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Chapter 189: Purple Dream

Chapter 189: Purple Dream

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The palace of Yuan Country was majestic. With the mixtures of courts and tents, the kings from the other country would be at a lost if they saw all of these.

At this point in time, Fang Yuan was in one of the tents.

Using his magical energy, he could sense everything in the tent. His nose picked up a hint of mild fragrance as he imagined an image of a stunning lady.

Even though her face was covered, Fang Yuan could still figure out her looks.

"A beauty indeed, but..."

There was a suspicious look on his face. "This spiritual aura... dream master? No! Just similar!"


Fang Yuan had a serious look on his face. Suddenly, his hands moved and rays of spiritual glow seeped out of the tent.

The shaman was standing respectfully at one side. He knew that this sorcerer from the South was trying to trace the spiritual aura of the murderer, and shook his head silently.

Looking at Yuan Country's capabilities, how many shamans would they have serving them?

The death of the king and the disappearance of Purple Dream led many to come here and loot their valuables.

However, be it fierce hunters or those skilled in spiritual techniques, none of them had their way. Even the many spiritual knights who came from the South had no way of dealing with the shamans here.

This Qiutege from the South was rumoured to have discovered the path after Wu Zong, and was known by many as the gifted one. However, who knew if he even possessed any spiritual techniques?

The next moment left him in shock.

A layer of fog appeared within the tent, and a hint of purple glow was visible in it.

As the colours mixed, the fog moved towards the crystal mirror, and the purple hue thickened.

'Indeed a tactic of a dream master, but why does it not convince me...'

With the wave of his sleeves, the purple glow dissipated and Fang Yuan remained silent.


The shaman had waited for quite a while before going up to him.

"Take your leave, there's no need to follow me!"


Only a shadow of Fang Yuan was left, and his words travelled from afar. It was evident that he had left a long time ago.

Seeing this, the shaman turned pale.


On the streets.

Looking at the purple fog floating in front of him, Fang Yuan followed closely as it seemed to be heading in a certain direction.

"Heh... This method of stalking her spiritual aura is actually quite useful!"

He had learnt this spiritual technique while he was the Eagle Lieutenant in Yang Fan's dream. Back then, he used his status to read up on spiritual techniques like such from the government building. This technique was once frequently used by thieves and pirates in the past.

Executing it made him realise that it was rather powerful.

The Purple Dream Princess which left many shamans and warriors from the Yuan Country helpless immediately revealed her tracks.

"It takes a lot of courage for her to still remain in Dragon City!"

Following the spiritual sign, Fang Yuan arrived at large household. After walking one round around it, he smiled to himself before barging in.

"How dare you! Don't you know that this is Ye Lu Buhua's household?"

A person who seemed to be the housekeeper walked out with a whip in his hand. As he saw Fang Yuan, he was shocked. "A person from the South?"

"Get lost!"

Without looking, Fang Yuan waved his sleeves and this person rolled on the floor.

"Are you trying to kill me?"

"How dare you!"

After a few shouts, a few others rushed out with their bows and they looked fierce.

After the commotion, the soldiers on patrol in the streets hurried here and surrounded the house.

"All of you are not her!"

Fang Yuan scanned his surroundings. With the ball of purple fog in his hand, he barged into the backyard.

"Whoosh whoosh!"

The arrows fell like raindrops, but none of them managed to even touch Fang Yuan.

Under the shock of many, Fang Yuan lightly leapt up and flipped over the wall to arrive at the backyard.

This created chaos and many ladies began to scream.

Many wives screamed as they ran away, but they all seemed normal. Fang Yuan shook his head in disappointment.

"All of you are still not her!"

He looked around and identified a suspicious spot.

"Come out!"

With the strike of his palm, the wooden window broke into pieces and flew everywhere.

"How dare you! Who are you? How dare you intrude my house?"

A general walked out of the room. His eyes were ferocious, and behind him was a 20-year old gracious looking lady.

"Purple Dream Princess, stop hiding!"

Chuckling, Fang Yuan released the ball of purple fog. It exploded and transfigured into many small snakes, which caused the lady to scream.

"Hiss hiss!"

The small snakes swerved, but instead, they rushed towards the general.


The general let out a gentle sigh, but this time, his voice was different. It was charming and sweet, but when matched with his appearance, it was creepy.

"This is a good place to hide. Why do you want to reveal my identity?"

A lady's voice came out of the general's mouth, like a scene straight out from a nightmare. The lady next to Fang Yuan had mixed feelings of embarrassment and anger before she fainted on the spot.

"You're not from Yuan Country!"

The general, who seemed to have taken over the identity of Ye Lu Buhua, examined Fang Yuan before concluding with much confidence.

"Purple Dream Princess!"

Fang Yuan's hair stood on its ends.

After all, a seven feet tall male suddenly took on the delicate actions of a lady, and just the sight of it would give anyone goosebumps. "Impressive Transfiguration Technique! Do I have the honour of seeing your real appearance?"

"You want to take a look at my real appearance?"

'Ye Lu Buhua' shook his head. With a clear and gentle voice, he replied. "This is simple! But why do you have to come now and disrupt my plans for revenge?"

It was obvious that this 'general' was an important figure in Dragon City, and should have a certain degree of influence.

At the crucial time for the princes to fight for the throne, creating trouble would hit all of them the hardest.



"No, he's not the general, but a demonic woman!"


The soldiers who were witnessing the scene finally realised what was happening, and they were all creeped out.

Had their general been swapped out? This was something that would only happen in their dreams!

"This Transfiguration Technique is nothing..."

Purple Dream Princess let out a soft sigh. "The difficult part was learning his expression, habits and actions! All thanks to you, my effort is now wasted! How do you intend to compensate me?"

"If this is your true attitude, then I might consider surrendering, but now..."

Fang Yuan snickered.

"Hehe... I know that you have other thoughts in your mind. You won't let me off without seeing my face!"

Purple Dream Princess smiled, and suddenly she peeled her skin off.

A white glow flashed past!

An unusual thing happened.

She peeled off the entire face of Ye Lu Buhua, including his neck, chest, legs and shirt... After the entirety of it was peeled off, it seemed as though she was simply wearing a Ye Lu Buhua robe.

After the robe had been peeled off, it glowed and became a piece of thin white paper; on it was an image of Ye Lu Buhua's. The paper floated to the ground.

A beautiful lady with glittering eyes and a mesmerising smile stood at the same spot. She was the ultimate beauty!

"I've heard of the beauty from the North. When you look at the soldiers, they will forget about their duties, if you look at the king, he will forget about the country... Purple Dream, oh Purple Dream! Indeed a true beauty, you are as mesmerizing as a dream!"

Fang Yuan clapped his hands and sighed.

Even Fang Yuan was dazed for a moment. The soldiers around were all at lost.

"You're the first one to be able to awaken from my mesmerizing looks!"

Purple Dream's stunning eyebrows frowned. "You give me a different vibe as compared to other men, I don't want to..."

While she was in the skin of Ye Lu Buhua, it was disgusting to see her graceful actions.

But now, every action she made reaffirmed her as an alluring beauty. Her natural beauty was her best weapon!

"What do you not want to do?"

Fang Yuan was a little distracted by her and took a step forward.

"Don't want to ... Kill you just like that!"

As she spoke, her voice was so sweet that it felt as though she wanted to bring him into a sweet dream.


At the same time, her body whizzed and within a split second, she appeared in front of Fang Yuan! She stretched her 5 fingers towards him.

Her fingers were long, white, smooth and comparable to white jade.

However, they became deadly claws and her nails sliced through the air.

Even if Fang Yuan was a new Wu Zong, he would still be pierced by the deadly claws of hers!

But Fang Yuan was no longer a new Wu Zong.

How could he compare to what he was before?

"Why would such a beauty like you want to be a thief!"

Suddenly, Purple Dream Princess's expression changed as she felt her wrist being locked up by what felt like metal cuffs; she could not move a single bit.

"You... Let me go!"

She blushed, albeit in anger, but anyone who saw her would likely listen to her.

"Indeed an illusionary spell!"

Fang Yuan smiled with confidence. "Stop trying so hard. These illusions are useless to me! Don't worry, I won't kill you, and I won't hand you over to Yuan Country as well. I am only curious about you!"

"You... You are..."

However, Purple Dream's expression became weird all of a sudden.

It was as though she was experiencing fear, shock and curiosity all at once... Everything flashed through in her eyes, but suddenly her eyes had a determined look. "Go!"


Spiritual inscriptions began to appear all over her body like purple flowers blooming. All of a sudden, there was an explosion.

"This is... a spiritual array? No! You are..."

Fang Yuan was astonished and readily released his grip on her before retreating out.


Only after leaving the entire household did he turn his head around. All he saw was a purple streak of light shooting up towards the sky, sucking in the entire household of Ye Lu Buhua.


He shook his head. "No... The most important is still her identity! Who would've guessed that she was a..."

Fang Yuan mumbled a few words. Looking at the increasingly chaotic Dragon City and the troops that were approaching, he quickly left.

He had a strong feeling that he would meet Purple Dream Princess again in the future.