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Chapter 207: The Revelation

Chapter 207: The Revelation

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Regardless if it was Descending Star City, the Vast Deserts, or the Death Corridor... all these places were not meant for humans to survive.

They were forced to have so many villages.

All the village ancestors were people who have been defeated during fights in Da Qian, and had no choice but to emigrate.

The path here from Da Qian was only possible with the sacrifice from many ancestors before them.

However, the fact was that the ancestor of Descending Star City was also like the rest; stuck and denied entry by the chilly winds and icy gorge!

'This is not right...'

Fang Yuan looked at the city master of Descending Star City and suddenly thought of something else.

'It seems that everything has been set in stone. After all, no matter how much the citizens or villagers are suffering, those at the top are already leading a comfortable life. Therefore, they had no motivation to risk their lives and head South... Rather than gambling their lives away to risk it through the icy gorge, why not head back to Da Qian Empire!;

Even Yuan and Wu Country of the mainland were considered slums when compared to Da Qian Empire.

With Yang Fan's memories, Fang Yuan was extremely clear about this.

This could be described as how the people from poorer countries might risk their lives to immigrate to a more prosperous country, and rarely would you see people going the other way round.

'This is true... Who knows if he was the nth generation of city masters. Since the enemies they made in Da Qian Empire did not track them all the way here, it must mean that they must have given up. If they change their names and secretly return to Da Qian, they might have a good chance of living their entire lives there... However, they would surely prefer to be king and rule over the city here...'

Fang Yuan thought of something else. He felt that he now had a deeper understanding of the people who gave up their initial plans of migrating to the South.

With a smile, he continued. "Does it matter if I come from the South?"

"That's true..."

The city master of Descending Star City stroked his beard without another word. It was obvious that he would not take the risk to explore the mainland South of the icy gorge.

"City master, are you here to discuss what happened at Red Leaf Village?"

Fang Yuan changed the topic. "Everyone in the village disappeared without a word, and the village was soaked in their blood. There were no corpses lying around, and this phenomenon is mysterious!"

"You might not know about all these since you are not from our region. However, this is a common sight..."

The city master sighed. "It has been an annual affair for these mysterious things to happen. If it's a small scale event, it would affect 10 people. If it's of a bigger scale, it might affect te to hundreds of people, or even the entire village! Even so, we would not find it unusual at all..."

"Where do you think this curse had come from, city master?"

Fang Yuan looked down to avoid eye contact.

"Based on my predictions... It comes from a higher being!"

The city master appeared serious. "Our existence is miraculous. The only explanation which might sound illogical is the existence of a higher being..."

"Even if the higher being was to be destroyed, a simple thought of hatred and anger from it would linger around for eternity. If it meets a storm, it would transfigure into a poisonous dragon!"

"Their souls would never die..."

Fang Yuan's eyes glittered. "City master, you are guessing that there is a vengeful soul lingering around?"

"Does it matter if there is or there isn't?"

The city master laughed. "With the Four Elements Spiritual Array, be in a vengeful soul or a curse, nothing can come near us!"

What about the villages?

The villagers were lowly. Would he even care?


Fang Yuan gave out a long sigh.

In this world where power means authority, it would be too naive to place hopes on the powerful.

"Then what is the purpose of your visit, city master?"

"I have heard of the arrival of a Wu Zong and found it to be interesting, which is why I paid a visit!"

The city master examined Fang Yuan with much interest. "Do you want to contribute to Descending Star City? If you agree, I will treat you as well as how I treat Kongming the Godly Monk!"

""Master Kongming is a spiritual array master!"

Fang Yuan was shocked. "City master, why do you think that a small Wu Zong can be compared to a powerful spiritual array master?"

"I have my own plans!"

The city master smiled, brimming with confidence. "What do you think?"

"I'm sorry!"

Fang Yuan rejected him without hesitation. "My dreams lie in Da Qian….."

"What a pity..."

The city master did not feel dejected. Instead, he cautioned him out of goodwill. "The Vasts Deserts, Hell of Thousand Ghosts and the Death Corridor are places that are not easy to traverse through. Only patches of areas in these places are suited for survival, and the rest of the region is filled with dangers. If you regret at any point in time, feel free to return here. The doors of Descending Star City will always remain open for you..."

"Thank you!"

Fang Yuan thanked him and ended their short meetup.

'This city master is too helpful. I'm sure that he has an ulterior motive!'

It was suspicious that he offered Fang Yuan a high position despite the fact that Fang Yuan contributed nothing to them!

Human nature was the same everywhere.

The next day, the city master had ordered a servant to deliver a piece of map carved on an animal's hide. Although the lines drawn on the map were thick and not detailed, it could accurately depict the general shape of Descending Star City, the Vast Deserts, Death Corridor and more. It was indeed a sincere act on the part of the city master.

"Please thank the city master on my behalf!"

After getting the map, Fang Yuan wasted no time. He bade farewell to Kongming the Godly Monk and walked out of Sambhogakaya Monastery.


Kongming the Godly Master personally guided Fang Yuan out for a few miles. He held a string of meditation beads in his hand and continuously chanted his mantra.

One of his disciples could no longer hold himself back. "Why not..."

"It is fate to start and end, fate to rise and fall. All of these are sins!"

Kongming the Godly Monk sighed. Without explanation, he waved his sleeves. "We will return to our monastery. All of you, remember! If there is nothing important, don't leave the monastery..."


Walking on the streets of Descending Star City once again, Fang Yuan gained the admiration of many villagers and felt that this was a little interesting.

Unknowingly, he had walked to the vicinity of the East Gate.

"If he were to do anything, he would do it here..."

Fang Yuan let out a sigh.


Indeed, at the next moment, his surroundings spun around and vibrated like waves. As he composed himself, he realized that the surrounding people, streets, the noisy market and the tall walls were all gone. The only thing left was a big square, and Fang Yuan stood by himself in the centre of the square.

"Spiritual array? Changing of the array?"

Fang Yuan looked around and gave a respectable look. "This is indeed impressive!"

"This is the Soaring Green Dragon Technique originating from the Four Elements Spiritual Array. It's my honour that you admire this array!"

In the empty square, a loud voice was heard.

A shadow slowly approached him. It was the city master of Descending Star City!

"It's you indeed!"

Fang Yuan sighed once again. "I have unintentionally seen your secrets, but I am already on my way to leave the city. Why do you want to force me into a corner?"

"This is... indeed my fault!"

The city master remained silent for long. Suddenly, he sighed and continued. "As a form of compensation, I shall explain to you all that has happened from the beginning!"

"Even if you don't explain to me, I can roughly guess... Red Leaf Village and all the other past events were caused by you, am I right?"

Fang Yuan shook his head and sighed. "Your intention... is to either use them as a sacrifice or to trade their lives, in order for you to obtain your power!"

"That's right. In order to maintain the Four Elements Spiritual Array till now, how much resources do you think I would need? Even if we were to bury the nucleus of a star at the heart of the array, it still would not be enough! I will have to maintain it regularly..."

"This is almost similar to how I've imagined it to be..."

Fang Yuan nodded his head. "Then why look for me?"

"In order to withstand the brutally cold weather these few years, the Four Elements Spiritual Array was damaged. Although I am in the midst of repairing it, I am lacking in a crucial ingredient. After thinking for long, I have thought of making use of a Wu Zongs' blood essence and a few other ingredients which I already have, so that I can replace this method of regularly sacrificing so many people..."

"In this city, all the Wu Zongs are your own people, except me, of which I have foolishly walked into your trap..."

Fang Yuan sighed.

"That's right!"

The city master took a respectful bow. "Please rest in peace. The entire Descending Star City will be eternally grateful for your contribution..."

As he finished his sentence, his body was surrounded by a sense of 'justice'!

Through his expression, Fang Yuan knew that the city master felt that everything he had done was the correct decision and that under his orders, he felt that even Fang Yuan, who was a Wu Zong, must obediently sacrifice himself to contribute to the foundations of the Four Elements Spiritual Array!

"This mindset of yours... it's rather irritating!"

Fang Yuan shook his head without any intent to hide his intentions of killing.

"Do you think you can escape?"

The city master of Descending Star City sounded extremely confident and appeared relaxed.

It was totally understandable for him to feel such a way.

After all, Fang Yuan was in the centre of his Four Elements Spiritual Array.

Generations of spiritual array masters had completely transformed this land into a trap that no one would be able to escape!

As he clapped his hands, two Wu Zongs appeared. They revealed a cunning smile and slowly approached Fang Yuan.

With so many advantages for the city master, a normal Wu Zong had to obediently listen to him.


After Fang Yuan figured out the reason behind the deaths of all the people in Red Leaf Village, he did not know whether to laugh or to cry. He gave a cold look.

"I don't want to trouble you, and yet you don't want to let me go?"

Even so, the transformation ability of the Four Elements Spiritual Array did give Fang Yuan a shock, as it was something he had never seen before.

"Forget about it. I'll let you know that this is a terrible mistake of yours!"

Fang Yuan took in a deep breath as the spiritual aura around him changed.

"Something's not right!"

At this point in time, the city master was left gaping. "I just had news that this person's energy consumption is 10 times more than a normal Wu Zong! He is not a normal Wu Zong, but a Meridian Opening Stage Wu Zong!"

"That's right! I'm sorry, it's too late!"

Fang Yuan laughed heartily as three spiritual meridians appeared on his body, forming a spiritual armour. Without holding back, he struck a punch towards the city master!