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Chapter 206: City Master

Chapter 206: City Master

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Yu Jian was only a young boy; this was the first time he had experienced the dark side of society.

These cunning businessman cheated them of their goods and even wanted to send them to jail!

"Foreigners, how dare all of you. It seems that there will be quite a few new additions to the cells!"

The leader of the patrolling guards exclaimed.

In his heart, he was thinking. 'Rock Village has no strong backing. Even if we kill them, no one would stand up for them...'

There was no doubt which side justice would favour.

"Sir, we are willing to give up our good. Please let us go!"

Li Hu was pale. He had no more intention to go against them and started to plead.

"Hehe... This is the consequence of getting on my nerves!"

The cunning businessman was laughing at one side. "All of you... go and reflect on your actions in the quarry! Guards, please!"

"Hold up!"

Zhang Kongfan, who was now a messenger, appeared.

"You are..."

The leader of the patrolling guards was shocked. As he noticed Zhong Kongfan's luxurious clothing and a logo he had on him, he appeared stern and took a bow. "Sir!"

As a spiritual array master, even if he was just a spiritual disciple, everyone in the city would show their utmost respect to them as they were the ones running the city.

"Mm, these people..."

Zhang Kongfan stared at Li Hu intently and clenched his teeth. "They are my friends... What's happening?"

"Ah... Nothing much!"

The leader of the patrolling guards was stunned. Between the businessman and the spiritual array master, he quickly took a stand.

Turning around, he stared at the businessman with justice. "Businessman Min, you have wrongly accused of these foreigners. Follow us to the government court. We'll also need you to seal up your storeroom, and we'll check it!"

"This... This..."

The cunning businessman was stunned.

His backing was only the uncle of the leader. If they wanted to do things 'by the book', he would have no grounds to resist.

Furthermore, as Businessman Min looked at Zhang Kongfan, his legs turned jelly.

Never would he have thought that these foreigners had a spiritual array master as their backing!

How was this possible?

How would a person of such a high status get involved with these lowly people?

Businessman Min's heart was filled with regret. However, he knew that there was nothing more that he could say. Everything was reasonable.

After all, he was a smart person, and without hesitation, he admitted. "I admit to my wrongdoings! I shouldn't have listened to rumours and caused trouble to these people!"

Looking at Li Hu and Yu Jian, he was now smiling. "I'll return you your goods, and compensate you guys another 10 rocks of green salt, 130 pounds of top-quality metal. Please accept!"

Li Hu and Yu Jian rolled their eyes.

In reality, both of them had no clue as to what was happening, and how did the situation change.

The originally fierce looking businessman suddenly became an obedient one, to the extent that he was afraid they might not accept his gifts.

"All of this had become as such, and we owe it to the appearance of this Sir!"

Li Hu looked at Zhang Kongfan and could guess that this person had a high social standing. Quickly, he knelt down. "Thank you for saving our lives, Rock Village will never forget you!"

"No worries, I have been tasked by someone else to do this!"

Zhang Kongfan had an unnatural look on his face. Turning around, he did not accept the gratitude from these people.

After all, if not for his Master's instructions, he wouldn't care less about their survival.

"Since this is so..."

Li Hu knew the limit. Even though Zhang Kongfan was a strong backing, he did not want to force it on him, which might result in a backlash. "Then we shall keep things as such!"

He took a bow towards the leader of the patrolling guards. "Thank you for upholding justice!"

"Mm, you're welcome!"

The leader smiled. He knew that they were thankful for his help. "I am Luo Fan. If you do visit Descending Star City in the future, you can look for me!"

"I've settled this, and I shall take my leave!"

Zhang Kongfan looked down and left. He did not care less about how they were going to settle the issue.

"Eh? That is..."

Yu Jian looked towards the direction where Zhang Kongfan headed towards. Rubbing his eyes, he thought that he had seen a familiar silhouette. After blinking a few times, they were all gone, and it was like an illusion.

"That should be Lord!"

Li Hu walked towards him and exclaimed with confidence. They only had relations with one such powerful person. "Who would've known that he could manipulate a spiritual array master..."

In his voice, there was a hint of regret.

Although they already knew that Fang Yuan was extraordinary, they now could tell that his status was very much higher than what they could have imagined.


Just as they were all excited, Fang Yuan arrived at Kongming the Goldy Monk's monastery.

"Sambhogakaya Monastery?"

Looking at the huge signboard, he smiled. "I've heard that in Brahma, there are three types of bodies. They are Sambhogakaya, Dhammakaya and Nirmanakaya. Every single type of these bodies have immense capabilities and are all unpredictable. How many of these bodies have you cultivated, Master?"

"Oh? You know about the teachings of Brahma?"

Kongming the Godly Monk was shocked, but afterwards, he shook his head and sighed. "My ancestor was a Buddhist from Da Qian Empire. There were rumours that he had already cultivated his Sambhogakaya. However, his descendants were all weak and they were unable to escape Da Qian. Therefore, we have lost almost half of all our scriptures. How could there be any teachings left for us to cultivate? I am useless, and have only understood and discovered a few illusionary theories on spiritual arrays for me to advance to become a spiritual array master..."

He was in a daze, as though he had started to recall his younger days.

"I see!"

Fang Yuan was interested in the recordings about spiritual arrays.

However, he knew that he could not show his interest right away. Otherwise, it would be as though he was declaring war on them.

'Why do all the authors of martial arts manual dislike recording down their teachings properly?'

He thought to himself silently as he walked into the monastery.

The monastery appeared lavish on the outside, but the interior decor was simple. There was a tall Banyan tree in the middle of the courtyard and it was flourishing. Every pavilion was nicely decorated and the presence of the monastery bells and gongs gave this place a sense of serenity.

"Peace within chaos. This is a good place!"

Seeing this place, Fang Yuan let out a sigh.

"I'm glad you like it!"

Kongming the Godly Monk was welcoming. "If you like this place, you can stay here for as long as you like!"

"Thank you!"

Although the courtyard was a good place, the Banyan tree, statue of Buddha and the arrangement of everything in the monastery gave Fang Yuan a strong feeling that he was within an array.

"Did I walk into a trap knowingly? Kongming the Godly Monk must be glad now, right?"

He was laughing at his own stupidity inside. Following Kongming the Godly Monk, he arrived at a room and settled down.

"Please have your meal!"

The meditation room was plain and simple. Inside, there was a fragrance incense burning, and none of the decors here appeared luxurious.

After meditating for a while, Fang Yuan heard a courteous knock on his door. Following his acknowledgement, a small monk entered. "Grandmaster had informed us that you are our valued guest and you have no dietary restrictions like us. Just let us know what you'd like to have for your meal, and we will buy it back for you!"

"Mm, thank you!"

Fang Yuan took the tray of dishes over and realised that it was a vegetarian meal.

There was a stack of fragrance stir-fried mushrooms. This was an interesting dish that made used of the most common ingredients. The few other vegetarian dishes were all very interesting in their own ways and were fragrant. The rice prepared was a type of spiritual rice known as 'Little Lightning'. Every grain of it was pointy and in each grain were tiny flashes of light. Long periods of consumption would allow one to be immune to electrocution. When eating it, one's tongue would feel as though it was being electrocuted, and it was indeed a memorable dish.

This vegetarian meal was comparable to food for royalties, even though it did not include any meat dishes.

"If not for the things that I have to attend to, this would be a good place for me to settle down for the rest of my life..."

After finishing the meal, he dismissed the young monk, he thought to himself. If not for the quirky things in this city, it would be even better!"

"Hehe... Master Fang Yuan!"

Without letting Fang Yuan rest, Kongming the Godly Monk personally came to visit him. "You have a good reputation indeed. When the city master heard of your arrival, he rescheduled his important matters tonight, and is now rushing down to pay you a visit..."

"This is not about my reputation. I'm sure the city master is concerned for the villagers and is only anxious after hearing about the tragedy in Red Leaf Village!"

Fang Yuan casually replied Kongming the Godly Monk, which stunned him for a while. He could not saying anything else and smiled at Fang Yuan.


Sambhogakaya Monastery was rather huge. In the backyard, there was a spacious garden, and in the middle of the garden was a small octagonal pavilion.

At this point in time, under the pavilion, there was a person patiently waiting.

He had sharp eyes and a majestic vibe. Although he had the appearance of a middle-aged man, his skin was glowing white. He was wearing a crown and did not appear old at all. Instead, he appeared full of life.

"Is this my young friend, Fang Yuan?"

He raised his head at looked at the approaching Fang Yuan. As he smiled, his eyes were filled with curiosity.

"I'm Fang Yuan from the wilderness. Greetings, city master!"

Fang Yuan paid his respects and entered the pavilion without any hesitation.

"You've come from afar, and as the host of this city, I have failed to welcome you. Please forgive me!"

He had a deep an attractive voice and gave off a masculine feel. Indeed, he was very welcoming.

However, for unknown reasons, looking at the perfect and masculine face of the city master, Fang Yuan's face twitched and he had the urge to go up and give him a punch.

He could no longer hold it back. "I shall not hide my intentions. I am intending to go to Da Qian Empire. However, I am lost, and I hope that you can provide me with a map..."


The city master of Descending Star City frowned, expressing his curiosity. Slowly, he nodded his head. "This is a small matter. Don't keep it to your heart! I will send someone to bring a map over shortly..."

Looking at Fang Yuan, his eyes were filled with suspicion. "Could you have... came from the South of the icy gorge?"

That icy hell was a huge obstacle that came from the heavens. It had blocked the path of many, and therefore, the appearance of Fang Yuan meant a lot to him.