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Chapter 186: The Plains

Chapter 186: The Plains

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"I know the way to achieve the breakthrough for the Meridian Opening Realm!"

Fang Yuan glanced at the 3 Wu Zongs in front of him. "But I cannot teach you for free! We are no longer affected by worldly affairs, so I shall be straightforward. Work for me for 10 years, and I shall show you the way to the Meridian Opening Realm!"

In the Da Qian empire, although the techniques in the Meridian Opening Realm were rare, they were still not worth this much.

Needless to say, Fang Yuan was baiting them.

After the Meridian Opening Realm, what about tips for forming the spiritual meridian? What about the technique to condense the Divine Body?

Basically, if they were to agree to his terms, they would have agreed to be part of Fang Yuan's team.

However, these 3 Wu Zongs were already mentally prepared. They only hesitated a while before exclaiming. "10 years is too little!"

To those who were in desolation at the fact that being a Wu Zong was a dead end, they would be willing to do anything to find the path after Wu Zong.

Forget about the 10-year agreement. Even if they were made to become slaves for a hundred years, they might even agree.


Fang Yuan let out an expression of joy before going up to help them up. "From now on, all 3 of you will swear your loyalty to the Secluded Country. We are all one family now, so let's do away with the formalities!"

He could be direct and straightforward towards other people, but since he was facing his own capable subordinates, there was no need to.

By treating them with respect and dignity, the three Wu Zongs were inspired, and the initial unwillingness and resistance to the agreement became lessened.

Compared to the joyous happenings in the Xia Country's tent, the Wu Country's tent was filled with an atmosphere of sorrow.

Looking at the two stretchers draped in white clothes stained with blood, Wu Qiankun's face was flushed. Forcefully, he drew his sword and sliced a wooden pillar next to him. "Xia Country! Fang Yuan! Bullies! I will take my revenge one day!"

It was indeed a humiliation for both his trustful aides to be killed.

It was further humiliation for him to give up his piece of land and be demoted from the appointment of alliance leader.

However, the most infuriating for Wu Qiankun was the fact that his life was determined by someone else.

In the history of Wu Country, there were records of 'Wu People causing political revolt' and 'illegal usage of spiritual spells', which served as warnings to the younger generation. However, these would surely not leave as deep an impression as what had happened this time.

After releasing his anger, Wu Qiankun calmed down and took in a deep breath. "Pass the order down... For our entire army to temporarily... listen to the orders of Xia Country!"

After finishing his sentence, he seemed to have lost all his strength and was on the brink of collapsing onto the floor. "Get lost!"

The bodyguards and servants around were longing to leave all along. With his command, they were secretly in joy as they hurriedly made their way out, and even so, they were still hoping to run faster.

"Phew phew..."

Wu Qiankun was breathing heavily. After half a day, he finally looked at a corner.

There was a man in black there. Nobody knew when he had arrived, and he looked as if he was waiting for someone. He was well camouflaged and could not be easily spotted.

"Black Ice!"

Wu Qiankun stood up with a look of determination. "Based on our capabilities, would it be possible to kill Fang Yuan by setting up traps?"

"That will be difficult!"

Black Ice's voice was hoarse like an owl. "We only have limited recordings regarding Elemental Opening Realm spiritual knights in the royal family's secret collection. Furthermore, these recordings are about spiritual knights, not Wu Zongs..."

"How did our ancestors deal with the Elemental Opening Realm spiritual knights in the past?

Wu Qiankun's eyes glittered.

"They either establish good relations with them or hide from them... Only a small handful of talented people would be able to achieve a breakthrough to the Elemental Opening Realm. To them, this place is only a small pond. They would rather head towards the Da Qian empire to search for the path ahead..."

Black Ice sounded confident as if he had seen all of these himself.

"Then the only way is to tolerate them!"

Wu Qiankun bit his lip, revealing some blood.

As he thought about Fang Yuan's age, he felt hopeless. If Fang Yuan decided to stay in the region forever, then even his own grandsons might not be able to live long enough to outlast Fang Yuan.

"Based on how he managed to achieve a breakthrough in the Elemental Opening Realm at 20 proves that his potential is limitless! However, the more worrying part would be the fact that he had managed to discover the path after Wu Zong!"

Black Ice's explanation was straightforward. "How many people in the world train in martial arts? I'm afraid the number of people pursuing spiritual techniques is less than a thousandth of it! Imagine if the sheer number of martial artists would come together and combine forces..."

"Meridian Opening..."

Wu Qiankun mumbled on these two words, which had the potential to drive the entire mainland crazy. With a helpless smile, he thought of General Fei Long. "That's right... All highly skilled martial artist would not be able to resist this temptation."


On the second day, 30,000 troops were formed up as they marched towards the Dragon City, the capital of Yuan Country.

The continuous reports were coming in, making Fang Yuan able to understand much more.


As he sat in a carriage with Xie Lingyun serving him at one side, he casually took a piece of a report to read, and his eyebrow began to twitch. "Purple Dream Princess?"

"This lady is the prettiest of all in the plains, the princess of Sunset Division! Master, are you interested in her?"

Xie Lingyun teased him, but in her tone was a hint of jealousy.

"Haha... I am only interested in her as she is the key person involved in the death of the Yuan King... A village of pretty ladies would be the downfall of any hero. This saying is very true, hehe! He didn't die in vain!"

Fang Yuan casually threw the report aside and scoffed.

Suddenly, he thought of the late King of the plains, Temujin. His death was unexplained, and this sent a chill down Fang Yuan's spine.

Whoever who succeeded would always pay less attention to themselves. They would die in the most uneventful way.

Even the most prestigious emperor was not spared. As long as he was human, any natural disasters or accidents could still kill him and wipe out the accomplishments he had in his life!

'Since I am no longer mortal, I will not make their mistakes. However, I still need to be cautious!'

In order to successfully explore the world and embark on the journey towards eternal life, one had to have a clear mind. Fang Yuan was jolted and woke up, and he reminded himself that he must not become proud of his achievement in taking over the entire mainland, or that would lead to his downfall.

"The question is... Where did Purple Dream Princess end up afterwards?!"

He posed a question.

"She might have been diced into pieces by the Golden Wolves Guards!"

Xie Lingyun bit her lip. It was obvious that she was not optimistic about Purple Dream Princesses' survival.

"If that is true, they would publicly announce it. Looking at the situation in Yuan Country, where the First Prince is gathering his military power as he readies himself to pit against the other princes, they would surely announce the outcome of Purple Dream Princess if that really happened!"

Fang Yuan rubbed his chin.

"Master, what you mean is..."

Xie Lingyun blinked her eyes as though she was in a daze.

'The expressions revealed subconsciously are always the most moving!'

Fang Yuan sighed in his heart and continued. "That Purple Dream... She is not simple! She might still be alive! After all, if it was a plan for revenge, even though the King is dead, the few princes are still alive!"

"Then what should we do?"

Xie Lingyun appeared serious. "Should we support one of the princes?"

"Haha, there is only one spot for king! How is this worth it!"

Fang Yuan laughed and appeared unpredictable.


Outside the Dragon City, there was blood everywhere.

Two troops of soldiers were fighting, and the horses were neighing loudly. Arrows flew around and the entire plains were covered in a hue of blood.

After the day has ended, both sides retreated. The Eighth Prince, Ge Ritu appeared vexed as he listened to his subordinate's report. "Damn! Why is the casualty rate so high?"

"The First Prince Ba Tu has taken over Dragon City. Second Prince A Guda took the opportunity to bribe and take over the King's personal soldiers. The other princes have the support of their own divisions. If we stayed in Dragon City, Ba Tu would never have the chance to take it over!"

Zhuo Li Getu reported in a serious tone.

The sudden changes in the city were too quick for Eighth Prince to react. He was caught off guard. When he returned, it was already too late.

Not just that, but by being the youngest prince, the other princes were jealous of him, and the situation was not desirable.

"Damn! Since Father is now dead, we should follow the rules and gather the leaders of our people to recommend the heir!"

Ge Ritu exclaimed helplessly.

The late king was an accomplished one, and his children were all remarkable.

First Prince Ba Tu was valiant and skilled in war. Second Prince A Guda was a highly skilled strategist. As the youngest among all the princes, Ge Ritu was the most average, and could only rely on the tradition to fight for the throne.


A calvary sped towards Ge Ritu and a soldier dismounted from the horse before kneeling down. "News from those behind has it that the people of the South have ended the conference. They have decided on a new alliance leader!"


Ge Ritu scoffed and knew that this was not the right time to be calculative about this. "Who did they recommend? The Country Governor of Wu Country?"

"No! It's the king of Xia Country! As of now, the countries have not returned. Instead, they have come together and are now in the plains. 30,000 soldiers are now coming our way towards the Dragon City!"

"What audacity!"

Ge Ritu's hands became pale, as he gripped on to the horse whip.

"If you give me 30,000, no! 20,000 soldiers, I can wipe out their army of 30,000 in the plains! When did the weak people of the South have the guts to invade his piece of land which the heavens have given to us?"

"Eighth Prince, you need to calm down!"

At this point, Zhuo Li Getu stood out.

His status was different. Not only was he the strongest warrior of Yuan Country, he was the mentor assigned by the king to guide Ge Ritu. Hearing him speak, Ge Ritu immediately quietened.

"With unity comes strength. Right now, we only have 10,000 troops. Taking into account the relentless invasions and disturbance from the other princes, this is not the time to start a war with the people from the South!"

Zhuo Li Getu calmly reasoned.

"Your intention is to... negotiate peace?"

Ge Ritu looked at his own mentor with a cold look.

"The people from the South are like a herd of sheep. Even with a lion as a leader, they are still weak. As long as we have some time, we can invade towards the South in the future! A temporary agreement will not mean much!"

Zhuo Li Getu casually commented, as though the agreement would worth nothing.