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Chapter 212: Desert City

Chapter 212: Desert City

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In the Vast Deserts.

Compared to the brutal cold and unforgiving winter in Descending Star City, this place was scorching hot; it was the exact opposite of the previous icy world.

The desert stretched beyond the horizon. Together with the harsh environments, it was a place almost uninhabitable for life.

Unless one would ride the desert native 'Fire Resistant Camel', it would be nearly impossible to go through the desert.

"Ring! Ring!"

Accompanying the bells on the camels, a caravan appeared in the heatwave. All of them wore a scarf as a precaution against sandstorms. Everyone was solemn and it was like a row of zombies walking - they were trying to reduce their energy consumption and were avoiding all unnecessary action.

The Fire Resistant Camel was almost twice the size of a normal camel and had three humps on its back. Its fur was a fiery red and it would shimmer under the bright sunlight.

As the sunlight and heat reflected off the camel's fur, it was absorbed the next moment, making its fur even brighter.

Although these Fire Resistant Camels were not spiritual animals, they had a mind on their own and their fur was highly sought after on the market.

The caravan consisting of tens of these fire resistance camels were already considered a fortune among the desert dwellers.

There were only a few organisations in the desert with such a fortune.

A white camel was on the flag of the caravan, and it was majestic looking.

White Camel Caravan!

This was one of the top caravans in the Vast Deserts and was famous in the vicinity.

"Father... look!"

It was noon and the sun was hanging in the sky. The scorching heat waves were creating refractions in mid-air, and their visions were distorted.

A camel rider was looking around and suddenly opened his mouth wide as he looked at a distance.


His father was an experienced warrior. With his sharp eyesight, he was stoned as well as he looked into the depths of the desert.

In the middle of the desert, there was a layer of white and it appeared a little translucent, as though it was melting under the hot sun.

This was the White Desert; the place of extremes. Even the Fire Resistant Camel could not walk out of it alive.

However, at this point in time, a black silhouette walked out of the White Desert.

"This is not an illusion!"

The entire caravan was shocked. Some of the businessmen flipped down from their camels and bowed in respect towards the black figure.

"To conquer the White Desert... If he is not a god, then he must be a devil!"

The warriors mumbled to themselves as they held onto their scimitars. Slowly, they became increasingly anxious.


As the scorching wind blew, the black figure slowly approached and revealed itself to be a man.

He was wearing a white robe with red flowers sewn on it, and a bamboo hat on his head. Although he was slow, with every step, he would seemingly float forward like how a deity would move.

"Phew... It's a person?"

As the person arrived in front of the caravan, he removed his hat, revealing a young face. It was Fang Yuan!

"This is great! Finally, it is possible to walk out of this d*mned desert!"

He nodded his head and revealed his excitement.

Thinking about the journey he had embarked on, he was filled with emotions.

From the time he had left Descending Star City, months had already flown by!

With his martial arts and his skills, together with the map from the old city master of Descending Star City, he rushed his way and traversed through ten over dangers.

Compared to the danger in the icy gorge, this was nothing. However, the long journey slowly made Fang Yuan tired.

Furthermore, he had several weird encounters on his journey here.

For instance, in the Hell of Thousand Ghosts, he had met with a ferocious ghost which was a few hundred feet tall. If not for the fact that the ghost was not interested in the puny him, he might have to wait it out there.

Other than the ferocious ghost, he had also encountered three tribes which were made up of weird people, as well as fierce beasts from the legends... With his abilities and a little bit of luck, he managed to pass every obstacle safely and did not die in there.

Now, he had arrived at the Vast Deserts.

Due to the fact that he was tired of rushing, he had chosen the shortest path; to cut across the White Desert.

It was also in the White Desert where he met the rumoured Golden Giants Tribe and was almost forced to death. Only by using his dream master's Shadowstep and the teachings of spiritual arrays did he successfully escape from there.

Now that he finally could see the existence of normal people, he was extremely excited.

"Since there are people here, Desert City must be close by..."

Fang Yuan recalled the map of the city master of Descending Star City. "After crossing Desert City and the Three World Mountain, I will be able to reach Da Qian..."

After dividing the mountain into three portions, the mountain was nicknamed 'Three World Mountain'!

Not only was the place the boundary of Da Qian, it was rumoured to have isolated a separate world filled with perilous dangers within.

To put it in other words, an unknown world would be the most feared!

"The fact that many migrants have successfully traversed through the Three World Mountain meant that if I could find the correct way, the dangers of Three World Mountain would be negligible compared to the icy gorge, but I still cannot neglect it... Furthermore, looking at the current state that I'm in, I must clean myself and take a rest first!"

"Desert City is a favourable place!"

After Fang Yuan snapped out of his thoughts, all he could see was the weird looking group of Fire Resistant Camels.

On the camel's backs were many huge boxes that appeared heavy. It was obvious that this was a caravan, and on the flag which was on the box, there was the figure of a white camel. Half of the caravan were sincere and bowed down towards him, while the other half were being threatened as they wielded their scimitars, with a look of fear in their eyes as they were on full alert.

This was especially so for a young man. His legs were bent and as they shivered, his hand was on his scimitar. He was at lost as to what he should do and appeared comical.

"All of you... are all of you guarding against me?"

Fang Yuan smiled and released some energy as he asked.


The wind picked up. As soon as he finished his sentence, a sandstorm started to brew. The hot air stirred up the sand, and the camels retreated.


A young rider went pale and fainted.

"He is a god who is capable of controlling the weather! We cannot go against him!"

The few who were already kneeling down were superstitious and started to nag at the rest.

"Good martial arts cultivation!"

A few of them in the caravan were smart.

One of them was the father of the young man. He was the leader of the escorts, and his beard was braided. He placed his weapon down and greeted Fang Yuan respectfully. "Sir... We are from the White Camel Caravan. If you have any requests, we will try to accede to it!"

He was clear about one thing.

The person in front of him was not a god, but an extremely powerful Wu Zong!

He was much stronger than himself, and if he were to be infuriated, the entire caravan might not be able to survive!

Therefore, in order to survive, he would not hold back to do anything for Fang Yuan.

"Mm. I need a guide, a local guide!"

Fang Yuan replied.

"I, A Xiuda, am willing to serve you, the highly skilled warrior who is able to traverse the White Desert!"

As soon as he heard his request, the man with the braided beard quickly knelt before him and humbly replied.

"Very well!"

Fang Yuan nodded his head and remained silent.



Amidst the commotion, one of A Xiuda's sons screamed as he woke up from his slumber. Looking around and seeing that everyone was looking at him, his face turned red.

He realised that the caravan had already continued to make its way. One of the riders by his side smiled and tossed over a bag of wine. "Are you frightened? A sip of strong wine will help!"

"Thank you!"

He took the bag of wine, opened the cap and drank it heartily. At that moment, he could feel as though flames were burning from his throat down to his stomach.

After becoming a little drunk, the fear he had was gone.

Only now did he realise and he started to ask. "Is that... the devil who walked out of the White Desert?"


As soon as he said those words, a knife cheek was slapped across his face.

"Father... why did you hit me?"

Seeing that it was A Xiuda who hit him, the young man's tantrum was gone, and he could only hold his head and ask.

"J*rk! That is not a devil, but the honourable Fang Yuan Sir!"

A Xiuda had a serious look on his face and in his eyes.

The young man turned around and saw that in the middle of the caravan, all the good were cleared off the camel's back. In place of the goods was a small table and wine, and a person was riding on the camel with luxury. It was the devil!

No, rather, he was Fang Yuan Sir.

He was very young and seemed to be of the same age as himself. It was unbelievable that he was able to traverse the White Desert and its harsh environmental conditions!

At this point in time, it seemed that the person had already noticed someone looking at him. He moved his eyes to meet his own, and he smiled.

The young man shivered in fear. With the smile of the devil, his hands started to shiver.

A Xiuda sighed as he saw this.

Phobia and fear was the best weapon to destroy a person!

When he was younger, he once had a companion that was like that as well. His companion was able to kill lions and tigers while he was younger. However, once, his companion and another friend encountered a scary incident and all the guards were killed, only leaving his companion and his friend. From that day onwards, his friend had a phobia and lost his sanity. Although his companion was still sane, he had a fear for the desert, and even the act of lifting a weapon would make his hands shake in fear - as an escort, he was useless now. He could only dwell in the Vast Deserts and provide re-supplies and reinforcements for people entering the Vast Deserts. He got married and had a few children, and soon after had a happy life.

'My Da Daer... you can surely walk out of this phobia!'

Looking at his own sun, he had a worrying look, but he did not dare to do anything to Fang Yuan; he could only pray in silence.

As the caravan walked for half a day, the vast desert with no ends was no more as the caravan was greeted with a sea of green.

A huge green lake was seen. It was the intersection of many rivers, and from there a beautiful lake was formed.

On the edge of the lake, a huge city with walls built from bricks appeared.

Although it did not seem attractive from afar, it was still a miracle, taking into account the fact that this was a desert.

"Whoo! Whoo..."

"Aw! Aw..."

Several guys cheered.

Their caravan had travelled long and they had finally reached home.