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Chapter 188: Dragon City

Chapter 188: Dragon City

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On the vast plains, from a distance, there was a majestic view of a city.

That was the capital of Yuan Country, Dragon City.

As one of the few buildings and being the largest city of Yuan Country, it was the country's headquarters, and it was the place people put their trust in and faith in.

At this point in time, an army of the people from the South had finally arrived at the weakness of Yuan Country.

"Queen, we hope that you would convince him to become allies with our princes. It's a win-win situation!"

Within the tent, a Yuan Country representative was smiling as he was being dismissed.

"This is... the third one for today right?"

Xie Lingyun rubbed her forehead. As much as she felt tired, she also felt pleased.

From the destruction of the two princes armies and Fang Yuan having the nickname of Qiutege in the grass plains, to the peaceful journey from then onwards, the other princes had learnt from Third and Fourth Prince's mistakes and had sent out messengers to show their good intentions.

"Not just Second Prince A Guda and Eighth Prince Ge Ritu, but even the First Prince Ba Tu had come forth. All of them were humble, and we have finally gotten back at them on behalf of the other small countries. Master, what you have said is indeed true! Even if we want to negotiate, we have to defeat and force them into submission first!"

The previous victory was the crucial event that enabled them to choose in peace which prince they want to support!

"Master, who would you want to support?"

Xie Lingyun looked at Fang Yuan's tent, perplexed.


However, Fang Yuan was no longer in his tent.

"The Dragon City is indeed different from the other cities. It has a different vibe to it!"

With his skills and guts, he had managed to secretly infiltrate the capital of Yuan Country.

The city walls and the guards who were on continuous patrol were all a joke to him.

"I'm guessing that the current owner of Dragon City is Ba Tu?"

As he walked towards the city square, his eyes were filled with curiosity. "To resort to such a means to get to the throne! He must be doing all that he can, what a pity!"

Even with the possession of Dragon City, Ba Tu had the weakest foundation among all the princes.

"I've heard that since Ba Tu has the reputation of the son that led to the death of his father, many of his own people dislike him. What a poor thing..."

Looking at the empty streets, Fang Yuan let out a gentle sigh.

Around him, many guards were patrolling. However, they were like blind men and ignored Fang Yuan's existence.

The first part of the cultivation to be a dream master was to be 'illusionary'. Even if these warriors had obtained inner force, they would still not be able to see or hear Fang Yuan.

'With the cultivation of a dream master, I wouldn't have to be afraid of people combining forces and attacking me. Opening meridians after Wu Zong would allow me to take out the leader among thousands of soldiers! With both of these together, I am invincible! In this region, whoever I want to kill will die, even if it's the king of Yuan Country or the governor of Xia Country!'

As he thought to himself, he arrived at the palace of Yuan Country.

This palace was majestic. However, it was lacking in a certain vibe.

Without saying anything, a layer of bewildering fog covered himself as he entered the palace.

In the Royal Study.

"Jerk! Why are Yehe Division and Nayan Division not listening to my orders? I want to send troops over and destroy them!"

In a moment, everyone could feel the wrath of Ba Tu.

As the eldest son of the king, his facial features were rather similar to the late king. He had a brute appearance and was the classic example of a boy who grew up in the grass plains.

After letting out his anger, he began to slowly calm down. All that was left in his heart was a sense of helplessness.

"The woman... Have we found her?"

Ba Tu was filled with regret.

He recalled the first time he set eyes on that woman's beauty. He had to control his own urges and overcome his greed before he could make the decision to give her to his father.

This was purely his act of loyalty, and he had no evil intentions.

"Who would've known that that woman would... that woman would... She isn't human! She's a devil, with the heart of a fox, the eyes of a snake, the teeth of a wolf and the poison of a scorpion..."

Thinking about it, Ba Tu felt a little fortunate.

If the woman were to throw herself to him, then he would be the one dead.

'No one... no one can resist that smile of hers!'

Thinking about her sweet smile, Ba Tu quickly shook his head vigorously as though he wanted to erase all these memories of her.

"That woman... We have no clue about her whereabouts since that day!"

In front of Ba Tu was a shaman who knelt down as he reported. He sounded helpless.

"She must still be around, in the Dragon City, within the palace walls!"

Although Ba Tu was a valiant warrior, he was just a frantic person with no clarity of thought. His eyes were bloodshot, and he paced up and down as his heart was filled with uneasiness.

"Don't worry prince. With my protection, that evil woman will not come in. Not just her, but anyone else before. Nobody can come in here without me noticing!"

The shaman replied, brimming with confidence.

"Before? Does that mean that there is such a person able to do that now? Is it the demonic person from the South?"

Ba Tu mumbled.

"That Fang Yuan is indeed a threat to the grass plains. However, there is nothing to be worried about, my prince. All of us will swear to protect the royal family with our lives!"

"My two brothers might have agreed to Fang Yuan's conditions, and I have no idea what they are! Hmph..."

Ba Tu was not the average person. He had strong foundations, and slowly, he began to calm down. "I'll send a messenger. This is to establish good relations with the people from the South. Before this internal conflict is over, it is not wise to have another enemy. Since they have not replied us, you shall look for them in a while. Tell them that if they are willing to work for me, they will get honour and everything else!"

"Yes, sir! You are the eagle, flying high in the sky, and we are your hunting dogs!"

The shaman replied respectfully.

"Don't foolishly think that that is my intention. But if I don't do this, how can we concentrate our forces and defeat A Guda and Ge Ritu?"

A cunning look flashed on Ba Tu's face, like a wolf. "After I have taken over the entire grass plains, we will head South to plunder from them. Otherwise, how would we be able to withstand the extreme cold weather?"

"Prince, that is a wonderful plan!"

The shaman praised Ba Tu, but suddenly, his expression changed as he looked out of the window. "Who's there? Who's there?"


Fang Yuan revealed himself as he walked in with big steps. With a mocking tone, he asked, "You're Ba Tu? I'm here now! You can lay out your conditions!"

"What audacity!"

Seeing a stranger walk in out of a sudden, Ba Tu subconsciously grabbed the knife on his waist, and his expression changed. "This is not right... You're..."

There was only one such person who had the ability to traverse within the boundaries of the palace undetected.

The white-robed Qiutege - Fang Yuan!

"You're smart!"

Ba Tu quickly composed himself, and Fang Yuan nodded his head.

With such a composure, Ba Tu was not the average reckless person.

"I have already sealed this place up. No matter how loudly you may shout, no one would be able to hear you!"

Fang Yuan slowly walked towards him.

"Fang Yuan, what is your motive for coming here?"

Just thinking about this made Ba Tu anxious.

"I'm only here to warn you that I have the ability to destroy everything!"

Fang Yuan replied without any reservations, and suddenly his silhouette flickered.

"Not good!"

The shaman was in shock. With a wave of the spiritual drum in his hand, a blood-red glow slowly spread across the room.

"You're a mere firefly, and yet you dare to fight with the moon's glow?!"

Facing him, Fang Yuan smiled. The spiritual meridian on his body appeared as a huge force disabled the shaman's spiritual spell. The Elemental Gathering Realm shaman exclaimed as a hole broke through one side of the spiritual drum. He was grieving beyond words.


As the blood-red glow dissipated, Fang Yuan came to Ba Tu. Using his fingers, he flicked his knife away and grabbed him by his neck like he was carrying a helpless chick.

"I'm here to warn you that if I decide to take your life, you cannot escape from me!"

Fang Yuan moved closer to him. "I'm prepared to sign the alliance agreement with you. If you ever try to break the agreement, think about this moment!"

"I... understand!"

Ba Tu's face became purple as he struggled to reply.

The pressure of suffocation and death started to distort his consciousness.

"That's good!"

Fang Yuan released his grip, and Ba Tu quickly used his hands to support his own neck. With much desperation, he greedily gulped in breaths of fresh air, and his tears almost flowed out.

Never had he thought that being able to breathe normally was such a privilege.

Seeing how Ba Tu suffered, he knew that he had set a deep impression in him. With a laughter, Fang Yuan asked. "About that Purple Dream Princess... where did she come from? Does she have anything with her? Bring me to her!"

"You... go!"

Ba Tu waved his hand.

The shaman was in shock, and he bowed respectfully to Fang Yuan. "Our honourable guest from the South, follow me!"

As Fang Yuan's silhouette slowly disappeared, Ba Tu's face turned green...


"To think about it, if the dream-building technique was not that complicated, I wouldn't need to put in so much effort?"

Fang Yuan followed the shaman and smoothly walked through the palace, with a tinge of regret.

The final stage of the dream-building technique would allow the dream master to alter old memories and confuse illusions with reality. The effects would be unthinkable.

But the human mind and memories are too complicated! To alter them would be too troublesome, and it was almost impossible to perform it on such a leader - it would take up too much time.

Furthermore, even though they might not be cultivators themselves, these leaders would still have highly-skilled bodyguards. They could detect abnormalities and react accordingly. They could even be replaced if anything happened to them!

Therefore, to Fang Yuan, it would be a waste of time trying to access the dreams of these servants and bodyguards! Even for tactics which target to take down the leader, the main point would be only to induce fear.

If he had to reach this stage, Fang Yuan had to be mentally prepared to become enemies with the whole world.

"We're here. This was where Purple Dream Princess once stayed..."

Through a garden, past a few corridors, the shaman brought Fang Yuan to a majestic tent. "The tents and equipment are directly brought over from the Sunset Division!"


Fang Yuan was not afraid that the shaman might have anything up his sleeves, and walked right in.

The decor of the interior of the tent was normal. The only thing which caught his attention was a crystal mirror which was glittering.

Using his magical energy, he detected a familiar type of spiritual aura.