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Chapter 210: Takeover

Chapter 210: Takeover

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Everything would have a soul!

There would be a mountain god in the mountains, a water spirit in the rivers!

Even on pieces of lands, vast oceans, or even planets of worlds, each and every one of these entities would have their own spirits.

Even so, the minds of these spirits move extremely slow and might take up to a thousand years for a single thought! But they exist!

Since they have souls, we can interact with them and access their dreams!

This would be the origin of the cultivation of dream masters!

This also means that in the array lies an array spirit!

Of course, in small arrays, the spirit would be too weak, or it might have even have been developed yet.

However, on first sight, as Fang Yuan looked at the Vermilion Bird, he could confirm that the Vermilion Fiery Array had a living spirit in it!

If the spirit were to be the likes of those in huge mountains or in dead arrays, Fang Yuan would not be able to access their dreams as his ability was still limited.

However, this strong-spirited array was the perfect opportunity for Fang Yuan to strike!

This was similar to the fact that he could not access the dreams of normal plants, but managed to access the dreams of the Sickle Grass and Serrated Flower!

"Weng! Weng!"

In an instant, the fiery Vermilion Bird fell into a daze, and the entire array came to a halt!

In the next moment, following the tremor of the asteroid, energy flowed back into the Vermilion Bird as it snapped out of its trance.

This was the moment Fang Yuan was waiting for!

This Vermilion Fiery Array had its weakness from the beginning. It was burdened by the other three elements, and after fighting with Fang Yuan for an extended period, Fang Yuan had already figured out the rules that the array would abide by, and the mysteries of the array.

This was the opportunity for Fang Yuan!


Fang Yuan executed his Shadowstep. After leaping on a few weak points on the array, he leapt over the fiery wall and arrived in front of the city master.


The city master's expression was one of fury and shock. Just as he spoke a word, Fang Yuan exclaimed. "Die!"

It was a tremendous shout; akin to a tsunami!

In this shout, Fang Yuan not only used his secret technique but also infused in it the dream master's bewildering fog!

Facing this, even the city master, who was a spiritual knight, was dazed.


This was the golden opportunity!

A Wu Zong was already extremely fast; a Meridian Opening Wu Zong was even more so!

In a few moments, he had already arrived in front of the city master as he struck his fist out.


A water bubble appeared as it spun in the air with spiritual inscriptions. It had a weird indentation as it blocked the punch for the city master.

"A time-sensitive spiritual treasure?"

Fang Yuan laughed cunningly. "Even this can't save you! Let the strength of 3 spiritual meridians strike!"

"Kacha! Kacha!"

Three spiritual meridians appeared on his body and disappeared quickly.

At the same time, there were popping sounds coming from his back. Like dominos, the popping sounds travelled down and finally reached his fists, bringing with it an immense amount of force.


Finally, the city master was aware of what was happening. Quickly, he ordered the Vermilion Bird to come to his rescue.

But it was too late.


A distinct sound was heard as the bubble popped, allowing Fang Yuan's fist to go through, landing on the city master's body.

After all, he was an array master! Not a Wu Zong!

The outcome was determined from the moment he had allowed a Meridian Opening Wu Zong to come close to him!

Even though the city master was wearing an inner armour and hung a talisman which glowed in spiritual light, all of it was no use!

With an angry grunt, Fang Yuan exploded in strength. In a matter of seconds, he had pushed his own limits.

This fists broke through the city master's robes and landed on his inner armour, forming a huge indentation.

At the same time, an intense tremor was felt through the inner armour and exploded within the city master's body.


The crown on the city master's head exploded. His hair was blown and his eyes, nose and ears were bleeding. As he opened his mouth, pieces of his internal organs came out.

There was no way of faking such a death; he was dead beyond hope.


Fang Yuan could detect a hint of elemental force on the corpse of the city master.

"His soul? His mind? Or his regrets?"

He smiled as his spiritual aura exploded like a burning sun,

"Chi! Chi!"

Suddenly, black smoke started to come out from the corpse, and with it was an intense screeching sound. Finally, the city master's face of resentment exploded.

"The utter destruction of your body and soul would mean that you are truly dead. If you can come back to life, I'll respect you!"

Fang Yuan sighed and looked at the Vermilion Fiery Array.

Although the city master had died, the Vermilion Bird was still a huge trouble for him.

"Chirp! Chirp!"

With the loss of its owner, the Vermilion Bird seemed to have calmed down and was no longer aggressive like before. Instead, it lazily walked about and occasionally pecked its own feathers.

All of its actions made it look like a real living bird, and no one would associate it with a dead array.

"Array techniques are trule impressive!"

Fang Yuan complimented as he walked ahead, trying to stroke its feathers.

"Chirp! Chirp!"

A pillar of flames appeared and started to burn the elemental force on Fang Yuan's hand.

Fang Yuan leapt away and waved his hands as a spiritual meridian appeared. Quickly, he extinguished the fire and repaired his armour.

Seeing that there was no more threat, its feathers stood down as it became a carefree bird.

"Without a person controlling the array, the fiery array is already impressive enough. It will balance itself out and defend itself from external threats!"

Fang Yuan was lost in his thoughts.

Based on his understanding of arrays, together with the experience he had just gained, he came to an unlikely solution.

"Dream accessing!"

Facing the spiritual array, he executed his dream-accessing technique once again.

The bewildering fog was the foundation for all dream masters. It would not cause harm to the subjects, and instead, had a soothing effect on them.

The Vermilion Bird did not react. However, based on its spirituality, it became dizzy but quickly composed itself as its own mind dispelled the resistance.

"Another time!"

Fang Yuan's eyes glittered as he attempted his techniques once more.

An extremely short dream soon appeared, and as he took on the role of the Vermilion Bird, he witnessed the forming of Descending Star City and the efforts of the ancestors...

"Chirp! Chirp!"

Time passed. The Vermilion Bird spread its wings and comfortably fell into a deep sleep...

Fang Yuan walked up and lightly plucked at the asteroid.


The asteroid, which was the energy source, was on Fang Yuan's hand.


The first thought that Fang Yuan had was that the piece of asteroid was heavy!

Extremely heavy!

After it stopped glowing, the asteroid was only as large as a fist, but it weighed a few thousand pounds!

If not for the fact that Fang Yuan's physical body was strengthened, he might not be able to lift it!

"All of the essence lies in this asteroid. It has an immense amount of energy, but after generations of failed leaders, most of its energy has been used up... This was also why the city master had to continuously supply blood to keep it going..."

Fang Yuan looked at the asteroid on his hand.

On the glittering side of it, there was a blood imprint, which appeared sinister.

"This object... has been made into a magical weapon..."

Fang Yuan was curious. "Furthermore... this object has no owner now. Through the Four Elements Spiritual Array, I might be able to take possession of it!"

It was obvious that the previous owner of the asteroid must be the city master of Descending Star City!

The death of him would mean that the asteroid now had no owner.

More importantly, through dream accessing, Fang Yuan had gained a deeper understanding of the Four Elements Spiritual Array, to the extent that he might be the person who has the deepest understanding of it in the entire city!

Furthermore, the amount of elemental force he had was folds of normal Wu Zongs and spiritual knights.

With a simple release of energy, the asteroid had no resistance as his spiritual will marked an imprint on it.

"So... Do I have complete control over the Four Elements Spiritual Array now?"

Fang Yuan looked at the asteroid, not knowing if he should laugh or cry.

"Chirp! Chirp!"

The Vermilion Bird woke up and looked at him calmly.

"Return! Remove the restriction on the city, and continue protecting it!"

Fang Yuan used his spiritual will to command the Vermilion Bird.

"Chirp! Chirp!"

The Vermilion Bird let out a long chirp as it transformed into an inferno. Soon, it disappeared into the ground.


In the square, the restriction was not lifted, and construction of the walls could be seen.

"City master, how could you recklessly use the energy from the asteroid? Don't you know that this would lead to... Cough..."

As the restriction was lifted, a bald man barged in impatiently and nagged.

Seeing Fang Yuan, he was in shock as his expression was one of disbelief. "It's you?!"

"That's right, It's me! Are you disappointed?"

Fang Yuan mocked him as he tossed the asteroid into the air.

Looking at him toying with the asteroid, Kongming the Godly Monk turned pale. Suddenly, he appeared fearful, greedy, compassion... all sorts of expression flashed across his face.

"I'm Kongming, greetings to you, city master!"

After changing his expression countless times, he clenched his teeth and reluctantly knelt down.

"City master?"

Fang Yuan didn't know if he should laugh or not.

"Regardless of who it is, whoever has possession over the asteroid and control over the protective array shall be the rightful owner of Descending Star City!"

Kongming replied without hesitation.

He was a smart monk. Seeing that Fang Yuan had taken possession of the asteroid, he knew that the lives of everyone in the city were in his hands.

Afraid that Fang Yuan would run away after taking the asteroid, he quickly gave him the appointment as city master, in hopes that with the power and responsibility, he could convince this highly skilled person to stay.

Why not forcefully take it back?

Even the mighty city master with control over the Four Elements Spiritual Array and other resources couldn't last against him. How would he even dare to try?

"You're a smart person!"

Fang Yuan nodded his head. "However... what about the fact that you lied to me..."

"I was useless and could not tell that you were highly skilled. I'll make myself blind!"

With a face of determination, Kongming smashed his eyes, and dark-red blood started to ooze out.

To pay the price of lying to Fang Yuan, he completed blinded himself.

"Very well!"

Fang Yuan nodded his head. With another toss, the asteroid became a flash of light and burrowed underground.

On the city walls, there were glows of lights chasing away the icy beasts. With that came the cheering from inside of the city walls.

"Thank you, city master!"

Kongming the Godly Monk placed his hands together and displayed a face of serenity.