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Chapter 194: Heart Attack

Chapter 194: Heart Attack

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Fang Yuan, who had advanced into the Meridian Opening Stage, was no doubt the strongest martial artist in the mainland.

With his reputation and the allure of his techniques, coupled with the fact that the requirements to enter his sect were low, it was only natural for Yuan Sect to grow and become stronger.

In fact, Fang Yuan believed that Yuan Sect, with all the happenings, had more potential than Secluded Country.

Or should I say, a martial artists' organisation acting like a sect?

No one could forever be king of a country, but for these type of organisations, if managed properly, could live up to a thousand years!

"We now have a system to receive contributions, and it was well received by the various counties!"

"Regarding the search in the archaeological site, it is in progress now. A few martial artists have already reported the location of several secret treasures, including the inheritance which has the details on how to attain the Elemental Gathering Stage!"

"Wu Country and Zhu Country have already found out about our bounty. I think we won't have to wait long before they will offer us a contribution!"


In front of Fang Yuan, even Wu Zongs had to be on their toes as they reported their findings to him.

"Very good!"

After hearing the reports, he nodded his head in satisfaction. "I want to initiate a council made up of 9 elders to lead Yuan Sect. When I'm not around, the 9 of you will vote to make decisions, and decide based on the majority!"

"Yes, Sir!"

These 9 Wu Zongs bowed.

In reality, it was already common for Fang Yuan to be absent most of the time. The few elders were already used to handling problems on their own.

This was just officialising what they were normally doing.

"Are there any updates regarding the secret treasure? I don't want normal news. I want those that even Wu Zongs find it hard to obtain!"

This was Fang Yuan's plan.

After putting together the mainland's resources, he wanted to dig up the inheritance.

Since Master Wenxin and Yang Fan could escape to the mainland, there must be a third person! Or a fourth!

Those who were able to make the journey from Da Qian Empire to the mainland had to be highly skilled, and had to be at least in the Elemental Opening Stage!

If he could discover their inheritance, it would be a huge boost to Fang Yuan.

"There's one in the middle of Yan Country!"

Shi Yutong looked up, took a step forward and reported.

"Yan Country?"

Fang Yuan rubbed his chin and unintentionally noticed her beautiful figure.

A smart person will know the right choice in difficult times. After being held captive for many years by Fang Yuan, Shi Yutong finally revealed the secret treasure of Spirit Returning Sect and became completely loyal to Fang Yuan.

Of course, Fang Yuan wouldn't admit that his dream-accessing technique played a huge part in converting Shi Yutong. At least, it lessened her hostile intent. Otherwise, it would be a difficult task to convince her.

"Yan Country?"

Fang Yuan sighed and asked. "Does it have any special characteristics?"

"For normal inheritance, like the ones left behind by Wu Zongs, a martial artist at the 12th Gate might not be able to obtain the inheritance, but at least he would be able to make it out alive..."

Shi Yutong's voice was clear like spring water. "But for the one at Yan Country, we have sent 5 12th Gate martial artists, but none of them was able to make it out alive. It's extremely dangerous!"


Hearing what she said, Fang Yuan became interested.

A Wu Zong's inheritance was useless to him. He wanted unique inheritance that even Wu Zongs would have trouble obtaining! Only from there would he have a chance to get what he needed.

"I'll follow you tomorrow!"

After a while, Fang Yuan was determined. Quickly, he dismissed the people of Yuan Sect and walked to the main court of the palace.

The main court was luxurious and the pillars were decorated with dragons and phoenixes. In the middle was a throne decorated with 9 golden dragons on it.

As Fang Yuan arrived, many people were already waiting in the main court.

"Greetings, King!"

He was wearing plain clothes as he casually sat on the dragon throne. Everyone still greeted him respectfully and were on their toes.

"Mm, my dear people, do away with the formalities!"

Fang Yuan raised his right hand and gave off the vibe of a king.

"I am always in meditation and is unable to see to all the country's affairs timely. Therefore, I am going to initiate a system to select 7 ministers to make decisions on behalf of myself. They will vote to decide on matters..."

In reality, it was similar to what he had done in Yuan Sect.

By splitting up power for them to manage the sect and country, he would avoid the problem of one person having too much power.

Or put in other terms, he could ensure that the power would remain split for a period of time.

As such, Fang Yuan would be able to settle issues easily if he ever comes back one day.

Of course, this was all he could do, and the rest was up to fate. If there would be a day where Secluded Country would fall, it would just be a mere pity to Fang Yuan.

He scanned across all his ministers.

Zhou Wenwu, Yu Xinlou, Zhang Qingfeng, Niu Dingtian... of course, and his two disciples.

He would hand this country over to them temporarily.


Chen Ziying and Lanruo both felt that there was something amiss. After the meeting, both of them stayed behind and waited for Fang Yuan. Lanruo's eyes were already welled up, as though both of them knew that something was wrong.

"Haha... Don't worry, I am just preparing to meditate for a very very long time..."

Fang Yuan rubbed Lanruo's head. He was not prepared to say the truth.

"Master, you cannot abandon me!"

Even though Lanruo was already a few years older, she was still like a child. She stretched out her hands and stuck out a little finger. "Promise me!"


Fang Yuan promised her as they hooked their fingers together.


The next day, early in the morning, in sight of many, the Red-Eyed White King Bird flew up into the sky and disappeared into the clouds.

"Whooo! Whooo!"

The strong wind was gushing by Fang Yuan's ears.

From up above, the entire city and the people looked like miniature toys.

"To Yan Country!"

Fang Yuan tapped the bird's head and used his spiritual will to direct it to a certain direction. Afterwards, he took a quick look at the beauty beside him.

"Sect Head!"

Shi Yutong appeared pale. However, as a Wu Zong, she was still able to handle the intensity of flying. As she saw Fang Yuan looking over at her, she blushed and nodded her head.

"For the journey to Yan Country, I have prepared to take a detour to Wu Country first to settle some other matters!"

Fang Yuan went straight to the point.

"Wu Country?"

Shi Yutong asked.

"You're a clever person!"

Fang Yuan rattled on. "I'm sure you've guessed what I'm about to do, am I right?"

Shi Yutong turned pale and replied. "You're a deep person, Sect Head. How would I dare to guess your intentions?"

"I won't hide it from you. The country governor of Wu Country is trouble, and I'm preparing to kill him!"

Fang Yuan continued. "Everything that I've established originated from my martial arts, and I'm sure you are aware of this. Therefore, I want you to take good care of Yuan Sect and Secluded Country while I'm gone..."

"Yes, Sir!"

Shi Yutong replied respectfully.

After his repeated hints, she had mixed feelings of love and hatred for Fang Yuan, but could not do anything as she was weaker than him.

Before becoming confident of taking down Fang Yuan, she would not dare to do anything.

"Chirp! Chirp!"

At this moment, the Red-Eyed White King Bird let out a long chirp.

As Fang Yuan looked down, he realised that they had flown into Wu Country's airspace. The three mountains in front were surrounding a mountainous city.

"We are now in the capital of Wu Country..."

Seeing this, Fang Yuan smiled.


In the palace of Wu Country.

Wu Qiankun was reading a book. Suddenly, he had an uneasy feeling as though something bad was about to happen. He paced about in his palace and tossed his ancient book on his red sandalwood table.


As the book landed, the surrounding servants shivered in fear and did not dare to breathe a word. They were afraid of being picked on by Wu Qiankun to let out his anger. The situation had been like that since the independence of Secluded Country three years ago.

'Why am I feeling so uneasy today? Did I miss out anything recently?'

Wu Qiankun used to be a valiant warrior and was middle-aged, but not old. However, now, he started to have white hair growing from his sideburns.

"All of you, get out! Without any instructions, don't come in!"

He frowned as he casually dismissed them.

"Yes, Sir!"

Hering this, the few servants heaved a sigh of relief. Hurriedly, they left.

Wu Qiankun circled a few rounds. Suddenly, he approached his bookshelf and activated a certain mechanism.


A small drawer popped out. Inside were a few spy documents. These were all secretly obtained by Black Ice, and in it were the latest news about Secluded Country.

"There shouldn't be any problem. I've treated Secluded Country with respect and even gifted them precious valuables this time. He should be satisfied..."

As he mumbled to himself, a fog started to appear in front of him.

To him, the existence of such a person was a headache.

The good thing was that all of these would soon be history.

"Based on Black Ice's report, from his actions, he doesn't want to enjoy the riches of his country, nor the 3,000 concubines in his palace. He is just a dumb martial artist with no brains! Soon, we would not be able to satisfy him, and he would surely make his way to Da Qian Empire... Once that happens, it will be my chance!"

He clenched his fist and his face became flushed with excitement.


Suddenly, he could hear someone breathing in his room.

"Who's that?"

Wu Qiankun was left in shock as he threw his teacup on the floor. Swiftly, he held on to a jade piece that was hanging from his chest, and it was glowing red.

"Let's not waste time! Since I have arrived, I would naturally have sealed this place from the outside world. Normal people will not be able to notice anything!"

Two shadows emerged from the darkness. They were Fang Yuan and Shi Yutong.

"Oh, its the king of Secluded Country. May I know why you would play such a prank on me?"

Although Wu Qiankun was asking calmly, his voice was hoarse like a dead man.

"You would know..."

Fang Yuan shook his head. "It's always your enemies that will know you best... Not many of my ministers and subordinates have guessed that I'm about to leave, but you have guessed correctly! Well done! However... I don't want to keep you alive. You would only cause trouble!"

'This is not good!'

Long before Fang Yuan's appearance, Wu Qiankun was already slowly retreating. Hearing his words, he sprinted towards the chair behind his table.

There was a secret mechanism there which would bring him through a secret tunnel, and would keep him safe by dropping a thousand-pound heavy stone!

If the stone were to drop, even Wu Zongs could not escape it.

But he was unfortunate because this was Fang Yuan!

Even before Wu Qiankun would react, the shadow of Fang Yuan flickered and the next moment, he could feel a stinging pain in his chest. All his spiritual talismans were useless, and soon after, he slowly landed on the ground, his face a hue of purple.

After seeing Fang Yuan slowly disappearing, a few moments later, a few servants entered and they were all panicking.

"The King has a heart attack!"

"Get the Imperial Doctor!"


The chaos ensued but became softer and softer. After taking in one last breath, he entered darkness for eternity...