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Chapter 184: The Power of Wu

Chapter 184: The Power of Wu

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On the elevated platform at the conference.

Fang Yuan stood out and looked around.

Among the many who were accusing him, Wu Wudao and General Fei Long were smiling cunningly, as they slowly approached him.

The other country governors were either looking coldly at the scene or were looking with anticipation.

After all, this was a gifted 20-year-old boy who had obtained elemental force! His future was too uncertain, and he could likely attain the Elemental Opening Realm in the future!

Of course, they were not willing to see a person with such power; it would be a threat to the region.

At this point in time, Wu Zongs and spiritual knights of the different countries were guarding their country governors closely. A few of them arrived at the scene with menacing looks on their faces, as though they were instructed to join in.

The scene had escalated to a point of no return!

"Kill this person, and bring his head back as a sacrifice!"

Wu Qiankun bit his teeth and exclaimed.

His commanding voice was like an order, and suddenly both sides roared into action.


General Fei Long was taking the lead in front. An energy field taking up the shape of a dragon wrapped around his body, and out of a sudden, he struck 18 palms outward, releasing his elemental force. The energy field spread and the soldiers were forced to retreat. As a wine cup landed on the floor, the entire elevated platform was wrecked.

"God Searching Palm!"

Simultaneously, Wu Wudao struck at the same time.

He was extremely fearful of Fang Yuan and therefore used his killer move as the first move.


Accompanying his hand movements were the glitter of spiritual light. A translucent palm print appeared and then vanished into thin air.

This God Searching Palm was the counter to Zu Qiao ad Divine Spirits. It was known to be untraceable and extremely deadly. Previously, the Secluded Mountain Prefecture Master Liu Yan was struck by this palm which led to the destruction of his Zu Qiao. Even Fang Yuan might succumb to his palm.


It was not just the both of them attacking; the Wu Zongs and spiritual knights from the other smaller countries were helping out as well.

Many variations of spiritual techniques and martial arts techniques were all targeted in the centre.


"Woof! Woof!"

In the mid-air, a few spiritual beasts pounced upwards, guarding the space above. There was a vague silhouette of a person above as well.

There was no way out!

Facing such an all-around attack, the Fang Yuan who once cultivated in both martial arts and spiritual techniques would still not stand a chance. Even if he were to cultivate and reach the peak of the Elemental Gathering Stage, even with the help of his spiritual beasts, he would still have no way of escaping!

But he was no longer the unskilled Fang Yuan he once was!

Both General Fei Long and the God Searching Palm were coming for him, and a few other Wu Zongs and spiritual knights were attacking from behind as well.

However, all Fang Yuan did was to take in a deep breath.


As his energy level surged, a rugged and highly visible spiritual meridian appeared on his body!

The second stage of Wu Zong, the Meridian Opening Realm!

"God Searching Palm!?"

He appeared calm. As he stretched out his right hand, he used two fingers to press his forehead.


In mid-air, a palm print appeared as though it was about to strike Fang Yuan. However, it cleanly landed into Fang Yuan's trap, and a distinct cracking sound was heard. Within seconds, it was destroyed like a soap bubble.

"Peng! Peng!"

General Fei Long's eyes widened. Taking this opportunity, he crazily struck numerous palms around Fang Yuan. "18 Palms of Fei Long!!"


After the loud sound, Fang Yuan's clothing was torn, revealing his muscular build and the distinct veins on him. Mockingly, he grabbed General Fei Long by his wrist. "How's that? Enough?"


General Fei Long and Wu Wudao's eyeballs almost dropped out.

Even if Fang Yuan used a rough technique to break through to Wu Zong, giving him a hardy body, but General Fei Long was also a Wu Zong! Furthermore, General Fei Long had stellar results in many wars. Using his killer move, even if he was targeting a metal statue, he would still be able to beat it into a piece of metal chunk!

But what happened to Fang Yuan? Was he left completely unharmed?

General Fei Long was shocked beyond words. As Fang Yuan grabbed onto his wrist, he felt as though Fang Yuan's palm was made out of iron. As his expression changed, he wailed. "Imperial Advisor, save me..."


As he ended his sentence, his entire arm was crushed under Fang Yuan's grip. Treating him like rubbish, Fang Yuan threw General Fei Long away.

"Get... Lost!"

As Fang Yuan shouted, the spiritual meridian on him glowed, and suddenly the glow was transferred to his right hand, as he struck his fist out once again.


The elevated platform shook and a few pieces of supporting wood broke, as though it might crumble anytime.

The surrounding Wu Zongs and spiritual knights all spat out blood and flew backwards. Wu Wudao, who was in front, was punched squarely in the chest and crashed into the platform. There was a gaping hole in his chest, and his internal organs were visible.

Who would have thought that a single punch could be this powerful!


The table flipped in just a matter of seconds.

Even Xie Lingyun was in a daze.

"This... this is not a spiritual technique! But... pure martial arts..."

General Fei Long spat out three mouthfuls of blood before struggling to ask. "What is this technique? Could you have... broken through!"

In order to defeat so many Wu Zongs and spiritual knights at once, there was only one possibility. He must have achieved the Elemental Opening Realm!

"Giant Eagle Metal Body Technique!"

Since breaking through, this was the first time Fang Yuan had used all this power, and it felt different from before.

"After the Opening Meridian Stage, my elemental force will surge, but more importantly, I have the resistance to spiritual spells!"

Looking at the few spiritual knights who were spitting out blood, he mulled.

Just now, the spiritual techniques and curses were targeted at him. However, with the spiritual meridian protecting his body, a simple tremor would destroy all spiritual techniques and curses, and could even result in a backlash to whoever summoned it!

'This is such a contradiction. The higher the level of Wu Zong, the greater the number of spiritual meridians, and the greater the resistance to stronger spiritual spells...'

'If there was a presence of an Elemental Opening Realm spiritual knight secretly helping them, then I would not be able to withstand their collective power. However, all these useless people are just here to sacrifice their lives!'

Amidst the silence, Fang Yuan stood on the elevated platform and looked around. Not one country governor dared to look at him in the eye.

Even Wu Qiankun was rooted to his chair, his face completely pale.

"Never would I have thought that I would arrive at this day!"

Fang Yuan clenched his fist tightly.

This was power great enough to suppress the entire region!

At this point, Fang Yuan unknowingly looked at his stats window:

"Name: Fang Yuan

Essence: 18

Spirit: 18

Magic: 9.9

Profession: Dream Master

Cultivation: [Dream Master (Peak of Elemental Gathering Realm)], Wu Zong (First Meridian)

Technique: [Giant Eagle Metal Body Technique (Grade 2) (1%)], Ecstasy Spell, Shadowstep

Skill: [Medicine (Level 3)], [Botany (Level 5)]"

"Giant Eagle Metal Body Technique (First Meridian) - Combining the essence of Eagle Claw Iron Skin and the Qian Kun Giant Spiritual Technique, this is a unique creation. It is mainly powered by elemental force and is supplemented with the Giant Spiritual Strength. Defence is strengthened, poison is strengthened, breath is strengthened and Yin properties are strengthened! Currently formed one spiritual meridian, and now gained one elemental power! Now with resistance to spiritual spells!"

Fang Yuan thought to himself. "As of now, I'm at the third elemental force. It seems that if normal Wu Zongs were to break through, they might be able to achieve 5 or 6?"

The third elemental force was equivalent to the combat power of three Wu Zongs combined!

Furthermore, combat power could not be simply added up just like that.

"Have you broken through the Elemental Opening Realm?"

General Fei Long stood up straight like a pole stuck in the ground. His eyes were full of passion.

Fang Yuan could tell that this was a sincere question from a martial artist to inquire about his own martial arts cultivation.

"Is there really still a path after Wu Zong?"

General Fei Long appeared solemn. He approached Fang Yuan and gave him a respectful bow, and it seemed as though he wanted to die a gentleman.

"That's right. Spiritual knights have the Elemental Opening Realm, and Wu Zongs have the Opening Meridian Realm!"

His thirst for knowledge even on the brink of death made Fang Yuan's heart waver, as he returned a bow.

"Haha... I've started learning martial arts since I was 8, reached the 12th Gate when I was 30, and broke through to Wu Zong after another 20 years. I initially thought that I have reached a dead end, and therefore switched to become a general of the army. Ultimately, martial arts did not fail me!"

General Fei Long became even more serious and signalled with his hand. "Please! To die under a Meridian Opening martial artist is my honour!"

"General, don't!"

Wu Qiankun's expression changed.

Wu Wudao could not be saved, and he didn't want to lose another top-notch Wu Zong.

However, General Fei Long had already brushed aside all thoughts of riches and fame. He had the pure mind as a martial artist and was begging Fang Yuan to kill him.


Fang Yuan was solemn. He channelled his energy to his right hand.

"Ha! Dragon God Searching Palm!"

General Fei Long suddenly became a shadow and rushed swiftly in front of Fang Yuan. As he concentrated his energy on his left hand, he slowly formed a dragon's claw with it.

"Third Elemental Force!"

Without using any techniques, Fang Yuan struck an ordinary fist out.


An immense amount of energy countered General Fei Long's force, and as if flowed through his arm into his body, it destroyed everything in its way.


General Fei Long flew backwards, and his blood spurted out.

"Cough cough..."

Landing on a table, he crashed right into it, and he was coughing out blood. "Meridian Opening! Is that the path of a Wu Zong? What a pity... I won't be able to see that again..."

After finishing his sentence, he shut his eyes and stopped breathing!

"Imperial advisor! General!"

Wu Qiankun was in a daze, and his mind was lost.

Just moments ago he was suppressing every other country, and was the rightful alliance leader with best scholars and martial artists!

But now, both his trusty aides were killed instantly!

Anyone who would experience such a change in events would feel like dying.

Looking around, he realised that the many countries which previously sworn their alliance were flustered as well. A few of them started to look at Xia Country, with the intention of establishing good relations with them. None of them dared to look at him in the eye, but he was helpless.

In this world, power was absolute!

If Fang Yuan was still in the Elemental Gathering Realm, then they would do whatever it takes to kill him.

However, he has already broken through. The only logical thing to do was to become his ally. Who would even care about the alliance leader? Since the alliance leader was recommended by the masses, then he could also be impeached by the masses!

"I suddenly feel that, due to our divide in choosing the previous alliance leader, we should do the voting once more!"

The country governor of Kun Country spoke in a serious tone.

"Cough cough..."

The king of Zhu Country coughed and almost choked because this was also what he was about to say. Looking at the country governor of Kun Country with annoyance, he added. "That's true. I shall recommend the country governor of Xia Country. Does anyone have any opinions?"

"Of course not! Prefecture Master Fang is a gifted individual. Since he is the leader of the Secluded Mountain, he should start another country, and become the country advisor of the Secluded Country! He is the most appropriate candidate to be appointed as the alliance leader!"

Another country governor from a small country stood out, but all he got were stares from the other country governors.

"Haha... Haha..."

Witnessing this scene, Wu Qiankun cracked a smile and started laugh hysterically. "Good! Good! Good! We are all good alliance members!"

He knew that even with all his bodyguards, his fate laid solely in Fang Yuan's hands!