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Chapter 200: Giant Tiger

Chapter 200: Giant Tiger

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It was a whole new world within the icy gorge.

Fang Yuan sprinted 10 miles ahead until he could no longer see the walls of the icy gorge. Only then did he raised his head up and looked at the bright sun.

The surroundings were a scenic ice world. The chilly winds were no longer there.

There was no more thick layer of snow on the ground, nor there was unbreakable ice. Instead, it was a white coloured kind of soil.

There were scattered moss and wild grasses around. Although they appeared small and weak, they were, in fact, the only things with life here.

"What a world this is in the middle of the icy gorge..."

Fang Yuan sighed. He was extremely clear now.

Although it was not visible from where he was, if he were to walk by the sides of the gorge, he could see the cliff walls which extended into the clouds!

This enormous icy gorge was like a wine pot. The ends were small, but the middle was extremely wide. Because of this, a unique ecosystem was formed inside of it.

"I must pass through this icy gorge in order to reach the Da Qian Empire. If I walk around and make a detour outside of the icy gorge, I would not only waste too much energy, but the chilly winds could tire out even the strongest Elemental Opening spiritual knight!"

The icy gorge was too deep. Fang Yuan trotted ahead for quite a distance.

The day seemed long. Finally, the sun set and nightfall arrived, but it was unbelievably short.

After going deeper and deeper, there seemed to be more forms of life. There were a few groups of trees and the appearance of a translucent white ant.

"Such are the miracles of life!"

Fang Yuan squatted down and examined the ants; he was filled with emotions.

With the flick of this fingers, a stream of energy was released. The ground broke and as a hole appeared, a scorpion the size of a palm crawled out.

This scorpion's body was like jade. It was glistering and raised both of its pincers. It was also wavering its tail as it looked at Fang Yuan.

"Icy Jade Scorpion?"

Fang Yuan smiled as he identified it.

In order to train his Hundred Poison Golden Body, he needed these types of poison. Without any reservations, he flicked his finger once more, this time hitting the back of the scorpion.

Although this poison was potent, the scorpion was still useless in front of Fang Yuan. Immediately, it crippled onto the ground and was no longer moving.

As a white glow flashed, the Mountain River Pearl took in the poisonous creature within it, as though it was not afraid of the poison spreading within it.

This spiritual tool that was able to store things brought extreme convenience to Fang Yuan. He could travel anytime he wanted.

Seeing the sky slowly darken, he took out his tent and cooking equipment and started to cook his spiritual rice to replenish a day's worth of energy.


The icy gorge was huge, it was enormous!

Fang Yuan's endurance was already greater than a thousand-mile horse. However, he had already walked for seven days in a row, without the end in sight.

Furthermore, there were occasions where he got lost due to his inexperience.

"Even the sun's position is wrong?"

Fang Yuan raised his head up in disappointment. He started to suspect if this sun was the same sun as the one in the outside world.

At this point in time, he had walked into a forest. The trees here were not very tall, and on the outside, they were coated with a pure white. There were even layers of frost on some of the leaves. However, there was no spiritual energy around, which meant that these plants were normal plants which evolved special traits.


In the grass patch, a dark shadow was startled as it flew forward like an arrow.

Fang Yuan threw some rocks from his hand.


As the rock sparked after coming in contact with the air, it flew straight like a bullet and hit the shadow.


A gush of blood spurted out as the black shadow fell onto the ground. It was a snow rabbit.

"Chi! Chi!"

Fang Yuan was delighted. "Not too bad! We'll have roasted rabbit meat for dinner!"

This snow rabbit was native to the icy gorge. There was a hint of spiritual energy from it and it was not a normal species. It would leave no traces behind as it moved, and its meat was delicious.

How did he know all these? He had once encountered a snow rabbit before.

"The deeper I go, the more concentrated the vegetation, and the larger the size of the animals would be..."

Fang Yuan rubbed his nose and started to think. "Could it be because I have traversed through the pole? And that after becoming extreme, the life forms would revert? This place resembles the poles of Earth. Is this proof? No... I don't even know if the world is a sphere or not... This might just be a natural phenomenon!"

His knowledge of Geography was not in-depth enough in his past life, and he was too lazy to mull over this problem. Without thinking much, he pitched his tent and roasted the rabbit meat.

Since he brought along salt and seasoning with him, the roasted rabbit was extremely fragrant, and anyone who could smell it would salivate.

After roasting it, Fang Yuan pulled out its leg. His nose was filled with the roasted fragrance of the rabbit, and all of its oil and essence was fully absorbed into the meat. The skin was perfectly roasted and the meat inside was tender. Together with the fact that the snow rabbit's meat was naturally good, this was an unforgettable feast.

"Munch! Munch!"

Fang Yuan had a huge appetite as he started devouring half of the roasted rabbit.

Just as he finished savouring the first half and was eyeing on the other half, there was a roar of a tiger coming from the forest.

This was the natural order of the world; there must be a predator within the woods!

Accompanying the roar of the tiger, a strong gust of wind blew as the grass and trees swayed. Naturally, it was a threatening feel.

"This is..."

Fang Yuan scanned around and noticed the culprit behind all these; it was a huge tiger.

However, this tiger had a pure white fur. Its skin was glowing and appeared to be larger than the average tiger by two or three times. There were black stripes on its white skin and it was extremely beautiful. Of course, its most defining feature was its two sharp fangs resembling sharp icicles. It protruded out of the tiger's mouth and was clearly visible from outside.

"Sword toothed Tiger? No! Frost Sword Toothed Tiger!"

Fang Yuan started to give it names. "What a spiritual beast! Looking at it, it seems that it is almost about to achieve a breakthrough to Wu Zong! If it was on the mainland, the red-eyed white king bird might not be able to take it down!"

The bloodshot eyes of the white tiger stared at the half-rabbit in Fang Yuan's eyes as it started to salivate. Obviously, it was attracted by the roasted rabbit.


Fang Yuan started to laugh. Looking at the size of the huge tiger, he suddenly rubbed his chin. "Alright! I was still troubled by the fact that I don't have a ride, and here you come!"


The white tiger did not understand what Fang Yuan was saying, but since it was spiritual, it could tell his intentions from his expression.

Seeing Fang Yuan's mocking face, it was infuriated and it pounced towards Fang Yuan!


The paws of the tiger met with the claws of Fang Yuan, but there was only one result.


Its body swung as its tail was like a chain.


In mid-air, there was a shadow flying once again.

"Haha... I believe this is all you've got!"

Amidst the laughter, The shadows flew about in mid-air. As Fang Yuan's body was revealed, his right hand grabbed in the mid-air, catching the tiger's tail. "Up you go!"

Fang Yuan only had the capability of a Wu Zong in his physical body. After exclaiming, the white tiger rolled n the floor and it was thoroughly embarrassed.

"Roar! Roar!"

With the flick of its tail, it flipped itself upright. It was triggered and became more ferocious than before. As it exhaled a cold breath, its paws struck forward with the intent to kill.

"I'm not even afraid of the storm at the entrance of the icy gorge. What makes you think I'm going to be afraid of your frost?"

Fang Yuan had a taunting look in his eyes as he reached out both of his hands.


As the frost landed on his body, the energy around him deflected it, leaving no trace of it behind.

The incoming paws were firmly grasped by him in his hands.

As the white tiger shook, there was a hint of fear in its eyes.

Although the human in front of it was small, it had the strength of a reckless and brute beast!

"Lie down!"

Fang Yuan started to become playful and executed a perfect swing from the back. As his wrist flicked, he flipped the white tiger above his head and it landed squarely on the ground.


There was a giant hole in the ground and soil flew in all directions.

It was a shocking scene to behold.

A small human could actually playfully take down the king of the forest! What strength and power!


The white tiger flipped itself upright and ran into the forest after letting out a grunt.

It was afraid and had chosen to escape!

How would Fang Yuan let his ride escape so easily?

"You're not going anywhere!"

As he exclaimed, he leapt and landed on the back of the tiger. His hands became claws as he struck deep into the tiger's skin.

"Chi! Chi!"

"Roar! Roar!

The white tiger was frenzied. It started to sprint and roll on the floor in an attempt to fling the person on its back away.

However, it was as though Fang Yuan was training a horse. He sat firmly on its back. Hearing the wind fly past him, he knew that the beast was carrying him forward.

After tumbling for half a day, the white tiger was exhausted as it started to pant.

"Does this mean that it's tamed?"

Fang Yuan patted its head, resulting in it turning its head back. It opened its jaws wide, and its eyes were fierce.

"Oh, I knew it..."

He sighed and started to become serious. As he pointed his finger out, a bewildering fog appeared, engulfing the white tiger.

The white tiger was already exhausted beyond means. As it was affected by the bewildering fog, it laid on the floor and entered a deep sleep.

From an outsiders view, Fang Yuan executed his dream master's technique and entered the giant tiger's dream, as he managed to catch a glimpse of its life.

From a weak tiger cub being fed by its mother to the sorrow it experienced as it was chased out from the cave to the hardships it endured trying to hunt on its own... Finally, the happiness it gained from ruling the forest and becoming king...

"Wait a moment!"

Fang Yuan picked up something different in the dream. "There's a human! This white tiger has seen a human before! There are signs of human life in this icy gorge!"


He had an excited look in his eyes as he opened them.

Purple Dream only knew everything up to the icy gorge. To journey towards Da Qian Empire, Fang Yuan had to explore the remaining journey on his own.

Therefore, the appearance of a human was a great help to him.


At this point in time, the white tiger beneath him slowly opened its eyes. Looking it Fang Yuan, it no longer had the ferocious look it once had. In fact, it was trying to please Fang Yuan.

"Let's go! Towards the direction where the human has gone to!"

Fang Yuan commanded it without reservations. "As long as we reach there, I will roast any type of meat for you to enjoy!"

With this assurance, the white tiger was extremely excited. With a roar, it sprinted into the forest...