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Chapter 187: White Robes

Chapter 187: White Robes

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Since the first inhabitants of Yuan Country from the grass plains, they were sceptical.

They settled down in areas with vegetation and water sources, and there were only a few large cities in the entire region.

As Fang Yuan led the countries towards Dragon City, they did not encounter many locals on their way, and therefore there was little resistance.

Of course, as he got closer to Dragon City, there were obstacles in his way.

In front of Fang Yuan were rows and rows of calvaries. Although they appeared disorganised, they still seemed powerful. Every one of them looked fierce, and the horses were all strong ones with red eyes and an occasional puff of visible air from their mouths. A row of white teeth was revealed as the horses snarled.

"Master, I have the details!"

As the soldiers were waiting for their command, Xie Lingyun rushed over to Fang Yuan's side on a horse. "What we see in front of us is the Golden Sheep Division and Louqie Division. There are the armies of the Third and Fourth Prince! Should we send someone to talk to them?"

"That won't be necessary. Send all the country governors here!"

Fang Yuan was considered to have unofficial control over the country governors. He, as a single person, was able to decide their life and death. Therefore, when the command was given, no one dared to disobey.

No long later, Wu Qiankun and company arrived before him.

"The huge grass plains of Yuan Country is a big problem for us. I am useless, yet I want to solve this problem!"

Fang Yuan commanded. "Order all the calvaries to gather and follow me as we break their formation!"

"Hold on, should we hold talks with them?"

Wu Qiankun appeared to be confused.

On one hand, he hoped that Fang Yuan would die from rushing into their formation.

On the other hand, seeing the internal conflict in Yuan Country made him feel that he was so close to success, and therefore felt a little regretful.

In the end, the thought of letting Fang Yuan fall into their trap won over his head.

"There's no need! They are not afraid of us! If we do not defeat them, there will be no ground for negotiations!"

Without wearing an armour, Fang Yuan immediately gathered his 5,000 strong calvary troops and began to charge.

"No one can match us!"

Draped in white robes, Fang Yuan rode a white horse and came to the front of the formation with much elegance.

A white horse was not auspicious! This was because, in the ancient times, many horses were brown or black, and riding a white horse would attract too much attention. Furthermore, it could be easily picked up by firepower. Needless to say, Fang Yuan did not care about all these.





Even though the attack was planned in a rush, Fang Yuan's spirit and passion were infectious, and all of them felt the vigour to fight.

"Calvaries from the people of the South?"

On the opposite camp, both princes were enraged as the people of the South did not hold their line of defence even after seeing their own troops. "Destroy them!"


The cavalry units on the grass plains were shouting as they made their horses sprint.

Their battle horses were much taller than the horses from the South and were also ferocious.

Rumour had it that on the grass plains of the Yuan territory, there was a Heavenly Horse. It came from the Nine Heavens and was the leader of all spiritual beasts.

The Heavenly Horse would not live with the normal horses, and would only be found in perilous areas.

Every time when shepherds had managed to track the whereabouts of the Heavenly Horse, they would let out the most obedient and beautiful female horse into the mountains and valleys.

Among 10 of these female horses, there would be at least one that came back pregnant, carrying the descendant of the Heavenly Horse.

After many generations of mating, this became the standard for battle horses on the grass plains.

Even though they only had a hint of the Heavenly Horse's genes, they were still very much stronger than normal horses. If martial artists with inner force were to form a human wall, these horses would still be able to break through it easily.

The two lines of calvaries became spearheads as they approached each other.


"Bang bang!"

Finally, after a few collisions, a few soldiers were flung at each other, becoming a pile of bloodied corpses.


The people of the Yuan Country grew up on horsebacks. Their archery skills were commendable and could even shoot at full power from close range.

"Whoosh whoosh!"

Arrows fell like rain and landed on Fang Yuan. However, they could not even penetrate the energy field around him as they were deflected to the ground.


His eyes flashed with anger. As he waved his hands, the heads from two horses rolled onto the ground.

'Their too weak! Even after my discreet hypnosis, they can only produce such standards!'

Fang Yuan looked behind him. Many cavalry units were slashing their spears around as they were engaged in fierce fights with the cavalry units from the grass plains. It was a pity that it was an ugly sight to behold, for most in most of the fights, two soldiers were required to fend off one soldier from the Yuan Country. They were useless beyond hope.

'After all, they are not professionals. Furthermore, we have only just combined forces, and the soldiers do not know their Thousand-trooped Commanders well as the Thousand-trooped Commanders know their soldiers. Therefore, I should not fault them!'

'Luckily, my plan did not require any dependency on them!'

Looking at a direction, Fang Yuan leapt off his horse's back.


His Giant Eagle Metal Body Technique was used to the maximum, and the raining arrows could do nothing to slow him down. From the naked eye, he had transformed into a white shadow. After a few leaps, he had already arrived in front of the Yuan Country's Thousand-trooped Commander who was giving orders.


This person's skin was like metal as it was extremely reflective. Seeing Fang Yuan approaching him, he revealed a cunning smile and leapt backwards, in the meantime returning a few slashes from his broad knife.

"Protect the Thousand-trooped Commander!"

From the surroundings, many cavalry units rushed towards Fang Yuan. All of them were martial artists in the 4 Heavenly Gates, and this Thousand-trooped Commander was even stronger, with a cultivation at the peak of the 12th Gate.

His retreat and the narrowing of the circle around Fang Yuan happened within seconds. However, they all seemed to be well versed in the tactic, as though they had practised it for a thousand times before. It was obvious that this was a tactic they had prepared for this type of war.

After all, in this world, there was the existence of Wu Zongs and spiritual knights! War had to adapt to this fact.


Fang Yuan exclaimed as his speed suddenly increased. He managed to escape the circle and came in front of the Thousand-trooped Commander. With his finger, he folded and broke the knife, and at the same time struck his forehead.


The Thousand-trooped Commander's head exploded like a watermelon, and his corpse fell to the ground.

The 8 soldiers, who made up the circle, froze. At that moment, their eyes turned red with fury. "Die!!!"

Yuan Country was strict in training their soldiers. If their Thousand-trooped Commander were to die, all of them had to die as well, including their family members.

At this point, there were already dead in the eyes of their country. The only way for them to have a chance at survival was to kill Fang Yuan in order to use merit to redeem themselves. Therefore, all of them rushed towards Fang Yuan without any regard for their lives.

"Using a grasshopper's arm to block an oncoming car!"

Fang Yuan stretched his arm out. As the swords came in contact with his arm, they immediately became scrap metal and flew backwards quickly.

"Ping! Ping!"

On the spot, these 8 soldiers became like a hornet's nest; their bodies had an uncountable number of wounds as blood oozed out from every single wound.

All of this happened in a matter of seconds; the death of the Thousand-trooped Commander and the death of the 8 soldiers. The remaining thousands of soldiers under his charge began to panic.

In the armed forces of the Yuan Country, a Ten-trooped Commander would be in charge of 10 men. A Hundred-trooped Commander would have to lead 100 men. Therefore, a Thousand-trooped Commander was the leader of a thousand soldiers! He was indeed a high ranking leader, and his death meant that the command post was figuratively crippled.

Fang Yuan did not slow down. Snatching another horse, he rushed towards the 20,000-men strong troop.

"Kill him!"

Kill him!"

The people of Yuan Country were in a mess. Among the 1,000 soldiers and 10,000 horses, a white dot was rushing through, as Fang Yuan continued to kill a few other Thousand-trooped Commanders. There was no one who could stop him.

"Generals, don't hide, otherwise your troops will not dare to face the white robes! Haha..."

On the opposite, Wu Qiankun looked at the white shadow as it pounced around within the Yuan Country soldiers. Hearing the cheers from the sidelines, he was dumbfounded together with the other country governors.

"This is the time to strike. What are you all waiting for?"

Xie Lingyun looked at the one-man army as it caused disruption to the enemy, and her eyes glittered. "Gather all our troops and attack! Attack!"

"Sound the drums and attack!"

The king of Xia Country gave the command.

Wu Qiankun had initially hoped that Fang Yuan would fall into the trap of the enemy. However, he had lost all hope as he witnessed the scene in front of him. He had decided to be more respectful to Fang Yuan.


As the 20,000-men strong army exclaimed, their voices were rumbling. Behind the inspired calvaries, they started to invade as well.



Blood splattered as another Thousand-trooped Commander fell to the floor, with disbelief on his face.

"This should be the seventh!"

Fang Yuan casually tossed the corpse away. The path in front of him was now clear, and he could see two men dressed in bright robes running away.

"You cannot run!"

As he took in a deep breath, the glow of the spiritual meridian appeared and surrounded his body.

"Protect the prince!"

A few shamans leapt out as they chanted numerous evil incantations on him.

A few Wu Zongs appeared as well as they attempted to corner him.

"Do you think you can stop me?"

As the few evil incantations landed on his body, the flicker of the glow of the spiritual meridian immediately caused them to dissipate into thin air.

As he focused his strength on his claws, Fang Yuan struck them out. "Giant Eagle Claw!"


As his elemental force gathered, they seemed physically real to the touch as Fang Yuan used it to press the few Wu Zongs; they were pressed into a bloody mess!

This was the violent power of suppression from someone with the Third Elemental Force!

"You... You are not human, but Qiutege! Qiutege!!!"

Seeing their bodyguards being minced effortlessly by Fang Yuan, they quickened their pace and ran even faster than a horse! Once they were caught, they were already frightened to the point that their pants were wet.

One of them was older and looked like Ge Ritu; he was the one who pointed at Fang Yuan and screamed.

Qiutege meant an evil demon in the language of Yuan Country.

Even though they knew the existence of cultivation, they still treated such a powerful and unreasonable person as an evil demon!

"Both of you are useless! Wait, I could use both of you!"

Fang Yuan grabbed the both of them and snatched a spiritual horse over for himself. Using both of them as a shield, how would their own soldiers dare to fire their arrows? With this, he was able to rush back to his own troops.

"Pa! Pa!"

Casually, he flung the weak princes to Xie Lingyun. "These two are high-status slaves. Let them have a taste of the cavalries from the grass plains! If that is not possible, we can still initiate a trade with the other princes. Let's see how much they will be willing to pay for the both of them!"


Xie Lingyun's mouth was wide open, but not a word came out.

The other Wu Zongs looked at him in fear and were all dripping sweat.

To capture their leaders among thousands of soldiers!

They didn't dare to think that such a thing would happen. Once they were surrounded by equally skilled martial artists, and with the combined attack from the enemy, they would surely be captured.

However, Fang Yuan had made history today!

Witnessing this, Wu Qiankun felt even more hopeless. Facing such an opponent, even if he had thousands of soldiers, a great strategy, it would still be useless! Fang Yuan was a person who would not waste time, and would charge straight into the formation to take down the general, and finally the leader!

It was a simple plan which made use of brute force, but it was extremely effective!

From then on, a man dressed in white robes on a white horse would forever be a nightmare to the soldiers on the grass plains.