

"Since this is the request of Prefecture Master Fang, I would accomplish it at all cost. It is just that if we want to wait until Jie Wuming wakes up...cough cough..."

Yu Feishui clambered up and struggled to speak.

"Rest assured, I will not leave during this time!"

Fang Yuan stood up straight and smiled. "The scenery here is enchanting. I want to stay here for a while and am not sure if the both of you will agree to it?"

"Of course! Definitely!"

Yu Feishui and Yu Xiaohong nodded their head as if they were chicks feeding on grains.

"Oh, and the two of you..."

Fang Yuan turned around and looked at Duo Mingshu and Lady Miao Hua.

"The two of you...if you require any compensation, discuss it with Yu Feishui!"

Fang Yuan waved his hand.

"Thank you, sir, for your generosity!"

The two of them expressed their gratitude and repeatedly kowtowed as if they had been given a pardon.


With a Wu Zong in town, the threat from the Golden Dragon Sect became a joke.

When Fang Yuan's identity was leaked out, those that were looking at him with ill intentions retreated and some even came forward with gifts as apologies.

Half a month later.

Golden Dragon Sect Mountain.


The eagle's cry rang out and pierced the clouds, the sound travelled for miles.

The Iron-tailed Black Eagle was trimming its feathers as it looked gravely at the figures in the fog.

"The gathering of the elemental force is for the opening of the meridian! The Qian Kun Giant Spiritual Technique was a top-notch technique to open the spiritual meridians. It is able to open 8 spiritual meridians, gaining elemental power level 8, and eventually achieving the Divine Body. By then, the martial artist would be very formidable and difficult to defend against!"

Fang Yuan walked on and every now and then, waved a claw. The action caused the clouds and fog to split and the elemental force caused waves to be formed in the lake as it was channelled outwards.

The spiritual king fish knew what was happening and hid at the bottom of the lake without coming out.

"The technique to open the meridian for my Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique should not be second to this...of course, the most crucial would still be the Meridian Opening. Even if only one spiritual meridian is gathered, I would still be able to enter the Meridian Opening Realm!"

Although Fang Yuan was simultaneously cultivating his martial arts and magical energy, he was still at the Elemental Gathering Realm.

Even though Fang Yuan had reached the peak of the Elemental Gathering Realm on his path as a Dream Master, he was not confident to break through the Holy Illusionary as it was too difficult.

It did not matter as it would be sufficient to suppress this mainland if he managed to enter the Meridian Opening Realm in the path of martial arts.

"Benefactor, please have the soup!"

A bubbly figure carried a food container forward. It was Yu Xiaohong.

As he opened the container, the rich smell of the fish soup reached his nose. It had spiritual properties.

This is a spiritual fish soup and was made with the Drunken Moon Lake spiritual fish as the main ingredient. It tasted fresh and replenished the spiritual energy.

"Thank you!"

Fang Yuan reached for the soup and gulped it down.

Yu Xiaohong placed both her hands under her chin and watched on silently. It was as if small stars appeared in her eyes.

'Thanks to Jie Wuming's selfless contribution, I have nearly figured out the method to gather the first spiritual meridian with the Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique...'

After drinking the spiritual soup, Fang Yuan waved Yu Xiaohong away without caring about her feelings and looked at his own stats window:

"Name: Fang Yuan

Essence: 11.5

Spirit: 11.5

Magic: 9.9

Profession: Dream Master

Cultivation: [Dream Master (Peak of Elemental Gathering Realm)], Wu Zong

Technique: [Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique (Grade 13) (11%)], Ecstasy Spell, Shadowstep

Skill: [Medicine (Level 3)], [Botany (Level 5)]"

"There are increases in 3 of my stats, of course, the most important would be the proficiency points, and it can finally be increased!"

Fang Yuan almost teared.

After he reached Wu Zong, the proficiency point of the Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique had stagnant as he had no way to further improve.

Now, with a direction for him to improve, the proficiency points for the Grade 13 Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique had finally been released.

As long as he continuously practicing, he would be able to reach the proficiency point of 99%. After that, all he needed would be an opportunity to break through the Meridian Opening Realm.

"With the nourishment from the spiritual things, there would definitely be no bottleneck once I reach the peak of the 13th grade. When that time comes, my cultivation as a Dream Master and a Wu Zong would be at the peak of the Elemental Gathering Realm. There would be no one here that would be a match for me unless I was ganged upon!"

After all, Elemental Gathering and Elemental Breaking were two notions.

It would be difficult to take on many opponents at once. Faced with the threat of Wu Country, Fang Yuan could only be patient.

"It won't be long..."

He looked gravely in the direction of Wu Country.


Capital, Xia Country

"I would like the princess to reconsider, my country might be forgiving but we definitely would not tolerate it if we keep getting bullied! My 200,000 strong army would not accept it as well!"

The young prince who previously appeared in the Secluded Mountains Prefecture City threatened.


Xie Lingyun laughed and brushed aside her hair, "Why did I receive news that you all met with trouble in Cangshan and were defeated in the plains previously? A few thousands of them were lost in the battle, 200,000 strong army? Is there even 10,000 soldiers left?"

"How dare you!"

The prince was enraged. He looked at Taoist Mu Li who stood behind Xie Lingyun. His mouth moved but did not say anything. He turned around and stomped off.

When he reached the guesthouse, he flew into a rage and smashed a cup.

"She dares to humiliate me?"

His eyes were bloodshot and he breathed heavily.

"Your Highness, you are too superficial. Every time a big event had a peaceful air..."

The middle-aged scribe shook his head.

"Wu Country is still strong, Yuan Country was just a small obstacle, the more important one is still Cangshan City..."

The prince raged once more, "That Fang Yuan!"

Looking at the prince's enraged expression, the middle-aged scribe hesitated before saying, "There is news about the Secluded Mountain Prefecture Master."


"He was at the Drunken Moon Lake in Zhu Country and took part in the Drunken Moon Festival. I heard that he caught a spiritual king fish and even clashed with the Zhu Country's King of Poison, Jie Wuming. Jie Wuming was defeated!"

The middle-aged scribe fanned himself.

"Jie Wuming..."

The prince's eyes shifted, "If it was you, how would you compare?"

The middle-aged scribe was shocked and replied, "It would be easy to chase him away, and killing him would be hard! Capturing him would be even harder!"

"But the Prefecture Master did it! The rate at which his powers are increasing is a cause for worry..."

The prince's eyes shifted and he suddenly smiled coldly, "He is going to bring about his own destruction!"

At that moment, Xie Lingyun received a report from Fang Yuan and was at a loss for words.