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Chapter 214: Chapter 214 The Dead Knight

Chapter 214: Chapter 214 The Dead Knight

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"We are Qin Qing and Qin Yun. May we come in?"

In the White Camel Business Council headquarters, Fang Yuan looked at the message in his hands. "Who are these people?"

"They have escaped Da Qian recently and are from the Qin Family..."

A Xiuda held his scimitar and added. "They have protection from their loyal servants. Their leader, 'Elder Zhou', is at the peak of the 12th Gate, and is skilled in a secret technique. He once held his front and defended 10 strikes from a Wu Zong before admitting defeat!"

There were still differences among the martial artists who were below the Elemental Gathering Stage. This Elder Zhou must be the top among them.

Of course, his power was small like an ant to Fang Yuan!

"However... since I have nothing up, why not? Let them in!"

Fang Yuan waved his hands. Not long after, A Xiuda led three people in.

The first was a young mistress. She seemed to be in her twenties and her skin was white and smooth. Her legs were long, and she appeared very lively.

This was especially so for her petit lips. She gave off a vibe of determination and it was obvious that she was the leader among the three.

This was the lady from Qin Family, Qin Qing.

As for Qin Yun, who was standing at one side, he was pleasant looking at had obtained inner force in his martial arts cultivation. He was therefore not completely useless, but appeared a little weaker and therefore did not stand out as much.

'With such an outspoken sister, even a genius would seem weak and would ultimately appear like the average person...'

Seeing the three of them, Fang Yuan thought to himself. 'Eaglets cannot hide behind their mums forever. They must face tribulations before they can grow!'

Of course, this was none of his business, and therefore he did not comment. He turned his attention to Elder Zhou and was a little more interested.

Without taking into account his martial arts cultivation, Fang Yuan felt a sense of familiarity as he sensed the spiritual aura of his secret technique. As he tried to recall, he realised that he had known it from Yang Fan's dream world, among the collection of secret techniques.

"Mountain Fog?"

He softly commented these two words.


As Elder Zhou heard this name, he was stunned!

The name of the secret technique he had cultivated was called Mountain Fog. It could increase his defensive capabilities and could be as immovable as the mountains. This was how he could withstand the 10 strikes from the Wu Zong.

The Wu Zong in front of him gave him not only a sense of danger but could also see through the foundations of his secret technique. This was shocking!

"Sir, you're spot on!"

Elder Zhou forced out a laugh.

In front of a Wu Zong who knew about secret techniques, he did not have the confidence that he could last if they were to fight.

"Alright, let's not be distracted. You're Qin Qing, right? Why are both of you looking for me?"

Fang Yuan waved his sleeves and asked directly.

"I've heard that you, Sir, are gathering information regarding the Three World Mountain. We are here to present to you more information!"

Qin Qing laughed, and Qing Yun knelt down. With two hands, he passed a secret script over.


Fang Yuan looked through the script and was drawn into it.

He already had quite a lot of information regarding Three World Mountain.

However, the details in this script were much more than the ones the White Camel Business Council had provided.

'How could they even calculate the timing and probability of the appearance of the Illusionary World... How many people are being sacrificed for them to do such an in-depth research?'

Looking at the young siblings, he shook his head. 'It's not them! It should have been their fate for them to inherit this from their ancestors. Or could it be the discovery of the Qin Family?'

"This is indeed good!"

The entire room was silent, and only the flipping sound of Fang Yuan reading the script could be heard.

Qin Qing was extremely anxious. Although she appeared calm and composed, her heart was already pounding. She finally felt relieved after hearing Fang Yuan's comment.

"I shall keep this. What do you guys want in return? Riches? Spiritual pills? Or martial arts manuals?"

Fang Yuan casually asked.

"None of these!"

Qin Qing clenched her teeth. "I've heard that you are intending to cross the Three World Mountain against its natural flow. May we request you to bring along both of us? We are both trained in martial arts and will not be a burden to you!"


Although he confirmed his prediction, Fang Yuan outrightly rejected them.

What a joke!

The dangers of the Three World Mountain already struck fear in his heart, so why should he bring along two burdens with him? Was he hoping to die faster?

Qin Yun shuddered and turned pale; he was utterly disappointed.

"I cannot guess the methods that you might be using to cross the Three World Mountains, but you must be cautious..."

Qin Qing did not give up and continued. "You will surely have more resources than us, and more highly skilled as well. You might be more prepared than us, but you are lacking in something!"

"Oh? What is it?"

"A sacrificial warrior!"

Qin Qing replied without hesitation. "Do you know how dangerous the Three World Mountain is? You are still lacking people who would test out the road ahead for you. These people must be volunteers and have a certain level of self-defence!"

As she spoke, A Xiuda's expression changed.

She was right!

In the Three World Mountain, dangers were everywhere. If he were to risk himself for every danger, he would not be able to walk out alive even if he had nine lives.

All he needed was someone who would test the dangers for him.

However, what use would it be if these people were unwilling, have thoughts about running away, or even have thoughts about tricking him?

If he were to use a lot of money to buy himself explorers to test the dangers, they might not be skilled enough, and it was hard to find people who were willing and able to do so.

He could only use sacrificial knights! Loyal sacrificial knights!

However, these sacrificial knights were not trained. How could they help?

Qin Qing was extremely confident as she looked at Fang Yuan. "Sir, you just have to let us tag along. As a reward, I can provide a group of 18 sacrificial knights. The weakest of them will have the cultivation level of at least an inner force martial artist. I think this would be enough for us to sacrifice in Three World Mountain!"

"You make sense..."

Fang Yuan smiled. This woman was extremely thoughtful, but she had missed out something.

How could she comprehend his god-like abilities?

With his dream-accessing techniques and his alchemy skills, if he was willing to stay in Desert City for a period of time, he could train out a large group of sacrificial knights.

Of course, this method would expend a lot of time and effort and would be rather inhumane to force the people to become his slaves.

If he allowed the Qin Family to help him on his, he did not have to do the dirty work and that could save him a lot of trouble.

He glared at Qin Qing. "How can you assure the quality and loyalty of your sacrificial knights?"

"Although we have lost the fight to be the heir within the Qin Family previously, we didn't gain nothing. On the contrary, all of these people were once a threat to the legitimate sons. Otherwise, why would they be chased out of Da Qian Empire?"

As she mentioned her family feud, there was a sense of hatred in her eyes. "The 18 Black Feathers Cavalry came from our family. They had once recited a blood oath to remain loyal to the two of us. They would even hesitate if they were to have any suicidal thoughts!"

"Is this the same for this martial artist by your side?"

Fang Yuan casually asked.


Qin Qing's face turned a little pale. "Not just that, Elder Zhou is also the leader of the 18 Black Feathers Cavalry! All of them have their secret techniques which are unique in their own ways, and if combined, they might even be able to take down three Wu Zongs!"

'What an emphasis on their skills. Is she afraid of me testing them out?'

Fang Yuan looked at Qin Qing and revealed a mysterious smile. 'This lady is too immature, but this is due to her age... However, if she can really sacrifice her subordinates without blinking an eye, then I must be wary of her...'

Although he was considering her trustworthiness, he quickly ordered, "Alright, ask them to take their own lives!"


This was the worst outcome she had predicted. Qin Qing face became even paler, and Qin Yun, who was beside her, almost jumped in fear.

"If you cannot convince these sacrificial knights, it means that you cannot prove their worthiness. Therefore, why should I bring you two burdens along?"

Fang Yuan commented without blinking an eye.


Elder Zhou had a look of determination as he looked at Qin Qing.

"You... You..."

Qin Qing clenched her teeth. She looked away and controlled her tears. "Take your own life!"

"Yes Miss!"

Elder Zhou agreed as he plucked out his scimitar.


The room flashed from the reflection of the scimitar.


Blood spurted onto the ground, dyeing it red.

"Uncle Zhou..."

Qin Yun was left dumbfounded and tears welled up in his eyes.

"What are you crying for?"

Fang Yuan waved his hand impatiently. "He is not dead yet!"


Qin Qing was stunned. She could see a knife scar on his neck, and the scimitar almost took his life. However, in that instant, a hand grabbed and held on to the scimitar, stopping it from going in further.

His life was on the line!

'My ability to harness a precise amount of force is already at such a stage, this is good! Good!'

Fang Yuan looked at him and nodded his head in satisfaction.

Others would have thought that he had godlike powers before he cracked this joke.

However, in reality, only he himself knew that whatever happened just now was just his own experiment.

After all, if his ability was still lacking, he wouldn't be the one dying!

If Qin Qing were to hear Fang Yuan's inner thoughts, she would surely break out in cold sweat and shiver in fear.


With the flick of his finger, the knife was flicked away. He quickly took out a few golden needles and started acupuncture on Elder Zhou to stop the blood flow. His actions were extremely smooth as though he was well-versed with what to do.

"Alright, he has only sustained an external injury. I've given him spiritual medicine. After a night's rest, he would recover, and it will not delay our journey to the Three World Mountain..."

After settling his wound, Fang Yuan stood up and dusted his hands. "It would be a pity if such a skilled man like him were to die here..."

"Sir, what do you mean?"

Qin Qing was extremely excited and confirmed with Fang Yuan on his intentions.

"That's right, the bunch of you are useful in the upcoming expedition to Three World Mountain!"

Fang Yuan nodded his head. "However, you must agree to listen to my commands and never to disobey me before I shall agree to bring you two along!"

"Thank you, Sir!"

Qin Qing was ecstatic. Hurriedly, she pulled Qin Yun and bowed towards Fang Yuan.

'This pair of siblings are willing to risk so much to go to Da Qian. It seems that they might have a great calling, and I might have a use for them!'

Looking at them, Fang Yuan thought to himself silently.