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Chapter 185: Secluded Country

Chapter 185: Secluded Country

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'King, how could you die here?'

Although there were many bodyguards around, none of them could give Wu Qiankun a sense of security.

As he looked at the approaching Fang Yuan, even with his bodyguards by his side, he could feel the chills. He could vividly remember the time where he held back for the sake of the First Prince, the excitement he had from getting the appointment of alliance leader, and the plans he had in his mind in taking over the region.

'I still need to take over the region, how can this happen... how...'

His lips were chapped as though they were about to crack. "Grandmaster Fang, I would not mind to take up the role as your imperial advisor..."


Without finishing his sentence, Fang Yuan had already come before him, striking his palm out forcefully.


A distinct sound was heard.

Wu Qiankun rolled on the ground and spit out a mouth of blood and some broken teeth. Hastily, he tried to stop his bodyguards from retaliating.

He was a clever man.

Even though Fang Yuan could kill him with one finger, he had chosen to slap him without killing him. It was obvious that this was just a warning.

"I have been disrespectful. May grandmaster forgive me!"

What type of man was Wu Qiankun?

As a respectable country governor, he had to power to determine anyone's fate. Even though he was being ridiculed by Fang Yuan, he had no choice but to suck it up.

"Mmm, you're still sincere!"

Fang Yuan was very observant. After all that Wu Qiankun had gone through, if he could still act as though nothing had happened, Fang Yuan would immediately kill him.

Everyone's face was pale with fear. This was truly terrorizing!

Those at the Elemental Gathering Realm still had to be reserved. However, reaching the Elemental Opening Realm meant that one could do anything he wished!

More importantly, Fang Yuan had a new achievement in the realm of martial arts!

If this news were to spread, martial artists and Wu Zongs from all corners of the region would attempt to establish good relations with the most powerful influence of the region. The numbers of Wu Zongs would increase!

Needless to say, no one was powerful enough to plot against and kill a martial artist in the Meridian Opening Realm.

This was why Fang Yuan dared to kill in front of so many people, and even dared to slap Wu Qiankun! Wu Qiankun could do nothing but suck it up.

"I am incapable of being appointed as the alliance leader. Since Grandmaster Fang is the leader of the Secluded Mountains Prefecture, you are the rightful country governor of the Secluded Country. Please accept the appointment as alliance leader!"

Wu Qiankun gritted his teeth and forced his unhappiness within himself, as he smiled and offered Fang Yuan the appointment.

"I am a free person, and I don't want to be involved in the worldly affairs! I will not take up this appointment. However, I will recommend the King of Xia Country. She has a good character and will be the best candidate!

Fang Yuan shook his head as he walked towards the campsite of Xia Country. He then carefully escorted the white-haired King of Xia Country to the seat of the alliance leader.

"Cough cough..."

Xie Lingyun contained her excitement and followed behind the King of Xia Country, as she mumbled something to herself.

"The alliance leader is here. Pay your respects!"

Fang Yuan scanned his surroundings and spoke with a threatening tone.

On the elevated platform, he could kill whoever he wished.

"Greetings, alliance leader!"

It was only natural to pay respects to those of a higher status. The Zhu Country Governor was the first one to greet, followed by the Kun Country, Hong Country...

Wu Qiankun was in a daze. Unknowingly, he followed the crowd and paid his respects as well.

"Please rise!"

King of Xia Country raised both of his hands. "Since we are all allies, the first thing is to decide on the boundaries. The Secluded Mountain Prefecture will now become a country in itself. This is a blessing we haven't had in many years! Bring the map here!"

A servant immediately brought a large map over and rolled it open.


King of Xia Country took the brush but handed it over to Fang Yuan.


Fang Yuan did not hesitate. He marked out a large area around the Secluded Mountain Prefecture, including his initial territory and almost half of the neighbouring Wu Country.

As Wu Qiankun saw this, his eyes turned red. This meant that his country's foundation would be ripped apart!

However, he was now the meat as to Fang Yuan was the knife. He could only suck it up. If only Fang Yuan was born in the royal family of the Wu Country!

"Wu Qiankun, do you have any objections to this arrangement?"

To be able to snatch such a large portion of land from Wu Country, the entire Xia Country was elated.


Wu Qiankun forcefully replied.

"That's great!"

Xie Lingyun continued. "Let us not forget to acknowledge the documents for the new country! To go through the Land-Defining Ceremony, let us all celebrate for Secluded Mountain... Secluded Country!"

There was a proper procedure to start a country.

The most important was to go through the Land-Defining Ceremony. This would be initiated when the King of Xia Country and Wu Qiankun both allocate a piece a land to Fang Yuan as a representation of breaking land apart before defining it as a new territory.

Afterwards, every country had to use their country seals to acknowledge the territorial boundaries of the new country.

The last one to do so was Wu Qiankun. His eyes were sore. This was a first in Wu Country's history to give up land even before a war! However, he had no other choice!

After all, if he didn't agree to this, the Wu Country's royal family might be exterminated!

After all the administrative work was completed, the Secluded Mountain Prefecture not only expanded in size in the direction of Wu Country but was also transformed into 'Secluded Country'! It might become the holy ground for martial arts in the region!

Even though King of Xia Country might be a puppet, the procedures made him worn out. Mustering his energy, he announced, "Done! Everyone is to abide by the new territorial boundaries, and no one is to get involved in his country's internal affairs! No disputes, but if you insist, you shall face the attack of every other country in the alliance!"

However, he could not step down yet. After Fang Yuan had shown his intention, he continued.

As soon as he spoke, the many kings heaved a sigh of relieved and looked happy. Even Wu Qiankun became more relaxed.

The Land-Defining Ceremony had utterly embarrassed Wu Qiankun, but it was not without benefits for him.

After all, after what had happened, the Meridian Opening Realm Wu Zong, leader of Secluded Country, was now on their side. He has also signed the agreement not to invade other territories, which was an assurance of peace in the immediate future. There was no more worry that this powerful leader might destroy other countries.

"Since this is settled, is the conference dismissed?"

Wu Qiankun smiled and asked earnestly.

"Dismissed? Why?"

Fang Yuan let out a casual laughter and argued back. "Actually, you make sense. Since Yuan Country is a part of the alliance, how can they be absent?"

"Right now, their country is plagued with internal conflicts. We should proceed there to restore peace!"

This was Wu Wudao's initial plan, and Fang Yuan copied it entirely.

Since the alliance leader has been changed, no matter what Wu Qiankun's intentions were, he could only follow orders now.

"That's right! Imperial advisor's... No, King Fang's intention is also my intention!"

The King of Xia Country hurriedly agreed.

"Since the order has been given, everyone should be clear on what to do. What else is there to buck-pass? Servants, serve the blood wine! After drinking the blood wine and swearing allegiance to the alliance, everyone is to return to their military camps to bring their troops into Yuan Country!"

Fang Yuan felt into the mood of being the alliance leader as he gave the command.

The king of Xia Country immediately nodded his head continuously, like a chick pecking the ground.

Seeing this scene, all the country governors rolled their eyes discreetly, but on the outside, everyone agreed without hesitation.


Back in their military camp, Lan Xiaosheng was the first to receive them "Greetings, king!"

He appeared humble, but inside he felt regretful.

If he had known that Fang Yuan was this powerful, he should not have left them.

"Forget about it!"

Fang Yuan paid no attention to him. "Wait at the gates of the camp. If there are any visiting Wu Zongs, record their names down and welcome them into the tents."

As he spoke, he arrived at the main tent together with Xie Lingyun.


Xie Lingyun heaved a long sigh before composing herself. As she examined Fang Yuan, she felt like she was facing a monster. "Master... When did you achieve your breakthrough to the Meridian Opening Realm?"

"I have had the feeling all along, and broke through when I felt it coming!"

As compared to the commotion Liu Yan had when he achieved his breakthrough, Fang Yuan's breakthrough was the classic example of a silent one, and shocked everyone only at the crucial moment!

Thinking about the fact that her master had broken through to the Meridian Opening Realm, and the fact that the pressure on Xia Country has been lifted, Xie Lingyun became ecstatic and extremely emotional. Her eyes were glittering as she looked at Fang Yuan, and her face appeared flushed.

"Hehe... I have had the honour of receiving a Wu Zong's inheritance, and in it was the description on the path after the Elemental Gathering Realm..."

Fang Yuan coughed a few times, but still had no choice but to explain it to her.


Xie Lingyun was not shocked; it was obvious that she had predicted this all along.

After all, no matter how talented Fang Yuan was, he could not discover the path after Wu Zong all by himself.

Wouldn't this render the teachings of martial arts in this region a joke?

Therefore, he must have stumbled upon a treasure left behind by someone from the mainland in order for Fang Yuan to have such an accomplishment!

"Alright, accompany Mu Li and the rest to prepare the troops and calvaries! It is no longer difficult to settle Yuan Country and start a prosperous dynasty on the mainland in the future!"

Fang Yuan waved his hand and dismissed Xie Lingyun.

There were 30,000 troops gathered here. There were the best of the best from every country, and almost 10,000 of them were elite infantry soldiers. If there was no proper planning and allocation, there might be a breakdown in communication.

In reality, if the Xia Country's troops were not the second-largest here excluding the Wu Country's, and without Fang Yuan's power, how would the many countries be so obedient to follow instructions?


After Xie Lingyun had left, Lan Xiaosheng was waiting outside for a moment before reporting to Fang Yuan. He had a face of shock.

"Tell me! How many came?"

Fang Yuan casually asked.

"King, you have only tasked me to count in the Wu Zongs. As of now, there are three outside waiting. There are Zhang Xia, Liu Shanchuang and Li Hanghu!"

The other Wu Zongs had their reservations and would not boldly approach Fang Yuan. Therefore, those who came were either working along, or had minimal relations with their countries, and all were only committed to exploring the path of martial arts. These Wu Zongs were the perfect people to establish relations with.

"Invite them in!"

Fang Yuan waved his hand, and a few martial artists with unique energy types entered the large tent.

Fang Yuan had heard the names of this Wu Zongs before.

Liu Shanchuang was famous for his Judo Technique, and Li Hanghu's Multiple Technique was not to be belittled. As for Zhang Xia, disregarding everything else, the fact that she, a lady, could attain Wu Zong meant that her foundations were strong.

However, as the three Wu Zongs met Fang Yuan, they knelt down without hesitation. "Greetings, king. Please teach us the way to breakthrough!"