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Chapter 204: Kongming

Chapter 204: Kongming

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"This is..."

The plump person at the counter broke the seal of the bottle and poured out a glowing pill. On the surface of the pill, there were spiritual inscriptions, and he froze. "Spiritual pill?"

His face twitched, and he swiftly kept the pill, acting all suspicious like a thief. After looking around, he bowed towards Fang Yuan. "You have spiritual pills? Please take a seat, and we'll serve you tea!"


Fang Yuan looked down and acted mysteriously.

In fact, the value of these spiritual pills was beyond his expectations.

'That's true... After all, Descending Star City is on its own, and I don't see any alchemy masters passing down their skills. They are also scarce in resources...'

Looking at the attentive person at the counter, Fang Yuan came to a conclusion. "The value of these spiritual pills are more than what I've guessed."


The person led Fang Yuan to a beautiful room and personally served him tea. Afterwards, he began to introduce himself. "My name is Hai Fu. I am the representative of array master Zhang Kongfan, who has learnt from Kongming the Godly Monk. Master Zhang is extraordinary and his Immovable Array is indeed remarkable..."

Hai Fu had a glib tongue and could almost describe the elementary version of the Immovable Array into a gigantic array cast by a spiritual array master.


Fang Yuan smiled and did not say a single word. He sipped his tea gracefully and looked at Hai Fu.

As he stared at Hai Fu, Hai Fu started to sweat profusely. He clenched his teeth. "If you have 4 bottles of this spiritual pill, I'll make the decision to sell you this array, and let's take this as an opportunity to make friends!"

Looking at Hai Fu's face muscles twitch, it was as though Fang Yuan was taking advantage of him.

However, Fang Yuan knew that if the deal would go through, Hai Fu would be able to profit a lot from it.

After all, no one should trust anything a businessman would say.

Amidst the silence, Hai Fu started to sweat even more and started to bargain. "3 Bottles. That's the minimum I can go. Just the array plate of this Immovable Array would already require rubies, Hepu Stones and Mysterious Ice Essences..."

"I am alright with 3 bottles of spiritual pills!"

Under Hai Fu's worrying eyes, Fang Yuan finally opened his mouth. "But I have a condition!"

In reality, these spiritual pills were made by Lanruo and himself and were far more inferior than the ones Lu Renjia made. However, it would already be considered a treasure here in Descending Star City.

"Please state your condition!"

Spiritual pills were in high demand, and there was always a price for it on the market, but no one would sell it.

The moment he heard that there was a chance that the deal might go through, Hai Fu's eyes glittered.

"I want to meet the maker of this array plate, Zhang Kongfan, Master Zhang! Of course, it would be even better if I could see Kongming the Godly Monk!"

Fang Yuan asked in a deep voice.

"You are a big customer. Of course, there's no problem in letting you see Master Kongfan... But as for Kongming the Godly Monk..."

Hai Fu let out an uneasy look and pushed the bottles back. "If you insist, then we have to break the deal."

"Forget about it!"

Fang Yuan smiled. He knew that he had crossed the line. "Zhang Kongfan would be alright. Send him here!"

'What an attitude...'

Hai Fu kept the spiritual pills, passed him the array plates and felt a little suspicious about the whole thing.

However, seeing how Fang Yuan could easily take out so many bottles of spiritual pills made him wonder if he was an alchemy master. In that instant, all his unhappiness and suspicions were gone.

"Please wait out here!"

He took a bow and walked out of the room swiftly.


Fang Yuan sat down for a while. Suddenly, he frowned and looked at a certain corner of the room.

Just a few moments ago, he realised that an array with the properties of hypnotisation was activated. Hai Fu was testing his skills.

'How dare he!'

Fang Yuan was infuriated and gave a cold look.

"I'm sorry for the wait, Master Zhang is here!"

Indeed, not long after, Hai Fu pushed the door open and appeared extremely humble.

Following which, a man in his thirties walked in with a proud look on his face.

"You have requested to look for me?"

He had an impatient look on his face. "What's the matter? If you are requesting for me to cast an array, we'll have to settle the payment separately. If you are looking at rectifying the protective array over the villages, I'll need the city master's approval..."

"It's not about all these..."

Fang Yuan scoffed. "It's just that I have never seen an array master before, which was why I called you out... What a pity... You're such a disappointment, hehe..."


Zhang Kongfan was enraged.

As a prestigious array master - albeit just a disciple for now, they were proud people wherever they went. Never had they experienced such humiliation!

"You... what audacity!"

His body shook, and he stared fiercely at Hai Fu.

"Forgive me, master!"

Hai Fu was scared to his wits and started to kneel down.

Never would he have known that the normal -looking Fang Yuan would be a fraud!

"I was initially intending to talk over some terms with you. It's a pity you have an evil mind. By using your array to spy on me, you have violated my rules..."

Fang Yuan calmly spoke.


Zhang Kongfan almost choked.

Every room in Spiritual Array Court was protected with spiritual arrays. This was done in consideration for the spiritual array master's safety.

After all, since he was rather weak, wasn't it normal for him to check on the other party before agreeing to meet him? How would it become violating Fang Yuan's rules?

Although he really had an evil intent, he had not displayed it yet.

"Hai Fu, capture him, give him a good beating and take all his valuables..."

Zhang Kongfan became very serious.

From what he had obtained from the array, he detected that this person was only a normal martial artist. Even though he might have status or a strong backing, he had to get back at him! This was a matter of an array master's pride!

"Yes, master!"

Hai Fu stood up like a loyal dog, as though he was ready to pounce on Fang Yuan anytime.

"Hehe, you're just a spiritual disciple, and yet you don't know where you should stand!"

Fang Yuan shook his head and squinted his eyes.

Hai Fu froze and fell to the ground, with his eyes staring up.

"E? You're not a normal person!"

Zhang Kongfan realised something was wrong. "How could you hide from the spying of my spiritual array?"

"That's because you're too weak!"

Fang Yuan remained seated without moving. Suddenly, he struck his right hand out.


As the air circulated around the room, it was as though there was an invisible hand as it lifted Zhang Kongfan up, pulling him towards the position where Fang Yuan was seated.

"Four levels of Heaven and Earth, Protect!"

Zhang Kongfan retreated and crushed a certain spiritual talisman. A protective glow of light appeared.

Not just that, the array over the entire court seemed to be moving. A huge force was felt, but it was unknown where it came from.

"It's useless!"

Fang Yuan lightly blew.


Suddenly, there were strong gusts of wind.

Zhang Kongfan went pale. He felt as though the person sitting in front of him was not a human, but a mountain! A heavenly mountain!

A shocking amount of energy exploded from Fang Yuan, which isolated him from his array.

"Although I might only have limited control over the array, the fact that you can disrupt my control over the array, it means that you are... Wu Zong..."

Zhang Kongfan clenched his teeth and forcefully remarked.

Never would he have thought that this rude young man in front of him had already broken through the Elemental Gathering Realm!

Even with his potential and the help of his master, he was only a spiritual disciple!

"Have you finally realised what's happening?"

Fang Yuan smiled. A layer of bewildering fog covered the entire room, and suddenly it engulfed Zhang Kongfan!


"Namo Amituofo!"

With his control over the array disrupted, and the fact that there was so much commotion, the entire Spiritual Array Court had already known what was happening.

Just as Fang Yuan was about to execute his dream-accessing technique on Zhang Kongfan, a Buddhist bell was heard as a compassionate-looking old monk entered the room.

"My disciple is reckless. May you be compassionate and let him go this time!"

This old monk was tall and his eyebrows were extremely long. His eyes were small and it was as though his vision was not that good.

"Hehe, Master, since he's your disciple, why would I cause trouble for him?"

Fang Yuan let go of his hand and exclaimed forcefully. "I'm just reprimanding him for his mistakes!"

This old monk was Zhang Kongfan's master - Kongming the Godly Monk!

He was different from his disciple; he was a true spiritual array master!

"He is indeed alright, and has merely passed out"

Kongming the Godly Monk walked up and checked on Zhang Kongfan and Hai Fu. Afterwards, he placed his hands together in front of his chest. "Thank you for your benevolence!"

Little did he knew that Fang Yuan was already laughing inside of him.

No one could tell from the outside that he had executed his dream-accessing technique, as Zhang Kongfan seemed perfectly normal.

Even Kongming the Godly Monk would have no idea that in just a short period, Fang Yuan had already learnt all these spiritual array techniques through Zhang Kongfan.

'It seems that a group of spiritual array masters came together to rule the city undercover. They are indeed from Da Qian Empire and only came here because of the disaster...'

Fang Yuan quickly scanned through Zhang Kongfan's memories and sieved out the important information.

The physical bodies of the spiritual array masters were too weak to traverse through the hell-like icy gorges. Therefore, years ago, the group of spiritual array masters were conflicted if they should go through the icy gorges. Finally, they decided not to and settled down here, forming the Descending Star City.

'It should be Star Ghost who is in charge of Descending Star City now! Of course, Kongming the Godly Monk is also at the level of Elemental Gathering Realm, and it the second most powerful spiritual array master in Descending Star City!'

Although these two people were not Elemental Opening Realm spiritual knights, they had already settled down in Descending Star City for quite a while. If enraged, even normal Elemental Opening Realm spiritual knights might not be able to fight against them.

After all, they had the geographical advantage.

"This master..."

Kongming the Godly Monk looked at Fang Yuan with shock. "Why do I find you unfamiliar... I have long known all the highly skilled martial artists in the entire Descending Star City..."


With his small eyes, he could still assess the situation calmly. "You are not from this city!"